Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Ninety Nine

“What?” I screamed, Mthobisi was not done with bad news, I cringed and told him to get me some water I was feeling hot and dizzy, he got up and went to the vending machine and got me some water then came back and sat down next to me, I didn’t want him to say anything it felt like each time he spoke he just revealed more bad news. We sat there in silence for about 5 minutes, then a doctor came to us, my head was bent and my hands covered my face I was tired of people staring when passing me, with tears running down my face.

The doctor said “How you holding up man?” that voice, I jumped from my seat and saw that evil doctor who had chased us at La Lucia, it really is a small world, the fool recognised me and quickly said “sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to scare you, you must be Mtho’s wife. I’m doctor Khaya.” My husband said “we call him Homes or Homey since that’s what his name means when translated.” I nodded. Khaya said when Cleo got thrown out of the car she landed on a nail with her spine, they had just removed the nail but they don’t know if she will be able to walk or not but we’ll have to see when she gets up and even if she can’t walk now there is physiotherapy that can help her. I waved my hands and said “wait, wait, wait, are you telling me that Cleo might be paralyzed?” Khaya replied and said they not sure of anything at the moment, we will just have to wait till the drugs wear off and she wakes up and they will see if she has any feelings in her legs. Oh my God, this felt like a long horrible nightmare, I kept hoping that I would wake up at any second and it will just be a dream. He pulled Mthobisi to the side so they could talk he was not very good at whispering coz I heard him say “did you manage to get your diamonds out of your car?” mthobisi said “shhhhh, why must you be soo loud?” and pulled him outside. Diamonds? That explained why he didn’t want police called, Jesus this man of mine never ceased to amaze me but I had bigger problems to worry about diamonds are a luxury and not a problem so I was not going to stress about that. They came back inside I asked Khaya how my other two friends were doing he said he didn’t know he had been working on Cleo. He said the other doctors will let us know. Mthobisi held me in his arms and told me everything is going to be alright, I truly and honestly wanted to believe that but nothing was ever going to be the same ever again. We sat in silence for about 30 minutes when a nurse came and asked if I was Lesedi I nodded fearing the worst she said my friend Andiswa was awake and was asking for me and even though it was not yet visiting hours they will let me see her, I thanked her and followed her to the ward, Mthobisi said he will wait in the waiting room, when I saw her she had bruises all over her face and her arm was hanging up, I wanted to hug her but was too scared that I might hurt her, I looked at her and just burst out in tears, she looked at me and told me to stop it she was still alive, she said witches from Eastern Cape were trying to get rid of her but she’s a die hard, this put a smile on my face, this is what I love about my friends they always manage to make jokes in serious situation. I asked her if she needed anything she wanted water I got her some, I didn’t want to bombard her with too many questions about what happened I was just happy that she was alive. I told her about Doctor Khaya her response was “that man is everywhere he’s like Ebola” I asked her if I should call her mom, she said no, her mother had a way of dramatizing things she will leave her out of this for now, I completely understood, Cleo’s mom is those parents that get too involved in your business she would probably show up at the hospital with Sangomas saying her child is bewitched, to her mom nothing is ever an accident some relative or another is always responsible, she asked if she could use my phone to call her boyfriend, I gave it to her and left to go check on my husband and if he’s heard anything about She Rocks waking up, when I got there Mthobisi and Khaya were standing with another doctor who was explaining that the car had fallen on her leg, it was not as bad as they thought, no broken bones it’s just her skin came off and she might need skin grafting, I took a sigh of relief, she was had been taken to a ward. Now I wanted Cleo to wake up so she can start moving her legs and then this whole nightmare will be over, two up and will soon be running and one to go. Mthobi’s phone rang he looked at it the looked at me, I lifted my eyebrows and asked “what’s wrong?” he said it’s Cleo’s husband and I went “shit, he lands at 16:00, you need to tell him.” Mthobisi went outside and answered the call. I decided to go to check on She Rocks a nurse showed me her ward as soon as I entered She Rocks said “ohh my God Lee, have you looked at yourself in the mirror, you look terrible.” I laughed and knew my crazy friend was back. I gave her a hug and wouldn’t let go until she whispered “you are hurting me, my body is still in pains.” I quickly let go. The first thing she asked for was my phone I told her Andiswa was using it, she said she’s going to ask to be moved to Andiswa’s ward so they could gossip properly. She asked me “do you know what skin grafting is?” I said no she went on “they are going to remove skin from my ass and put it on my leg.” She said this like it was no big deal like she was telling me about a new mall that was opening; I looked at her in disbelief and thought whatever drugs they had given her I need to get myself some of those, she was so calm about everything. Mthobisi came rushing and said Cleo was awake, and said “Hi Rock Star”I followed behind him and the nurse told us that we shouldn’t go in, we ignored her and went in, doctor Khaya was asking her a few questions we stood behind him, I was shaking from worry, he asked her to move her toes I held Mthobisi’s hand and squeezed it tight, he asked her again to move her toes, she said she did, he took a pen and tickled her under her feet, she didn’t move and I know how easily she gets ticklish, the doctor asked “did you feel that” she asked “what?” he did the other leg and again she felt nothing, I wanted the earth to swallow me, my friend was paralyzed, Mthobisi said to the doctor “what does that mean?” the doctor explain that it could be a temporary thing or a permanent thing but the current situation was Cleo is paralyzed, I got on my knees and started crying, Cleo was also now crying, the doctor told us to wait outside he needed to sedate Cleo. Mthobisi picked me up from the floor and took me to the waiting room, after I had calmed down I went back to Andiswa’s room she said Khaya had already told her boyfriend what had happened he had booked a flight and was on his way to Durban and would be arriving this evening, I just nodded she told me Jessica had called to remind me about the party at her house in Balito, “shit is today the 31st?” It was New Year’s Eve and we were spending it in hospital. I told her I will call her back later and told her that She Rocks will be her roommate soon if she gets her way which she normal does. She said she was tired and the medication they gave her was making her drowsy, I took my phone and left her to sleep. I went to Mthobisi and asked what Cleo’s husband had said he said he was shocked but was relieved to hear that she’s alive and he had not told him that she was paralyzed, he just couldn’t bring himself to doing it over the phone, he said he would be going to the airport to pick him up he was going to get a cab to get us back to the hotel and would leave me to rest at the hotel and go pick him up from the airport, I said I was going to stay in the hospital and he can go. He gave me a phone and said he found it in the car, it must have been when he was searching for diamonds I thought, it was She Rock’s phone, the cause of all these problems. I took it to her, she was so happy to have her phone she quickly switched it on and called her brother and asked to be put on speaker so he doesn’t have to repeat the same thing to the other brother, and told them she had a bit of an accident but was fine and made it sound like it was no big deal, she told them not to drive that night as it was new year’s eve and there were a lot of people driving drunk and reckless on the road, the way she instructed her brothers you would swear she was the oldest meanwhile she was the youngest. When she was done I asked why didn’t she tell them she was in hospital, her answer was “why? So they can worry themselves to death, I’m all they have I’m not going to stress them over small things.” I was obviously small minded by thinking getting your ass cut off and put to your leg was a big thing, I knew I would have called everyone I knew even my grandmother from Limpopo and asked her to donate her ass, wrinkles or no wrinkles I wouldn’t have cared. She Rocks was busy listening to her voice mails and her eyes popped wide open she said “listen to this.” And put her phone on speaker “Hey, it’s Aunty Tanent from Retvlei Farm, I just thought I should let you know, one of the joggers who do jogs at the farm went with his dog yesterday jogging and the dog kept barking at this one particular spot, and wouldn’t leave so the dog owner called security and they dug on that spot and a body was discovered. The police want to question you, call me when you get this.”
She Rocks looked at me and said “WE ARE IN DEEP SHIT!!!”

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  1. I’m so happy that all the girls are okay even Cleo. She may think its bad but its better than death.

    These girls can never catch a break! Trouble follows them everywhere. Nkos’yam

  2. OMG!!! Glad the girls are ok… POOR CLEO!!! Why are they always landing in a sticky situation… But the story is awesome cnt get enough… Damn wait all week just to find out wats gna happen next! U totally the greatest!

  3. Thank u mike 4 adding a bonus 1 even though I still hv 2 wait a week again 4 the next 1, this is addiction just can’t get enough. Kodwa ke ngalabo cc ngamane ngangena eqhweni uvalo lokuth bazobanjwa yooo ngoba njalo. I’ll keep on reading hope it’s doesn’t end soon. Still waiting 4 the come back of the Diary 🙂

  4. Thanks Thoziesto, super sad, a bit of a happy mood somewhat and then boom, total mayhem. This is by far thee best book.

  5. i agree with u JZ, this is by far the best book. its intriguing, mind blowing and keeps you crazing for more. Thanks to our writers. They are the best. Keep up the good work. May God bless the work of your hands.

  6. Eh, from better to worse. Lee needs to tell Mtho as it was Mthobisi’s gun they used. He needs to cover his tracks although I thought he would have handle the situation by now? Can dogs smell that deep? I mean with Mfundo being buried down under, 6 feet and all. Oh well

  7. trouble keep following u gals n ngapha nisasesibhedlela mara yisono lesi, luv u gals thanx cc Thozama your book rock

  8. Thank u team for a great read as always!
    As for these girls, hhayi I dnt know what’s wrong with them, trouble seem to be following them everywhere they go!
    Keep up the good work guys, all your efforts r highly appreciated. God bless

  9. Ay akuphunyulwa la,drama after drama. But I’m glad the girls are all alive, I was sad I cried when I thought that She Rocks was dead.These girls are survivors

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