Memoirs – Chapter Ninety Seven

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It’s easy to think me a wimp but considerring I needed that money to stay out of jail I would have licked her ass if I had to. She was my get out of jail card and if I had to grovel for that money I would. I am not stupid. I don’t know how long she and her friends had had to plan this but with that said what I already had a plan in my head. She won’t know what hit her! A wise man does not just press the attack button without thinking first. They had thought this through and I must say they had pushed well and hard enough. My turn was coming. The only thing she had to was pay that money and she will see why lawyers get away with a lot. I will play the fool for now I don’t mind.


“I am so sorry Thandi, I don’t know what got over me. These last few weeks I have just been angry at the world and I took it out on you!”

I said pleading on my knees to my wife. Another thing people forget, I am a lawyer and I can convince the Queen of England herself that she was lesbian and she would believe me.

“When Khanyi came to the house to tell me where you were I did not react because I was so scared you would push me away. I am so glad you got the parents to come talk us back together again!”


You see beautiful people tend to believe that people around them should worship them. In their heads they tell themselves that they are irreplaceable which is why men especially would do anything to get them back. I looked at her face when I mentioned Khanyi’s name to see whether she was surprised that her friend had come but she totally was not. It’s like it was a matter of fact. I had given her a bit of rope now. Let’s see what happens next.


“I am coming home. I am so sorry that I left you the way I did.”

It had only been two days, that does not really qualify as leaving me because look who came crawling back but obviously could not tell her that. I had to be polite. Even now. I asked to wait for me if she wanted or to go home. It was still early in the day so she chose to go home. The plan was to spoil her and pampher her so she can give me back my money.


Ten minutes later Dalu came to my office. He said he thought he had seen Asthandile and I told him that yes it was and explained what had happened. He told me that I was a wimp because it was me entertaining this rubbish that’s why she wwas treating my like rubbish. There was hatred in his voice and contempt towards her. I did not want to tell him about the new police demand though because it would make matters worse so I just said I would handle it. It just got busy after that. Lindiwe was on my case about some documents I had not delivered to her office. I had forgotten we were working together on something. She was nice though and kept on rubbing her tummy as though to hint at something. She invited me for dinner even which I declined. She was on a charm offensive and this was a nice side of her I don’t recall seeing. Apart from my wife coming to the office I actually had a pleasant day. I needed that money and I had so many plans of how to get it back. Worst case scenario I would sell my car and pay those guys and be done with it. She was back meaning that my car was back too. I can work with that.


When I got to the house there was a car I did not know. It was not parked in the driveway blocking but more on the side so I drove past it and parked behind my car (the one my wife had taken). I had my car back. I actually smiled. when i walked in i saw it was my wife’s boss! Really? sitting on my couch at that! i think he was crying i am not sure bu fuck it> I think he had meant to talk to me ut the moment he so me he panicked and stood up and moved to the corner of the room. He better run!I locked the door behind me!


I would rather go to jail I had had enough. I took off my belt and I started to hit her. I had come from a non violent man to a the worst kind of man. I was tired. I was angry. I told her that this time if she left she must not come back. She can bring whoever she wanted even Desmond Tutu for all I care but I would not take her back! She was my wife and if she thought that thing between her legs belonged to every rich man out there she had another thing coming! Yes she was pregnant but I was not going to be sympathetic to her!


“How dare you bring that man to my house? How dare you?”


I asked her. She was crying trying to jump out of the reach of my belt but today I was going to beat her up like the child she was! I was done! I was fed up! She had to go!


“He came to tell me that he has just been told he has HIV?”


At first it didn’t register what she had said as I was whipping her ungrateful ass! Then I stopped, what had she said? Honestly I don’t think in the situation we were in that now was the time to deliver such news! Did she want me to kill her! Was she trying to make me sympathetic towards him? I had a baby on the way with Lindiwe meaning… Dear God!


“Mxolisi what about our baby? I know you think it’s not yours but he had a vasectomy six months ago after his wife got pregnant!”

This was a nightmare! How long was this affair of theirs but worse,


I had been exposed to and now exposed others including now seeming two babies to HIV!


****The End*****




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Hi mike im impressed wth ur blog it has turned us(readers) into a one big family where we share our problems wth one another.That is very nyc nd gud work.


I hope my letter wil find u nd the readers well


I am girl aged 18 years doing matric.My mother has 5 childrn me included.Me nd the second born we share a father nd he died around 2007.The thrd one we dnt knw the whereabouts of his father nd he is only the boy child out of 5 chldrn.The last two also share a father.My mother nd their father broke up last yr bcz he was abusing her.And she is nt married bt she is very young nd beautiful.I was raised by my grndma nd my mother was nt around nd to all my siblings.By the age of 8 yrs i knew to do everything on my own cooking,cleaning,washing nd im proud of that.I thot my grndma was my mother bcz I was spending most of the tym wth her.My mother used to visit nd i never knew she ws my mother until a certain tym.By the way my mother had me when she was 16 yrs old,the 2nd one when she ws 17 nd the last one when she was 30.Now it is tym for examinations nd i dnt get much tym to read bcz i hve to luk afta my siblings nd my grandma when my mother is nowhere to be found.I am a hard worker nd at skul i du well.When i receive awards for my hardworking my mother wil nt even say congratulations my child you have made me proud.I alwys receive compliments from people on the streets abt my body nd my beauty bt my mother hsnt once told me that.Even i lv u my child she hsnt said that.What pains me a lot is that she is nt behaving lyk a mother of 5 children,she is sleeping around wth young boys that i cn date in front of my siblings in her back rum when i am nt around nd they wil tell me. Me nd my mother we dnt share anythng evn a relationshp we dnt hve any bt atleast she gets along wth the second one nd others.I find it strange to call her my mother.At the beginning of the yr i thot i wil nt cope in matric bt i do wth the support i get frm family nd friends.Each nd everyday i grow hatred wthin me asking myslf wat did i do nt do deserve the love of my mother.I get the love frm extnded family bt it is nt warmth as a mother’s lv i guess.Is my mother ashame of me?or she did nt want to have chldrn at a young age that when she sees me she get memories that she actually had?Seeing my mother nt caring abt me nd my siblings bt especially me pains me a lot.What did i do to deserve this?Ths is affecting me and my studies bt i knw through God i wil pass my matric.I dnt knw if am i the one who is making issue out of ths or wat?or am i the one wth problems?Nxt yr im thinkng to go for counselling b4re i become depressed,wil ths help me or not?Is ths normal or what? My siblings are also affected by ths i know,how du i help them as their older sista? PLZ HELP!!!!!


As i was writing ths letter i was crying nd thats what i does each nd everyday.I KNW OTHER READERS WL NT SEE THS AS AN ISSUE ND IF THEY DNT HVE ANY GUD TO SAY,THEY MUST NT COMMENT. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Portia T.

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  1. This doesn’t make sense, who did Asthandile bring to the house, is it only me or some parts are missing in this chapter. With that said, thank’s Mike!

  2. Hai Mike your story today at the end got alil confusing for lack of a better word from smiling from seeing your car to beating her with a belt and so forth but non the less thanx alot

  3. A2Q:@PortiaT I knw exactly how u feel dear, I’ve been through it and still going thru it even 2day.I knw its not easy but try focusing on ur studies and just appreciate all the love you get from extended family and friends,even though u myt feel its not enough. Forgive ur mom and focus on being a better person,I’m 27yrs with a thriving career and that is one of the good things abt my life that I have chosen to focus on. Talking to my mom didn’t help and I can’t change or control her and how she behaves. Ur a blessing to many other people and they know ur value pls focus on that dear and know that hatred will destroy you, maybe get counselling with a social worker its free. And remember God loves you despite all ur going thru and He will bring you thru this, have faith.

  4. dear portia your mum is the one missing out she has things to deal with and as a child you shouldnt have to beg for her love and affection i mean you got to metric without her help and i believe you will pass well and get a bursary to further your studies and dats all you can do so you can help your siblings…most of all stand firm on Faith and know that God is there and he will make a way….

  5. Ok so what exactly happened between smiling for the car and the whipping? Did we miss a paragraph? Thanks Mikeesto interesting developments, HIV eish.

    Portia T, I think you need to get counselling as soon as possible. You need to deal with the hatred and anger that is brewing inside you. I don’t want to comment about your mom, coz lord knows I have nothing but vulgar to say. But wena iba strong sesi, this will make you a strong person that can withstand all of life’s challenges. Thank God for your gran,your extended family,friends and siblings. Some people don’t even have a support structure, so count your blessings, cut your losses(mom) and focus on making sure that you are nothing like her.
    5kids at 30? Bathong. Get your siblings counselling as well, it can’t be easy seeing their mother doing this, its just setting a horrible example nje.

    Goodluck Portia

  6. @Ninja you very correct, nami i was so confused ukuthi where does the whole taking off of the belt come from now… something is missing there it was just too sudden and out of nowhere.

  7. portia, every girl child should have a relationship with their mother, sadly that’s not always the case but you have the next best thing, a grandma. My sister and I were raised by my grandma while my mother was out partying, everything I know I was taught by my gram. I hated how we had to grow up faster than anyone and like you I got loads of awards and the last time my mother attended my award ceremony I was in grade 6, then after that she didn’t bother. I was angry at her and didn’t want her to tell me anything or ask anything of me because I felt she didn’t deserve it. I finished my matric in 2006 with my gram’s and sister’s help ( words of encouragement and so on) I got into wits four years later I had my Law degree, fast forward 4 years later, I am an Attorney, a Conveyancer and a Notary. I now take care of my mother we have a relationship and she has a relationship with my daughter. My point is: that anger and resentment you harbour is only hurting you, she’s living her life and everytime you see her you feel like screaming, I understand, but focus on your studies, your siblings and your gram… it’s best for you not to have any feelings towards her, just know she exists and have no expectations.

    goodluck with your exams!!!

  8. Oh my word! It gets worse. This story should have been part of intersexions, it would have made for a good watch. The only people I feel sorry for is the little babies because they don’t deserve to be born in such mayhem!

    Portia T, your situation is heart breaking. Once our pastor preached about khumbula ekhaya where people are always looking for their parents who left them when they were young. The message he got across was there is no need to seek people who have never cared for you because there is a God who may not be physically there but our faith in him gives us the comfort we need. We should seek him first because his love is everlasting. I get that you want a mothers love and attention, unfortunately you have to make peace with the fact that you not getting it because some people are born selfish like that and you can’t change them. Focus on the Lord, work on your relationship with him. Study hard, pass your matric by the the grace of God I am sure you might get a bursary or NSFAS and go to tertiary. Make your life happen, worry about you so that you can take care of your siblings. Ask your extended family members to assist with your grandma and siblings where they can. You are forced to grow up now, its unfortunate but know things happen for a reason. Hardships are not meant to last, kuyadlula sisi.

    P.S When requesting advice, please don’t reprimand people and don’t use caps either to get you point across because it comes across as rude.

  9. I agree with Sthe that there appears to be a gap somewhere.
    Anyway, after that beating her, will she still get some money?

    Q&A Portia, just look at your exams now. Get a stress and depression from the as much as you can. Just have a determination to work hard even at varsity to change your life and start a new life on your own leaving the past behind.
    Assuming she is 34 (16+18), I regret to tell you that I dont see her changing her ways anytime soon. So, get all the milk all the mother’s love where you got it from the start, granny. I also encourage you to make a life of your own and remain strong for your siblings as you have done all these years. Old age will bring her back. Wish you luck on the exams, me and some of your neighbours will buy a paper in January, LoL.

  10. hi all,
    I think you’re missing this paragraph:

    When I got to the house there was a car I did not know. It was not parked in the driveway blocking but more on the side so I drove past it and parked behind my car (the one my wife had taken). I had my car back. I actually smiled. when i walked in i saw it was my wife’s boss! Really? sitting on my couch at that! i think he was crying i am not sure bu fuck it> I think he had meant to talk to me ut the moment he so me he panicked and stood up and moved to the corner of the room. He better run!I locked the door behind me!!

    I completely understand your dilemma, i’m the last born but my mother gave me up and she could afford to raise me but she chose not to. but just like @iPearl I got through it, I got to understand the process that God wanted me to go through, I Received unbelievable love from the mom that raised me. and i honestly don’t think i’d be where i am if i had focused on my biological mother.I am 23 and work and 1 of the most prestigious companies in the country and doing extremely well.
    focus on you and your siblings be the best you, you can be and love your family. do your best.

  11. Guys there is nothing missing,mxo noticed a strange car in his yard then he parked behind his own car that his wife has take,,then when he opened the door he saw thw owner of the strange car,monna o ne a mojela mosadi(his wife’sboss) then he dealt with the culprit,his ungrateful bitch,no mention is made of the boyfie apart from the fact the hurdled in a corner

  12. i dont understand wht everybody means by there is something missing… I’ll paraphrase if it’ll help, there was a car that Mxo didn’t know near his drive way, he passed it and saw his car, ‘that is when he smiled’, only to find his wife’s boss on his couch…. I hope i’m not the one lost, or maybe i’m seeing things that mike didn’t wtite lol

  13. Portia, it saddens me to know that i am not the only one who seem not be best friends with mommy dearest. I have spent probably 3/4 of my life with my granma and i think my mother no longer realises that i’m her child too. My father passed on when i was very little so mom was practically the only parent i ever had n known. We not frienfs, we hardly talk, she does not even pay for my studies because she says if she does, that will put a pause in fulfilling her dreams of building a huge house around town. Recently, she had a new baby n i only heard from ousiders, the baby is probably 4 months now but she still hasn’t told me.

    My point is, not every girl will be blessed with a mother who will love n protect her, be friends with her n care for her. It is not your fault that ur mother is who and what she is. You need to stop focusing on the hatred ur mom has towards u n instead focus on the positive things in ur life, like ur studues. Complete ur matric, go to varsity, do well n before u know it u’ll b having ur own family n then u will be the mother u never had to ur kids. Today i have graduated at UJ n my mother did not come. But my family, gran, uncle n aunts (God bless them) were there to witness my graduation n it turned out to be the best day of my life.

  14. He smiled and then saw the boss on the couch n he was crying when he saw mxo he got up a tshwara corner that’s when mxo came in locked the door n started whipping his wife

  15. Dear Portia
    I’m a Psychologist in training and this is how I perceived your problem:
    It seems your mom is not the only problem here. yes her behaviour is enough to drive anyone to a state such as yours but there’s another aspect to explore here. I noticed you mentioned your father, the mere fact that you mentioned him means there’s a gap in that aspect of your life, at least you have your grandma as a mother figure but you don’t seem to mention a father figure in your life. it seems you feel if your mom pays enough attention to you and your siblings that gap of a father figure will be filled. sadly, there’s no guarantee of such. I advise you to let go of what can never be because this woman is not capable of loving anyone including herself, “forcing” her to love you will only hurt you even more because forced love is never genuine. take the love your extended family has shown you with both hands knowing that you’ve earned it, this in turn should show you that you are worthy of being loved hence you don’t have to “beg” this woman to love you. Love yourself enough to know when to step back, I believe you’re capable of this and more.
    One of the theorists I’ve been exposed to who’s possibly my favourite, Carl Rogers, believes that our problems do not stem from what we are exposed to instead they stem from the meanings we attach to these experiences. try to change how you view this situation, ask yourself if you would have been blessed with such a strong and large support structure if your mom hadn’t neglected you. Look for the positive in all this and you will survive it all. Stay strong and know that God’s power is most powerful in weakness.
    All the best with the rest of your exams.

  16. @ Portia, your letter brings me to tears as it reminds me of my own Mother. She died back in 2009 but I still resent her for what she put me through. She killed the person I could have been and left a low self esteemed bitter person I am today. Had it not been for my grandmother I would have committed suicide at my early teens, but I could not put my gran through that and did not want to give my mother the satisfaction, as I thought that’s what she wanted anyway. Sometimes I get angry at the fact that she’s not around to see my success and the better mother I am to my Kids.

    I guess what i’m trying to say is focus on your studies and make a better person out of yourself and if you could, attend that therapy so you don’t end up bitter and angry at the world while she is having all the fun without any care of the damage she’s caused.

  17. Cum on guys asthandile came home first as she used mxos car remember she took it away so mxo is smiling bcoz his car taken by asthandile is back home that why he smiled and whn he got inside the house he found astandiles boss remember they once shaged so he took out his belt and hit asthandile

  18. dear Portia, continue being strong sisi. I have been through the hardships that you are going through and all I have to say is that it is doable. I studied for my matric using a candle and having to get water from a river, and walking long distances to school, plus having to get home and cook, clean and do my homeworks. but I did pass with very good marks and made it to university and now I have a very promising career…. with that said your time will come. I know you would love to have a mother that loves and cares for you, but in life we have to live with the fact that we come from different backgrounds with all sorts of challenges, and its sad that for you one of the challenges is that the person who is supposed to love you does not show it. Just pray that you will not do the same to your kids….. I know you mentioned that everyone praises your body and your looks. sis, I am beautiful I know but you have to get to a point where you have to decide, do I want to be pretty or smart with a promising career. I would go with the smart, coz nothing is hotter than a beauty with brains.

    Try to look on the bright side love, and all the best in life.

  19. There is nothing missing, he went into de house to realize it was Astha’s boss’s car dat he passed outside, n de boss was sitting on de couch so he got furious bcos dis is de man dat Astha was sleeping with from her workplace, as soon as de boss see Astha’s hubby he stood up n run to de corner, dats when Astha’s hubby took de belt without asking questions n hit her for bringing de guy in his home.

  20. Oh Portia it breaks my heart into pieces reading what you are going through, i become a mom at a very young age myself and having had my baby forced me to grow up, Pray and have faith i know sometimes easier said than done but thats all that worked for me,God bless stay strong

  21. Eish Portia mina I dnt have much to say regarding ur situation, all I can say is I am sorry for what ur experiencing, its so touching I dnt have words, as I had a not so well relationship with my mother due to her drinking behaviour, she raised myself n my young brother alone, even though my father was there for me till I completed my qualification, but I still miss dat part of taking her to de malls or eat out bcos she is always drunk n even when u trick her into doing dat she will dodge u at de mall n go have a drink somewhere she can get it, so basically I dnt have dat touch with her n I cant take my kids der fr de holidays bcos she leaves dem alone in de house n dey are 12 n 5, so ya I have learnt to live with dat all my life bcos my first husband used to insult me about her, bcos she will start yelling, talking things n asking him to buy him booze of which it embarrassed me but I kept quiet, when I try to talk to her regarding dat she will yell at me telling me dat I think I know too much bcos I went to school. My recent husband is a loving n caring person whom I see he dsnt want to be around her much even though he dsnt say it, he will go with us to my mother but will stay fr few minutes n go stay with a neighbour n come in to say his goodbye’s when we leave. I dnt say anything bcos I know de problem n I am sure he dsnt want to say it bcos he thinks it will hurt me. But I am glad dat God has given me a very loving father, he is caring n we both have a strong relationship with him, but still I miss de motherly friendship u know.

    Good luck fr ur exams Portia

  22. Hi Portia

    I grew up with my grandparents, my mother was busy living her life just like what your mother is doing, luckily my grandparents managed to take me through varsity and with prayer and determination i completed and i am now a junior manager , married and blessed with a baby boy….and its only now that my mother wants to be there for me. There is nothing wrong with you, you don’t need to cry everyday blaming yourself, what does not kill you makes you stronger. I know somethings are easier said than done, but out of my experience i have managed to craft a way for my self and i can thrive in any situation. Just know that God created you for His own divine purpose and that your future is way brighter than what your going through now.

  23. No paragraph missing here, made total sense to me.

    Got to his house, smiled because he had his car back. But that quickly changed when he opened the door to the house and saw his wifes boss steady chilling on his couch. That’s what pissed him off and resulted in him whipping out his belt and beating the ish outta asthandile.

    I hope we’re all now on the same page.


  24. Hi Mike

    Thank u for having ths blog and stories that sometyms relate to our own lives. @ Portia T *sigh* I don’t know where to start! All I can tell u is that this too shall pass, and what u can do now, is to strive for excellence, nomatter what challenges u r faced with, focus on yo matric, get a vacation job and thank God for giving u d family u have now. As for your mom; she doesn’t hate u, she is going thru hell Bt u wl never know. She is ashamed of herself, she realised she was a failure and doesn’t want to admit and apologise. I’m sure she has her own reasons and justifications. Your granny also played a role by not being tough enough to her and nw u r paying her prize by looking after yo siblings. Life is so tough, jst be thankful of who u are and one day, u wl overcome all this. I’m in yo shoes, I have similar problem wth my own kids, one got a child at 16 in 2010, fortunate enough she managed to complete matric, now she’s doing Mining Engineering @ Wits. I always remind her that what I did was for her daughter, nd she must study and always remember that she is her child. During holidays, I make sure she’s wth her whereever she is. U r so fortunate, u r nw in Matric. God wl make a plan and u wl succeed and take care of yo family. Good luck in yo exams as well!!!

  25. Haibo ther was Asthandile’s boss in d house! Hawu that’s why he decided to hit her wth a belt dfor beringing hm home. (Kwaaaaa) am Mikes interpreter nw!!

  26. I cn relate to ur story girl. My mom rejected me. She ws abusive n never there for me. She criticised evrything abt me. N unfortunatly i went to look for love out there n ended up being pragnant, i wish u don’t. Bt wht i have went through helped me to become the best mother to my child, to love her unconditionaly n to learn to love my mom also. I forgive her cause tht was gonna make me to be like her. Yes i finished my matric, two days b4 the result came out she told me how am i not going to make it. N i did made it n went to tuks, am graduating very soon. Ur mom is missing out, don’t let her rob u ur future. make the best out of urself.

  27. @Portia…I also relate,if u can please try to get the book EYE BAGS AND DIMPLES by Bonnie ‘Mbuli’ Henna…it gave me comfort and hope might do the same for u

  28. But you guys, the guy came back home to find the man who was fucking his wife. Did you expect to keep smiling? I just hope we all noticed the lesson here, that cheating doesn’t pay. Just look how many people have been exposed to H.I.V. Portia my love, just pray and put God infront and all will be okay.

  29. Portia my darlin, your story just breaks my heart. I think for the first time I understand that my son may feel the same way you do cause I also am mother of 5 & know how hard it can be to keep track of everyone (3 or my own and 2 are my late sister’s). I’m proud of you for being independent and for caring about your siblings and also for doing well in school…some people would break. My advice would be to sit your mom down and tell her how you feel…tell her all your fears and the fact that you feel she doesn’t love you.if you can’t face her, write her a letter expressing everything you feel maybe it will give her a wake up call and get her to be a mother to you. I hope you will work it out together and Good luck with your exams.

  30. Kikikiki Mxolisi is a drama king yong. From smiling to moering his wife in a split second tjo

    Portia baby. Get help ASAP. That pain and anger will ruin ur life if u don’t process it. I grew up with serious daddy issues. My dad was abusive in every way except sexually, I hated him so badly. As a result I didn’t finish my studies. I dropped out of UJ because i became anorexic and had to get treatment for it and clinical depression. I won’t bore anyone with the details but I’m trying to make u see that those negative feelings will hurt you if you don’t get help. Utilize the support you have in the form of granny and other people, accept that your mom has her own demons to deal with. Take ur siblings with to counseling. Support each other. Uzoba right dear. Life is full of challenges.

    Hugs T

  31. Those who read the story late.
    There was a paragraph missing and Mike corrected it. The part that was missing is

    ” when i walked in i saw it was my wife’s boss! Really? sitting on my couch at that! i think he was crying i am not sure bu fuck it> I think he had meant to talk to me ut the moment he so me he panicked and stood up and moved to the corner of the room. He better run!I locked the door behind me!”

    You can see that he patched as the sentence started in a small letter “W”. You can imagine our reading when we saw that he smiled when he saw his own car then in the next paragraph “all of a Sunday” he is taking out a belt whipping her without any logic.

    We really appreciate the work Mike is doing and we don’t care of any typos or grammar errors as I know I can type such nice stories everyday while being creative.

  32. Cheating may come cheap and easy but the consequences are always so life transforming, worst of all even the innocent have to pay the prize. Tjo Mike thanks for the lessons.

    PortiaT, everyone here has shared their story just to show you that, this too shall pass and at the end depending on how you decide to handle this issue going forward, you will succeed. All the best.





  34. Hey Mike .
    Firstly I have to say thanks for these moments of pure escape, however I wonder If maybe we could hear Asthandile’s side of the story, Asthandile and Mxolisi deserve each other ( they are both messed up)…and on the HIV thing ,He also slept with other women without protection meaning he could have been the one to infect her… hmmm . can wait for comes next

  35. I feel ur pain sisi. You are stronger than this. I also went through this.To make matters worse my mom was an alcoholic. She passed on in 2001. I was raised by my sweet Gogo. Me en my brother. Look foward to the life that u will have after matric. education will give some comfort in life. I’m 30 today en I have a house not rdp, car en a dog. I’m looking after my brother. U can do it ok to go for counselling

  36. those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and fly high like eagles. U are a gem in God’s kingdom Isaiah 40:31, U are beautiful and do not need to hear it from someone else, Believe it and you will see it. You are given a chance face difficulty so that you can look back and see how strong you are and how far God has carried you. Look on the bright side you have your gran. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT AND DO NOT NEED A MAN TO TELL YOU THAT. BELIEVE it and you will reach your destiny. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, you deserve to be loved and I love you, even without knowing you and most important God loves you, regardless.

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