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Missteps – Chapter Eighty Four

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My heart almost popped out of my mouth, Cleo was so shocked by the appearance of Mthobisi from behind She Rock that she tried standing up forgetting that her feet are not on the ground by are hanging inside the pool and feel face down inside the water, she started splashing water all over the place, our eyes hair
everything was covered in water, Andiswa and I were a bit confused of what the hell Cleo is doing until She Rocks screamed “she can’t swim she’s drowning” within seconds Mthobisi was inside the pool with his jeans and shoes on getting Cleo out, he put her on the side and pumped her stomach to remove the water, my poor friend had swallowed soo much water, eventually she eventually came to and asked what happened I told her she drowned and Mthobisi saved her life, She Rocks could not hold herself she burst out laughing we were all trying to keep a serious face but the fact that she had just almost drowned on the shallow end of the pool had all of us in stitches.
When Cleo had dried up and was her usual self again Mthobisi said to all of us “I know about the disagreement between my wife and Mfundo, I will speak to him man to man you ladies have nothing to worry about. I’m sorry for scaring you Cleo” we were all relieved that he had only just got there when She Rocks had just got back from the bathroom. Mthobisi said he was going to his study to continue working, I asked if he wanted to invite his friends over so they could join the braai but he said he had too much work to do and didn’t have time to socialise. I sat with the girls and we decided to go to one of the rooms in the house and locked ourselves in there so we could discuss this matter in private without my husband walking in on us.
She Rocks who we should be called madam speaker because she chairs these meetings, and decides what should be done and what shouldn’t. She started, “If Mthobisi speaks to Mfundo then my friend you are double fucked, we need to make sure that those two don’t meet and most of all that they don’t talk” Andiswa said she agrees because the last we needed was Mfundo blabbing shit out to my husband. Cleo said “how about we take care of Mfundo like we the same way we took care of my step-dad?” There was silence in the room for a good 5 minutes with not a single person saying a word until Andiswa spoke “Errrr guys what happened to Cleo’s stepdad?” both She Rocks and I looked away and started scratching our heads, we’ve never spoken about Cleo’s step dad ever, we deed and swore that we would never discuss it with anyone in fact I had put it so behind me that I had actually forgotten about it. We became friends with Andiswa when we were in tertiary and not once had anyone of us shared that with her so we all understood where her confusion was coming. She Rocks responded and said “Cleo’s stepdad died, and that’s where it ends no further discussion of this.” Cleo said “what’s going to happen if Mfundo tells Mthobisi that Lee is pregnant with his child? Do you want to loose your husband Lee over nothing? Didn’t Mfundo say that he wasn’t you to loose your job, family and life? That life part means the bastard is going to kill you in case you didn’t read between the lines.” I was now feeling numb, I couldn’t feel any part of my body I was just numb, I thought sharing was going to make me feeling better but now it had just brought back so many memories that I even regretted telling these girls about Mfundo now not only had I gotten them involved in my lies I had them planning on killing a man that had nothing to do with them. My phone rang it was my husband he wanted to know where we were I told him I was showing the girls the house. I told my friends not to stress about this I will find a way out and we left the room we went to go sit outside again, by now the fun was gone everyone was tense. Soon after the girls decided to go, I was also tired. When they left Mthobisi came down and sat with me we watched a bit of TV then there was a knock at the door we both knew who it was, the long legs neighbour who doesn’t take no for an answer, we switched off the tv and slowly sneaked upstairs hoping she would get the picture and just leave she kept knocking for like 5 minutes and eventually gave up, I was not in the mood of having dinner with her and her white old man. We went to the bedroom Mthobisi told me that I shouldn’t share personal things with my friends like the thing with Mfundo because now it will be hard to take care of him the way that he wanted to without my friends knowing that it was him, eish me and my big mouth.
The following morning we decided we will be going to church but we didn’t know any churches in the area so we decided to drive around until we find a church that looks interesting, we found a Baptist church and decided to go there, it was packed with white people and just a few blacks, the service was really sweet and touching it was about love, and loving your neighbour, white folks preach about cute and fluffy stuff unlike black churches from the location where the pastor preaches about gossip and greed the whole sermon shouting at people for their gossip. We left church feeling bad for not loving our neighbour and ignoring her and we both agreed that we will invite them over for dinner next time, church always leaves a nice good feeling inside a person, try going to church you will come back feeling like you have no problems in the world but that feeling ends as soon as you arrive at work on Monday.
When we got home I decided to cook lunch for myself and hubby, he left and went to go buy snacks because he couldn’t wait for me to finish cooking he was too hungry. While busy cooking I took my phone out of my bag, I had put it in silence since we were at church when I check I had 12 missed calls all from Mfundo, what did the bastard want as I was holding the phone looking at the missed calls his call came in I answered immediately, he said “Lee we need to talk” I replied “I have nothing to say to you, you want to be childish and play childish games well, game on Mfundo, I’ve played these games before and trust me I’m a master at them” Mfundo said he didn’t want to play any games and just wanted to talk to me, “I swear you must be bipolar or something, you say one thing then do the other , I don’t know what it is that you want from me.” he softly said “I want my child Lesedi” I dropped the phone in his ear, this fool was shitting on me. He called again “Lesedi, I don’t want to fight with you but you are giving me no choice, I want my child and I will do anything to make sure I get my baby, if it means destroying your marriage so be it” I shouted back “it’s not your child you fool, it’s not” he went on, “you are a heartless woman you have proven and shown that to me when I got hijacked right behind you, you didn’t even bother calling the police or coming forward to say what you had seen, at first I thought you were involved in the whole thing but I’ve learnt that you were not but I am still mad as hell at you, do you know what I went through?” I said “no I don’t know what you went through and frankly I couldn’t give a rat’s ass” he continued “well I’m going to tell you anyway, I was taken to some place that’s in the middle of nowhere and they beat the crap out of me asking if my car had tracker they then took my wallet and wanted to know the pin to all my cards, I gave it to them and one of them drove off to withdraw money from my cards and I was still getting mored by these man when the guy eventually came back with the money they took me to some house where they kept me and said they waiting for 12 midnight because my cards have a R2000 limit so they kept me for 3 days without food just water to keep me alive, until the 3rd day when they all left and some kids who were playing outside the house heard my screams and that’s how I escaped.” Well he needed to loose a bit of weight so them starving him were actually doing him a favour, I interrupted him and said “Mfundo I’m really sorry for what you went through but I didn’t see anything, I didn’t know about the hijacking, I was playing music loud on my car there was no way I could have heard or seen anything and not have reported it to the police.” He shouted, “you’ve become such a good liar you even believe your own lies, I know you saw everything, but it’s fine, you will get what’s coming to you.” he then hung up on me this time, he sounded very emotional while telling his hijacking story I guess he was still traumatised not that I blamed him, it sounded hectic. I called She Rocks and told her to hold on then Cleo and did a conference call with the 2 of them I excluded Andiswa because she would never understand the shit that we did.
“Ladies I’ve just received another threatening call from you know who and the man is seriously insane, he is going to destroy me I have to do something. He is out of control it doesn’t matter what I say to him he hates me and hate is a very powerful feeling it drives people to do things that they would never do when they in their right minds.” Cleo spoke “I’m with you Lee, counter-acting sounds like the only solution out of this” She Rocks “ke jeowa ke vote” meaning I’m loosing the vote, it was 2 against one now. Cleo said “Yeah Rocks, we have to do this, I know you’ve gone all Christian but remember what the bible says about God helping those that helps themselves and how how God forgives so after the deed you can repent and you will be forgiven” She Rocks snorted “oh shut up Cleo, there is no such verse in the bible, you love making up your own shit” we all laughed. She Rocks asked “so when are we doing operation Stepdad?”
I responded “tonight” and as soon as I said it I knew there was no turning back. We’ve killed before and we had sworn it would never happen again but circumstances were forcing us back into doing what we did as teenagers.
She Rocks said “I have a plan, call Mfundo and tell him you need to meet with him right now, I’m gonna call Mthobisi and tell him I’m feeling depressed and need my friends around that will give you an excuse to leave the house” I hung up called Mfundo back and apologised and told him we needed to talk, Mthobisi is a bad husband and I’ve been wanting to leave him for a long time and him coming along was a blessing in disguise and after the talk we just had I realised that he was the man for me and we could be a family I told him we should meet and discuss logistics of how we were going to leave our partners, I knew he must have been smiling from ear to ear by the sound of his voice, he immediately agreed to us meeting and discussing this further, I told him I would sms’s him where we should be meeting.
Little did he know that he would be joining his maker shortly.

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