Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Seventy Four

Thozama Mqikela

He had a glass of water next to him so he grabbed that and drank it, composed himself and said to me “it’s best if you don’t know much Honey, the little that you know is already too much.”  What was this man on about I knew next to nothing about his dealing and he was telling me I already knew too much.  He told me that it was the pregnancy hormones that was making me so irrational I didn’t need a gun and I certainly didn’t know to know about his dealings, he laughed and said next thing I will be telling him I want to be part of his team, I gave him a very sharp look and said does he think that I’m not good enough to do what he does, he stood up and said “this is the part where the emotional blackmail starts, so I’m going to go upstairs before the water works starts.” Damn this man knew me too well, he walked upstairs and I shouted behind him “you just scared that I would do a better job that you.”  He went up the stairs laughing.  I cleared up the table and washed the dishes then went to bed, I found my husband fast asleep.

Next morning he was up before me, he kept trying to get me to wake up but I was soo tired, I kept telling him to give me 5 minutes which turned into an hour he eventually pulled the blankets off me and told me to get up or I would be late for work then want to kill my boss, he said this laughing I was so annoyed, I wanted to strangle him but I got up and when I wanted to go bath he said there was something he wanted to show me in the study, oh gosh I was not in the mood for my husband’s surprises but I followed behind him, he opened the study and on his desk there was a desk he opened on of the drawers and removed it and underneath the drawer was a key stuck under with a sallotape, he removed it and took it out and on looked at me “Honey, I need you to focus, open your eyes.”  I was still soo tired I was sitting on the chair and I kept dozing off, I told him my eyes were opened, he told me from his desk I need to count 5 steps and he did that then removed a carpet and underneath that was a safe he opened it with the key that was stuck under the drawer and took out a cellphone, he told me that this is where our safe was and should shit hit the fence this is where is should run to.  “Wow, you dragged me out of bed to come show me a cellphone? What a bloody waste of my sleep.”  I said walking out the door and banging it behind me. I wanted to go back to bed but I was too annoyed to sleep, so I decided to shower by the time I was out of the shower my husband had already left, there was an sms on my phone saying he’d gone to work and he loves me, I didn’t bother replying I was just still pissed off over the safe that had a cellphone in it, I wanted guns okay maybe just one gun so I could shot Mfundo and get him out of my life.  I dressed in my black dress with a gold belt and a maroon blazer, put on my heels and remembered how my husband doesn’t want me wearing heels with my condition and laughed. As I went down the stairs to go to the garage, I found my husband had made me breakfast, nothing fancy just eggs, toast and bacon and there was a note next to it written “Honey, please eat this before you go it will only take you 5 minutes, I Love You with all my heart and say Hi to the little one” I smiled and sat down and ate the breakfast when I was done I tried calling him but his phone was off so I sent him a message thanking him for breakfast and I sent him a picture of an empty plate to show that I had eaten everything.

I drove to work traffic from Midrand was not as bad as from Fourways, I arrived nice and early with few people around, this gave me an opportunity to chat to my friends on Skype, we have a group chat so I messaged them and told them we had moved into a new house, they obviously wanted a house warming and I said I would speak to my husband and let them know when it would be suitable for us both to have them over, my friends were already planning who we should invite and who we shouldn’t I was also getting excited about the idea of having a party at our new house, okay let me be honest I was more excited about showing off my new big ass house to everyone, I knew people were going to be jealous, She Rocks said she doubts if she will come but congratulated me on the new house, she said she didn’t feel like being around a lot of people I totally understood.  My day was getting better until Mfundo called he told me that he was available today and if we could possibly meet for lunch he would really appreciate it, I told him it’s fine but we not going to Rivonia again, I choose Rosebank, he agreed.  Cindy arrived and we got to work, she was feeling fresh today and was very happy for some reason I didn’t want to ask because unlike some people I actually do not like other people’s business besides if she starts sharing her good news she will also want to share the bad news next thing she’s sharing her problems with me and I must give advice, I’m not about that life, deal with your own shit, we all have problems, and mine were as big as a mountain I was not about to add other people’s problems on top of mine, I know it sounds selfish but sometimes you just have to be, Sis Dolly is there for a reason.  She couldn’t stop smiling she honestly thought I was going to ask her why she was so happy but I didn’t so she asked “did you notice that I’m in a good mood today?” I shook my head without even looking at her then she paused obviously waiting for me to ask why she was in such a good mood which never came then she said “aren’t you gonna ask why?”  I again shook my head but she didn’t see that cause she had already stood up to go to her bag opened it and pulled out a box, oh gosh she bought new jewellery yipppe she opened the box and there was a ring I jumped up and said “you bought yourself a ring, this is like an engagement ring?” this girl had lost her mind, who does that. She excitedly replied “no silly, my boyfriend got me this, I’m engaged.”  And she started jumping up and down, I didn’t know what to do so I jumped up and down with her like an idiot and acted all excited for her, I congratulated her and told her she should wear it so people know she’s taken she said they want to do things the right way, the guy must still go to her family and blah blah blah blah, honestly that’s what it felt like she was saying cause the story was so long that I started thinking my own things.  We eventually got back to work and worked until 12 then Cindy said she was going to Sandton to meet up with her man, I wanted to yawn but I held it in.  After she left I called Mfundo and said we could meet in 20 minutes if he was not busy, he said he was busy but work could wait we needed to talk urgently.

I drove to Rosebank and found Mfundo at Tasha’s already waiting for me, was drinking water, I sat down across from him, waiter came and I ordered orange juice.  He made small talk and asked about how things were at work I told him we were not there to discuss work but my baby, I made it clear to him that he had no claim or rights over this baby, this baby was mine and my husbands and I would appreciate it if he stopped harassing me because what he was doing was illegal and I could get a restraining order against him, this completely caught him by surprise, he looked at me and said “harassing?? Is that what you think of me? you want to get a restraining order against me? we work together for crying out loud”  I told him I was planning on resigning just to avoid him. Then I reminded him that we always used protection when doing our thing so there was no way in hell that he could be the father.  “I think you are forgetting Cape Town” I smiled and said “we used protection in Cape Town I even saw the opened condom on the floor when I got up the next morning so don’t tell me about Cape Town.”  He smiled back at me and said “Yes Lee, we used protection on the first round”  if I was white I swear my face would have turned red but I must have gone pale because he asked if I was okay because my face looks like it has no blood.  I took a sip of water just to calm myself down and asked “how many rounds did we have” he said three and the last two we didn’t use protection, I screamed at him and asked how could he be so irresponsible and stupid, he said he was drunk and just went with the flow, if I was white I would have thrown him with a glass of wine in his face, but I couldn’t because firstly  I had no wine and even if I did black people don’t waste alcohol like that, secondly I would look so stupid in front of all the people that were there and thirdly I was now more convinced than ever that killing this fool was the best idea so I had to look like I had no motive like I had nothing to gain when he dies and causing a scene in public would definetly not help me.  I told him that we need to do DNA tests but we can’t do them now because it’s not safe I could end up having a miscarriage he told me he didn’t need any tests he knew that the baby was his.  I was soo mad, angry annoyed if I had a gun I would have shot him right there and then.  I told him I was staying with my husband and he should stay with his wife and focus on getting her pregnant because this baby was not his.  I told him how every single day my husband and I make love and I could never fall pregnant with his 2 small rounds, that hit home but I didn’t care, I even tried implying that maybe his wife was not the one with a fertility problem and that maybe he just couldn’t make babies, I was pulling at straws here but I had to do everything in my powers to plant that seed of doubt in his mind.  He finally agreed to waiting until the baby was born but insisted that he wants to be involved, he wanted to go with me to the gynaecologists appointments and to have the scans of the baby, I agreed knowing that he was going to die before that ever even happened.

We left the restaurant together, we had parked in the same parking but I didn’t know that’s where he had parked.  I went to my car and he went to his I drove in front of him out of the parking lot, paid my parking fee and left, he drove behind me paid his parking fee and droved behind me, I stopped at the robots then opened a dashboard to look for a cd that’s when I heard a screeching sound of a car, I thought a car had lots it’s brakes and was going to hit me, I looked in front of me to see if I can skip the robots they were still red and there were cars passing so there was no way in hell I could pass so I looked into the review mirror to see if the car was close to hitting me, what I saw happen behind me almost gave me a heart-attack.  The screeching car had stopped in front of Mfundo’s car there were 2  guys who came out with guns, mind you this is daylight in Rosebank, it’s not a quiet area it busy there are people around, the guys waved their guns around people dispersed like rats in Alex and ran in different directions, the two guys pulled Mfundo out of his car threw him on the BMW that had stopped infront of his car, the road we were on was a one way from the parking you could only turn left, the other guy got into Mfundo’s car and reversed it, the one in the BMW cut in front of me missing my car by inches and speed off.  I sat there frozen, I didn’t know what the hell to do.

22 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Seventy Four

  1. Lee wat if they thot Mfundo was ur notorious husband?u hv bin followed o sa bone,nd those ppl ha ba itsi Mthobisi?or ke ena a ba rumileng.

  2. I suspect the mother-in-law!! I think she is going to torture Mfundo into confessing that he is having an affair with Lee so the mother-in-law can blackmail Lee!! Or those guys that wanted Mthobisi thought mfundo was him!! Either way, very interesting!

  3. Who else can it be?I think it’s the thug hubby’s dogs and I don’t even think Rivonia was just a coincidence.This guys follows his wife everywhere.Yoh haai,this is not life at all!!!

    Thanks Team-Mike

  4. Its for the best Lee just hope they kill this fool Mfundo mxm he irritates me yoh, lesson learnt Lee. Thnx Mikey have a great weekend erebody.

  5. Thanks Team, kuyashuba la!!! So they had 2 rounds without a condom? If my hubby was gangster like Mthobisi, I swear they’d be a lot of widows out there, lol. We still don’t know njalo how Mthobisi got shot in the hand, and what Mfundo was doing there?

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