Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Seventy Two

Thozama Mqikela

“I’m sorry what?” I said with my eyes popping out, my husband looked at me as if I had just asked him where to catch taxis going to Brazil in Bree Taxi Rank. I ignored the stupid look on his face, and went on “just because you implanted your seed in me that does not give you a right to tell me what to do.  I will not quit my job, I would go out of my mind sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.”

My husband protested, “You heard what the doctor said, you don’t need stress and pressure in your life”, I rolled my eyes and screamed “stress and pressure in my life come from home, I would have to quit you to have less stress and pressure in my life, not work.”  Okay the last part just came out wrong, but you know how when you angry you say things that you wouldn’t say under normal circumstances and how once they have come out of your mouth you can’t take them back, well that was me in that moment, my husband was so hurt by my words I could see it in his eyes all he said was “Wow!” then took and carried Neo and they went downstairs, I had completely forgotten that Neo was with us, I hate fighting in front of our son.  I was left there with egg on my face, I felt bad for what I had just said especially after been given such a beautiful house by him and I go and give him hell like that.  I picked up my tail and went down to apologize, I looked for them and couldn’t find them, the house was that big that I felt like I was getting lost, I decided to call my husband I heard his phone ring on the kitchen table, damn did they go out and left me behind I wondered.

I decided to explore the house some more while waiting for them I went out the back they were standing by the pool.  I exclaimed “oh my gosh, we have a pool too.”  I was jumping up and down like a small child with excitement, Neo joined me in doing the happy dance, Mthobisi just looked at us and laughed and said he doesn’t get why the pool excites me because I don’t even know how to swim, I laughed and said I can just imagine the kind of parties we are going to have in this place, I was already hearing the compliments I will be getting from the people who will come to our house on how gorgeous our house was.  I turned to my husband and told him I was sorry for what I had said upstairs I didn’t mean it and used the whole pregnancy hormones excuse and he said he understood and from now on will try to be less sensitive because he knows how I get when I’m pregnant, on my previous pregnancy I had thrown him out of the house because he had forgotten to put the toilet sit down up to this day I have no idea why I made such a huge deal about that, we both laughed at remember how hectic I was.  The moving truck arrived and offloaded our things.  My husband told me not to lift a thing, so I stayed with Neo watched him run around the garden.

I was the happiest woman alive, I could not believe that this was me, after all the craziness I had gone through I deserved this calm and peace.  The moving company had come with packers so they unpacked our things, my husband came to get me from the garden so I can tell them what to pack and where to pack it.  I was just giving instructions, after what felt like forever they eventually finished, our furnisher was not enough for the house, so my husband said we will go furniture shopping during the week to furnish the rest of the rooms.  We went to the mall for lunch as I had not done grocery shopping as yet since we were hardly at home in the past few weeks after lunch we bought groceries then went home.  Neo slept in his our room even though he kept waking up in the middle of the night screaming, my husband would go and check on him thank goodness for that because I was beyond exhausted.  Mthobisi and I didn’t do the hanky panky because he didn’t want to hurt the baby, you would swear I was 9 months pregnant the way he was acting but I loved being spoilt like that.

The next morning my husband had to go to work so Neo and I were left in the house without a car and trust me in these suburbs you cannot go anywhere if you do not have a car, everything is just too far and I didn’t even know if there were any taxis that passed this side of the area.  I decided to do a bit of work since I had my work laptop with me, I checked my mails replied to a few and did a few reports while my son took his afternoon nap by the time I was done, it was already dark I decided to start cooking, Neo was running around the house breaking things so I had to watch him, I had forgotten what a handful he can be.  When my husband got home he was shocked to see me cooking, he told me that week I should relax and not do anything he will continue with the cooking. I was happy he asked how my day was I told him how bored we got sitting there the whole day with nothing to do this was my way of telling him that I cannot be a house wife, he saw the broken vase in the dust bin and asked what happened I said “Neo needs to go to crèche, he’s almost 2 and being cooped up in the house all day is not good for him he gets bored.”  My husband would not hear of it, he said we should wait until he is at least three years old, kids catch all kinds of germs and diseases from each other so let’s wait till his immune system is strong enough.

This is the thing with me and my husband we never agree on anything, and in the end one of us has to compromise, I guess that’s what marriage is about, but one thing I was not going to compromise on was my job, I was not leaving that for shit.  He suggested that we get a full time nanny, and since Ausi Maria’s niece he suggested since Ausi Maria already works for Jessica during the week.  Before I could even debate he took out his phone and called Ausi Maria and put her on speaker she was so happy to hear from us, he told her to tell that we have moved to Midrand and our son will be staying with us on full time basis and we need a full time nanny.  Did he just say Neo will be staying with us full time, okay when was this discussed?  I didn’t want to start an argument with Ausi Maria on the phone so I just kept my mouth shut.  Ausi Maria said her niece had gone back home she was not sure when she would be back but it wouldn’t be anytime soon because a family member had died and then she went on about how they needed money for the funeral and blah blah blah, I even zoned out and started thinking my own things, Ausi Maria knows how to play the sympathy card, my husband felt bad for her and said he will transfer some money into her account so she can contribute to the funeral, I rolled my eyes thinking how good at playing at people’s emotions. By the time he got off the phone I just laughed at him and told him he just sucked, he laughed and said he knows.

The next morning my husband said he will leave us with the car so we don’t get too bored but told me not to go too far, he said he’s colleague who stays close by will pick him up by the gate, and after work he will go pick up the Golf from Hillbrow. As soon as he left the house I took a shower and by the time I was done my son was up, I bathe him and we got in the car, I strapped him on the car seat and off we went.  I called She Rocks and asked if she was at work she said no she had just gone to her place to get a few things and will be going to Soweto, I asked if she wanted to grab breakfast quickly before she left she said no she didn’t feel like eating, so much for that.  I called Cleo who I know does nothing all day and asked if we could visit her, she said she was dropping the kids off at school and after that would be free, I told her not to and to bring them with to my new place instead so they can play with Neo.  We agreed to meet at Boulders Mall, not my favourite place but I was just picking them up so.  I got there before Cleo and went inside to buy Neo ice-cream.

Cleo called and said they were here, I went to go meet them at the parking lot then she followed behind me to my house, on the way I had to send sms the golf estate management to get a code for her to use at the gate to enter, the security in this place was just amazing, I felt very safe, without the code you can’t get in, security also can’t let you in.  We drove in, when Cleo saw the house she was blown away, the exact reaction I had except for the tears, she hugged me and told me how she can’t wait for us to start having parties in the house, we were on the same page.  We sat and chatted about this and that, she said she had brought wine and got it out of her bag and got 2 glasses out of the cupboard and poured the wine, I looked at her and said I can’t drink, she looked at me and said is it too, early to start I said yes, I was not ready to tell people it was too soon and should anything happen I didn’t want the whole sympathy look from people so I decided I’m gonna keep these news between myself and my husband for now.  We made food for the kids and for ourselves, they were having a good time playing outside, Neo was enjoying the company.  Later around two after Cleo had 2 bottles of wine all by herself she said she will be going home, I told her she should have a bit of coffee to calm herself down as she was obviously drunk, she listened and we sat by the pool and discussed Siyabonga’s funeral, how much we should all contribute as She Rocks friends and all that nonsense, an hour later she was a less drunk and drove home.  My husband came home a few hours later.

The whole week went by smoothly and quickly things were slowly returning to normal, we had no drama and my husband and I managed to go furniture shopping for the rest of the rooms in the house and the house was looking good, I had also managed to do a lot of work while my husband was at work I didn’t want Cindy and I getting kicked out of the account again, so the gap of me being away from work was not really felt as I was communicating with everyone via emails and sending whatever reports were needed on time.

Saturday we got up early and took Neo to my parent’s house and went to the funeral.  The girls were there already helping with serving tea and scones, I offered to help Mthobisi gave me the don’t you dare look so I said I was not feeling well and would love to help but can’t, they all looked at me concerned I told them it’s nothing serious.  There was a church service with a lot of people testifying on what a good guy Siyabonga was and the amazing things he had done in their lives, how he had given his last money to some family who had no food and no rent money, how he visited the sick, pray for them support them and would always bring toys for the kids in hospital and never asked for anything in return.  There was a woman who spoke and said her mom was diagnosed with cancer and they wanted a bone marrow and not even her family memebers wanted to go test to see if they are a match Siyabonga went and tested and was a match and went through the painful experience of having a bone marrow transfusion the best part of this all Siyabonga had never meet this woman before and saw her sitting in hospital bed when crying when he went to go visit one of his sick church members in hospital, there was not a single dry eye in the room, we were all crying like babies.

We went to the grave yards and seeing him being put in his grave was soo painful for She Rocks that she passed out, Andiswa rushed to her with water, this was such a horrible thing for my friend to be going through she really didn’t deserve any of this.  After the funeral we were all just too emotional we were told there would be an after tears but screw that I couldn’t celebrate I just wanted to go home and sleep.  My husband and I said our goodbyes to our friends and Siyabonga’s family and we left we drove straight to Midrand and called my mom and told her we won’t be fetching Neo.  I got home and went upstairs straight to bed and slept.  Mthobisi cooked dinner and woke me up when he was done I went down to eat and told him on Monday I am going back to work no discussions about it.  He smiled and said okay, that’s when I knew he was up to something my husband doesn’t just agree to things.  The next day which was Sunday we slept in and were just lazing around doing absolutely nothing which is my favourite thing to do doing nothing.

Monday morning I woke up nice and early excited and looking forward to going to work, I had a nice long bath and dressed in my knee high black skirt and a cream top with a black blazer and heels when Mthobisi woke up and saw me wearing heels he said I might fall and hurt myself I told him he was being ridiculous now, I will stop wearing them when I’m 8 months.  He knew this was one argument he was not winning so he left it. I drove to work and went straight to our office, Cindy was not yet there so I went straight to work and did as much as I could.  Only around 10 did Cindy arrive looking like she had just been  hit by a bus, she came and gave me a hug and told me how happy she was to see me and said “Congrats on your pregnancy” we had a voice shout from the back “you pregnant?” we both turned to look it was Mfundo, I asked “don’t you knock?”  Cindy said she needs to go to the bathroom quickly she needs to throw up from the hangover and ran out to the bathroom now I was left with the fool Mfundo.  He looked at me and said “how far along are you?” I said almost 8 weeks, he looked at the calendar and said “you carrying my baby” I looked at him and told him that he is insane the baby is my husband’s.  He insisted that it was his baby, I was seriously getting annoyed with this fool now. He started telling me how this was a blessing because his wife cannot have kids and they have been trying everything they’ve gone to all kinds and sorts of doctors and nothing worked.  I didn’t get how this had become my problem.  He told me there was only one thing left for both of us to do.  We had to divorce our partners he was telling me they will be hurt but they will get over it we belong together and the fact that I was carrying his baby was a sign from God.  I wanted to bash his skull from the anger.  I told him Cindy will be coming back any second now so we can’t talk about this now we’ll talk later.  He then said “I can tell Mthobisi myself about our baby if you are scared of him”  I shook my head and said he shouldn’t worry I got this.

There was only one way out of this situation, I had to get rid of Mfundo permanently. Romeo must die.  I had learnt a lot from my husband and killing Mfundo was not going to be a walk in the park but it was either him or me because my husband was going to kill him if he found out.

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  1. Ao Lee u didn’t use a condom with Mfundo?bt evry tym u shag him u dd metion him pulling out a condom,u are a dead woman if Mthobisi found out.danki habedi danki hararo,

    1. Remember what went down in Cape Town??? well I do, Lee did not remember anything from the previous night so yeah, their very 1st shag 🙂

  2. Lee now pregnance is playing with yr mind. what happened to DNA first b4 you kill Mfundo only to find that he is not a daddy anyway. come on girl you are more clever like that

  3. Leeeeee what a hell did you do. Tjoooooooooo really Romeo must die, either way he is gonna die cause if you don’t kill him Mtho is, thanks team Mike. I just can’t wait for next week.

  4. Zotho Mthobisi is gonna find out that Mfundo was shagging his wife. As you can see thi Mfundo guy is so tjatjerrig, he just can’t wait for Mthobisi to know hore wa mo jella. Even if the DNA proves that he is not the father. Ontsa tlo phapha feela o batla Lesedi for himself. I agree with Lee Romeo must die.

  5. This is Mthobisi’s baby. Mfundo and Lee always condomised. I am loving this storyline. Lee you are lucky, you have what we call a real man…forget Mfundo pls!

  6. hhhhm…this chapter conflicts with the previous ones. Anyway, will just have to see how the story unfolds.

  7. If lee is carrying mfundo’s baby then there is a possibility this was @ the hotel coz it’s only then she just had vivid memories Nd is not sure bout wat happend ## mfundo=deadman walking

  8. I think Lee got pregnant the time she was in Cape Town with Jessica because Mfundo’s been using condoms all the time

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    Thank U Thozama..much appreciated!

  11. Mfundo is such an ass not even a smart one at that? Lee better pray that the reason’s mfundo’s wife can’t have a child is because mfundo’s sperms don’t work else they both better start submitting claims at avbob.

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