Memoirs – Chapter Hundred and Twelve

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Had she killed him? Instinct made me jump to him to check as I was so terrified. A person dying in your house was a terrible thing and already with the police on my ass I could not afford for another thing like this happening in my home. The bastard was still alive! He was still breathing! Thank heavens! I looked at my wife and shouted,

“What the fuck were you thinking? Are you trying to go to prison over your sugardaddy boss boyfriend? Are you that stupid?”

I asked her! That was brave of me considering she had almost killed a man for insulting her but I was right! How dumb could she be really? She just had her hands on her mouth in shock at what she has done. I went to the kitchen and took the water container out of the fridge. I then went and poured the cold water on him which made him wake up with a start. He jumped up so fast you would never think that at any point he had passed out.

“You crazy woman!”

He shouted at my wife holding the place where his head was breathing. He saw me holding the water jar and I think he thought I was going to clobber him again because he stumbled backwards. She had hit him really hard.

“I am going to press charges against you and your crazy family!”

He said threatening my wife and I. I looked at him and laughed in his face.

“One, you are in my house! Two, I am a lawyer which means I have so many friends and three, you are already fighting with your daughter, you mistress and possibly your wife so why would you be that stupid to pick a fight you won’t win. Go home and call it a day!”

I said to him. He did not expect that but he dragged his sorry ass out of my kitchen. There was blood on the floor.

“Clean this mess up!”

I said coldly to my wife as I walked out to see that he was really leaving! What a useless woman crying in front of her husband for another man. Serves her right!

It was not ten minutes later before I heard a familiar voice come up from behind and say sweetly,

“Hey you!”

It was Khanyi! It had been a while since I last saw her and she looked quite good. I greeted her with a smile not that I was too happy to see her, she was probably the reason why my wife ended up where she was today! Spineless! I heard another car pull up and two minutes enter Dalu and Lindiwe. They said they had not come together rather they bumped into each other at the gate. I guess this was happening after all. Dalu was not with his wife though because he said she had gone to her cousins place for some female only event. I looked at him disinterested because I was still angry at him. My wife came out and she was now wearing a loose fitting white summer dress with sandals on. She look gorgeous I must say.

Everyone started making small talk. I was not sure how Lindiwe would handle my wife and Khanyi but she seemed to be holding her own quite well. I was expecting something to happen at any point so I was tense.

“Can I pour you some wine?”

I heard my wife say at some point to Lindiwe. She declined and said she could not drink because she was pregnant. I heard my wife say,

“Congratulations. I understand it’s my husbands baby. Must be nice!”

She said loudly enough for all of us to hear and turn. It was starting! Lindiwe was stumped she had totally been taken off guard by that remark but I had not. Like I said was expecting drama.

“Say that again Asthandile. Whose baby did you say she was carrying?”

Asthandile took a swig of her wine and said out loud,

“Yours dear husband! You think I invited her here for the fun of it. Isn’t she wants to share my man with herself so let us then share everything. I am tired of the sneaking around and the lies. I am often the one accused of indiscretions but here is your…”

Lindiwe immediately stood up and said,

“I am leaving!”

Of which my wife said,

“I am not fighting with you sisi. I want us to discuss what’s going on in front of people so that we don’t kill each other in the street!”

She was so calm as she said this, too calm! I know my wife! This was a very bad sign. Dalu who at this point knew nothing turned to me and said,

“Is this true mfundini?”

It was my turn. This was a do or die moment. Like I said, I was now prepared for this confrontation and I was ready for the next step.

“Yes it’s true! And I have no apologies!”

Asthandile looked down at her feet. I think she had expected me to deny it but me saying it out loud like that really hit home.

“You guys have a lot to discuss. I don’t want anything from your husband. You can keep him. I can take care of myself financially.”

Lindiwe said not proudly but assertively enough. She was defending herself. It was then Khanyi spoke up and said,

“Mxolisi how could you do this to your wife?”

This witch.

“Are you serious right now?”

I asked out loud. She was trying to cause a fight between my wife and I.

“Yes I am serious! You are a lying cheating husband! Sies!”

She spat on the ground!

“You are such a whore! Sfebe!”

She cursed. Her rant didn’t last long though for someone jumped on her and started beating her up!

Guess who!

My wife!

The war was only about to start!

******The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Good morning to you and your readers.

I am an Indian girl from Jhb. I am dating a “black” guy and we have been together for three years. We are talking marriage and kids but I am so scared. Firstly my parents do not know and I know my father’s feelings about “black people”. He will not disown me but he will kill me and that much I am 100% certain. I mean this literally. I am Hindi and we don’t often mix well interracially with others and even if he was a white guy I doubt he would be accepting. My parents thinks I am a good Hindi girl and my mother often says she is proud of how I kept myself a virgin which is far from the truth thus giving me my second problem. I think I am pregnant. I have only ever been with one guy in my life something I am proud of but how do I approach this. I have no one to turn to, not even an aunt because I have broken so many rules as is. I am so scared. I don’t live at home but we have so many gatherings at home it’s only a matter of time before one of my nosey aunts says something. Thirdly he says his parents did not receive it well that he is bringing home an Indian. He is Swati by the way and he said it is not common in his culture. They are not too pleased either but at least they know and have to accept it. This is bad!

Please may someone give me an idea how to approach my family with my man. It has to be done but I am so afraid of the consequences.

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mike 🙂 great way to start the day, its gonna be long though coz of the curiosity *hides* #complements of the new year! Toasting to a prosperous one 😉

  2. Advaita i really feel sorry for you, i read a lot of Muslim/Hindi blogs and i knw how they feel about black people, so this is gonna be a huge challenge for you guys, But it sounds like you guys really love each other, so i’d say soldier on, yes it’s gonna be very very very tough at first, but if your parents see how happy he makes you, then maybe with time they will accept… Don’t worry about his parents much, us Darkies we have a lot of Ubuntu in us, so soon they will accept you into the family especially if they see how good you are to their son. Good Luck.

  3. lol, eix. im addicted.

    Q/A. This is complicated to say the least. In my culture when someone is in your situation, it is considered respectful to speak to someone whom your parents are found of. It does not necessarily have to be family. here is the better one, confront your dad’s pastor. confess your sins to him and ask him to speak to your parents on your behalf because reality is that you cannot hide pregnancy forever. And running away it’s not an option, only cowards do that. It will be better for you because you have your boyfriend’s support. Good luck.

  4. Hha Mike you such a tease though, tea spoon nyana bra on a friday…. And such short excitement, can Tuesday cometh already!!! Thanks Mikeesto

    Advaita: I couldn’t help but laugh at this Indian Swazi diary. It sounds like a fairytale, didn’t picture such happenings in my wildest dreams.

    Now to get the bull by the horns, its evident your families are on some shock wave that is going to bolt their nerves like thunder. Your dad sounds or should I say is a racist, judging by your expression of how he feels about ‘black people’. I think you screwed as far as that goes. Your mom thinks you’re a virgin, and you suspect pregnancy, that’s another lose screw.

    The good thing I gathered is that your Swati prince is willing to go all the way and marry you, that’s a plus, and a good start. Your parents may see you as damaged goods, Hindi speaking, but if your black knight does marry you, they have to then accept the new era of our society.

    I’m sure my Pops would faint if I brought home an Indian sexy, but he wouldn’t stand in the way of my happiness, but parents aren’t the same. I think you need to introduce your man to your family, in a public space even, just to limit the damage. Take them to Kaprino’s so the level of anger and danger can be limited and just blurt it out. Tell them how much your inlove with each other and that you wanna get married. You have to somehow gather this courage and get this over with, procrastinating will only bring you more misery, and that aint cool for your ‘baby’

    This is going to be very interesting, please keep us posted of new developments, invite ‘My Perfect Wedding’ if you can, this is an ispiring story of love beating the odds, if it does eventually.

    Wish you all the happiness and that your families somehow find consensus in that you love each other.


  5. hi Avi
    do u know the theory of how to remove a plaster? its better to yank it off than removing it slowly. same prenciple applies here, it will hurt when the truth comes out but only for a short while as compared to prolonging the inevitable. you have received good advice from the other ladies so just suck it up and soldier on nana…..atleast you have you man’s support and his family is sure to come around. i doubt your father would kill you, disappointed yes but he’s still your father and he loves you just give him time to deal with it his own way although it may take years. as long as you are sure of what you want stand by your man who sure has proven he’ll stand by you. Good luck

  6. Thanx bra Mike have a gr8t weekend with your readers. A2Q miss I think happiness cums 1st if your family loves they will have 2 understand u love d guy and they can’t choose 4 u who 2 love,I think u must jst tell them and face d consequences of your decision.

  7. Great read… I can’t wait for Tuesday.. Mxolisi def has the upper hand now..He’s keeping his cool. I think she realises now that khanyi has been manipulating her n d whole situation. She thot she cud gain.
    -lost her hubby, things r going downhill from here.
    -possibly HIV positive
    -lost her sugardaddy boss bf/possible baby daddy.

    wateva amount of money she’ll b getting out of the divorce does not begin to repair the damage done “to herself”
    ai… shem she ruined her own life coz Mxo can always pick up from here.

    Lesson: Don’t take uncalculated risks.

    QnA you just have to confront the situation head on. hiding ain’t gna help. Tell your parents and deal with the aftermath of it all.coz ryt now u fear the unknown. stress is not good for u and the baby. if there is a family member that can help you break the news ask for help.. all d best.

  8. Seriously Michael – seriously?!?! You are leaving us hanging like this for the whole weekend PLUS Monday??? Mmmmhhhh, wouldn’t wish to be your partner – uyapakisana shame – JD!!!
    Cat fight over what really? A lot of stories are coming out on Tuesday, and these high school kids haven’t mentioned that they also got some!!! Would really like to be Daluxolo now – just look, listen and blink!!
    A to Q: ttssjjjooo, I feel for you child. You chose a path less travelled and very rocky… Meet your mother in private and tell her – cry your lungs out – and then ask her to tell your dad. Be prepared to move to another province where both of you will have to start afresh, coz it will be a cold day in hell before your parents accept this!!

  9. Dankie Maphoto

    Eish you shortening these chapters day by day or is it me expecting more

    A2Q eish sisi yiba Strong!


  10. Miiiiiiiiiike, you done did it again! Awesome chapter, i can’t wait for Tuesday 🙂
    A to Q…I really advise you to rather seek help from a counselor for school/university or any parent you trust to break the news to your parents or you can have a talk with your parents inlaw, explain the situation and have them talk to your parents. If your parents atleast see that your bf is serious with you and his parents have accepted you than they have no choice but to accept it, it wont be easy but eventually they will 🙂 Good luck dear.

  11. @Advaita girl you are in one hell of a situation,But sounds like u and ur Swati prince love each other,and u know with pregnancy u can’t hide shit till 4ever,I think u should talk 2ur mom 1st since mothers can be soft and understanding sometimes,then ask her to help you break them news to your Father(racist)..All the Best though that shit aint gon’ be easy,#HappyNewYearErrybody

  12. Lol Mr Mike, thanks a lot.

    Kwaaaaaaaks #dead & buried by # sugardaddy boss boyfriend, that’s a killer one bro

    A2Q wow, that really sounds like a fairy-tale but if u guys really really love each other I say stick together and you will pull through it all. As for your family, look for a person whom your parents respect, a person that can break the news to them.

    Stay strong my luv & keep praying that your family accepts your situation.

  13. That fight is a show as well, remember the party was organised by Astha and Khanyi? They both know the story and are prepared to do some play. How can Khanyi start the insults after he was told of the events in JHB? He must just watch them and then ask what are they planning to do after the fight as they are co-conspirators against him. Oh, all evidence indicates that it is him who cheated so he may loose out in divorce.

    You are between a rock and a hard place; it would have been better to ask this question in a Hindi forum as most of darkies here under-estimate the magnitude of your problem (Oh, I think you have done so already).

    As it has been said, dont worry about his family they will welcome you with open hands after the marriage. You just have to worry about his family.
    On the issue of daddy killing you I unfortunately believe you. So I would suggest that you take them out of your home (lunch somewhere) and break the news. Though they will be angry, but will not have immediate means of harming you immediately. Of course then depending on the situation you can escape to your new place and wait for the storm to calm or an attack. For an unknown reason, I dont think you will be attacked when away from home.

    As I have said, it would be better in the Hindi forum as someone has a cousin who has done that by now.

  14. Jackzorro mfondini. Hey man uyindoda enengqondo. Like can all guys just think like you. Blatantly honest but still respectful.

  15. @advaita, I get where you’re coming from because I’m Indian too. The truth is that I don’t think there is any right way to deal with it, where your dad won’t get furious. Although, going to a restaurant might help because you could always escape and he can’t raise his voice due to other people around. @those calling her father a racist, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Our indian parents don’t generally mind interracial marriages but do expect our spouses to convert to our religion and that isn’t racist because many strict Christians and Jewish people expect the same (only from the friends that I know of).

  16. OOOOH! Drama…drama and more drama, Thanks Mike

    Byanong, Jackzorro you are best..wish I could meet the person behind the Jackzorro name., u just have a way with words hey which is very inspiring

    Keep calling a spade a spade and giving excellent advice.

    Have yourself a nice weekend.


  17. Interesting read, but very very short! What a tease.

    … But how did Stha find out about Lindiwe or leyena she is part of them?

    Mike Do you have a whatsapp group that the regulars can interact with one another maybe Jackroro would finally post his pic there.

    Please think about it if gaona yona.

  18. Asthandile knows hubby is busy with khanyi…a beatdown just for swearing her hubby in attempt of defending her..hai no I smell a rat here..cant wait for Tuesday 🙂

  19. Advaiti…Firstly I’d like to start of by congratulating u on finding love even if it might be from a different race. I’m a mixed race Muslim woman coming from a very strict Muslim family,i understand your situation very well because I myself am in a similar one..My advice to u would be to definitely handle this hands on.If u really love the guy & u sure that he loves u too nothing & I mean nothing should stand in your way. When I first introduced my Boyfriend to my family I first called a family meeting & told them about him. I did not ask permission to date him but rather told them that i’m going to despite the fact that we are from two totally different cultures. I told them that I would not abandon my traditions & culture but also told them that if we do get married I would have to adapt & learn his as well.They had no choice but to accept it. My relationship is going strong & i’m proud to say that in the near future my surname will be changing from Miss Cassim to Mrs Khumalo.. Oh & one last thing,if u want his family accept u as well learn his culture & language if possible..All the best.. I truly hope things work out for the best 🙂

  20. i think Asithandile realises now, she is in the mess bcs of khanyi!

    QnA it only depends on the love between the two of you guys, otherwise your father being racist all race are if i could come with a indian @ home my parents would say ungazosihlanyela ufuna sidle amapelepele.

  21. Mhmm that’s a tough one but I’m happy about 1 thing though that u saw him 4 him not his skin colour,its 2015 now people should stop making everything about race.Racists are everywhere Black,White,Coloured n Indian but I wish u the best of luck coz your lovestory is a breath of fresh air n I couldn’t have said it better than Bra Mike(oops)I mean Jackzorro.

  22. Oh my gosh I am in stiches, wish I could witness this in a tv series or movie or something. This is hilarious hawemah !

  23. Thank u Mike for yet another beautiful read! Yho kuyafiwa & I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

    Q&A: Gal it is a hard place that u’re in as u say. Marriage (assuming u’ll get married) as it is can be challenging and it is quite important that u have not just a blessing but support too from your family. I understand what u’re talking about having heard from some Indian friends.
    My suggestion is that you approach one parent at a time. I would say start with your mom and arrange an alone time with her. It will not be easy but take courage and tell her the truth. Women (esp parents) tend to understand better than men. I’m not saying she won’t get angry or disappointed but with the way you describe yo father she’s a better 1st option to approach. This will be better than some nosy aunt making a not so nice or diplomatic comment.
    Parents tend to take it personal when their child does something that’s regarded as taboo. They feel u’ve put the whole family in a bad light, embarrassed them, etc. They always question their parenting. When u talk to yo mom cover these areas & let her know this is the choice u’ve made & that u love one another. Humble yourself & not be arrogant. U might just be surprised & yo parents become accepting…miracles do happen! Don’t do anything stupid…there’s always an option & some options are not pleasant but they are there for us to make suitable choices. I wish u all the best my dear and may u be well received by both families. Take care of yourself!

  24. Haaa Mike, aowa this is not fair hle. The suspense is too much tjo. Can I make a suggestion? Can we please have atleast five chapters of one book a week, and then 5 chapters of another book the following week. Just trying my luck……(Covers face)

  25. Lols… Jackzorro is popular with the gals apha. I always go straight to read his comment first before ezabanye.

    Keep it up bhuti

  26. Beat down between friends? now there is something you don’t see everyday. kwaaaaaaaaaks. So Astha has known about lindiwe all along? this marriage though

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