Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Ninety One

As soon as we were outside away from everyone I asked Cleo, “what the hell do you think you are doing?” Cleo calmly replied “Lee I am trying to help you here, you need this” I screamed at her “who the hell do you think you are telling me what I need?” The others from inside the house heard the commotion and came out to ask if everything was okay, by this time I was inches away from Cleo’s face, She Rocks came between us and told us to stop acting childish. I told her to speak to her friend and I walked back inside the house and went to the guest bedroom and slammed the door I was really pissed off.

I called my husband and told him we got to Bergville safe, he asked what was wrong because he could hear from my voice that I was not okay, I told him about Cleo getting me a sangoma and telling me I have too much bad luck and needing cleansing, he laughed so hard I had not heard my husband laugh in a very long time hearing him laugh like that just made my heart melt, I really loved this man. He told me that I shouldn’t be mad at Cleo she meant well, as I was sitting in the room talking to my husband I could smell impempho (incense) being burnt, didn’t the stupid girl get rid of the sangoma. Andiswa came in the room and said I should come out the sangoma is not going to make me drink chicken blood or start throwing bones all she’s doing is burning the incense and asking for good spirits to follow us, I asked if we were being followed by bad ones and she laughed. She also apologized for being “such a bitch” of late she said she didn’t know how to deal with what we had done and lashing out was her only solution, she said “at least you girls have done this before so you know how to handle it.”

I told her it was never easy the first time we did it and it’s definitely not easy this time either we just choose not to think about it all the time or else we would go crazy, she wanted to know what had happened with Cleo’s stepfather, I told her I was not ready to talk about it especially now with a sangoma waiting for me on the other room, between talking about Cleo’s stepfather and sangoma the sangoma was a safer option I would do anything to avoid that topic it brings back very painful memories and I seriously didn’t want to start crying now. We went out of the room there was soo much smoke in the room I could barely make out Cleo in all the smoke but I couldn’t see She Rock in the room, the sangoma was chanting and saying a whole lot of things about removing bad luck from these children and bringing them peace and blah blah blah. I stood there listening for a bit and eventually she was done and said she needed to have a few words with Cleo, thank goodness it was not with me but I figured she wanted her payment from her. Andiswa and I went outside to find She Rocks sitting by the stoop, she said she doesn’t understand how Cleo thinks and there was no way she was going to sit there and listen to a sangoma. I knew She Rocks would be against the whole sangoma thing she is just too holy than thou to deal with such, while I on the other hand didn’t really care about any religion, the only problem I had with Cleo and this sangoma was the fact that I was ambushed and not given a choice that just ticked me off. She Rocks said we should stay the night then leave the next morning for Durban.

Later we decided to cook for the grandparents we made them nice dinner then we all ate, I was still mad at Cleo so Andiswa decided that we all needed to go for a walk, okay the town is soo small the only restaurant we could find was KFC, so we went there to get ice-cream and talked about this, Cleo said she doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong all she was trying to do was help me I told her I have never forced her to go to church before whenever we go to church she tell us her ancestors were not born again and we leave it at that so why must she force her ancestors on me. Only then did she understand and apologized, we made peace went back to the grandparents and slept the next morning we were woken up by chickens apparently they make that loud noise to wake people up when I checked the time it was only 04:30 what the hell was wrong with these chickens, every 15 minutes we would be woken up by some kuuuuruuukukuuuuuuuu sound coming from chickens I wanted to go out grab them and put them in a pot with boiling water and cook them, by 05:30 we were all up and couldn’t take the noise anymore.
We bathed, made breakfast for the grandparents gave it to them in bed and by 09:00 we were driving to Durban, She Rocks drove until we go to Pietermaritzburg and I had to drive on those Graaf Reniet curves, I find that road to be the most scariest road ever and the worst part was the rain was pouring so heavy I felt like the car would slide of those mountains I was driving so slow the girls were complaining and I kept asking if they wanted to die each time they started complaining about my driving and that would shut them up.

We eventually arrived in Durban we were staying at Waterfront and Spa Hotel behind uShaka Marine World, we checked in and went to our room to drop our bags and changed into shorts and bikinis then went to the hotel restaurant for some cocktails, luckily the weather in Durban was beautiful. Cleo said we won’t meet any interesting people in the hotel so let’s have one drink then go to the beach, we did exactly that, the beach was packed soo many people I think the whole of KZN was in the beach on that day so we decided to go chill in one of the restaurant’s upstairs and watch people. As we were sitting across from us there were 3 guys with one girl and I was facing them, one of the guys winked at me, I acted like I had not seen this since I was wearing sunglasses and a big hat he was also not sure if I had seen the wink then he waved, I again ignored them, She Rocks was taking pictures and selfies while Cleo who was facing me kept asking me if there was talent in this place. Our drinks arrived then 2 of the 3 guys came to our table and one of them said “you know it’s a crime for such beautiful ladies to be sitting here by themselves with no man to protect them.” Before we could protest they both sat down and told the waitress to bring 8 more drinks of what we were drinking and it’s on them. She Rocks said “thanks but…..awuuuu” Cleo had kicked her from underneath the table to shut her up. I burst out laughing Cleo is something else the guys introduced themselves, their zulu accent was sooo yummy pure and holy zulu, we were all now drooling over these guys they were also not bad looking scrap that they were hot. They kept buying drink after drink after drink eventually I was like “ladies we need to go” the other guy who was with the girl came and told the guys they should go because they had made plans to go to Gateway but the 2 guys were not ready to leave us just yet so they told the other guy they would get a cab and meet him there. My friends also didn’t want to go so we stayed and ordered food to snack on as we could feel that we were a bit drunk, the 2 zulu guys had told us their names but I don’t think anything they said registered between the alcohol and their sexy zulu accent we could hear nothing, we talked about nonsense Durban and all the fun places we were going to visit. My phone rang it was Mthobisi calling with his work landline, I walked off from our table to answer he told me this was to show me that he was not lying about having to work and he knows I was probably doubting him but he wishes he had gone with me and misses me very much, I told him Durban was really boring, nothing interesting and was not missing out on much. He said he loved me and I went back to our table, the guys had now ordered tequilas, and everyone was waiting for me when I got there I was given my shot with salt and lemon and we all drank up. Around 5 in the afternoon She Rocks told the guys we needed to go take a nap because we were really drunk and we will hook up with them later we went back to our hotel and went to our rooms and napped, around 7 Andiswa was up going to all our rooms waking us up, we were still drink but we decided we were not going to stay in this hotel the whole night so we dolled ourselves up and hit the road, the guys we had meet earlier their names were Mzwakhe and Bonga, we called them and they said we should meet at Florida road there is a hot club they want to show us there, we drove there when we arrived a white Mercedes Benz stopped next to us, there were 2 guys inside they asked us where we were going we told them to a club they told us they stay in La Lucia and they are having a party can we join them. I was driving, Cleo was poking me from the back seat and whispering “La Lucia is a rich surburb, let’s go” something in me said let’s just go in the club and meet with our earlier guys but my friends seem keen on going to La Lucia so I agreed and the guys said we should follow behind them.

I followed them and we arrived at the most exquisite house ever but because they had said there was a party I was a bit baffled there were no cars around or people or even the sound of music I said out loud and I wanted them to hear me too “if there is a party shouldn’t there be loud noise and music?” the guy who was driving came to our car and said “my house is sound proof.” Andiswa who was sitting in the front seat next to me said “bayanya aba, there is no party here” meaning these guys are bullshitting us there is no party here, as soon as she finished saying that the guy who was driving bended and reached for his sock and next thing we knew a gun was pointed at us and he said “get the fuck out of the car”

Holy crap, didn’t the sangoma cleanse me from all this bad luck?

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  1. Ya neh, you’d swear none of them are married, looking forward to next week.

    Thanks Thoziesto, much appreciated for the bonus 🙂

  2. Mike I got disappointed yesterday I sent text as usual but couldn’t get code to read all the premiums please help

  3. Lesedi and her friends mara ba rata dilo hle. Look @ what sh***t u’ve landed yourselves in. Thanx Mike for the bonus.

  4. hi mike i purchased pin around 10:51:33 to be exact and am still waiting please help its not the first time purchasing and i have never had a problem before.

  5. ew….la lucia,rich suburb of gunzz.. I hop for deir sakes no shootings and fatalities wil go down… thanks Mike n Thozi..blessed Sunday all

  6. Does the drama in this thing ever stop though? Yho Lee how are you going to explain that to Mthobisi, thats if you even get out of that alive! ah

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