Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Five

Mudenda was angry at the fact that my ex had called me like I had control over who dialed my number! Fuck, he had not even called he smsed and I am certain it was by mistake! A lot of people do not realize how much a small thing, a small mistake can be so devastating in a relationship! An ex is the devil reincarnate.
How many of you have exes that just disgust you and you wish you had never met them! I don’t know why things turn out so sour but they have a way of rocking up when you least expect them. The thing with an ex is that you cannot control them and no matter how angry you get they can say what ever they want when they want. What Tidimalo had managed to do was plant that seed of doubt into Mudenda’s head. Doubt is a powerful thing especially when it comes to relationships. Men and their ego. Make no mistake about it, as a woman, a man will never fully trust you that’s why they are quick to jump to conclusions. Now I had to explain who he was and why I had never mentioned him. I asked Mudenda if I should call him so that he can explain to him that it was either a mistake, a prank or just some sort of foolishness.

As I was now wondering what to do his phone rang. It was my friend Zama. He had asked her to help him find something for his car. Zama being Zama knew a lot about all this shady business. Amongst us if we needed the cheapest quality weaves, fake LBs Zama was the person to go to. She was brilliant at such things. Even the guy friends we had asked Zama for things. I don’t know how she went through with it. Her timing sucked though. As soon as he put down the phone I decided to be proactive and call him. I waited for Mudenda to come back from the bathroom. He was treating me like I was the plague. He was not coming near me even.
“I am calling him now so you can hear for yourself!”
Mudenda retorted,
“We have already called him remember ‘BABE’!”
He said sarcastically referring to how Tidimalo had referred to me. This was not good for me at all. I explained to him that it was simply his way of referring to me at that moment and I apologised. I reminded him of how many of his female friends referred to him as babe and I never complained. When you go to this universities, usually amongst friends of the opposite sex such terms of endearment are freely thrown around as it is supposed to be not harmful and sweet. No one ever really gets in trouble for being called babe. That was my point. He knew this so why was he being stubborn about it. I called him nonetheless,
“Tidimalo what’s wrong with you! That was my boyfriend you just spoke to! why did you send me that?”

I said as soon as he picked up,

“How can you tell me that you want to fuck me Tidimalo! What are you trying to do to my relationship?”

I asked furiously. I did not want to give him a chance to say ‘babe’ or any of his silliness.

“Faith ke wena ngwana ka? Tidimalo just ran to the shops. He will be back in five minutes!”

The Sotho part reads ‘Faith is that you my child?’ Eish! It was his mother. She also happened to be friends with my mother though not close. They worked together at Bara at some point. I was so embarrassed.

“Thobela mme!”

I said politely. I just wanted to die. His mother had picked up his phone and because I had tried to not give him a chance I said all that to her. Awkward. I did not know what else to say. Mudenda I think had figured that out because I could see a smirk on his face because for some reason he found my humiliation funny. At least he was smiling maybe I had dodged a bullet. She told me that Tidimalo left his phone on the charger and that he was expecting a call so she must just say that. She did not ask about the ‘fucking’ part but said something rather cheeky as only nurses can do,

“I hope you are using condoms!”
And she hung up. Nurses! Lol, eish of all of God’s creatures nurses can be a creature unto themselves especially the ones that work in government hospitals believe me I know! With my mother being a nurse I visited her often enough to see the stress, frustration and coupled with being underpaid of them turn into anger, rudeness and short temper towards patients. Like I said nurses, the bad ones that is, deserve a special category of their own! That last punchline from Tidimalo’s mother was a low blow. She had meant it as sarcasm I think and it had hit home. Here I was in my boyfriends house pregnant and on the other hand her son talking about fucking! Really! It was too late for condoms!

“I won’t be here in the five minutes it will take your lover to call you back!”

Mudenda said getting dressed!

“Why? We need to talk about this Dee come on!”
I said desperately. He had a tendency of running away from a fight.

“I think I should take you home as well! I have work to do when I come back and don’t want to be disturbed!”

He said coldly. He had said that he had brought work home as he was behind but now he was practically throwing me out.

“Dee please don’t do this! I am innocent. I did nothing wrong. An ex boyfriend that I dated 3years ago before you even called me out of the blue! I did not plan it nor did I ask for it! Please don’t treat me like that!”

I told him but already he was putting on his jacket. He was fully dressed in seconds! How do men do that though? As a girl dressing up is a mission and on average thirty minutes just to get the first phase right.

“I guess you don’t want to leave then. I will leave then. Please be gone when I come back!”

He said as he walked out!

Hold up! What had just happened?

Had he dumped me?

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am 17 years old from Mpumalanga. Two years ago I was raped by my uncle, my father’s younger brother. My father only has one sibling and his parents are dead. My father and him were very close and almost every weekend they were together. My mother opened a case against him and he was convicted. About six months into his jail term he was murdered and my father insisted on burying his little brother the right way. My mother refused to attend the funeral and I also did not go. My father was now completely an orphan and with no siblings. He went into a depression first then he turned to blame my mother for everything especially his brothers death. Today as I write this my father can’t even look at me, he sleeps in the backroom and I believe has asked for a divorce. My mother who is unemployed is now trying to fight for her marriage but my father has shut down. We used to be close I think but now I can’t even remember the last time he called me by name. I don’t know what to do now because if my parents divorce my mother will blame me for that divorce as she is really fighting hard to keep me. Even she has stopped talking to me and she just snaps at me. I feel I will now be responsible for the death of my uncle and the divorce of my parents.

Help me fix my family please.

Thank You


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  1. Lihle i think you all need counselling, your father need to come to terms with the fact that his brother raped you that is why he went to jail. You or your mother are not responsible for his death. And your mother cannot blame you for the divorce coz you also did not cause that. Maybe she does not blame you but it is what is happening that is hurting and stressin her out as a result it seems she is taking it out on you. She is also going through a difficult time but her not talking to you is not helping either. I suggest you find the nearest Social Development Department and ask for the Social Workers or where to find the nearest ones. Strongs girl and best of luck. I pray that you find the help you need.

    Thank bhut’ Mike

    I think so to Leratho

  2. mundenda whats wrong with you, i mean things like this do happen they are people out there who wont stop at anything to destroy futures or relationships of other people. growup

  3. Arg Dee mxim umuncu maan uvele uqumbele ububhanxa obunje,I guess kudala efuna uhamba.

    Q&A u did nothing wrong cz ur father’s brother deserved that. Ur father needs someone to talk to like counselling

  4. Thanx bra Mike. This Tidimalo guy reminds me of how my ex tried to ruin ma relationship with my boyfriend. Nxa, just don’t know why do people keep numbers of their ex.

  5. Thanks Mike.
    A to Q: let me get this – your father is depressed cause he doesn’t have siblings (yet he has got a family of his own – wife and kids)? …. I can understand the part of missing his brother, what what – I think that he has conflicting feelings when it comes to his brother. He is probably angry at his brother and not you and never dealt with what he did to you. His brother dying in jail, did not make matters better for your father either. As the others have said: all of you need counselling; it’s a sad pity nje that your mother is not able to stand with you and console you during this time.

  6. What a great read,Mike is indeed one talented writer..damn Mudenda,I somehow picture him 2b ths handsome brown chocolate brother,Did Mike eva mention where Mudenda is from,Rumblings has gotta be my new favourite drug ryt now.Now ima need Mudenda not act like a typical man and try re-think his actions,most guys do really suffer from ths “too much pride to forgive” syndrome,I jus hope he 4gives her hle lol!

  7. Thanks Mike
    Women will never understand what goes through the mind of a man. Now they will say Dee wanted to leave anyway.
    Instead of learning from such cases they will continue the way they see it.
    I know many similar cases.
    I seen girls move from being girlfriend to bottycall, because a nigga arrives at her place and the toilet seat is up, or dodgy call from ex (and yes we tend not to talk ish out). thereafter you are subtly worked out the system and actually end up dumping the guy, not knowing the root-cause.
    ANYWHO big ups Mike

    1. Well she didn’t call the guy, the ex just sent an sms out of the blue, a year later, if the dude wanted to work it out he would have. her only mistake was saying she doesn’t know the number.

      1. My dear I am just highlighting reality, and agree its stupid, immature what ever you want to call it.
        But a molehill to one can be a mountain to the other.
        and that only mistake is what it takes.

        1. I do not want this to turn into a debate but my 2c worth is the dude does not even want to listen to her which gives the impression that he wants to run away from his responsibility. The fact that she did not have her ex’s number saved on her phone means she has moved on with her life. He should at least listen before he let’s his stupid ego run wild and control his emotions and ruin his relationship.

  8. Gees this Mudenda guy is dramatic , mxm but guys are like that vele but wen table turn they expect us to understand. Eish nawe ke Mara Tidimalo why mara. Thanx Mikey.

  9. all the confused ppl are ul reading the same story as the rest of us?coz really i dont see how dis cud be confusing mayb we shud have a bookreview club lol.

    Q:sis am really sorry for what happened to u ,its not your fault and ur uncle got exactly what he deserved death ,i believe all men who rape should be killed and i think that y he was killed ejele his an animal ur father needs counselling and he needs to be man and protect the woman in his life,if his brother loved him so much he wuldnt have dont such a terrible thing to his daughter so he must stop feeling responsible for his brothers death and focus on his family.

  10. the story is a bit confusing yes, but i dont think its boring, now as 4 those 2 excuses of men Mudanda and Tidimalo, they irritate me shame especially Mudanda who does that he is such a drama queen, iyo aa Faith ngwaneso i think u have a problem of attracting loosers eish it hurts i know

  11. A+Q_abuse tends to make the victim feel like everything is there fault. which is not. i cant talk openly about my molestation because i was told it would break the family apart. it hurts because you see the person everytime there is a family gathering. they smile as if nothing happened. i understand how you feel and it was very brave of your mother to stand up for you. i admire that. but please dont blame yourself… your father must accept what happened to you. he needs counselling more then ever because i understand that was his lil bro. someone who was suppose to protect you ws the one who hurt. i have to live with my secret unless i write anonymously about it. please dont blan=me urself. your mother must come around some way. your father needs to feel strong again that he can protect you guys one more time. i think he feels that he failed you. start by assuring him that it was not his fault. he is also not to blame for what happened. you need to let him know that he can still protect you and you still need his protection as a father and husband.
    he must know thier is a second chance to start over… i pray for your family dear

  12. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome as always buddy.

    Lihle for the love of Jesus, your parents need to snap out of it. I didn’t know a grown ass man with a wife and child could still be regarded an orphan…Hold Up.

    Its not your fault that you were raped, your uncle and I’m not sorry to say this, got what he deserved- eye for an eye for these bastards raping our children and women. Your Mom has been a super one in supporting and standing by you through all that, you need to tell her as such and tell her not to abandon you at the last mile. Your Dad needs to grow a sack, I know losing family is hard, but the mere reason that he has a wife and child was because he wanted to start his own family. Death aint easy and we never get used to it, but people are born to live and die, that’s everybody’s fate. Your Dad needs to accept some damn responsibility here, if I was him, and my bro raped my daughter, I would be the one in jail being killed coz he wouldve been long gone to hell by then. Fathers are suppose to support,love and protect their families, not isolate them at the challenge that life brings forth.

    Advice: plead with them to have a mini meeting, tell them everything you feel, your pain your fears and frustrations. Tell them to grow up and not let this incident be the end of them coz the evil(rape) that caused this, would be the winner.

    I wish you strength and wisdom through this trying time at such a fragile age. Remember that your parents love you, and so does your maker. Stay strong lady.


  13. Q&A
    Excuse you dear but I think u triping! U did not ask your uncle to rape you he is a grown up man who took advantage of you it is a great thing u took action and he went behind bars for all we know he could have hurt u again or someone else! Don’t be sorry for that! As for ur dad shame on him cause protecting his kids is his God given duty an he is failing!!!

  14. Lol “Thobela Mme” lol ja neh! Bengzoshona straıght nje. The confused peeps must stop readıng thıs book bafunde ezınye. Keep ıt comıng Mıkesto as for thıs drama queen ke engu M! Mxmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. ay suka ds s jst a typical example of penises being dished out 2wrong bodies, dz 2prikz “dee n tidimalo” r far 4rm bein men mxxxm….

  16. Thanks Mikey for a great read, I like that its relevant to our everyday lives, ex’s like rocking up when things are going well in your life #selfish bastards.

    Dee is such an ass, and not even a smart one nxa!

  17. @ Lihle you should not be blaming yourself… You didn’t ask to be raped… Your Uncle deserves what happened to him and I hope he burns in hell. as for your dad if he is blaming you and your mom for his brother raping you then both of you are better of without him. He should be protecting you that’s what fathers are for.

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