Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Seventy Five

Thozama Mqikela

The first thing that came to my mind was call the police and report the hijacking, I took my phone out and as I was dialling it hit me that what the hell will I say I was doing with Mfundo, my husband will definitely find out about this if I call the police so I put the phone down and drove away, I know it was a selfish thing to do, a man had just been hijacked or kidnapped whatever the hell happened in front of me but instead of helping out and calling the police I was driving away.  I tried consoling myself by telling myself that I was not the only person who saw what happened and by now people must have called the police.  I was still shaking from shock so I pulled up into a garage to try and calm my nerves. 

I sat in the car with tears rolling down my eyes, cursing  the day I had set eyes on Mfundo, cursing the day I started this stupid affair, wishing I could turn back time.  When you are single and cheat on your partner it’s bad, when you are married and cheat on your partner it’s bad and it’s a sin, in my situation when you are married to the type of man that I was married to and cheat on him, it’s not bad it’s a disaster, more than a sin and a death application.  Temptation will always be there, your true character is tested when you can resist temptation.  We as human beings need to learn to say “No”, and understand that it’s okay not to fall for everything, there will always be a sexier or richer guy than your man, accept what you have because there is nothing more fulfilling than accepting what you have.  I had cheated on my husband on basis that I was lonely, he was hardly around and he was always working, I didn’t appreciate the fact that he was working to get us to live comfortable lives all I cared about were my needs, my wants.

All that selfishness had brought a demon into my marriage, a demon called Mfundo and he was messing my life in all ways possible, that’s what happens when you have an affair, you open a door for all kinds and all sorts of demons, you don’t know if the person you bringing into your life is going to build or destroy it, you don’t know what drama they are going to bring you, and trust me a concubine never wants to build anything they are there to destroy.  If you have a drama free life with no side-chicks or guys then for your own sanity forget your partner’s sanity but your own, keep it that way.  Some people might think that their lives are boring because they have none of these dramatic and nerve wrecking moments but living at the edge of your seat all the time, biting your nails from nerves because you are shit-scared of what’s going to come out of your fancy closet underneath your expensive clothes is no fun at all.  I could try and twist and make this seem like it was my husband’s fault when in true reality I had brought this shit upon myself I had no one else to blame but me.  I got out of the car and could hear the police sirens and I knew someone must have called the police and my heart was beating so fast thinking that maybe someone might have seen my car and I will get pointed out and the police will come to the garage and question me, I got the water from the garage and stood very far from the car and acted like it wasn’t even mine, there were a lot of police cars going up and down and thank my lucky stars none of them stopped at the garage, as soon as the police cars were out of sight I got into my car and drove straight to the office without even looking at the review mirror I didn’t want to even see what was going on behind me, I was leaving all the negativity of my life behind.

When I got to the office Cindy was already back, she asked why I took so long to get back from lunch I mumbled something about traffic and accident.  She went on to tell me about her date, I could see her mouth moving but what was coming out of it I could not hear, my mind was still on the event that just happened in Rosebank, Cindy would laugh at her own jokes and to keep up the pretence I would also laugh when she laughs even though I didn’t hear what the hell she had just said.  Eventually she was done with her story and was looking at me that’s when I realised she had asked me a question and I had not heard, she asked if I was going to answer her question, I cleared my throat and said “sorry Cindy I just got distracted there for a second, what was that?”  she replied and asked if did Mthobisi manage to get hold of me because when she came back the receptionist had told her to tell me that my husband had called 3 times looking for me.  I checked my phone no missed calls from him, I smiled and said “yes he got hold of me”.  We tried to work but Cindy was too excited about whatever had happened during her lunch and I couldn’t work because of my stress from lunch, it was a very eventful lunch for both of us and neither one of us knew the other person’s lunch event which suited me just fine.

As I was sitting there trying to work I wondered if I should call the police station in Rosebank and try to find out if there are any news regarding Mfundo, but then again who would I say I was and the last thing I wanted was my number to be traced back to me and taken in for questioning imagine if they thought I was involved in all this, I would defiantly fail the lie detector test because I was planning on killing the man, I would probably go to prison for a crime that I committed in my head, I had already spent the night in holding cells for beating up a woman the last thing I wanted was to spend the rest of my life or even a day in prison, hell I didn’t want that and I was going to make sure I do everything in my powers to stay out of this Mfundo situation no matter what.  I decided to call my husband and find out why he would call me at work and not on my cell phone, his cell phone rang and no answer I called 3 times and nothing, then called his office and was told he had gone to lunch with his wife and not come back as yet, I laughed and said “silly me, he’s probably still on his way back, I left him and had to rush back to the office because there was some emergency at work”  I don’t know why I explained myself but I felt I needed to cover up which is what I had been doing lately I had become so used to it that it was becoming second nature, the receptionist laughed and said “don’t worry, it’s pregnancy brains, it happened to me too when I was pregnant I would walk to the bedroom and not remember what I was there for and 2 hours later realise I had gone to the bedroom to sleep but by then I would be in the kitchen looking for something that I don’t even know.”

Oh my goodness my husband was already telling people at work that we were pregnant so much for waiting till we over 3 months and they say women can’t keep secret, screw that, men are the ones with big mouths.  I wondered where the hell he was.  By 16:30 I had not heard from my husband and as much as I usually use work as an escape from my problems on this particular day I could not concentrate on work my mind was just on that stupid lunch incident, I was trying to wreck my brains trying to figure out what had happened, if Mfundo was okay, where had they taken him, did they take him with them so they can remove the tracker out of his car, where they planning on killing him.  Mfundo drives a Merc not some old Mercedes Benz but one of these latest models, when people tell you only VW’s get stolen or hijacked don’t let them fool you all sorts of cars get stolen, even those old Nissan 1400 bakkies get stolen, heck even even bicycle’s get stolen this is Africa.  Both Cindy and I decided to knock off at 16:30 that way we could beat traffic and I was not in the mood of sitting in traffic, luckily when I got out of work there were not that many cars on the road so traffic was flowing.

Each time I looked at the review mirror it looked as if Mfundo’ s car was behind me and then I would look again and it would just be a normal car behind me, when I got off the freeway to drive home I stopped at the robots and I had a quick glance behind me and started hyper-ventilating thinking of what had happened earlier, I was traumatised by all that and I had no one to talk to about it, this was one of those things that you have to take to the grave with you, every woman has that one secret that she would never dare trust anyone with it and would take it to her grave with her for example the true identity of the father that another man has been raising for 21years believing it’s his own, you get a few selfish woman who in their death beds will feel guilty and start confessing and leaving the kids behind confused as to why she never told the truth all these years and the man angry for being made a fool all this time, but some old folk believe that you won’t die until you come clean about certain things. Dammit the stress I was putting myself under was not good for the baby, I wanted to get home take a nice long bath and just forget about this day.  I got home parked the car and my husband’s car was there already, I hoped and prayed that he had brought dinner I was not in the mood to cook.  Since there was not that much of traffic I was home early and I knew my husband would not be expecting me this time so this was going to be a surprise. I got inside the house, his old school hip-hop music was blasting in the house I put the volume down and called out to him, no answer.

I went to the kitchen there was whiskey on the kitchen counter in a glass, he had been drinking I smelled it and the smell was soo good that I was tempted to have a sip, but for the sake of the baby I resisted.  He had brought Pizza which was already half eaten, how long had he been home I wondered.  I went upstairs to our bedroom and I could hear the shower running so he was obviously in the shower which explains why he didn’t hear when I put down the music volume and when I called him.  As I was about to walk into the shower I noticed the clothes laying on the floor, I picked them up just to be sure of what I was seeing and I almost threw up.

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  1. this book I tell you it makes me like Mtho (Badboys). I bet its Mfundo’s blood on the clothes, Lee needs to come up with an Oscar award winning story here.

  2. TO THE AUTHOR- Iam in Namibia but now the problem is i cant read anymr and i cannot sms to get the code…please do smthn

  3. Thanks Team…..Mmmhhhh, second paragraph just hit home – ‘ there’ll always be a guy richer and sexier than your husband…. ‘ so truuuuuueeeeeee.

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