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Good morning

Dearest friends, family, sisters and brothers today is 23rd of December and the blogs take a break until the new year. I know it’s sad but Thozama and I need to also have a bit of a rest and also focus fully on our families this festive season.

To all those who wrote letters to us in 2014, thank you so much for opening yourself to me and all the other readers. When I say US I mean everyone who contributed in giving comments to these problems. This is Ubuntu where one person takes in the problem of another and tries to help. Some comments were harsh and robust but I never intervened because some people need to hear the raw truth in order to get their lives in order. Three people got jobs through the blogs assistance and a lot of students found their way to the corridors of NSFAS. I am so thankful that we pulled through together.

2015 represents New opportunities for all of us to improve whom we are today. It will have its pitfalls but the trick is rising everytime you fall. Open your mind to new ideas and buildd stronger foundations on the ones you already have. This way, I pray the world will be a better place for us all.

The blogs would not have been successful without you guys and to this end Thozama and I are truly grateful to have shared our sometimes mischevious thoughts and creativity with you.

Wishing you an incredible Merry Christmas and may 2015 bring an abundance of blessings. Be safe, no one said don’t drink but if you do make sure you respect alcohol. It will never finish so please please we need you all back here on January 5th when we start all over again.

Thank You

52 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! – The DOAZG Team

  1. Hi Mike and Thozama, we are very grateful for all the stories that are adding value in our lives, we learn from them. Much as we will miss the blog for this two weeks, I support that you guys need to rest. I wish the Lord showers you and the blog family members with protection and blessings this festive season

  2. thank you guys for the wonderful blog,hope next year it will grow to be bigger and better…enjoy your holidays,stay blessed..

  3. hope you do enjoy the festive season and make it to the new year safe. You’ve really entertained us with your good work…luv u both lots 🙂

  4. Mikey&Thomzama…..happy holidays guys,tanx 4 d interesting read….u guys turned my life around in a way dat u could never imagine….I cnt w8 4 5January……

  5. Tshidi Nkosi

    thank you bhuti Mike and Thozama. May the Good Lord Bless both of you and your families during this festive season. MIKE MY HERO/ THOZAMA MY SUPERLADY. Lots of love and hugs from me guys♥♥♥

  6. Wishing every single one of you, your friends. your family and everyone around you nothing but blessings for the season and the year ahead. Thanks Mike and Thozama, you are the best,

  7. happy holidayz..u guyz are the best….although i think the letter was for tomorrow meaning we cud hv still gotten sum today….#winx#

  8. Marry Christmas and a happy new year to Mike and Thozama…may you have a wonderful festive with your loved ones and come back fresh with creative ideas for the wonderful block. I must confess am going to miss you guys. This block has been part of my daily readings, actually the 2nd 1 as the 1st is my bible. I Love you team DOAZG

  9. Thank you DOAZG team for keeping us entertained through our the year. We thank the Lord for your creativity and we hope He strengthens you so we tackle 2015 together.

    Thank you DOAZG readers for the respect we have shown towards each other. Let’s continue with the peace next year…

    Happy Holidays

  10. Thank you DOAZG team for keeping us entertained throughout the year. We thank the Lord for your creativity and we hope He strengthens you so we tackle 2015 together.

    Thank you DOAZG readers for the respect we have shown towards each other. Let’s continue with the peace next year…

    Happy Holidays

  11. thank you Mikey and Thozama

    although ma heart is so over the fact that I didn’t get my dose of memoirs,, thanks for sharing with us your talent and creativity we appreciate.

    may God bless you and your family and may you have a well rested festive season and we shall see you on the 5th of Jan. take care all the best and God bless

  12. Thank u team. U really need 2 recharge, spend time with family & friends.

    Thank u again 4 sharing ur God given talent with us. We have grown mentally & Spiritually just by being readers of ur blog Mike & Thozama! Thank u!

    Happy Holidays to all of u fellow readers. We r family! Stay Blessed. All of the Best in the New Year. Much Love!

  13. Dear Mike thank you very much for a season greetings. we wish you and Thozama and your families well this season. Mike as i said the other day that you have created as space for us to switch off and just tape in the yr blog. i must say that for me discovering yr blog was the greatest thing ever. thank you for allowing us to interact with each other, through this there were many positive outcomes. My highlight was during the month of August when you ask  women to  share their life stories that month. the stories i read were shoking n it was eye opening that a lot of women are going through hell out there but i pray n hope that God will interven but i also pray that we women learn to stand and say no to abuse. Mike keep well n be safe. Fellow readers love you guys, enjoy and be safe

  14. Mike and Thozama! Ja ne! U guys r the best by far, none compares to u. Thank your for a wonderful, informative, provocative, nerve wrecking, challenging, mind blowing and exciting time we have had. U deserve all the rest u can get! Thank you for sharing your God given talent with us. Love u much. All the best for the year ahead. May the good Lord grant u all the desires of your heart! Stay blessed

    Happy holidays to all the readers out there, let’s be safe guys in all that we do!

  15. Thank you Mike and Thozama. And thanks to your family, close relations and friends for supporting and encouraging you to share your creativity. Give them hugs for me.

    Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a happy New year

    May God richly bless you always.
    Much love.

  16. Thank you so much Mike and Thizama for keeping us hooked….enjoy your rest, it is well deserved. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.

  17. A merry christmas,nd a prosperius nuwe jaar team.hope the good Lord keep u twoo safe through the whole of festive sean,re bowe re bonaneng selemong se secha re felleetse.
    U all enjoy family (readers).

  18. Hey Team yall have n awesome festive season and thanks for the keeping us entertained through out da year much love for you guys.
    PS.Mike what about JackZ’s photo bathong *hides*

  19. Mike we thank you for all the hard work you’ve done on all six stories you’ve done an execllent job!
    You’ve helped a lot of people see things in a different perspective especially when it comes to relationships etc… I for one have learned a lot and somehow I managed to change my life and how I used to see things by just reading these amazing stories and for that I’d really like to thank you mike…
    Hope u have a splendid festive holidays with your family!!!!

    Ke lobogile boet’mike:)

  20. Thanks mr Maphotho & Thozama for comforting and conmpanying us with your wonderfulwritings,we’ll certainly miss you and the books a lot,love you so much guys oh and plz don’t forget to bring back Nelisa the troublesome drama queen I miss her alrdy,enjoy your holidays plz relax to tHe fullest

  21. To my family, DOAZG

    Mike and Thozama, words cannot begin to describe how incredible you both are and your tremendous talents have brought joy to our souls. We appreciate your efforts, despite challenges that face you, you never abandon ship and for that, we salute you as Captains and pioneers that have society excited and happy about reading again.

    South Africa is a crazy place to live in, in all the madness, DOAZG has become our haven, a comfort, a home away from home. Its all because you guys decided to let your imaginations run wild, and man oh man have they ran with us in the wilderness.

    Thank you team, everybody behind the scenes as well, editors,lawyers,partners. We appreciate your contribution to society and to our lives personally.

    Wish you all and yours, a Merry helluva Christmas and may you prosper further in the New Year #TeamDOAZG

    To my siblings, Fellow Bloggers

    I love you guys, the crazy debates, the mad letters, the insightful advice and hilarious commentary keeps me going and this blog would not be complete without each and everyone of you, including the lady with the capital O’s LOL.

    I hope the advice has been constructively utilised where necessary and disposed of where reckless. I wish that we continue to share our life experiences with each other to grow and also better society. Many have learnt from this platform and I myself have been humbled by your advices.

    The debates, the arguments, sarcastic remarks also part of the overall entertainment that comes with the turf, its exciting and I love it.

    I wish you all a safe and warm festive, a fruitful and Merry Xmas filled with lots of love and making of (married ones only). I hope God showers you all with endless blessings that make you prosper in 2015.

    The pic will come next year, along with something exciting, so until then, Take A Shot For Me and have a freaky ass Dezemba bosses!!!

    Jackzorro 🙂

  22. Thanks lots Abuti Mike. Been following all ur stories and I must say ur work is much appreciated. U are a remarkable man with awesome stories to tell. I’ve always loved reading but u make it more interesting. I had classmates who swore they would never read but by the end of this year ALL my Mathematics classmates read ur “books”. #I salute u ! Stay loved and blessed

  23. hahahahahaha Lebo, hahahhahahahha
    have blessed ones Mike and those god bless u and the rest of the crew,
    nna tota I miss the blogs big time ……..

  24. Compliments of the New Year DOAZG Team!!!! I hope u’re all in one piece including fellow readers! Can’t wait for the new bout of your writing this year. Love y’all!!!!mncwaaah!

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