Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Eight

I think most girls don’t get it why their mothers can be like this. When your baby is born they will love her like she is their own but when it comes to you she will treat you like vermin. What hurt me more though was that my sister had had her fair share of drama which she brought back to the house but with me not once, not one time had I ever done anything naughty or scandalous. I was the daughter that came back from school on time, took off my uniform, cleaned the house and cooked, did my homework and still got amazing good grades. I never asked for compliments and I got none either. I worked hard in everything I did but now for her to treat me like this I felt more than betrayed. This doctor was right, I had stress both the black and the white way! I could not help but cry when that thought got into me. I told myself I will overcome this like all the other challenges that came from me being treated like I was adopted. All parents have a favorite, I know they tell the world that they do not but truth be told as kids we all know who mom’s favorite and if you have a present father, who his favorite is. At my house it was my sister! Yes she did so many visible things wrong but my mother would always find a way to rescue her or save her. Maybe it is because I was not a rebel that I did not get the same attention I don’t know but now that I was pregnant really she should look my way too.

I hung up and turned around to think. Mudenda was acting dodgy. He had not been himself for over a month now. I had chosen not see it at first but with how he had reacted over the last incident something was amiss here! I know there are some girls who say that when their men start to act funny they never suspect cheating as a first offence but I am not one of them because common sense says usually says they are and it’s usually right. Men do not have an idea what their infidelity does to us. They are selfish in even doing it but worse they destroy our self confidence. I was pregnant which made me feel fat and unattractive, my mother hated me and now my man, the father of my child was probably seeing someone else. I called Zama but she did not pick up. She was probably busy as usual. Zama was that girl who you hardly ever found when you called her. She would rather call you back. I don’t know how she did it. Meladi’s phone went to voicemail meaning that left Aurelia our group socialite. I needed reassurance and she clearly was my third choice. She loved herself too much and even though we were friends she was hard to justify half the time. I get it she was beautiful and independent but over the course of university she had also become proud and arrogant. Still a beggar is not a chooser! I called her.

She picked up her phone and the first thing she said,
“Am I an aunt?”

This girl knew I was six months pregnant so how could she possibly think I was she was an aunt. I think I was just too sensitive though because I am sure she was just joking. I told her know, I wish. She had just come back from Mauritius and if I recall last time she was in the Seychelles. In our first year Aurelia was that beautiful girl who taught us to reject older men as she called them disgusting peverts, rich Nigerians or foreigners of any kind as she called them opportunistic parasites and soccer players as she said she did not want to be Kelly Khumalo, forever a side dish! We used to laugh at all this but by the time we got to third year, that baby talk as I know called it had been replaced by tags like “bad bish”, “nothing for mahala”, “you can’t sit with us” “no to basics” etc. She came from a well to do family but now her clothes, shoes, bags were from some other level. I am talking Tom Ford, Burberry, Gucci (not the fake one ko market). To say therefore that she had changed her philosophy on men and money was an understatement. We had an intervention for her once and she did not talk to us for three months but somehow we salvaged us and got back together. It was never the same though.

“What’s up though? You don’t sound too fine!”

She asked me. I started crying and told her what was happening and so on. I did not tell her that I was in hospital as I focused on the changes in Mudenda. She listened carefully, which was something she had always been good at and I doubt that money can change that. After I was done it was her turn,

“Goodness I didn’t know that all this was happening I am so sorry! All along I thought Mudenda and you were doing perfect. I think you should talk to him because you guys always had a good understanding. You can also speak to Zama because they are always together. Even ten minutes ago Zama said they are meeting up for something. I am sorry though that I could not offer you much more advice because I don’t want to make worse of a situation that could be fixed!”

She said. I could hear the sympathy in her voice as she spoke. She might have changed but her soft side was still somewhere inside there. We spoke for almost two hours about everything and anything. I told her to give me tips on how to get people to follow me on instagram because that shit is hard. She laughed about it and said she will look into it. Eventually she had to go unpack so we said our goodbyes. I was tired so I fell asleep.

Around 730pm I was woken up by someone entering my room. It was not a nurse it was Mudenda. He had flowers for me, how sweet. He sat down and asked me how I was feeling? I did not reply to his question because I had one of my own which I asked immediately before he could regroup!

“Did you not think I would find out you are sleeping with Zama?”

I asked calmly. I did not raise my voice. The shock on his face said it all. When you date someone this long you know their reactions.

“Err…. ummmm…. who… who told you that?”

He stuttered through it. The shock was also in his voice too!

“I am sorry. It just happened! O God!”

God had nothing to do with this! The fool did not even bother to lie!

I sent Aurelia an sms about what he had just confessed then switched off my phone because I did not want to talk about this now. We stared at each other for two minutes and then guess who walked in,

Zama Mpanza in the flesh.

“Hey baby girl, did you think I was not going to come and see you? Why the fuck are you scaring me like that …”

She said in her bubbly voice and came straight to hug me.

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike…

This is, without doubt the most humbling moment I’ve had in the longest of time… I am finally part of,the “Zulu Girl Masses”. I first heard about your blog/ page whilst working at Mangwanani African Spa, this must have been early 2013, yes? Now this company had about 43 women and three men at its head office in Ballito. Of the 43 women, way more than 50% were on the “Zulu Girl” tip… I love reading and all… However, and I declared, there was no way I was going to be a part of it. I love my authors to belong to me and nobody else. (Yeah, I’m selfish like that, I always claimed to read “real” books). I didn’t want to be a part of,the masses, so I’d sit in the office (open plan, mind you) and listen to the girls drone on and on about lentombazane yase Mooi River blah blah blah…

I digress and fast track in one breath (if ever such exists). Humbling moment for me because in less than two weeks, I have gone through every single (available) chapter of DOAZG, MOATBM, MOAYW and COASB… Have you ever? I’m glued to my now completely reaffirmed-without-a-doubt-smart-phone day and night.

Even more, I found a bit of myself in Thandeka (minus the great body, university, married parents, a boyfriend who wants to marry me). I was a bit of Nelisa in high school albeit without the rich sugar daddy and the perks, throw in a little bit of Nozipho because of loser Kasi boys I’ve dated! Need I go on?

I would also like to give you two thumbs and eight fingers up for the NGOs/NPOs you’ve made mention of with a number rod the posts. I’ve read quite a bit of,the positive feedback from you. I really think it,goes beyond literally genius that you have:
1) Got the country reading (being black we’ve been accused of shying away from literature of course)
2) Have gotten our able citizens to involve themselves in charity work
3) Have men and women questioning themselves, their partners, families and the roles we play in each others lives… Fully inclusive of our responsibilities/ or at times lack thereof!
4) Presented a platform upon which we are enlightened with information about social ills in an entertaining manner.

The list is endless. Thank you!

Perhaps one day you will consider putting together a multifaceted project that will capitalize more on your “followers” which will promote your page and raise funds for your chosen charities on a national scale? Perhaps I’m getting carried away, but in my mind I see the bigger picture, if I may, that will propel the involvement of South Africans (especially us Black SAcans) in the advancement of charity organizations that exist for the benefit of our very own communities.

I hope you don’t get a headache reading this rather long and scattered email.

Humbled and Literally Bewitched,

P.S: Give Thozama a big kiss for me… I’m absolutely in love with her!

41 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Eight

  1. nice read mike. u never seize to amaze us. and this mudenda guy’s so stupid admitting to sleeping with someone else so easily to his preg woman still nc nc nc u cudve tested the waters bro and lied jist to hear how much she knows.

  2. Yhooooo! Miky-sto iitshomi zinjani na???#claps once …I sooooo like this lady of Q&A…they saying that who knew that a lil boy from Qunu would 1 day be celebrated as tata Madiba was and still is, the same goes for u Mike.who knew that the boy from Limpopo would get the nation talking…hence bathi do the little that u can u don’t have to take giant steps to change the world…thumbs up bhutiza

  3. Zama right….she will be with Mudenda,and be insecure for the rest of her life with him,nothing will reassure her that they are over,she will be a b…h overnight..will hate her friend and her baby,she won’t want anything to do with them even though she knew it was them first…hai girls
    Nice one Ta Mike

  4. yehhai and than I relate- at least my son was 2 months when I found out that bestfriend was bonking baby daddy ,the woman was there holding my hand when I was in labour, baby daddy took over from bestie when he finally arrived. Maybe the bond began in my labour ward who knows…..Mike ai u knw things ne

    1. Ey Asanda! Ku rough in life! I remember my ex best friend falling pregnant from a “one-night-stand”, the parents shunning her and most of our friends turning their back on her, I stood by her throughout the pregnancy, practically became her baby daddy, bought stuff for my “God Daughter”, was the first person to hold her baby, only to find out that my boyfriend of 4 years was the daddy! They had decided to keep it a secret forever but the baby mama in her couldn’t, so when the baby was about 3 months old and it was my lobola negotiations, she decided to bring her baby mama tendencies to that function with a scene I’ll never forget and that’s how I found out. As my best friend she was of course invited to share the day with me and she was very hands-on helping out, so when she took food to the elders she decided to ask them a question: “Morwa wa lena o patela byang magadi a sa ntsha damage for ngwana gae? Nna kea sokola le lesea, lena le ja dinama ke mekete go monate ka chelete e nkebe e byelwa ngwanaka!” These friends ain’t loyal I tell you!

      1. That girl, your ex best friend, she’s the devils advocated im telling you. How can people be so evil mara? as for your best friend? on your big day nogal?

  5. How you gon’cheat with your babe’s bff though?? This Mudenda character is an idiot.

    Thanks Mikeesto, what a letter, WOW. Smart lady that :).

    Good day all.

  6. Wow my life depicted in print excluding the pregnancy bit!! Ya neh sometimes you better off without so called friends! Why we do this to each other baffles me especially knowing the ramification of such on our trust and overall sense of being. #breaksmyheart

  7. Good stuff…but what happened to Realities, you hardly post anything there. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  8. Gosh Mudenda and Zama are so selfish, i would kick both their asses this poor girl is under so much stress already how can they do that ..Sho #claps once

  9. Ooooooh child!!! That Zama girl deserves a xhosa beatdown a proper one even… Not because she’s the other woman but, because she’s a “friend”. Enkosi Mike

  10. This happens because friends tell each other how pleasing their men are. The more juicy, the more envy. Till your friend wanna get a taste. Men who please their women are scarce no matter how big the stick. If you have the afterglow, go share with your diary, not friends!

  11. Joo hayi zama osele poor faith i expriencd da sme thng lst mnth n wts wrse da guy tried lyin cs he says he ws scrd 4 hs bby den he tld da truth bt evn nw i dnt trust dt hs stopd jst thnk hs chnged da gal nd dt pisses me off more cs i myt b temptd 2 do da sme n get evn once iv given birth since we work in diffrnt towns!!

  12. thanx for great read Mike,
    great letter too
    yooh Tsaluuuur…thats really deep, i’m so sorry to hear, friends ain loyal atball, we ladies should also keep our bedroom stuff in the bedroom,and distsnce our boyfies n bff’s

  13. Nice one Mike
    This is way too common, and tends to happen when couple decide your friends are my friends. You have each others numbers and go drinking together.
    I accidentally (accident my ass) my friends chick in varsity, she came for group study at my res, after 10 visitor aren’t allowed in our out. She asked to crash in my room (those small beds, i mean really). we eventually fucked and never spoken about it again, even too each other. was awkward at first then we became fine.

  14. My Mother taught me not to have friends that you tell everything cause they will screw you over and thank God I listened. Akena di chomi tse close ebile bare kea kganya (too proud), I have people that I talk to but ake ba botse mathata aka a personal or about my relationships. Infact I have been single for months now but they think I am seeing someone which id fine because akenyake batsebe too much ka bophelo baka and well I guess ke safe. Never experienced such cruelty from di chomi and I doubt I will ever. My Mother is my best friend and once ke nyalwa my husband will be my best friend.

    1. Itjo. ba bolela nnete o wa kganya. ga o na chomi tse close? i wonder gore ge o na le mathata o a botja mang. ke lena ba le re tleng go hwetja le itlemile ka gore le tseya banna la ba dira magodimo le mafase a lena gomme ge ba le tlogela mo la shala le paogile

      1. Lol not at all… Its my choice not to have them, hence I said there are people I talk to, go out with but I do not tell my problems to. Motswadi waka akasetsoge antahlile thats why ke motshepha. You on the other hand sounds like those evil friends basegishang dichomi tsabona, bo meno masweu
        and soon as ba foralela o goboza ka bona. but hey I could be wrong anyway have a great weekend.

  15. As always you keep on blessing us with this soiled information about thing that is happening around us…. I am talking Tom Ford, Burberry, Gucci women of classic ***damn****

  16. Ya neh, guess its true. Never divulge too much of personal information to friends, shem Faith askies dear that girl is a proper snake.

    Mike is the party still on phela ke december bosso

  17. I had a good feeling abt this book from the onset!n must say its brilliant hey…n the harsh reality is that friends do that to their friends, its sad but its a happened to me as well, my first love, the guy who broke my virginity, my high school sweetheart cheated on me with one of my best friends, I found out n left him n ended both relationships.she fell preggies within four months of their affair mind u I was with him for 4 years n no baby cos we wanted to do things right. Ihave learnt my lesson n don’t share much with friends.

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