Memoirs – Chapter Ninety Six

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Growing up we all had that friend who had to leave early from playing because his or her mother was that strict and controlling. We all knew that kid that used to day, “guys you don’t know my mother!” Well I was that kid! My mother could cause a scene that even the craziest of people avoided. We never haad service delivery strikes in my section of Mdantsane because my mother was the one who would go to the municipality and get things done. Who needs an army when you had my mother. She had a temper like no other and a mouth that would put Julius Malema to shame! That’s my mother for you and now she was in my office where I had just met with my boss whom in his own way had given me a warning. My wife knew my mother was petrifying on her best day yet she had brought her here. What the hell? To my work place. Whether you are educated or not, it’s within us black people to want to stare and all my colleagues who were black were staring. Thsi was not good. You build an image around of being clean cut but when the rurals come that goes away in an instant. I thought she was at Khanyi’s? When did my wife get them here? I bet you she had used my money the one she had stolen to fly them in.

“Molweni molweni!”

I said trying to look excited but much as I tried my face I am certain looked like I was constipated after eating guavas and on the toilet seat!

“Hlale phantsi ngoku!!!”

That was my mum and she was not sublte in how she said it. She was seething. In English she had said,

“Sit down now!”

My mother had just told me to sit down in my own office. I sat down so fast that’s how much fear I had in me. Even at my age I still said, you don’t know my mother! I was hungry earlier on but now I was fine. My mother had that effect on me. Asthandile’s parents seemed to have a look of glee on their faces. You know when you have someone you dislike and you see them put in their place there is that look of gratification that comes with it. That was what they had. I am sure their evil hearts were doing catapults of joy. Why do we have a love hate relationship with in laws though! When you marry their daughter they are excited that their child was not one of the many that will never see the alter unless as a bridesmaid. That was them when they knew she was marrying a man who could afford a wedding without taking a loan. However, I think they thought they will be getting money from me every two weeks simply because I was a lawyer and they had gotten.a rude awaken. I fell from being an amazing son in law to a stingy abusive son in law in their eyes! Some parents really think that son in laws should be banks.

I looked at the woman who was supposed to be the love of my life. Asthandile was crying. Wow! This woman was on some other level. The sad part about this even now was that seeing her in tears like this broke my heart. Was I that weak? Was I like all those women who stay in abusive relationship simply because they are in love?

“Listen here, we did not send you to school to be one of those men who beat up women tata!”

My mother said. She called me that as her way of showing me respect usually but in this case it was meant to be a way of making me humble myself!

“How do you hit a pregnant woman? How really then want to divorce her after that? Where did you learn such things? When you brought Asthandile home you asked us to love and protect her like she was you so now here we are! We are protecting your marriage!”

I felt like aa child. I opened my mouth to tell my side of the story but before the words even came out my mother spoke!

“I don’t want excuses! You know me, next time this beautiful wife of yourss complains I will come back here, strip my clothes in front of everyone and cause a scene that will make those shit throwing fools proud!”

Firstly no! I did not want to hear my mother talk about stripping. Secondly it took me a second to realize what she was saying. She was talking about those protesters who have been throwing human waste at the madam and her government. Finally I doubt she would actually do it but she was serious about one thing, causing a scene. My mother does not make veiled threats. She is very blunt and for as long as I have known her aka from birth, she is good on her word! The woman is scary and fearless. Note how my father had not said a word through all this! Yup, now that’s a kept man! My father was I am ashamed to say terrified of her.

Ahem! Someone else finally cleared their mouth. It was Asthandile’s father.

“Please my son, take your wife back and go fix your yourselves. Just because at work they said you are moving overseas does not mean you should leave her behind. Your success is her success!”

To him I wanted to explode! Is this all he had heard! What about her cheating? The bastard child she was carrying? What about all that?

“I am so upset I am not going to sleep here. I will sleep on the bus!”

My mother said turning to everyone and stood up. I did say she was so dramatic.

“Please don’t make me come back!”

She said and actually walked out. My father finally found a voice but not towards me. He spoke to Asthandile and her parents and told the parents that they were leaving but Asthandile must stay here! They had done their part.

Stunned now! I was left alone with Asthandile and I wanted to explode. Then I remembered,

I still needed all that money for the police and the only one who could help me was the same witch who had stolen it. I swallowed the grapefruit sized lump in my throat and went in front of my wife and said,

“I am so so sorry my baby. I am so sorry. Andazi what got into me. Please my wife, my life, please please come home!”

I was on my knees. I actually had tears coming down my cheeks. They might have been fake but the thought of jail can make an Oscar winning actor out of you just ask Pistorius!


*****The End******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Dear Mike.

Thank you for the great stories, its become part of my life and a very interesting life lesson experience.

My story is very long but im gonna try to keep it short. I met my boyfriend when i was in grade 11 ,2010. Our relationship did not start off on the right foot, i had trust issues but during that time he was always patient with me. Things got worse wen i had to go to varsity and he travels a lot, but we`v always had a way to make it work even with the distance. Last year i got a call from a girl who told me they`v been seing each other since 2011, when i asked him he admitted and said it was an on and off kinda thing and that he will break it of with her. I broke up with him cos i was really hurt and i love him. This year in january we got back together but then i found out that he was still seing this girl in july. i stopped talking to him as i needed time off and i wanted to see if i could get over him cause i never imagined my life without him. i really love this guy. we have started talking again now and he says he wants us to give love one last chance and that he will do things right. i believe he means it and that he has learned his lesson. but im scared of being hurt again. am i setting myself up for disappointment? do people change? I need advise from you fellow readers.


thank you.

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  1. Thanks Mike for the post but this woman manages to make my blood boil. If she were in my midst, pregnant of nie pregnant a sjambok would do her well

  2. I know this is just a story and it is supposed to entertain us but Asthandile makes me sick. How can she be so evil, much as her husband is not the best of man I actually feel for him, I cant wait for the time where he will actually be tired and being even, surely the “bastard” will be born by then and the story will be interesting. Salute Team, you are the best!

  3. But Mike i feel you letting Mxo be As’thandile’s p*ssy 4 way 2 long now. i think it’s time now that he also strikes back, y is this woman always getting the upper hand kanti? he must start being a man now and stand up 4 himself to this woman.

  4. Now this Asthandile woman is irritating like really.
    why call parents when you know that you’ve done wrong not that Mxo is an angel but hayi bo! Sekwanele

  5. If it wasn’t for this witch Mxo will still be the perfect husband that he is. She started cheating and send Khanyi to mess with him, so she can get a chunk of his money during divorce. I am starting to suspect that she knew Lindiwe too, and Mxolisi is being played for a fool by this witch again. We called it a coincidence, making a fuss when she learnt that he was going with Lindiwe to the trip, Lindiwe and Khanyi at each other’s throats everytime they meet ?! I have a feeling that this three women are fellow consipirators, who knows maybe Lindiwe is not pregnant at all !!!

  6. Great chapter but I feel soooo disapointed… I’m a feminist by heart but I don’t get why this woman has to get away with everything… The car, the moola n now this?? Noooo!! Can it be real now? Please!! I kinda like the guy lol thanks anyway

  7. Mike the chapters are getting shorter :(. Mxo is really a FOOL. After this he shud ensure he gets evidence he’ll use later.

    Q2A sisi I’d say leave that man, what has he shown so far to prove that u can trust him? This is the same gal aloku anaye, what makes u think he’s gonna leave him 4 u? Maybe she is told the same things you are.

  8. Thanks Mike, have to agree with @Barbie though, something got to happen soon, different, drastic and interesting. Mxolisi has just turned into this bum of a lawyer / husband.
    A to Q: people don’t change cc, esp cheating people or men. He will promise to change but they seldom change. It’s up to you to decide when you’ve had enough and are tired of all the lies and the promises, otherwise nobody can tell you or make it hurt less. We’ve all been there. At the end of it all, there comes a time when you just walk away with your broken, hurt heart. Just keep walking….

  9. anonymous RUN!!! Been there,done that and in the end was left with an egg on my face.Cheaters are very manipulative and you realise it when its too late,save yourself the heartache.

  10. Like are there really men like Mxolisi out there????? He is such a wimp! With that being said, I still think Asthandile is a devious women who knows how to play her cards right.

    Anon, that man is a cheater and cheaters never stop cheating. If you can handle his cheating ways then stay, if not, move girl, plenty of fish in the sea, you just need to catch yourself the right one!

  11. iyo aa i think in as much as i’m afraid of marridge, i’d give Mxo better loving than that, actually better loving is even an understatement, that woman(Asthandile) is destroying this man(Mxolisi) aa shame it dont matter how terrible a man is but he still deserves loving and i personally dont believe hore Mxo deserves all this…

  12. I know “hate” is a strong word but I hate Asithndile and I hate Mxo even more for so damn stupid yazi.
    QnA: cc only a few change so if want to take that chance go for it

  13. Q2A Sisi I was once in ure situation and I stayed girl until that other woman gave him a 1st born n I was sucked. Run 4 ure precious life b4 u regret waisting it n even get deseases

  14. It’s quite amazing how women are disgusted with Asthandile however when it’s a man that does the same kind of crap the woman would be told “nyamesela” all men cheat anyway… This is sick really for as long as women have this kind of mentality men will forever be butt holes and get away with it…

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, however Mxo made his own bed. Asthandile didn’t force him to sleep with Khanyi or Lindiwe. He still had a choice.

  15. Mmm like the use of words at the end.
    But seriously though Asthandile, attacking him at work! Ay no, shame she never ceases to amaze!
    Mxolisi must also call a family meeting and dish out her dirt

  16. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa at the oscar performance! A2Q sisi stop wasting your time with this man,he will do it again and you will always be left alone to pick up the pieces. Just move on,there are so God fearing many man out there who will love and cherish,you just have to wait on the Lord.

  17. I know “hate” is a strong word but I hate Asithndile and I hate Mxo even more for being so damn stupid yazi.
    QnA: cc only a few change so if want to take that chance go for it

  18. I’m starting to think this guy doesn’t have a voice . that’s how irritated I am.mayb he deserves every little think that this woman is puttin him through coz he just doesn’t have a backbone!

  19. A2Q
    I also am in the same kind of situation with my long term exc boyfriend, difference is I won’t allow him to play me like that, its his 1st time doing that well I just found out there’s another girl, and I know for sure my ex would do anything for me that he loves me and all, I didn’t even have to ask him to leave the other girl,I just left and pretended like I don’t care and he knows I love him, but girl my advice; don’t compromise your worth,I don’t mind living with the regret of leaving the only guy I ever loved, so I suggest you show him you don’t need him ad can actually make it without him (don’t try prove a point that your happy though) just leave him and try move on,don’t give him the satisfaction either.

    Its not easy but you’ll make it, I made it after a 4 year relationship (or rather I’m making it) be proud and leave the bastard cause he disrespected you the 1st day you allowed him back into your life after cheating,
    all the best!

  20. I’ve never heard of such a dumb lawyer! Ai not convincing at all. Not even a security guard or a gadner is that dumb. Entleik no man would allow to be treated like that! How he became a big shot lawyer ai beats me!

  21. There are men out there who are academically intelligent and NEVER street wise! Sadly, Mxo is just one of those! A big shot lawyer, yes, but just dumb! Unfortunately no amount of prayers will help him! Uhlangene nezimbila zithutha la!

    As for you Q/A, we all know when we are being played! I bet you, in your heart of hearts you know! Save yourself a lot of heartache and drama and leave…with your pride still intact.


  22. U have a lot of interesting diaries, this one is the worst of them all, Asthandile ruined it! Ke tla bala tse ding kaofela and skip this one.

  23. Thanks mike!
    Anon sis Run as fast as u can. As Steve Havey always says a man will change, bt will change for the woman he trully loves. As for u its a diffrent story coz his bin dng this years n he hasn’t changed, my advice is Run n dnt look back.

  24. For some reason I’m so angry at Mxolisi.How could he just sit there without saying his side?He was supposed to say something before his parents left.Ay this witch though…

    Thanks Mike

  25. Lmao just the last paragraph nje
    “I was on my knees. I actually had tears coming down my cheeks. They might have been fake but the thought of jail can make an Oscar winning actor out of you just ask Pistorius!” Aiich

  26. Yooh Asthandile is wicked. Talk about a wolf in sheeps skin!
    at QnA: he’s done it before what makes you think he won’t do it again? know your worth baby girl. this guy doesn’t deserve an inch of your attention let alone your love

  27. Thanx ta Mike but it was too short.

    Anonymous I know the game I’m a player myself and I say run sweetie. When you catch him all he does is improve his tactics. Run mababy

  28. thanks mike!

    anonymous it hard to leave sum1 while u r inlove with that person. some guys change for real. the question is do u still love him? if yes! give him another chance. if you will leave him with a broken heart, getting to a new relationship will hard due to comparison.. and when u r really fed up with him, you will leave him without turning or seeking advises from other people.

  29. the thought of jail, can make you an Oscar winning act out of you!! kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks

    My goodness Asthandile is a woman with a plan, don’t know how far it will get her but hey!! Lawyer just got played.

    Thanks Mikey

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