Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Six

Disclaimer: I have read the last chapter several times and I still cannot see what the confusion was about. Chapter One to Three gave a background as to how they met. Chapter Four jumps 3years to when they are in a proper
relationship as the story is not about them dating but what drove her to being a jilted baby mama. It was important to establish background so as to see how they fell in love. Chapter 4&5 show how the rift in that relationship started and we continue…

I hope the explanation makes sense as in a story like this drama does not happen every day, it builds up.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

**********Chapter Six*********

Mudenda, my man, always said to me that we never walk away from a fight. Those were his rules, his laws not mine. Now he was doing exactly that. He was willing to leave me here at his place, six months pregnant to go somewhere. I was emotional, my face looked as though I had been stung by wasps and he wanted to do this. How could he? I was carrying his child for crying out loud! He was crazy if for one moment he thought I was going to do this alone. I followed him!
“Come back right now!”
I screamed at him. I was never one to raise my voice because I always found shouting out loud as beneath me. You know how those girls that bump into each other and shout from across the street, which was not me. At this stage however this man was driving to that point! He was so shocked he came back in. He like me was very self-conscious of what people thought of us! What kind of man leaves his pregnant fiancé, yes I had no ring but I was certainly halfway there!

He came back upstairs and closed the door behind him. He was ready for a fight and so was I.
“I can’t believe you were screaming like that out there! Who did you want to hear that you can raise your voice?”
He screamed back. I don’t what difference he thought it would make though because now he was yelling just as well as me.
“Why are you angry at me really? Is there something else I did?”
I asked him because it just felt as though there was more to it than this. He looked at me and confidently said,
“This whole weekend you have been acting shady. For example you never delete your whatsapps but this weekend you don’t have them. Why?”
I looked at him incredulously. He was right, I always left my whatsapp messages there. Two days ago I had deleted them because I felt my whatsapp was slow and Meladi had said it was because I had all that history so I must delete. I never minded him going through my messages because I went through his. If this was the problem then it was not a big one. I actually smiled as I explained what had happened.

“Why didn’t you ask me though?”

I then asked him at the end. I am not sure what answer he had expected but by the look on his face I could see it was not it! I know why he had no asked, ego! He never wanted to show when he was being insecure so he would bottle it up until it became an issue. This is not to say I gave him a reason why to be insecure. I had not cheated in this relationship.

“The way that guy spoke to you like you are his…his..”

He seemed not to find the word probably because it was offensive (I know my man),
“…girl and with everything with you whatsapp it was the logical conclusion!”
Men are like dogs, they pee on one tree and they never want anyone else to pee on it! Mudenda was behaving as though I had never dated before him. He is the one who had said he did not want to know any of my exes names and considering I had so few exes he would have known who Mudenda is. All of a sudden I had become this big cheat he did not trust. I had been doing this for a long time if he was right. Why oh why was this happening? Here is the irony, every now and again an ex of his would pop up in his life and he would laugh about it. He sat down at the edge of the bed and I sat on the chair in front of it.

“You know I have never cheated on you and how do I start cheating now when I am so pregnant?”

I asked him.

“Which guy would want me?”

I know I was saying that but there are some guys who had already hitting me even though they saw I was pregnant. Men are weird it’s as simple as that. How do you hit on a pregnant woman really? Should have used the word girl but I doubt I still qualify.

“I was just saying…”

He said stupidly.

“If I cheated on you where would I go! You know my mother is not talking to me! My sister I don’t even know where she is! All I have is you so why would I try and destroy that?”

I asked him. It was a bit of emotional blackmail on my part but it worked just fine.

“I am sorry then. I guess I overreacted!”

He said. That was good enough for me I guess. I did not want to continue the argument. I felt a sharp pang in my stomach just beneath my belly button. I think I had over exerted myself in all that shouting. I tried to stand up but the pain was so much.

“Baby what’s wrong?”

He asked me when I doubled over!

“Something is wrong! Mudenda aaah!”

I screamed. He went into panic mode!

Was I losing my baby?

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Your stories are an inspiration. Thank you!

I am a 27 year old male. I have been with my girlfriend for four years now and everything was fine until probably four months ago. I work for government but in a junior post. My girlfriend would visit me a lot at work which was cool. I started hearing that people were seeing her driving around town with an older man, going out and having dinner. Eventually I confronted her and she denied her. She accused me of allowing people to enter our relationship. The rumours continued and even though I watched her closely from now on I did not see it. Three weeks ago one of my friends saw her at Cubana with the same man. He called me and I drove there. The older man she was with is one of the General Managers at my Department. Imagine. She had met him whilst visiting me. I confronted them. He laughed at me saying how could I expect to satisfy her when I was still starting up. She told me to go home, she was with him now and if I wanted her I should not cause a scene! Satani! Cubana has bouncers. I waited for them to come out and I beat the crap out of him! I did not touch her. She dumped me! I swear I thought I was getting fired but he did nothing and obviously I can’t afford to quit. Last week Thursday she came to the office, to my office and she told me that she was pregnant by my baby. I told her that’s a no no but she said she never slept with the GM. I don’t believe her but she is adamant and even the dates when she does the calendar suggest we were together at conception! I have already cut her out of my life since she dumped me but I am not the kind of man who will leave my child on the streets.

Please advise


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  1. Faith doesn’t have to explain herself to Mudenda maaan! A2Q Askies my bro for ho jelwa neh…dna test dna test dna test

  2. Thank you 4 an awesome read. I think I’m starting to love Rumblings. No confusion at all.

    Can’t wait for all the comments and answers to the letter.

  3. had planned to start reading Rumblings when there’s at least 20 chapters, couldn’t wait, Read from first chapter, WOW, am falling in love with it, Keep up the good work Mr Maphoto

  4. Q&A think there is a simple solution to your problem, since u had already cut her out of ur life and myb u dnt want her back, dont allow her in coz this woman will destroy u, obviously she’s not loyal and driven by money. U jus be there for her through out her pregnancy and support her,but make it clear it ends there and u will support and be there always for ur bby, bt make it clear nothing is ever gonna happen between u two and demand a paternity test when the baby is born jus so u can be sure

  5. Great chapter bra Mike. I can’t wait to see her rumble!! Q&A. Women! They can’t live with what they have. They always want more. DNA! DNA! DNA. Word of warning since she is having ur baby and u want to be there for the baby she will do anything to worm herslf back to your life. BECAREFUL and open your eyes wider than b4!!

  6. Mudenda at least u seeing ur flops as for d guy today that womans love was never strong she d type u must thank god ixebukile in ur life who needs enemies whn u have a garlfrend lik dat she’s bad news I mean her cheating with ur seniour really was a low blow ul b fine man

  7. Nice read Mike, its sad dat everything u write about its things dat we experience on everyday lives n I’m actually very pleased dat some1 has taken the initiative to educate us,,Keep up the good work Mike

  8. Thanks Mike.
    Tell her to abort coz you can’t have a child with somebody that dumped you in front of everybody, for money – and for your boss nogal – Who she met whilst visiting you!!! Nnnx! It means she could even go after your well off guy friends….

  9. A to Q
    Happy to know that we still have real men out there. Please if you are sure it`s your baby, look after her but do not be fooled. It will not be wise to decide to settle with her coz it is clear she is after more than just love, of which you can`t offer for now. So keep your dignity and just help with the child but protect your heart from her.

  10. Q&A yho you are in a sticky situation. your ex is a gold digger, don’t take her back..wait for the kid to be born then go for a dna test. but in the meantime, don’t entertain her .

  11. Mike I managed to follow the last chapter very well with no issues.

    Just cut your losses, “… ain’t loyal”! She believed to be having an “Ace” in this relationship but like in any good game, cards turns!
    Due to that lack of trust, which I dont think will be regained soon, you better tell her that you will support (and please do support) the baby but you dont want her. If you take her back, the relationship will need to mend those fights first.

    On the lighter note, re fighting a GM mean forgetting about that promotion for now unless you work twice as hard such that he cant block your progress/promotion.

  12. Thank you bra as always u give us the best of what we need

    Nhlamulo bro do whatever is best for your child,if its your and your sure about it support it in what ever way you can cause its a blessing from God and ingan ayinacala

  13. dna test is a must or she can abort for all i care, you cant take that bitch back but you can look after your baby

  14. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome developments up in here!!

    Nhlamulo my bro, don’t let that witch swim her way back into your life, she aint loyal.

    Provide whatever you can to assist in making the pregnancy abit easier, don’t go overboard though, just basics, doctor fees, travel fees and minor things. As soon as that child is born, get a paternity test, better yet, start saving for that test now, junior post and all.

    Remember that she was cheating while you were together, so its 50/50 chances that it could be yours or not at all. Leskheberesh siyang’nyanyisa sure. If it was me, I’d send her to hell and not give a damn until that kid is born. But that’s just crazy old me.

    Anyway goodluck bro, take this as a lesson, some chicks just aint regter material.


  15. Thanks bhut’ Mike…..don’t know why people were confused re previous chapters.

    @ Nhlamulo, I know that hate is a wasted emotion but I truly hate this cheating business. If I were you I would first go with her to the Gynae’s appointment to confirm “her” dates then if they suggest that you might be the father support her through the pregnancy and support your child. Set boundaries now so she knows there is no hope of a future together but you will be there for your child. It is a good thing to cut her out of your life, she cannot be trusted so keep it that way.

  16. Nhlamulo, forget her…she is trouble and a parasite.

    Akahambe kuGM and ask him for assistance, surely when she dumped you she knew or should’ve known she was pregnant.

    UzokuUSER nje

  17. Nhlamulo, bigups 2 u 4 beating d crap out of yo boss *kwaaaaa* u’v got balls man! I knw we don promote violence n ol dat sh** but u taught him a lesson he deserved, a gud 1.

    dankie Bhuti Mike

  18. Q&A:That girl is hoe bro stay as far away from her as possible and only be in contact when pregnancy is concerned.Most importantly go to her family now and pay the damages(that is if you 100% sure the baby is yours)so that once the baby is born takes your surname.By so doing you will have every right to take the baby to live with you coz the bitch will use it to get to you at any chance she gets!!
    Dankie njayam for beating the shit out of that old fuck who can’t even satisfy his old wife and thinks he can keep up with a young blood with that lazy ass dick of his…bayajwayela labomadala badinga induku!!

  19. Lol every man even Mudenda knows there’s something attractive about a pregnant woman,they smell so good and their cookies are very hot and tight….just so we clear,I’m not doing forbiden fruits I’m talking about my woman.

  20. Mhmmmmm….. interesting read thanks mike

    @q&a I suggest you do a paternity test as soon as the baby is born and please dont take her back she ain’t loyal period

  21. Q&A DNA bro the child could be the GMs and because he is older he has turned his back on her cos maybe he has a wife at home. Be sure and if the child is yours take care of it.
    For all you know she could be stringing both you and the GM, after all she is a gold digger. Just be sure

  22. Nice read, thanks mike

    @Nhlamulo In life we do face many challenges and I am truly sorry for what you gone through, for God Sees It all. As for the lady I will truly advice you that you don’t cut her off your life, she is to become the mother of your child if its yours (go for DNA), although I am not entailing that you get back together with her but I do think it will be best if you forgive her and think rational about the whole situation.

  23. men n their egos eish i jst wish faith duznt luz da bby!2 say im in lov wit Rumbling wud b an undrstatement i adore it cnt w8 4 da nxt chapter

  24. @Nhlamulo um so sorry to hear that my brother,its just sad how women nower days cheat as much as men does,true story pipol aint got no shame really,trust me I am an intern @one of the government departments and maaan a lot shit happens there,office romance is on another level its scary,you seem to have loved or still love girl,truth is she a hoe(sorry to say this) and there might not be anything u can do to change her behavior,sounds like u still young,my advice is that u can’t be with somebody u don’t trust despite of whether da baby is urs or not..looks like finances also played a role in ur relationship..chelete ke sathane

  25. Nice one Bra Mike.
    Eish Hardy my man.
    Decisions we make as youth are eternal, and reach so far into the our future.
    Hope you and your girl learn from this experience.
    You my man, at this point can’t think with your heart, must use you brain, she has played her card.

  26. @BARBIE hw will u knw the name of the baby mama coz u r the one who commented with the word “BORIIIING” in the precious chapter?? U didn’t give this story a chance that’s why u dnt even know the starring’s name…ho back to the 1st chapter sisi

  27. Ohhe cheating thou! Such a problem everywhere. But Nhlamulo I know it hurts and u feel betrayed and stupid but what I’d advice u to do is to take time and find out y she did what she did, not because u want her back or anything like that but its for your own good, for the next r/ship you’re gonna get into. Most importantly forgive her and if the baby is truly yours take care of it but don’t let her get close to you again. Uzisize ningazondani cos a baby needs its parents to be civil with each other at all times otherwise nizongayikhulisi kahle. Good luck.

  28. Thank you Mike 🙂 . The reality is Faith cheated on Tidimalo they drifted apart intentionally and broke up eventually and Mudenda became the substitute because he was ‘there’ the irony is now how tidimalo is trying to plant doubt in faith&mudendas relationship. Talk about no loyalty on faiths side and terrotorical on tidis part lol. #Life. Qna wait until the baby is born and then do a DNA test . Draw the line with uMawengane make sure she understands there is no future between you two but you will support your child if and only if it turns out to be yours.

  29. Thank u Mike I don’t understand y ppl don’t understand this story is straight n don’t need a geneus.

    Eish Dee boy swara ngwana batho botse hle!

    A@Q dear do dna as soon as she gives bith but I advice u to take care of her tilll that day. But she’s not a woman to be with

  30. Dankie Mr Maphoto
    @Q mfowethu partenity test is the way to go. Ibiza R1650.00 e Mediclinic (gardens) apha ecape town. Jst did it a month ago and it is 99% accurate. Kum they even wrote that the paternity test of individual 1 is excluded with a high degree of certainty that means Negative or Null and Void. Imagine lo cheri harrased me for 2yrs she even lied about the birth date ya ngwana

    Siya@gugs ekapa

  31. @Nhlamulo tell that gal 2 stay away from u till the baby is born. Ungakhohlwa 2 inform yo parents/elders of this possibility. When the child is born go do the partenity test, u choose the day & surprise her & go 2 a private lab/clinic so she doesn’t get time 2 ‘befriend’ medical ppl 4 them 2 cook the results.

    These fucken baby mamas think they hv power & some of u nina madoda sort of give it 2 them coz niyabasaba ngoba they threaten 2 cut u out of yo child’s life

  32. Thanks Mike i wonder what was confusing about the previous chapters, as for me i followed ever chapter with great ubderstanding. qna I wonder if that woman is pregnant in the first place, i think you should establish that first she might just me playing with yr feeling nje trying her luck. remember the other man is just playing with her nje he probable told her to ger back together with u. no suger daddy want to be a straight by the way they say stolen love is nice. i am sure now its not nice anymore. i am just wondering if that guy is not working on the revenge peacefully. be careful, if need be have a proof of what happened communicate with yr ex through writing. take about what happened, mention his name n their love in way that she will answer n have the evidence so that if he does try something then you can prove unfairly treatment bcoz of….

  33. rumblings! rumblings! dankie buty mike ….I doubted de book t 1st bt thts wt happens every time I get on 1st chapters mar nw I be fallin 4 de book mor n mor,,,

    A2Q DNA buddy… so long dez cheatin involved ‘DNA’

  34. A+Qyou can still take care of your child even if you not together it doesnt mean you have to take her back. big ups to you for supporting your child the world needs more men like you.

  35. Oh no Faith!!! Hope the baby is okay…. great story line. I am sorry memoirs but i love me some rumblings.

    A-Q I am disappointed that a woman did that , but however, we can’t all be great women.
    I say keep your distance until you certain of the date of conception, who is to say she hasn’t been cheating before. There might be a number 3,4,5 …..10 of you dating her if indeed she is all about money.
    I hope you can stand your ground because if she is a player, she might find a way back into your heart by being manipulative, she’s been with you for 4years she knows you well enough. Maintain your distance and only show up when necessary.

  36. @ Hlamulo support the baby and be there for her when she needs you, however being in a relationship with such a woman is toxic, you can never trust her and as well you never know what she might do next. I believe you are much better alone without her. Just be there for your baby when he/she is born.

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