Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Seventy Six

Thozama Mqikela

My husband’s shirt and pants were full of blood, not just small drops of blood but the type that you get when you come from war.  I sat on top of the bed thinking what the hell should I do now, then it hit me, could my husband have been involved in Mfundo’ s kidnaping but that would mean he knows about the affair.  Could he be that cruel, buy me a house and act all happy about the baby knowing that I’m sleeping with another man?  Oh Lord did he kill Mfundo, was I holding Mfundo’s blood, he’s blood was literally in my hands.  I had killed poor Mfundo, I was poison, and everything I touched turned into a disaster.

As much as I wanted Mfundo dead I didn’t want him to suffer I wanted him to have a quick and painless death and by the look of the blood in my husband’s clothes he must have been tortured.  I threw the clothes back on the floor and lay on the bed and waited for my husband to come out of the shower to explain the nonsense that he had done.  There is a saying that says, evil prevails when good man sit and do nothing, well I was a good one and I was not planning on sitting and doing nothing I was not going to let evil prevail.  I had no plan but I was not going to let my husband off the hook on this one that easily.  I lay on the bed trying to figure out the way to approach this situation I must have been exhausted because I dozed off and the next thing I heard was my husband on top of me kissing me and asking when did I get home and why didn’t I join him in the shower, I jumped up like I was being chased by paw-paw’s and shouted “did you kill him?” this took my husband by surprised when my husband is taken aback by a question or situation he does not respond or react immediately at times you would think he did not hear you, maybe he thinks of 20 possible answers first and chooses the one that will satisfy the person, he picked up his bloodied clothes and threw them in a washing basket like I had not just asked him a question, this thing of taking his time when I want answers pisses me off to the max, it makes me feel like exploding.

I screamed much louder this time, even though I knew he heard me the first time but was still deciding in his head which answer to give me “did you kill him?” he slowly turned and looked at me and I could see his eyes were red, shit, he had been crying.  He spoke softly and said “I tried everything I could to save his life” my heart sank.  I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there, and he sat on the floor at the edge of the bed and started wiping.  I didn’t know whether to join him in crying or celebrate the fact that my secret would never come out and I was free.  With Mfundo dead my stress levels would go down drastically, I would not have to worry about covering up anything; my life could go back to being normal and simple, thank you baby Jesus.  I went and sat next to him on the flood and held him and asked what happened, my husband explained.

“I left the office early thinking I would surprise you for lunch so I called your office and was told you were there and I told them not to put me through I was just checking, when I was close to your work I got a call to go sort out something in some company that we are contracted with in Lenasia, it was something small so I figured I would be back to take you to lunch on my way there I called your office again and was told you had already left for lunch, I decided if I hurry I could join you for lunch.  As soon as I was done with what I had to fix in Lenesia I headed back rushing I took the R59 knowing there was no traffic that time of the day on that road, you know that road that passes Kibler Park?”  I nodded wondering where this story was going he continued “about 2 kilometres before Rhema South Church there was a female driver in front of me and she was going real slow Honey, she was driving 80 and she was on the fast lane, I wanted to over-take her but I got a call and I got distracted so I slowed down because I needed to stop and go to the boot to go get some documents to give details to the guy who was calling, it must have taken me 2 minutes to get the info and give it to the guy when I was done I got back in the car and drove, the lady was now a bit further but I could still see her car when out of the opposite direction another car came and I could see the drive was trying to swerve and control the car but the car was out of control it went straight into that lady’s car, her car span out of control, I stopped and parked on the side of the road, tried to get her out that’s when I realised she was travelling with 2 boys and she was pregnant, one of the boys must have been about 8 years old was sitting at the back and that’s where the other car had hit them, the boy was full of blood in his head, the one who was in front must have been about 4 years he was not badly injured just a few starches but the one at the back seat I pulled him out of the car first and put him on the floor but he kept standing up and running I guess it must have been shock and I tried to calm him down, got the pregnant lady out and the 4 year old in front, a few cars also stopped to help, we called an ambulance and the little 7 year old boy didn’t make it Lee, by the time the ambulance got there he was gone, he died in my arms, soo young, so innocent, he’s never going to celebrate his 16th birthday he’s life gone just like that all because of a stupid man who was driving a car that is scrap and not road worthy.  I

can take anything, I mean anything but not the death of small kids, no that is just wrong” he was crying as he was telling me this story, I was soo touched by this that I too had tears in my eyes, I held him and told him what an amazing man he is if it where anyone they would not have stopped to assist, my husband has a good heart, he might do all the crazy things that he does but that man is amazing.  I told him we should send the family flowers or something just to send our condolences he said in all the commotion he didn’t take their numbers.  We both sat there holding each other for some time.  I started thinking if it was not my husband who had orchestrated the whole thing maybe that was just a random hijacking and Mfundo was just an unlucky victim.  I was now hoping and praying that he would be found safe, I was actually more worried than before.

There was only one way to relieve stress, I started kissing my husband passionately on the lips from lips I moved down to his ears and started licking them I knew this turn him on I moved my hand down to feel if he was getting hard and I was right the ear trick always works, he was only covered in a towel since he had just come out of a shower, I moved down to his neck kissed his neck in circles then  laid him on the floor on his back and kissed his chest and I went down to his belly button and kissed that and I could feel him shaking from the anticipation of what was to come, I slowly removed the towel and put his balls inside my mouth, then slowly worked my way into his magic stick, then back down again to the balls I put them inside my mouth and sucked the balls like they were grapes my husband was in heaven, he was making all the right noises at this moment I could have asked him to buy me a Gautrain and he would have said “yes”, but this was not the time, there is a time for everything right now I needed to cater to my husband. I sucked his magic stick soo hard that he was ready to come as soon I felt that he was about to I stopped and he gave me the “you not being fair look” I laughed, stood up and said I was hungry, he came and give me a kiss and said all the food I needed was right here in front of me, he was kissing me and undressing me, he removed all my clothes until I was left with my bra and panties, I was soo turned on I was ready to jump him, he looked at me with concern in his eyes and said “Honey, we can’t the baby.”

I smiled and said he had nothing to worry about I will be on top, he seemed to believe that would work, and asked if I was sure I just nodded while my tits were being sucked by the time he got to my g-string I was already soaking wet, he sucked me with the g-string on, he moved it a bit to the side and was sucking my clit so good I almost climaxed as soon as I was about to, he stopped and I climbed on top of him and rode him like a horse, we made love for hours and in the words of Robert Kelly, this was the greatest sex I’ve ever had.  Mthobisi suggested we serenate each room by making love in all the rooms of the house, we did in most rooms not all of them the house was just too big.  By the time we were done we were both famished, the kitchen was the last room where we made love, we did it standing and all sorts of ways.  After the sexathon, I know there is no such a word but that’s the only word that can best describe what had just happened, we grabbed the pizza ate and went to bed both with the biggest smiles on our faces.

In the morning I was up early fresh and energised it’s amazing what a bit of rendezvous in the sack will do for your energy.   I decided I was going to put the Mfundo incident behind me, he was a grown ass man, could take care of himself and was not my responsibility.  Mthobisi was already out of bed I could hear music playing downstairs, I quickly went down to greet him, he was making breakfast and singing along to Mbongeni Ngema’ s Stimela Sase Zola track and dancing in the kitchen, I stood there watching him and thinking can we just be like this forever with no stress and no problems, he turned and saw me and pulled me to dance with him we were both laughing and he was singing to me “thambo lam le Kentucky “ which means my kfc bone”, it’s meant to be romantic but I just find it to be so funny.  Whenever my husband is in a happy place he plays that song and sings and dance along and I just crack up.  We had breakfast eggs, bacon and toast I honestly didn’t feel like eating but because he had gone through so much effort the polite thing to do would be to eat the food, he even packed me some snacks yoghurts and fruits after breakfast I went upstairs took a shower passionately kissed my husband to a point where we were ready to rip each other’s clothes off but I had to pull away because I knew I would end up going to work at 12:00 if we didn’t stop.

I got to work and Cindy was already there, we were both in great moods which meant work was going to take priority today.  At around 9 I got an sms from my husband saying he can’t wait for tonight, he’s got a surprise for me, I replied and said I was counting the hours till I knocked off and can’t wait to see the surprise.  I got back to working and at about 10:30 our landline rang Cindy answered and said there were people at reception to see me, I figured it’s probably some of our clients I asked her to go deal with them, she left and came back in less than 5 minutes, I said “that was quick” she replied and said “they not client’s they said they are here to see you for a personal matter”  I asked if they said who they were she said no they didn’t.  I told her they can wait I was busy with a report and if I left it now by the time I come back I won’t remember where I had left off and might get figures all mixed up, I continued working and forgot about them, 30 minutes later our phone rang and Cindy picked up and was told that the people were still waiting for me, I stood up and said “oh shit, I forgot about them”  I made my way to reception to find a man and a woman waiting for me.  I walked up to them and I didn’t recognise either one of them they introduced themselves the man was Raymond Makhathini and the woman was Sylvia Gamede I shook both their hands and asked if there was something I could help them with the lady asked if we could speak in private, I asked the temp at reception if there was a room available that we could use, she said there was and we went into one of the meeting room.  Raymond the guy spoke first “What we about to ask of you is a lot and we need for you not to be alarmed, we know your condition and we in no way want to upset you but this has to be done”  that statement was enough to alarm me, Sylvia took over “maybe we should introduce ourselves properly we are from the Hawks” I looked at her with a bit of confusion in my face and she continued “what used to be the Scorpions” this just came out of my mouth, “oh crap” and my face went pale.  Raymond now spoke “we’ve been investigating your husband and his mother for some time now and we are now convinced that you know what he does and we need you to tell us everything that you know about your husband’s dealings.”  I looked at both of them with shock in my face then Sylvia said “think about yourself and your baby, do you want to give birth in prison because that’s exactly what is going to happen if you choose not to tell us what we want.”  I was sweating soo hard I was ready to give birth right there and then.

What now? Do I turn on my husband to save my ass?

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  1. Lol nkari keya bona the suprise back at home is a beaten up,tortured,strapped to the chair mfundo hahahah pela that mthobisi never has a dull momment..aowa lesedi protect ur hubby hle how I love mthobi so gangster<3*sigh*

  2. Ooh Thank you Mighty Zama *bowing* angisathandi ngo Lee kodwa. I wonder vele ukuthi kwenzakalani ngo Mtho,I hope he’s not a drug dealer or some sort.

  3. Aaaaah don’t leave us in suspense! Hai Lee things keep on geting worse 4 u,I wonder wat she wud do. Thnx Thozama njoyed the story s always

  4. Lee pls dnt say anything bad about ur husband,cos u knw nothing.those are still are still investigating,u the 1 they want confirmation from u.for monster in law.tell them u nt close

  5. I dnt blv mtho abt the accident resultin death of 7 yr old,he actuali killed mfundo! Nice read hey an bigups 2 d team

  6. Thanks Team. Tell them the truth Lee – you don’t know what your husband does – hell I’ve been reading this blog faithfully and I still don’t know what Mthobisi does. I hope you’ve been saving and have investments for rainy days gal, coz it’s about to pour!!!!

  7. Oh yah, I don’t believe Mthobisi’s story ya accident, dead children and what what… I think that he’s killed Mfundo, chopped him up and nicely packed his body parts in a suitace and buried it somewhere… Or better still if there’s some construction site around, then that suitcase is part of the foundation … Will never be found…

  8. tjooooooo nah…aretse Lesedi….do u wnt ur kids to be fatherless?..u dnt knw hu fathered Neo n yet u dnt knw hu fathered the kid ua caring now…it myt be the dead Mfundo or the prisoned Hubby…tjooo mathata sesi..

  9. I realy enjoy this book, 🙂 Lee u hv said it all so I wl rather await for my forever busy bf to come back 2 his senses if he truly loves me or not than to cheat nd get into endless drama! Thanks mikeeee nd Thozeeee 🙂 oh yeah I like the :p sexual part wow!

  10. Lee u vowed fr better or fr worse u dnt turn ur back on ur hubby, u are a pair n no one must come in btwn police or not PI or not, e swa le nnete, bare mosadi o tshwara thipa ka mo bogaleng. Thanx Mikeeeee

  11. wow i love this chapter i love how Lee prepared her hubby n how he prepared her. they have such a dramatic life but they r such a great couple Mthobisi love his wife shame i miss as we speak but i can handle i am waiting for the right time. but this chapter beyiconsisa amathe.

  12. Could it be that Mthobisi killed Mfundo and this child story is just a cover up? KaManyosi is right, Lee doesn’t know what her man does, she can’t say anything!!! These Hawks are bluffing, if they had anything on him, the wouldn’t need Lee to add.

    Thanks Team

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