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Missteps – Chapter Eighty Three

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I was about to destroy the one thing that meant everything to me, all for a stupid man who meant nothing to me, a stupid fling, a few moments of weakness were about to bring every single thing that I have worked so hard for tumbling down,

I knew my fate, I was ready for it, my husband was probably going to kill me, bury me and take my body to Kruger National Park and feed me to the crocodiles. I deserved every punishment that came my way I didn’t care and the least I could do was come clean before Mfundo beat me to it. As I was trying to explain my dilemma to my husband a phone ring but now remember I had put his phone on silent and mine was off so where the hell was a ringing phone coming from? Hubby whispered “oh shit, I forgot to put it on silence” then quickly rushed to his laptop bag and got a phone out and glanced at me with a guilty look on his face and answered “Hi, I can’t talk right now I will call you back.” As soon as he hung up I screamed “what the hell is that?” he looked at me and said it’s a phone, I screamed even louder “why in bloody hell do you have another phone that I know nothing about.” He lied and said it was a work phone I say he lied because I could see in the bastards face that he had been caught with his pants down, I know I usually struggle to read his face but this, he was guilty, we didn’t any judge to confirm it, I knew it and the bastard knew it too. He did what every male does and said “Honey it’s not what you think, I know how this looks but I promise it’s not” the worst part about this situation is I hardly ever went through my husband’s phone, I know of a lady at work who goes through her husband’s received calls, dialled calls, sent and received sms’s on her husband’s phone every single day of her life and poor guy has to explain anything that looks suspicious to her, I was not that hectic, and for him to go and have another phone it meant one thing, the bastard was cheating.

I was soo angry I demanded to know who he was cheating on me with; he swore that he was not cheating on me, I demanded to see the phone and he point blank refused. I went upstairs angry and left him with his phone, I came back a few minutes later with my bags in hand he was still standing in the same spot I had left him, bastard was probably trying to come up with an excuse to think I almost confessed to a snake bloody hell, I was now more than ever convinced that I was not going to confess for shit. He asked where did I think I was going with I told him maybe he should move his mistress in because I’m leaving and no I’m not going to my mother after the last fight we had he showed up at my mom’s place with his own suitcases so I was not going to make the same mistake of going to my mother’s again he grabbed my bags and said I am not going anywhere, he’s tired of me always running away when we have fights, he was right I always ran from the heat, I told him to tell me the truth then, he stuck to his stupid story of something that he does it’s best that I don’t know anything about them. He reminded me of the Hawks and said the phone he had the number was not rika’d so no one could access it and this is where he gets information from, I still demanded to see the phone this time he gave it to me and I told him that he obviously had time to delete whatever crazy shit was in there from his girlfriends while I was upstairs, he told me it doesn’t matter what he does I always have doubts about him. I checked the phone it was these simple Samsung phone with no camera so there were no pictures I was expecting to see naked pictures from girls and kinky sms’s but to my disappointment none of that, yes disappointment because that way we would have been even. I did pick up that there was a number that was called regularly and sometimes in the early hours of the morning, I memorised that number and gave him back the phone.

He asked what was it that I wanted to tell him earlier about Mfundo, I said it’s nothing important and that’s when he got mad and said when I had started the conversation I said it was something important that I had wanted to tell him. I told him at the moment it felt like it was important but now it feels foolish and childish that I can’t handle my own business and feel the need to report every small thing to my husband, I was softening him up and boosting his ego at the same time, I told him that Mfundo and I had a disagreement about work and now Mfundo wants me fired because I don’t want to do the stupid ideas that he suggested. Just hearing Mfundo’s name was enough to make me see flames in my husband’s eyes, he said “that bastard never learns, don’t worry Honey I will handle him.” And that was that, no further questions, if I knew things were going to be so simple I would have come to my husband with this sooner instead of running around like a teenager, I was a bit relieved but I was still hoping and praying that whatever happens that my husband doesn’t give Mfundo a chance to speak because I knew shit was going to be spilled out that hubby will not be too happy to hear. I told my husband that it was no use pro-longing the whole pregnancy thing and I would be terminating it on Monday, he held me in his arms and told me that he loved me very very much and we will make another baby and he’s sorry for everything that I’m going through he understands that it can’t be easy for me, we went to bed and he held me in his arms the whole night I had never felt so safe and calm as I did at that moment and something at the back of my mind kept telling me there is a huge storm coming, you know the calm before the storm.

The next morning it was Saturday, the girls wanted to come over to the house, Mthobisi said he had to pop in at work and finish a few things so he left, the girls came and we decided on having a little braai, there was alcohol and since I was still pregnant I couldn’t drink even though I was going to terminate it just felt wrong drinking in my condition. It was a nice chilled environment with my friends, we were talking about the usual crazy things we normally talk about, Andiswa was telling us about her doctor boyfriend and how their sex life is so boring because the doctor won’t let her give him a blow job or let her be on top he says “izinto zabo marhosha lezo” meaning those are things that are done by prostitues, we were all laughing and Cleo couldn’t hold herself she wanted to know what sounds the good doctor makes in bed, Andiswa looked at She Rocks and said “you told them didn’t you?” we all burst out laughing and started making the “awe ma” sounds that Cleo’s man makes in bed, I was having an amazing time with my friends and they were getting a bit tipsy. After a whole lot of talking about nonsense I decided I needed to offload on what’s been happening and who best to offload to than your friends that you’ve known for half your life. I started the talk with the “can we get in the no judgement zone because I need to share something with y’all that is extremely judgemental and I just need y’all to listen and no judgements” they all crossed their hearts and said “no judgement” I continued “I’ve been having an affair with a guy name Mfundo” She Rocks coughed so hard I wasn’t sure if she was laughing or choking from her drink you never know with her especially when she’s tipsy, Cleo’s eyes were all out like she had just seen a ghost, Andiswa was not surprised I had previously hinted this to her.

I continued with my filthy story, I told them everything from the first day he gave me a ride home and kissed me outside my apartment, being hijacked with him, the cape town trip, the sex in my boss’s office up the previous nights threatening calls. They were all listening attentively I think they even got sober coz everyone had now put their drinks down we were sitting by the pool and just like all typical black people we just had our leg in water none of us were even intending on swimming, swim for who? Aint nobody got time to get their weaves damaged by the chlorine in the pool. Cleo stood up and said “I’ve always known you were a wild child but damn girl that story you just gave us would make a porn star blush” we all laughed and Cleo reminded her that we were on the “no judgement zone” She Rocks asked “I’m not judging you Lee but how on earth do you go and mess up such a good thing that you have with Mthobis? Do you know how many girls would give their right arms to have the life that you have and you just go and throw it away like that for what? A small dick? If you were soo horney and lonely as you claim couldn’t you have just gone and bought yourself a vibrator? No man Lee this is just too damn low, I’m sorry but someone has to show you your mistakes I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’m condoning what you did, you fucked up and you need to be told” As Andiswa was about to tell her about the no judgement She Rocks continued “Fuck no judgement zone” and walked away, She Rocks doesn’t like things that are not in order she was extremely upset. Cleo said “Lee, you know how sensitive she gets when it comes to relationships especially now after the whole thing of loosing Siyabonga” shit I had completely forgotten about that, maybe sharing was not such a great idea but it felt good to have these things off my chest. A few minutes later She Rocks came back and I was hoping she had calm the hell down I was not ready for round 2 of her shouting, damn she was worse than my mother, as soon as she got back she stood by the sliding door that leads to the swimming pool and we all kept quiet and looked at her, she said “I’m sorry Lee, I shouldn’t have gone off at you like that, you know you are all like sisters to me and if one of you messes up I feel responsible, with that said we need to take care of this Mfundo situation before Mthobisi finds out.”

Right behind her popped out my husband from behind the slinding door curtains and said “too late, I heard everything”


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  1. Ooh my word Lee is in Kaak now. Mike and Zama never mind those ediots who is busy skindering about you on social network. We love premiums and we don’t mind paying for the chapters. For me it would have been better to open the next chapter after reading the two that you post on weekends.

  2. How do people in another country get the pins? I am an avid reader of your blogs and would also like to receive pins to be able to read the next chapters.

  3. Holy Sh*t Lee ur in Big Trouble,did he just say “too late I heard everything” hayi kuyanyiwa sisi baleka..lol

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