Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Six

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I know the bible says somewhere that when someone harms you, you must turn the other cheek. Yes I have read the same bible as everyone else but I also believe that there are times when you have to step up and fight fire with

fire. You cannot always be the one who plays victim and with some of the divorce cases I have seen at work most women are victims in the marriage right up to the divorce settlement! Too much bible is what makes him not learn his lesson, you are angry at him one moment then forgive him the next day because umfundisi says so! Fuck that! I was going to show her and him that they had started a dangerous game and with the wrong person! How long was I supposed to play dead though! Every time I was on the receiving end and much as I had to think ahead to what misery they will throw my way next I had to accept they were busy having fun at my expense. If I was a woman I would be saying why am I always the one crying but with men and our ego the tears simply don’t come that easy. I had a lot bottled up inside me and here was his daughter, hopefully his pride and joy and I was going to break her virginity. I was not going to hurt her. I was not going to force her either. I wanted her to fall in love!

Sitting on my lap I asked them who the guy was, the one that ran away. Zimasa laughed and said if she told me Ezile would never forgive her. I turned to Ezile and asked her to tell me herself but she refused. Instead she was blushing and looking rather embarrassed. One thing I have learned with age is that if you tell a woman these next five words she will tell you her deepest darkest secrets.
“I promise I won’t judge…”

Works like a charm. I said that to her and that was that. Zimasa is that kind of friend that wants to have the final say and would sell you out just to say she is the one who said it.
“He is a guy from school! Ezile wants to lose her virginity so he was the lucky guy to do that!”

I won’t lie I kind of felt sorry for her. Like I said at introduction point when I first met her, she was not the prettiest girl in the world. I know people tell themselves that God made everyone beautiful but if they read Animal Farm they would add “… but some are more beautiful than others!” Well unfortunately that will not be said of her. I could get why she would want to lose her virginity to just anyone because she was clearly single and had been single for a long time if not forever.

“Why would you want to lose your virginity to someone who knows nothing about sex? He will only pump in and out and won’t take care how he does it!”

Ok that was kind of preachy but what else could I have said. I immediately changed the topic and asked them to tell me about them and what was going on in their lives. Zimasa obviously took over the show but surprisingly she spoke a lot about school and how she was so frustrated by it. All this time mind you they were drinking and smoking weed. I was not drinking and they did not urge me to either. Why would they? Besides Russian Bear is not for me! Every now and again I would prompt Ezile to say something and a few words would come out. With time though and alcohol she started loosening up. I asked them what had happened to the swimming and the moment I did they went and ran into the pool. This gave me a chance to go check on Asthandile. She was totally passed out meaning I had time. I went to the pool to join the girls.

Zimasa got a phone call and immediately complained how her battery was almost flat. She walked away from us so I suspect it was guy. I turned to Ezile,

“When last did you kiss a guy?”

I asked her. She had not been expecting that question and was a bit shy to answer then she said it was the guy who ran away today.

“Come show me what you did?”

I told her. She looked towards Zimasa for help but Zimasa was already on her way inside the house to charge her phone.

“Your wife is…”

I quickly cut her off before she spoilt the moment,

“My wife is sleeping upstairs and won’t wake up. Come before Zimasa comes back!”

She swam walked towards me a bit scared but i did not move. I was in the water also by the pools edge.

I kissed her. Now it’s time to dispell another myth. It does not matter how hot or ugly a person is, all women’s lips basically feel the same. Yes some have thicker or thinner lips but the sensation is the same. Only when she has too much lipgloss on is it disgusting because it feels like condom lubricant. Pretty girls tend to think that their honeypots have a nectar jucier than the rest of the morat world but reality check it feels the same and most dicks don’t mind as long as they get some.

I enjoyed the kiss so much I got brave and put my hands in between her legs. She was in a bikini but at least where she lacked in beauty she more than just compensated in her beautiful body. I pushed her bikini to the sige and started fingering the 18year old. Asthandile did not like being fingered meaning I was a bit rusty at it. I tried so much to be gentle and by the way she was clutching at me I was on the right path. Even in water this kid was wet. It was so slippery down there I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave an orgasm as clearly I was masturbating her.

“Ahem ahem!”

I heard from the back!

“Mxolisi what are you doing?”

Zimasa said shocked with her legs over her mouth. I did not immediately reply and I didn’t stop!

“Nothing, just having fun!”

I said confidently.

“You have just ruined everything!”

She said and I could see it in her eyes a sense of betrayal.

What did she mean though when she said I had ruined everything?

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dwar Mike

Thank you doe posting my letter.

I am 41 and married. I recently found out my husband has a mistress who me has been seeing for three years. We live in a fairly small town so I recently changed churches. At the new church I made friends with this woman. One day I invited her to my house and when she saw my husband she was shocked because she knew him as her other friends single boyfriend. My husband has not said anything about her though. After she told me this I went through his phone that’s why I believe. I am soo scared of divorce and being alone afterwards.

Please advise me


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  1. On top of the world! Yipee. Don’t make any rash decisions at the moment but don’t be afraid to leave a loveless marriage either. 3 years is too long a time so your husband must be serious with this lady.

  2. Dear mike

    It was a Saturday nite and and the devil has grace all his night rider’s with one epic big bash in my area…. few days ago… my neighbour and i were exchanging porn video’s and in doing so we end up talking about wat kind of a woman show u heaven in earth and make u scream loud than the sound of thunder… Ok let get to the point of all this we have discover that most woman with a gab in between there teeth makes good porn so then we concluded our conversation that we should test this theory… and lucky me i had the perfect person in mind but she wasn’t exactly available as she was going throw a divorce with my best friend but that didn’t stop me from trying my luck with her and ask her to part with us and she said yes…. yeah neh stupid move but Fuck she was fine as hell and smelt good… and as the night gone by it seemed impossible coz no one was willing to leave coz the party was popping. .. imagine 4:30am I still don’t know how I’m gonna take her to my house Eish but came 5am I decided to take home since I have accept the fact that I ain’t going to get laid… but the devil rescued me in those last moment when we had our goodbyes infont of her house.. I found her tongue deep in month just the way it was suppose to be and my hands didn’t waste My hands didn’t waste tim but increase the mood and before I knew it she was down on me… oh shit it felt like yoooo angazi but funny enough I found my self telling that my friend is a fool by leaving her coz she gave me everything and more but no matter how the blow job felt good… I still wanted my pudding but we couldn’t not longer pursue such art in the street as we both notice ppl we passing us while we r busy fornicating and we decide to complete our at the play group coz it near and our body didn’t have to wait until we arrived at my house… so this was suppose to happen rite now…. and yeah analysis came true.. girls with gab provide the best sex # just our opinion for now # coming to my problem that I need help is rumours have been spreading that the is a clip of that night and this check is threatening my marriage coz now she proclaims she’s deeply in love with me and my friend is in free state but returning next and this bitch confessed everything to him… I don’t know wat to do or how will I explain this to my wife or my friend…PLZ HELP ME PLZZZZZ

    1. Jeffrey how DARE you call your “BEST FRIEND’S WIFE” a bitch, now that you tasted her nectar you have the audacity to call her names. You made your bed so go ahead and lay on it. The least you can do is to apologise to both your “BEST FRIEND” and his wife. Stop being a SCUM BAG…..This is NONSENSE!!! Be a man

  3. “Ruined everything”?! Does she want her for herself? Maybe she is bisexual. This guy is really taking this revenge thing too far. QnA I think he is facing some mid-life crisis. Talk to him and try sort things out. Divorce should be your last option. “Through thick and thin, until death do us apart” he might have dishonoured his vows but be the better person.

    1. I think ubhorekile wena yazi. Your silly tendecies must just go way and disappear into thin air. This forum is for either comments to helping people that really need to hear a different perspective to thier problems. Yoh ngivela ngakhenyeka

  4. A 2 Q Just ask your friend to bring her over for a visit so that she can also be aware about his marital status then when you are together just you and the two girls tell them innocently that you think your husband is having an affair, and he and that woman they must pray to god that you don’t find them because there will be some prices to be paid. Just scare the hell out from her.

  5. A to Q
    He cheated on you for 3 years, think of all the lies that he had to tell you to keep his secret this long and mind you, you only found out about the affair by accident. He clearly does not respect you and the vows you made to each other and if you just push it under the rug he won’t learn but instead carry on cheating. Don’t call up the other woman, that’s the mistake we women do, we somehow think the problem lies with the other woman and forget that she was approached by our husbands so in all essence he is the one at fault. You need to confront him but be calm about it. Men will respond better to you being calm, if you want to salvage the relationship then you both need to be committed to doing that, he needs to make up for all his mistakes. I urge you not to stay simply because “I’m afraid of divorce” women start over every single day and they make it. You need to realise your worth and make a decision for you not for your husband . I hope this helps. Omg Mr mike I Love You!!!! I’m in love with writers now thanks to you…

  6. Thanks Mike. That swimming pool scene – mmmh still playing out in my mind. …’animal farm comment..’ – usile Mike, you’re too stout!!
    @Jeffrey: you’re going about it this the wrong way, post your problem to Mike’s email address; not on the comments section.
    A to Q: he’s been having an affair for 3 years and you never suspected a thing or caught him doing anything wrong? (I know that I’ll get a lot of negative comments / lashing for this, but I’ll say it anyways):
    1. I take my hat off for your husband for doing this for 3 yrs and not once has he loved you any less or given you a reason to doubt him. Basically he’s never been caught out! Most guys are caught in 3 weeks; that uyajola.
    On a more serious note ke kodwa; there’s no need for divorce, awunasizathu ngaphandle kwento oyixoxeliwe for which you are not even sure if it’s true or not.
    2. It’s up to you; you can decide to ask him and hope that he responds truthfully and well to the situation at hand or you can just continue with your life and look at this as just a phase he’s going through.

  7. Q & A: Three years is a very long time, no suspicion or whatsoever. Some men know how to hide an affair and will dump any mistress who is trying to take a lead while the agreement from the onset was clearly stipulated. Other guys run relationships during office hours and he is the only one who can contact the mistress after that prescribed time as and when he gets a chance other than that no calls or sms from the other woman especially after 16:00. They are normally the type of guys who has no desire to leave their wives for the mistress nor turn his household upside down because of her. Maybe your husband is one of them. Not every affair leads to a divorce but you have to think carefully about your decisions from now ownwards. Do not even think about snooping on him or calling other people, it would a beginning of a very stressful life for you.

  8. yoh Mike
    This chapter had me on my toes, I feel sori for Mxolisi and his wife but DAMN I cant wait to read on how Mxo will nail Ezile, I like how sensual you get when you describe the juicy naughty bits, yirr Wednesday is too far, Please give us a bonus chapter tomorrow, pretty please Mikey

  9. Yoooo Mxo u will be in pit deep sh#t wena!!!@Jeffrey I don’t see where’s your problem buti, I just see uk’boreka nje

  10. Thanks Mikeesto…. What a start to the week….#KeDCtyt papa.

    And then the letter just downed the mood a little bit, Jeffrey really murdered it. #Sigh.

    Ukuboreka has an antidote people, google ama series ashisayo and spare us such nonsensical fiction.

    Married lady : You went through his phone, and you got what you were looking for, so now that you know, what you gonna do about it? We can’t exactly decide For you… Make a decision that you won’t regret, that will make you happy, at 41 chances of another marriage, with a clean ‘no cheating’ dude are slim to none. So be wise, and consider if his fling is worth your marriage, and if the other ‘woman’ deserves to just walk in and take what you have beeng building.


  11. Mike, the series is interesting. I would have stop digging another grave for myself as things are not going his way for now.

    QnA; Married you should understand it is either your man loves you and is just naughty or your man is stuck with you and wants something on the side as he has moved on emotionally. As a man, if I managed to keep my affair for that long especially on a small town it is because I am not prepared to leave my household. Oh btw, if it is a small town as you say, there are many people who knows about the affair but wont tell you.

    It depends on what you want to do. The first option is to accept her as the other woman, thus turning a blind eye or managing them (listen to feminist fight me forgetting that they have friends dating a married man, why are they reading “Memoirs” by the way).Of course they dont have to know that you know. Another option is break them up at a risk of him breaking up with you. You do this by following all the tried and tested methods which includes fighting the other woman or your man. Most likely your man does not want to be embarrassed or be caught, neither do that other woman. Remember in this fight, you are fighting to win.

  12. Lol I must say this has to be one of the best chapters ever. I couldnt stop laughing. Great read Mike. I loved it! I will comment properly gosasa. I have so much work to do before I go on leave.

  13. Mxolisi bathong ke domo straight! No matter how much he applies his mind, his decision are always that of an adolescence child iyho. Again he is ten steps behind hai.

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