Memoirs of a Tired Black Man

Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Four

I always laugh when I hear people who say that now that we are free and independent apartheid is dead. Really? Have you ever been to small towns especially where the white man is still king of all? In Cape Town you get pockets of such people that think that black people are after a free ride. They work you harder, shout at you louder, argue with you at every mistake but what kills me the most is how they try and put you in your place at every turn. I will give an example, at work when Lindiwe and I got sent to deal with the unions it was not because we were the best of the best but because it was black people causing problems so black people must deal with them. That’s why at work most of the clients I saw were darker skinned. Anyway I asked him by what he meant by that. He quickly said that he was not being racial which is what I thought he would say. He went on to say that he could not help us because we were in league with the officers and now that shit had hit the fan we were trying to worm our way out of it. Dalu tried to speak up because I think he thought they had struck a deal earlier and now this guy was turning on him.

“Like I said they are part of an ongoing investigation. We have enough start witnesses so chances are we can’t offer you a deal if you give evidence. It will be up to the Commission of Enquiry what happens to you!”

He said turning back to me. Dalu stood up and said to me we must leave. He said this man was not honourable and had betrayed him. The man just laughed but we walked out nonetheless. Dalu had made a bad situation worse.

I had to go back to Asthandile though. I left Dalu standing there looking like the fool he was. I had intended to give him back the money he had loaned me when I had to pay off the first time but now was thinking twice. Yeah fine, I am that black person stingy with paying back debts. I don’t ddo it on purpose that’s why I always try not to borrow. As I drove back to my place again I had a lot on my mind. I did not seem to be coping mentally with all that was happening. I needed to get away from it all. I called my wife to see where she was and she said she had decided to take a walk home. It was not far and the fresh air would do her good. This meant I got home before her. She did not take long though. She asked me what was going on and at first my intention was to lie to her. You know how we men lie to our women with the excuse that we are trying to protect them. I don’t know why it’s in our DNA to assume that women cannot handle the truth and should stay in a bubble. It’s not protecting them to be honest it’s belittling them. I do it all the time so let me not try and come out like a hero. I decided to tell her everything with obvious exception of me fucking her friend. My punchline though after telling her of the beating up of Khanyi was,

“I know how much you loved her so I had to do something because what happened to her could have been you and that I could not live with!”

She was very quiet when she listened and was not the interrupting sort. Her tears started flowing down her cheeks and she went on to say,

“I did not realize that I put you through all this. She is my friend and you did everything you did to protect me! I know you love me but I never thought you loved me this much!”

She said in what was either honesty or ignorance! Dwee woman of course I loved you! You and your lying cheating ways! She hugged me and said she knew someone who could help. At times I wonder if my wife was ever really a housewife in my home! How could she possibly know someone who could help in this scenario? I however chose not to ask her. My wife was starting to scare me and I did not recognise her anymore. Too much was going on with her. Fair enough though because a lot was going on with me too.

As I was sitting with her I got a call from Zimasa. She asked if I could come pick her up from school. I asked what was wrong and she responded,

“My friend is sleeping over and it would be kind of cool for us not to walk. Besides it’s about to rain!”

I think Asthandile heard me because she said it was a good idea too. She needed to nap because that walk had exhausted her. It was not about to rain, or at least I think so what were these people talking about. At least tomorrow was a holiday meaning that I could have a weekend in the middle of the week and not have to deal with Dalu. I was mentally and emotionally tired but decided to do so.

I picked them up outside the school gate. The first thing I noticed was that her friend had transformed herself. The first time they came to my office she was wearing a longish skirt, big blazer. Today she was wearing a very short uniform and a school cardigan. It’s not ego, usually a man can tell when a girl or woman is putting on a show for them. The pervert gene in men is not very far away unfortunately. I was already turned on by my enemy’s daughter!

She sat in the back seat and proceeded to ask me a lot of questions on the way home. I asked Zimasa if Asthandile had met her before and she said no. I told them both that it would not be a good idea to say her who her father was because Asthandile was having problems at work so it would look wrong. Like all teenagers, they readily agreed because they all want to act and be seen as grown up. When we got home Asthandile was on the phone. I don’t think she heard us because the curtains in the bedroom were closed and the TV downstairs was still old. The girls went into the garage to do something I am not sure what.

When I got upstairs I heard her on the phone talking in harsh whispers. All I could hear her say was,

“No… I am fixing things with him and he is willing to forgive me so no, we need to cool it off!”

She was talking to a man. She went on to say in her annoyed voice,

“I didn’t say I am breaking up with you so stop being dramatic. Take care of your pregnant wife….”

I didn’t hear more because I think she hung up. I went downstairs as Zimasa and her friend walked into the house cheerfully.

There was no way I was going to fail in my mission of fucking hiss daughter!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dearest Mike and readers.

Im a 23 year old who has had it tough all my life but always made sure that i dont let my situation define me. My dad died when i was still in primary my mom never took care of me the only thing she knows is telling people and everyone who cared to listen that im her daughter but she doesnt know that most times i go to bed hungry and in tears because of her choices. My mum’s aunt took care of me ever since i was young but now i noticed that she is abusing me emotionally and otherwise every chance she gets. I work piece jobs (two days a week) because i cant find a level entry job as i matriculated 2009 and went to college but dropped out due to lack of finances. My moms aunt who I call (ma) be-littles me in everything that i do, she demands my wages, she controls me and sometimes beats me up because i dont “listern” to her so she says. Iv tried talking with my biological mom about my current situation and all she cares about is getting drunk with her boyfriend that she stays with. I sometimes wish i was dead or had the courage take my life because i cannot take it anymore. Everything I try to do to help my family and self is met with oh you think you better than us well just so you know you will never “make it” because your mom is a domkop who thought she knew it all, look at how she turned out nawe isphelo sakho will be exacly like hers. I dont want to fail, i want to prove them wrong that i will achieve against all these odds they stacked before me. But im trying as hard as it is but ndiyohluleka kakhulu please help me, im willing to relocate as i don’t want to stay here anymore. All i need is a job so that i work and study part time and complete my diploma.

Thank you
(Alone and desparate)

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  1. Dude you fuck that child, you will end up with rape charges on your ass. Who is to say, they are not playing you even now? You picking them up?the child wearing mini skirt?the wife agreeing? do the math damn ass. For a lawyer you really are stupid, thinking with your penis and not brains. Iyho. Shouldn’t astha be sleeping as she was “tired”

  2. aa hle Asthandile is evil hle that part has been very much clear from a while back, but this that she is doing is messed up, i even get the feeling that the baby she is carrying is not Mxo’s, i think they faked those documents of the ”vasectomy” if thats how its written. Mxo my brother i think u are about to raise a child that is not urs.

    A2Q- my sister eish my heart bleeds with you but i pray that the thought of taking ur life shuldn’t cross ur mind, life is hhard sisi and needs us 4evr on our knees, all of the best

  3. I now wonder if the HIV story and the man been unable to make kids is real, how can this cheaters be so evil. You slept with the man’s wife, got her pregnant and top it with the thought that you left her with a deadly sickness what more do this people want from the poor man. I also wonder if her help is not gonna take her to prison.

  4. Dude you must get your facts straight first, before you make another mistake of your life. Snoop around check who she was really talking to on the 4un!! I thought lawyers were smart but you Mxolisi hayi khona, I give you up. You are always outsmarted by an ungrateful bitch, who isn’t even educated that much.

  5. Asthandile makes me wanna blow up, screw this woman she is worse than the devil himself. I am telling you she have out smart the devil and took his place, she won hell with her deceitful looks and charms. I hope this kind of women doesn’t exist or men; we are screwed.

  6. Mtho dont even think abt it ‘do’ her bra but u wil b alone after tht i wont b there lol but do it my man lol lol

  7. Thanks Mike. Mxo must not even lay a finger on that child – he’ll be adding more trouble than he already has. This is the time for him to regroup, sort out the case issue, manage the Lindiwe issue, be on top of his game at work and then relocate and leave the wife behind to sleep with who ever and whatever she wants. This Asthandile woman is too much, struuuh. There’s nothing that frustrates a woman more than a man who just simply ignores her!!!!

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, what a chapter, wow.

    Super depressed by the letter today, will sit this one out and just read the advice from fellow readers.

  9. Thanks Mr Maphoto yet again. eish but this lawyer disapoints me. He always leaves stones unturned. the girl who is claimed to be Asthandile former bosses daughter is a lie because Zimasa claimed to have met him but just passed him like a stranger when he was in Mthobisis house in a previous chapter and now this. this lawyer is not smart.

  10. Its a setup, Don’t do it Mxolisi! I agree with you Buttercup 100%. He needs to start applying his mind. He goes for the obvious choices hence Astha plays him so easily! She knows how he thinks and so she calculates his moves before him. I know she is is extremely deceitful but she got game, I am not praising her but uyayenza lento yakhe!

    Alone and desperate, your letter is heart breaking. I don’t even know what to say 🙁

  11. Hayi undixakile lomfazi andinamazwi. Bhut lawyer khawuvuke emaqandeni nawe yinibo! Enkosi bhut’Mike.

    Depressing letter indeed – sis wam they say the darkest hour is just before dawn so please do not give up or give in to what your aunt is saying. I do not have any advice for you but I know God knows and sees it all and He will come through for you. Tears are prayers too, they travel to God when we can’t speak. There is purpose for your life so do not even think of ending it otherwise you will be proving your aunt right. For now do what you can to improve your situation, your labour will not be in vain.

  12. Nyc Read Bhut Mike Bless you alwayz. Mike just wish a reminder on how r we gonna get the Part 2 of Zulu Girl Goes to Johannesburgh Book since to tomorrow its a release of the Part 2. QnA Cc sorry 2 hear abt yo experiences, try n get a drivers licence and a separate Computer Certificate, wit that there r high chances at the Department of Justice & Constitutional Develepoment or go to yo nearest Magistrate Court, ask to speak wit Manager and request Posts, they always have jobs bt they r not advertised on the Newspaper but on the Dept site or Magistrate Court Notice Board. Also we have bursaries for everyone once u r employed. Uzofunda uze ufike la ofisa khona wit Justice Bursary (only applicable to Justice Employees)

  13. Thanks Mike. The twists and turns always hold us to attention. You are young, gifted & African.

    Sisi keep listening to the voice that says “you want to prove them wrong”, twist it and let it say “I want to prove myself right”, then you will not have to fight them you will just push yourself in the right direction. The readers are right God sees and hears your tears and prayers, He has a plan to prosper you not to harm you. I, myself have nothing material to offer you except encouragement. If things do not start to look up see if you cannot find a sleep in domestic job or work for a cleaning company; just so you can change your environment, hoping you get a good person to work for; try the agencies that do the placings. You don’t say which province you are in so we can have an idea of how to assist, also what diploma you want to study towards, matric subjects you have, give a clearer picture of what your situation is so the readers can find something they can engage with. Are you anywhere near a Dept of Labour office? Sometimes they have requests for job seekers and they used to keep a record of those looking for jobs esp. if you have your matric certificate & were accepted and studied at a tertiary institution. Do not despair and do not let circumstances change or overcome you, one day things will get better. Keep trusting the Lord for His plans are to prosper you, not to harm you. Be blessed sisi.

  14. Dankie Mr Maphoto

    Bloggers dd I skip a paragraph or the chapter is shortened!

    AtoQ sisi u knw when people fail to do something, they tell you you can’t do it. Don’t ever eva listen to them. I’m sho nalo anty wakho failed to make it big hence she’s demanding your little salary and tryng to discourage you ungammameli carry on with your hustle. Put few rands_nyana aside every month so that u can get a deposit yerent then uzifunele eyakho indawo noba yi backroom. Umama wakho ungamnaki nakancane jst appreciate that she’s alive and you have some1 u call mama jst that nothing more coz le yena does nt support nor motivate you. Turn your pain into champagne. Take their discouraging acts as motivation to prove them wrong that u can make it on your own against all odds.

    Ndiyakuthanda mtana sekhaya

    Much love
    Siya@gugs KYD

  15. Hi My dear
    There is one way to describe you, you are one gal who has a strong heart and will stop at nothing to get what you want. You are brave my girl dont give up now please because its tough in this world. Am happy you never mentioned the baby part and now I assume you dont have one ,please keep it that way.its better if you suffer alone but more painful to bear when u have a child.this world is hash to e every human being on earth . success will erase all the emotional scars and leave u with just memories. Nobody told us poverty comes with a package of growing up so quickly . u can try ur luck with agencies some do take ppl without experience to the job.good luck gal ur a diamond waiting to shine. Put that courage on and focus on getting to building ur future.

  16. Nice 1 Mike QnA lady in trouble say whre u are from so tht th readers can help,I need a person who can sell biltong @ a stall in Bloedmall in Pretoria cbd if u intrested u cn send ur cv 2 or call 0733165195 whatsapp mayb u cn get the job and its full-time

  17. Hi, to the lady who is looking to further her education, I think it is best you apply to the small universities or FET colleges. There are a lot of financial aids, you just need to take the first step of contacting them and find out what options you have and what you qualify for. Some financial aids are more than enough for you to not have to work and concentrate on your studies.

  18. Thanks Mike for a great read, Q & A. My darling don’t ever let anyone determine your life. Nna my mum was a domestic worker and my dad was drinking like there is no tomorrow, my father had 5 kids and his brother’s had 2 or 1. My grandmother hated my mum for having too many kids. She never helped my dad with anything. To cut matters short, I matriculated in 1990 got a job in 2012, i just bought myself a new car and those ppl who where talking about me thinking I won’t succeed are like di tweba tse tshetsweng ka metsi. So Nana in life don’t ever give up and put your trust in the lord. I thank GOD everyday for what he has done to me. I so wish my grandma was here to see our success. Ntho enngwe le enngwe e na le nako ya yona.

  19. Dear Alone & Desperate, u remind me of myself a bit though with us, kodwa with us my mother passed on years ago. Sisi try applying for learnership’s move out if u have to as o auntie can bring u down at times. try applying for financial assistance viz: NSFAS will assist. pray ithixo uyeva ngawo wonke amaxesha. I matriculated in 2007, stayed at home for a year bcoz i was told that bcoz i’m big -headed and do not want to get married to a family friends son there are no finances to pay for my studies. my mothers estate (money) was spent by the family on what they liked. i got a learnership in 2009, worked for 5 companies before getting a permanent job and i am doing well even assisting those who hated on me. uthixo wa phendula ndinga lindelanga kodwa kuhle. eminqweno emihle sisi. “modimo a ka se go rweshe morwalo o otlo go palelang” ka go rialo ikokotlele ka yena. get your CV out there. ur strengths will work in ur favour.

  20. Alone n desperate u not alone dear God hear our prayers as long we trust in him hve faith swty i wish u ol the best

  21. Wait a minute… did she just say ” take. care of your pregnant wife”? I thought he can’t make babies moes… yhoooooo Asthandile will suffer shem

  22. Tanx mike bt it seems lyk every tym mxolisi is taking 2 steps forward is more lyk taking 10 steps backward hai umile endaweni eyodwa and the wife is always 20 steps ahead of him

  23. … But why is Mxolisi not leaving this woman though mxm? Where is Khany?

    @ Anonymous I am in tears… Like many you remind me of myself. I matriculated in 2007 and my mom is a domestic worker… Still is.. She doesnt want to leave her job though which makes me sad cause I take good care of her anyway I Have an uncle whom told me I would fail matric after I had been to Mary J Blinge’s concert whilst writting my exams and told me I was going to end up like my mom with no future, forgetting that my mom whom is his sister had to drop outta school to take care of them because things were hard for them when growing but he forgot all that. Anyway things were hard but I managed to get into university and prove him wrong. Today his the broke one and has nothing and well lets just say I am very comfortable where i am… I help him and his family out when I can and I kknow Morena will bless me even more for that Remember all of us have a purpose on this earth and I dont think God wants any of us to suffer. Pray.., Pray and Pray. Modimo wa phela.. I have been through so much in life yet I keep soldiering on. I have been raped by my cousin and my gran knew and did nothing about it. but Modimo oo ke morapelang otseba tshohle tseo re di hlokang. When your strength is gone in him you can definately be strong. He lives and one day your prayers will be answered in a way that lewena otlo makala and not believe gore you were once where you are in life. I am grateful to having a mother whom has taught me the importance of perseverance and prayer.I just dont know where I would be without her teaching me the importance of having a relationship with God and believing in him. Your time is coming and just hang in there. Please leave your email address and I will have a chat with my boss. I am not promising anything but maybe I can hook u up with a a job as a teller. Its nothing fancy but there is a lot of growth within banks.

  24. This guy is in over his head,zimasa is also in on it,that man did not know that friend,he saw but did not take note of it,the grave their digging is deep for this dude yo,so many ppl are involved on it,maybe even Dalu,yooooh,Zimasa is all ready setting him up,…….

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