Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Seven

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I was not sure what she had said. I mean I heard her but I was not sure what she meant. Zimasa was a peculiar girl in that she was not only promiscuous (hence the reason why she was chased away to come live with us) but she had this uncanny ability of being the sweetest girl you can ever meet. It’s one of those things where as a parent if you knew her you would most definitely warn your child to stay away from her. She was a bad influence, always a ring leader and a trouble maker. She was very manipulative that much is certain so I could not be sure what she was saying exactly.

“Zimasa do you have to raise your voice that high though?”

I asked her furiously. She quickly shut up and walked to the pool furiously.

“I am sorry Zimasa he kissed me!”

Said Ezile clearly more intimidated by her more experienced friend. With girls it’s always like that. There are leaders and there are followers. It does not make a difference where you are. Ezile seemingly lacked in confidence hence why she followed Zimasa around like a little puppy. That was not my problem though as long as I could could Zimasa in line.

“I want in. I mean you can’t really expect me to stand around and do nothing. You are the one who chased away the other guy in the first place so you can’t leave me hanging!”

She said getting into the pool. What exactly was she saying. She did not come to us but stood were she entered. I was a bit nervous at first so I asked her what about Asthandile of which she replied,
“What about her?”

Her voice had a slight slur showing she was a bit over the tipsy limit. I swam to her and without anymore I kissed her straight on the lips. You could tell the difference in experience. She was not sloppy like her friend. I told them both that I was not comfortable doing it here in the swimming pool so we had to go back in the garage.

“Why can’t we do it in the house? You know Asthandile sleeps like the dead and I know she is on medication even!”

Zimasa asked. I told them the risk was too great. Maybe in future when I knew that they were not screamers. Screamers are those girls that shout out and scream during sex. They have ancestors who were pornstars because they are loud. Personally I find it annoying and too much of putting on a show. It’s embarrassing walking out the house and the neighbors are looking at you funny. They say they can’t help it because the dick is so good but who are they kidding! The girls agreed and we went to the garage. Thank heavens it was a warm night because coming out of the pool and that breeze would have killed us.

As soon as we got into the garage Zimasa jumped me and started kissing me passionately. Ezile stood there just fascinated or shocked by all this. Zimasa called her over when she finally let go of my burning lips. It was Eziles turn I guess. Eish. Why or why? This girl kissed like a vacuum cleaner with a short circuit. It was messy, sloppy and wet. I did my best not to push her off till I felt my shorts being pulled down. Zimasa was sucking my dick! Where do these 18year olds learn all these things. I was now at this stage fingering Ezile as she was standing. She was not a screamer though which was good. I told Zimasa to get me my condoms which were in the car. Most men keep condoms in the car. We have our own secret places but with me I never hid them. Asthandile knew them and since they were always there never assumed anything bad about them. As long as I replaced them in the morning that’s what’s important. I was really going all out to hurt her. Part of me hoped she would find out I won’t lie. No regrets. When a guy is horny he can do the stupidest things. We seem to lose all reason at that moment no wonder why we always end up having babies on one night stands. It’s true, at that moment we think with our dicks and nothing else.

Zimasa said she wanted to go first and I said no since Ezile was losing her virginity she had to go first. That’s the problem with a threesome. First question is ‘threesome with two girls or two guys” of which usually the girl always says two guys whilst you the guy say two girls. Secondly is who goes first. No one wants seconds but Zimasa was just going to have to wait. I was not a total bastard but her first time had to be special or resemble special. All that fingering had made her so wet so as soon as my condom was on I hit her one time! I know I said I would be gentle but ah, shit happens. It’s creepy to be honest how all the images of her father and my wife just swamped my brain. I could picture that fool fucking my wife. All that anger just fueled me up and I was like the Hulk getting angry and thrusting harder at the same time! I wanted her to feel it and go tell her precious daddy who had fucked and made her a woman. Now we were even. I had his pride and joy on my dick screaming like the bitch the father was! I didn’t last long but she seemed to have enjoyed immensely.

“What about me?”

Zimasa asked. What about you I thought? Eish I had to fuck her too now! I said I needed to breathe a little lemme go jump in the pool and I will come back for her.

I put on my swim shorts and went and jumped into the pool. I am not super man. I needed ten minutes to recover. Zimasa followed me and she stood at the pools edge.

“I have always wanted to have sex in the pool. Can we do it here?”

She asked.

“Is that so? With who?”

Someone asked her from the behind her. It was Asthandile. At that moment behind Asthandile Ezile staggered out of the garage have naked…


******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I can’t praise you enough for what you have achieved here but well done.

I have a problem. A week ago I borrowed my old phone to my boyfriend. We have been dating for almost two years. The phone has not been used for almost a year. He found messages that when we started dating I had been cheating on him with a guy whom when I discovered was his worst enemy I stopped. In the last year I have not cheated once nor looked at another guy. I know when you say it was a mistake that should never have happened they don’t get it. I love my boyfriend and I have been loyal and faithful since. He proposed to me once and I said it was too soon but I fear this will be the end of us. I don’t even speak to the guy I cheated with anymore.

Please help me fix my relationship. I messed up I know it but now what next?

Thank You


Hey Hey

Please forward me your Q&A problems to I have run out of them.

Thank You


44 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Seven

  1. The mike for today’s dose. I also I could share my personal story and write a book of my experiences as a gay in Soweto. It would be such an eye opener to many men and women out there.

  2. Ooh lala! First again. Twice in a week. Gonna work happy. Thanks Mike. Wasn’t expecting Asthandile to be up but wheew, she deserves it.

  3. Thanks Mike. You failed dismally Mxolisi, you were not supposed to sleep with any of the girls!!! And now, how are you going to explain this?

  4. Dnt feel 4 Asthandile,she deserves whatever comes her way….mxo le wena u such a pervert, wat if twas a setup? haha

  5. Good Morning, thanx for a freaky start to my day abuti mike lol… Mxo and asthandile deserve each other maan they both sick nasty humans.

    Happy birthday Hunedi, hope u enjoy ur day babe.

  6. Yo this situation is sooo messed up! Some people have the talent to dream stuff up some don’t. Ai neh Mike you are a very talented writer

  7. Hao Mxolisi,how will he explain Ezile being half naked and sex in the pool talk. Keep the Chapters coming Mike,Dankie ntate.

  8. LOL!!! Kwiii watla wa tshwarega! Sepedi sere Pinyana ge ere Ping ekwele Ping ekgolo. Zimisa learnt from the best! Screw Stha I dont care about her! She can have a heart attach for all I care. This marriage is a joke anyway. Mike where is Lindiwe and Khanyi though its been a while since I have read about them.

    @ Petronella you made your bed ausi,,, Now lie in it. What could we possibly do for you though ?

  9. I have to ask the female readers though, have any of you enjoyed your first times? I haven’t and I know many women didnt. Its a first I hear of someone actually enjoying a dick inside them for the 1st time, As much as it was planned and poor guy gentle and all I was in pain and I wanted him off me nje!

  10. Nice Mike
    Innocence taken due to peer-pressure, with the presence of alcohol and for bad reasons by the guys. How many such stories have we heard.
    Hope this kid never finds out why things happened like this, that would brain fuck her for good.

  11. iyo aa hle cruz mxo is just too much, although o batla ho utlwisa mosadi wa hae bohloko i’m afraid he is loosing himself in all of this, i wonder is Mxolisi is still able to look himself in the mirror and recognise himself. Yes i 4 one dont feel sorry for Asthandile she can be declared dead and i wont care but i’m starting to feel the same way about Mxolisi, the kids thing was a low blow on his part

  12. Tjo!! Mike Maphoto neh…. Dankie Mikeesto, what a chapter.

    Petro dear, I feel sorry for you. Its hard for a guy to find out their somebody was sharing their body with another body. Let’s say this other dude wasn’t an enemy of your dude… Would you have stopped cheating?

    Best I can advice is to Talk with your man, lay it all out on the table, tell him you didn’t thing it was serious and whatever else that can justify you Cheating. It can be over ten years ago, but if you cheated whilst with him, time don’t make it any easier.

    This guy is or was basically ready to make you his wifey….eintlek life is full of meatballs neh. But since ke you came with your problem to us, might as well try and help out.

    When the talk does eventually happen, you need to spare other details, nothing as traumatising as knowing the finer details of a partner’s infidelity. But you also need to be honest with yourself, this cheating thing is addictive, are you sure you done fooling around?

    Goodluck Nella

  13. Asthandile is awake already? Did she even swallow that pill or was it another plan to get Mxolisi into trouble, phela nothing that happens in this household is a coincidence.
    Iyho Mxolisi is always the fool that get caught with his pants down, stupid lawyer!

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