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Missteps – Chapter Eighty Five

I quickly finished up cooking the Sunday lunch I had completely lost my appetite, my mind was not even there all I could think about was getting this thing with Mfundo over and done with. My phone rang it was She Rocks she said she had spoken to Mthobisi and faked a few sobs here and there as to sound a bit convincing, she told me that I should make-up a story to lure Mfundo to Witpotjie, there is a farm there and there owner used to be friends with her father when he was alive, she has access to the farm, the owner of the farm sometimes asks She Rock’s brothers to look after the house when he and his family go on holiday and one of her brothers was currently looking after the farm the family is gone on a December holiday and are only coming back next year, the only people around is the employees but they don’t work on weekends which is why we have to make sure we do everything tonight. I agreed, she said she will sms me the address to the farm and I can forward it to Mfundo, She and Cleo were already on the way there to prepare.

Gosh the way we were speaking you would swear this was just some chicks going to a farm on a picnic not something as scary as what we were on our way to do but that gave me an idea. I called Mfundo and said we will be having a picnic on some cozy farm somewhere where there will be no disturbance and it’s very calm and peaceful and after the last incident of him being hijacked he thought I was being really thoughtful and sweet as he said he was still traumatized and didn’t like driving in busy area so a picnic sounded like a perfect plan he said, yes I thought this is going to be very peaceful indeed you foolish bastard. My husband arrived while I was still talking to Mfundo, luckily Mfundo was finishing so he ended the call and I continued talking “yes, I’m also worried about her, let me speak to my man and I will get back to you Doll”, I was of course talking to myself, Mthobisi asked if that was Andiswa, I said yes he told me that She Rocks called him sounding very depressed and we should go check on her, I agreed and told him I would go and change quickly, I needed to dress comfortable, I wasn’t going to be dragging a dead body in heels, I wore black legging, black long top a hoody and Jordan sneakers.

When I got downstairs my husband was waiting for me with keys in hand and asked if I was ready, I said yes and grabbed the keys from him, he closed his hand and said he was coming with me, WTF? I popped my eyes wide opened I didn’t realise that he wanted to go with when he said “we should go check on her” shit this was going to spoil my everything, you know when you have planned everything and one thing just doesn’t go according to plan it ruins everything and the way we planned this mission was so last minute that we didn’t have any plan B, C or D we just had plan A, how stupid could we be, in the past few months I had become good at a lot of things and that included coming up with lies on the spot but at that moment my mind become Eskom, everything was on load shedding, I wanted to come up with a clever excuse but lights were out, nothing, no lie, no excuse, instead I let him lead the way to the garage.

He opened the door and no we don’t do the whites thing of a guy opening the door for the lady, you open your own damn door. I sat on the passenger seat and while he was reversing I quickly sent a message to the group whatsap that the girls and I use saying Mthobisi is insisting on driving me to She Rocks house, Cleo quickly replied and said he can’t because that will ruin everything. She Rocks said she will call Koketso, I asked what the hell for and no reply from her then Andiswa responded and asked why she wasn’t invited to She Rocks’s house, shit I had forgotten that we had not included her in the plans, I didn’t feel like explaining myself so I choose not to reply, as we were approaching the gate to exit the complex my husband’s phone rang it was Koketso, all I could hear was my husband going “aha, yes, no, yes, okay” and then giving out directions to our place, then he hung up and made a u-turn, I asked what was going on and he said Koketso and his brother are on their way over to our place, they just called now to say they were on the way so he is sorry but I’m going to have to go to my friend alone, my inner self was doing the moonwalk from excitement how She Rocks pulled that off was beyond me but the girls was extremely creative.

He parked the car outside and kissed me goodbye and went back inside the house. I took the car and drove out of the complex I called She Rocks and told her how much she rocks, she loves hearing that. She told me that we need Andiswa to pull this off and she and Cleo have decided that it was time to tell her what had happened with Cleo’s stepdad, she’s our friend she deserves to know the truth besides that Andiswa has a doctor boyfriend and can get them what they need to take care of the current situation, I didn’t fully agree with this because 15 years ago we had all agreed to keep this shit between the 3 of us and if you add people it doesn’t matter how much you trust a person especially women, they cannot keep anything to themselves, it’s like it burns them up from inside and they just have to share with someone and they will of course make that person swear that he will never breath a word, and the person they told will also go and tell another who will also be told not to tell anyone and it just becomes a vicious circle of everybody knowing the secret, I trusted Andiswa but she is human, some secrets are just too big for anyone to keep to themselves, I tried arguing this point with She Rocks and Cleo who had already made up their minds that Andiswa had to be in, I was out voted and accepted the decision, She Rocks said we should me on Heidelburg Road the road leading to Carnival City at the garage there they will buy snacks for me and Mfundo and lace some with sleeping pills. She said she will send me gps coordinates and I can send them to Mfundo I agreed, on my way I text Mfundo the gps coordinates that I had received from She Rocks .

I arrived at the Sasol garage in Heidelburg Road, all the girl were already there, I was given a picnic basket by Cleo, in it there was a fruit salad, strawberries and cream, chips, chocolates, nuts and biscuits “wow, this looks really romantic, thanks guys” I said they all laughed except for Andiswa who seemed a bit uneasy about the whole situation, She Rocks said down the road was a hardware store we should all go there. We left all our cars and drove in Andiswa’s boyfriend’s double cab and went to the hardware store, I figured this is one of the reasons She Rocks and Cleo wanted Andiswa involved, her boyfriend’s car was big enough to carry a body. When we got to the hardware store, Cleo led us to the shovels section, she said we should all pick one that won’t be too heavy and will be able to use, as I was about to start feeling one I felt a tap on my shoulder I jumped soo high I almost hit a roof, I turned around to see who it was it was some Nigerian guy, “my sister, how are you?” I was soo not in the mood for this, Cleo quickly answered “I’m sorry but whatever you selling, we not intrested.” The guy ignored Cleo and said “don’t you remember me o, you came to my mother’s wake with your husband.” She Rocks replied “what the fuck is a wake?” then I remembered him, “oh shit, sorry I didn’t recognise you, how you?” he asked if Mthobisi was around there somewhere I said no he was at home, he jokingly asked whose grave were we going to dig buying shovels, I laughed uncomfortable and said we were looking because one of the girls is fixing her garden, he introduced himself to my friends, the guy would not stop talking and asking questions of why we were shopping so far when didn’t even stay around. The girls were now getting agitated, I made up an excuse about being in a hurry and finally got the hint and left. Cleo said “since when do you and Mtho have friends called Boggy?” I told them Boggy was my husband’s associate and left it at that. We got our shovels, Cleo paid cash for them and we drove back to the garage, got our cars, Cleo drove with Andiswa since she was still carless and in 15 minutes we were at the farm, it was humongous, She Rocks said her brother had gone on a date with his girlfriend, so we had a couple of hours till they got back, she showed us around, while she was showing us around Mfundo called and said he’s at the gate, all this time I had been calm but after getting a call from Mfundo I started shanking, Cleo told me to compose myself this was no time to chicken out she said “it’s kill or be killed time Lee, we going to go hide inside the house, we will come out when the time is right.”

She Rocks handed me the remote to the gate and they ran to the house while I went to go open the gate. I opened the gate for him, he was driving an Audi A4, he entered and got out of the car and gave me a warm hug and a kiss on my lips, I was so disgusted I wanted to throw up but I had to keep it together. We took a walk around the farm and he was really impressed, I told him my step-brother was looking after it for a friend’s parents, he kept telling me how he would like us to raise our kids in a place like that and not in the hussle and bussle of Joburg, I reminded him that this was still in Johannesburg, he laughed and said he would still like a place like this somewhere in the rural areas to retire in it, shame he was making plans for retirement well he was about to get early permanent retirement . I showed him the spot where we would be having our picnic, the girls and I had already set it up picnic blanket was nicely laid out, with our mid-afternoon snack and juice on ice, he was soo impressed looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “no one has ever done anything this romantic for me Lee, I don’t know how to thank you, this might seem small to you but it means soo much to me” shit that hit the heart, I felt so bad, I wanted to tell him that this was all an act, nothing was really, we sat down, and we started talking about work, he was no longer telling me about getting me fired now he was telling me about how when we are together he will help me open up my own company and he will bring me business since he has a lot of connections, I kept agreeing to everything he was saying. Then he said “it’s going to be difficult though for my family to accept that I’m marrying my brother’s wife especially since his family hates us so much.” Wait what? Did he say brother? “Mthobisi is your brother?” He calmly replied “yes, his dad had an affair with ….” Before he could finish that sentence all I heard was a ping sound and Mfundo toppled over, Cleo had hit him on the head with a shovel.

I was still in shock from what I had just heard, I was about to kill my husband’s brother, oh shit!

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