Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Fourteen

When someone is about to break up with you its a bit difficult to go on the attack path. Instead you find yourself condoning their bad actions by your silence. Before yesterday, I would have gone crazy on him for picking up his calls so secretively but today I decided that I would rather not make a bad situation worse. It’s the most humbling experience and a tad bit humiliating. I pretended to go through my things as though I had no worry in the world. I asked him a few a questions whilst he was on the phone so that whoever it was knew there was a female in the house. I could see it was a social call because he was not overly serious but I could see everytime I spoke he would tense up. It was obviously a female but what could I do in my situation. My mother wanted ‘damages’ if I were to come home and I had to get them if I were to remain sane. When he came back from his phone call he apologised that it had taken so long and I said it was fine he could take his mind. He suggested that we go eat out as it was too late to cook and besides he said he did not want me to be up on my feet for too long. I know what he was doing though, he was avoiding us being alone together for too long. Again I kept quiet. He was giving himself a rope to hang himself so I was not going to help him. We didn’t go far though, we went to that nandos in Hatfield. I bumped into some of my classmates and it’s odd how if you are pregnant amongst your classmates it’s like you fucked up. I remember in my first year some girl got pregnant and every time I looked at her I could not help but feel that she should have closed her legs! Did people look at me that way? Did they say I was stupid and didn’t even know what a condom looks like? I hated this.

After we ordered we started talking. I told him that my mother had come to visit me and what she had said. He sat up and asked me how she expected him to find the money. I told him I don’t know but that is what she had said. He stopped eating and took out his phone. For a moment I thought he was going to call someone then he put it back.

“I will see what I can do!”

He said calmly. Everytime Mudenda used those words you knew that nothing was going to happen. I had dated this guy long enough to know all his lines. I told him this was serious and not a joke. He snapped at me by saying,
“Don’t you think I know that? I am not 5 you know!”

Ouch. There was a bit of silence then he changed the topic But now he was on his phone chatting and much as he tried to stay serious I could see when whoever said something nice to him because the corners of his mouth would twitch. He was being deliberately rude. Eventually I said,
“I think I should go home. You have been chatting ever since we got here as though I am boring you. Mudenda in all the years we have been together I have never been this insensitive to your presence. I am sorry that you have reached a stage where you think I am better off being ignored like this.”

I stood up and left. He ran after me and apologized but I was fine shem. I started walking to my place. I lived on Hilda so home was not too far. He ran to take the car but I went up the one way meaning he had to go round. He stopped the car in front of me and apologized again and asked me to get in the car. With the bit of pride that I had left in me I said no. In two days this man was making me lose my sanity and I could not handle. At this stage I was crying. I was angry, hurt and disappointed but I trudged on. Some guys and a girl saw me and offered to walk me home. The girl shouted at my boyfriend saying he should be more caring. I did not know them but they were students. They walked me right to my block. I thanked them and went inside. As I entered the access gate Mudenda drove in. He had the gate tag since I did not have a car.

I did not lock the door because he had a key in any case. I walked into the flat. He ran after me and said,

“I swear I was not talking to anyone important,”
He said in his defence.
“It was work stuff!”
He concluded. Work stuff or not that was not right how he had gone about it. I knew he was lying though because I could not trust him.

“I am sorry baby!”

He said again. I just kept quiet and went on to put my pyjamas and got into bed. I did not say a word to him. He came to my room and said,

“I wanted to tell you earlier that this weekend I won’t be around. I am going to Nelspruit with some colleague and we will be back Sunday!”

He said as I listened. I could not dispute him or say no because it was his life. He stood up and asked me to come lock the door so he could leave. I did not budge. Why should he be concerned about my safety when clearly his heart and mind were elsewhere. Eventually he left and threw in the key.

I cried.

Why had the lord forsaken me so?

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi mike. Thank you for your wonderful stories, they saved me from
being a sugar baby.

My name is vuyani a 22 year old from Tembisa. I have passed my matric and ive studied towards film and television production, it was a one year course which i still have outstanding fees for mom and i tried all sorts of loans to help pay for the fees but she doesnt qualify. So last year after my finals i decided to go back home and thats one place i had swore never to go back to anymore, i have an abusive grandfather, who doesnt love me and wants nothing to do with me, he calls me a pig and im not his favourite person in the world, i wont know what i did to him to hate me like this, growing up he used to beat me up with a shambork ‘sp’ throwing all kind of curses and since i was the blackship of the family i had to clean up after every one, wash their clothes and make sure that their well taken care of. My grandfather is the type of a man who you would make tea for and he would throw the cup right back saying its not hot enough, it doesnt matter if the cup breaks or not. To cut the long story short, he has abused me with all sorts of abuse and i lived with him and mom till four months ago when mom decided that it was enough, I had threatened to kill myself so she decided to help pay for my rent in agreement that i will pay her back once i get a job. But now all that has changed, she called me last night and told me that she cant help me out financialy anymore i should come back home, apologise to my grandfather and live home till i find a job because she cant afford paying for my rent which is R750.00. I begged her not to allow me to go back to that hell we call a home but she said well then it means im on my own. I have been applying for all kinds of jobs and im not getting any. She even told me that by paying my rent she’s not making any profit. I even started opting out to being a sugar baby but i cant, it scares me. I just want to live my life right.

Please help

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  1. Fridays aren’t good for poor Faith, heart breaking yaz… This is giving dudes a very bad image.. Thanks Mikeesto, nice and early :).

    Vuyani, I tried my best to find out what your sex is, the sugarbaby part and your name kinder screwed with my brain hey. Anyway I will assume you are a female, I will also make reference to yesterday’s letter. Thandeka was busy acting like a sugarmama to her sugartoy, wena where is your bf to play sug-sug.

    R750 is not much, you should be able to ‘phanda’ like a graduate. Blackish or not, I’m sure there must be a dude in your life, utilise him, if you were attracting sugardads, surely you can score a waiter who makes hella tips to cover 750.

    Don’t overburden your Mother after all she did, that woman is SuperWoman more than Alicia. Your grandad is a ‘nkunkuma’ Maybe read Missteps and get that thing that was used on Mfundo, such people need to ceaze to exist at some point. Where is your Father though?

    Anyway, if all else fails, remember that Khanyi Mbau is a freaking genius, proly richer than 80% of graduates and all she had to do was keep her body slim, and let nature take its cause. When a Rich nigger what you….#NufSaid


    1. Mnet is looking for people who studied film and all that, visit their website and follow the instructions. Goodluck V

  2. Poor Faith trust me I know wat its like to be left alone while you’re highly pregnant,was once in a same situation lucky I had my mom’s full support but its all gona pass its jus a learning curve! once u give birth the bastard will come crawling back to yo door step

  3. JackZorro Man Oh Man your hilarious its the truth but just the way you said it and on top your just had to put in inserts from the books, you had me from the word go

  4. Rumblings is too close to reality. Vee I think you should get a protection order against your grandpa. Go to a Magistrates Court and they will show which forms to fill. Visit for any info on abuse and where to find us. We are in Soweto, Orange Farm and Lenasia.

  5. Reading Rumblings reminds me of what I am going through. The only difference is that I am working and have a stable job, but having a guy promise you the world after you get pregnant and up and leaving the next minute is not easy. It gets better dear Faith, pity you did not finish studying though.

  6. thanks Mike….
    QnA its hard outchea,find some piece jobs even if it means being a house helper its a start or join these cleaning companies or something….if all fails then you might have to utilise sugar daddies till you find your feet but be smart in doing that

  7. Jackzorro, should be like a full time agony “uncle” I love how your advice is so frank and truthful, not to mention realistic. Vuyani babe, as a graduate you’re highly qualified for a lot of entry level jobs in the market. Keep hounding these job site with your CV. Restaurants and retails are always looking for people too, wages from such jobs should suffice to cover your living expenses, don’t limit yourself to just occupations related to your field of study. You can start searching for those once you have secured a paying job of some kind

  8. this books is close to my heart because its what i am going thru right now alredy put staff in place for when my baby is born but the thing is the guy told my family that i am ecpecting is not his and come back after a month and olans to give financial support regarding him not sure how should i behave and when my camy family came back ukuyobika my mom ask me what will do when he comes back and claim that this child is his still clue less but i want him to do a DNA test before he takes out his cent to maintain this child but also wonder is that for me o the good of the child

  9. A 2 Q My dear Vuyo! at this present moment i think you don’t have a choice but to go home. The reason why i’m saying that is i don’t want you to end up at the wrong places and end up kissing your bright future goodbye, don’t be a sugar baby. Go home and be with your mother you are even beter you have a mother, and thank god your grand father did not abuse you sexually if he did go straight to the police now he will go to jail and you will have the freedom you deserve. And if he did not abuse you sexually, you are now old enough to stand up for your self and put the end to his behavior by asking him why does he hate you so much what did you do to him to deserve his bad treatment talk to him ask him and if he lay his hands on you go to the police they will put him behind bars for what he is doing to you. While you asre at home make sure that you apply like there will be no tomorrow, go to pick & pay, checkers, mr price any mall enter to each shop ask for a job. Even resturants. And know that GOD WILL NOT GIVE YOU A LAGAGE THAT YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO CARRY. And BEFORE THE SUNRISE IT BECOMES VERY DARK and AFTER EVERY THUNDERSTORM THEY WILL BE A SUNSHINE NO MATTER WHAT. If i can tell you my side of a story you will see that your problem is just a manor compare to what i went thru. My uncle use to spit on my face and tell me that by the age of 20 i will be having 5 kids and i will take them to the sheeben and drink imbamba together with my kids,he use to chase me at nite and tell m e to go and dig my parents at the grave yard that man use to hit me like he is hiting a dog i use to go to school with some blue eyes all the teachers they knew what i was going thru, but that curse went to him because it his daugthers who have many kids and if you see them you will think that they bath with that Mbamba. I’m 37 have 2 kids a beautifull 11yrs daughter and a handsum 3yrs son i am married have my own house, successful having the gud job. My kids can’t even talk any african language i’m a Zulu got married to a tswana man. And the only sad part is that he died and he can’t see my success.You will make it.

  10. Rumblings make me resent men like Mundenda , at least I don’t know how it feels like to be in that situation.

    Q&A baby girl no one can understand your frustration as you’re the one that’s feels the pain. Maybe your mom fell pregnant and disappointed hour grandpa and he hates you for that. As a 22 year old you can’t expect your mom to pay your rent or buy you food, do anything and everything not to go back to hell, even if it means you become a waiter or follow Jackzorro advice. All the best

  11. Thanks Mike. But when are u gonna learn ukuth singamith before marriage ( made that mistake as well and learnt the hard way).
    QnA sit that old man down, he needs to do some f***n explanation to do. And why is your mum allowing him to do this to u? I don’t know who I hate more your grandpa or Faith’s bf. I say go home and give your old man I heart by bringing cops with u and just warn him

  12. @Noksie its great that you’ve achieved a lot in your life given the circumstances you grew up in but is it really an achievement for your kids not to know their vernac?people like you have too much self hate!its your language and you take pride that your kids don’t know it?smh!!

  13. My dear LicB! i am a child of God i do not have a self hate in my house we speak setswana only thats the policy no english. And i never sad that i’m proud about my kids not knowing our vernecular with all do respect to you i’m working on it. And this is not about my kids, why are you judging me anyway. Why are you so judgemental about my story??? Are you perfect??? I wish you all the best with your perfectionist!!

  14. Most guys tend to run when the woman is pregnant, weather in a relationship or marriage but most woman are hard to live with when pregnant. Some appear to be in a mission to terrorise you because they are now pregnant claiming that you are not supportive. But Mudenda should not have done it that time even if he was wishing to dump her.

    What is your mother doing staying at your grandfather’s place above the age of 40? (I know you wont answer this question but you can start thinking about it). That is one of the things I don’t like about most of us black people as you would also planning to stay in that house for ever. So your idea of going out is good.

    So get out and start your own life as you are planning. As it has been suggested, try waiter jobs and similar; that is where the potential sugar daddies also hang out. As it has been said, dont have kids before marriage as that will take you out of the sugar business sooner than you think. I dont know if that MNET thing is still open but try all avenues even those not within your training.

    Lcib, kids knowing only English has been so common in the suburbs and most parents involved are still trying to teach them their mother tongues. That is the reason most kids are now shipped to granny’s for those small teachings.

  15. Mike: Reading your work is always a pleasure. Thank you.

    QnA: I am sorry that your grandfather is a tool, but you don’t have to be a victim anymore. There is a lot of great advice from your fellow readers; take it.

    Nkosie: Congratulations on what you have managed to achieve despite your adversities.
    It is unfortunate that you feel attacked by the previous post, I don’t think that is the reason this platform was created. However, when listing your successes you also mentioned your children not speaking “any African language”. Perhaps that is not what you meant, but that is how it came across. And by the way Tswana is an African language.

    JackZ: I must admit, I found you rather annoying when I first started reading Mike’s work. But you have grown on me, & you are pretty hilarious.

  16. Vuyani, I think I can try u… Please add me on Facebook, ‘ Itumeleng Moloi’ my profile picture, I’m wearing a black top, short hair I’m dark in complexion. Please inbox me,, I’ll try helping u.

  17. My Dear Tasha! My point was to explain that in the house we only speak Setswana not english, because it sounded as if we are all that, but thats not true, i know that setswana is an african language i was trying to explain that we do not speak english at home we are deaply african pleople also deep in cultural stuff. Its not that we are living modern life we are very easy people.We are not living modern life, pap and nkomazi is our favourite meal.

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