Memoirs of a Tired Black Man

Memoirs – Chapter Ninety Three

It’s funny hey when I went to turn myself in I was so sure that it was the right thing to do because I was in charge of the situation. Now however seeing them there I was so terrified. What had she told them? What is it about police that is so terrifying. In America their log is to Protect and Serve but in South Africa it should be to Intimidate and Bribe. Where the lights really necessary? Why were they trying to scare my white neighbours like this? I walked up to the gate and asked them how I could be of assistance. These cops I was not familiar with that’s for sure. They asked if Mxolisi Sibani lived here and I replied by asking what this was about. They said they were here for Mxolisi Sibani so I should not ask stupid questions and I told them they were on private property so unless there was a warrant of some sort I was not obliged to answer. They threatened me saying I was defeating the ends of justice. I told them that I was not. They were at my gate and they were being rude. The lady cop apologised and took a pink paper. It was an arrest warrant.
“I am Mxolisi.”
I said.
“Then you are under arrest!”
The guy said. They immediately walked in.
“I didn’t do anything to her!”
I said. I don’t know why I lied but it just came out.

“One of our of officer was arrested in connection with a murder that took place in our cells and I am certain you know which one. Please out of respect as a fellow defender of the law get in the car. I don’t want to cuff you!”
He actually became polite. In my head I was asking myself whom I would call. I didn’t want the people at work to know. Eish my boss had said important client. What now?

I went into the car and they drove off. My life flashed before my eyes. Imagine I had worked so hard to end up in prison for a woman who was probably hired to seduce me. I was avenging her when this happened now I was about to pay for it dearly. When I got to Wynberg police station the booking officer was someone I knew very well. Once or twice I had helped him with his wife’s maintenance problems. Immediately he told the two officers I was with that I was one of them and he won’t do this. South African Police! You got to llove them. They said that they had no choice because a charge had been laid against me. He told them that he vouched for me and a lot more higher people would do likewise. Name dropping in South Africa is a business and a lifesaver. He said he would call in a few favours and made it clear that if they dared put me in a cell he will make sure that he will take their jobs! It was weird because he was inferior to them in position but for some reason they seemed to listen. He said he would personally make it go away. I must emphasise that as an officer of the law, which as a lawyer I am, by allowing them to do this I was becoming an accomplice. I had a duty to report them but compare this to going to sit in a prison cell and you would understand why I was gladly corrupt. The arresting officers then turned and said if I gave them r10 000 each they would make sure this case never saw the day of light. I was relieved.

I said let’s go to the bank and we do it now but they said it would be too obvious. They knew where I stayed. Ok fine they were right! In South Africa if you look carefully money can buy you anything. Ask Oscar, 5years for murder! It’s not about skin colour but about money. They said if they were seen dropping me off they would definitely get into trouble but tonight they would come collect. He specified that if the money was not there he would arrest me because he had given me a chance. I thanked the man bribing me for my hard earned money as though I had received a Get Out Of Jail Free Card into heaven. That’s how happy I was.

Now for work. An important client meant that my boss was not lying when he said I was to head one of the new branches. They only did this when they were promoting someone. You would be given a big account to show your worth that’s why I could not afford to be late. I rushed to work. I took the train and because now I was in Wynberg it meant that I was catching the train at the beginning of the line. I could not stop at home to get my case though. The train was not as full as I thought so at least. When I got there I found security officials everywhere. I knew automatically we had landed a big fish. In Cape Town because of parliament we get to hang out with politicians. They have more problems than most and we had never had one. I could see why they wanted a black face in that meeting. When I got to the boardroom my boss gave me a look that could kill. I ignored him, apologized for being late and told them this morning my car was stolen. Every man understands what that means meaning they were now being sympathetic. I was introduced too our client whom all I can divulge was that he is a minister in an important portfolio. Lawyer client confidentiality unfortunately. This case will take me to the very top I felt and who knows even judge maybe. Wow! Three hours, fifteen minutes and a thirty minute interruption due to phonecall HE could not miss later the meeting was done. They stepped out.

“I have it in mind to remove you off this case because you are proving unreliable!”

My boss said as he walked out. I apologised and said I was at the police station and at some point they had put cuffs on my hands thinking I had said I had stolen it. Don’t know if he believed me but who cares!

When I got to the bank, I wanted to withdraw the money. The lines were long which made it even more irritating. I was hot. I was sweat. I was cranky. What’s worse, the lady in front of me was carrying a big back of money with many statements. This was going to take a while.

Eventually it was my turn. I asked the pretty teller for 20 000, took out my card and inserted it. It’s a credit card.

“I am sorry sir but you have insufficient amount in your account!”

Insufficient amount? Is she mad!

“No ma’am you are mistaken. I have r287, 000 in that account!”

I said with a smile.

“Unfortunately not sir. From here I can see that an amount of R286, 988 was transferred this morning as cash by a Asthandile Sibani!”

My wife had cleaned me out. Joint account!

She left me r12.

I fainted!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

43 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Ninety Three

  1. I hate Asthandile with every inch of me,I can’t begin to describe how angry she has made me,geez why can’t she have a truck hit her and die #hides I mean where does she think she will end up really? I thought as much as people have a joint account for one to clean out an account with so much money,you needed your partners signature and approval and how then she manage to succeed. She is a witch that woman and I’m sure she is aware the baby is her boss’s and I’m starting to think that skanky sister of hers has been in on it all along.

  2. I feel like I won the lotto. So many chapters? Does the jika dance 😀

    And sooooo good too. The twists and turns aweee

  3. Kwaaa somone give asthandile some bells! Gota love xhosa women! Mxolisi if that’s not a lesson learnt, then I don’t what is!

  4. Mxolisi is no saint himself, he impregnanted Lindiwe and slept with Astandile’s best friend, so they deserve each other, who is fooling who now.

  5. Waaaagagagaagagagaga….!she did wt? Left R12? N he did wt? Fainted? Ay kwaaaa…a cheater and a con, a match myd sumwhr…..

  6. Thanks Mike. Mxolisi is sinking deeper and deeper into some dark hole and I don’t see how the tide will turn in his favour. Yini kangaka?

  7. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks Mtho u’ve been served shem and this plate is sooooooooooooooooooo extra HOT.

    Thanks Mikey

  8. WoW Mick u such a Good writer its unbelievable. Read from chapter 1 till this 1 in two weeks if I wasn’t busy was gonna do it in two days that’s how much I love ur diary! Tjoh but Asthandile is a snake taking all ur cash 4 what agggg

  9. Shoooooo??!!! Asthandile though. I am very shocked #EyesWideOpen hahaha. tjo first time comment, i just had to. haaaaa that girl mara tjo! I trust.!

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