Memoirs – Chapter Ninety Four

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When eventually I came to it was with a start. It was as though I was having a bad dream. Something cold and wet was on my face was on my face. The bank security guy had used water to wake me up. For a moment I did not realize where I was. How could I? It all happened so fast and I was not even sure what had had happened. One moment I was standing the next I was on the floor. I was not in any physical pain but the heartache. Money at times is more important than love! I know women like to lie to themselves that love is more important and will rather be poor just to be happy with the men they love! Really? How many poor people do you know that hide their misery in their alcohol, often abusive and generally angry at the world. As far as I am concerned my love is linked to taking the best care of my wife and providing for her not only food and shelter but also peace of mind that today’s meal is not the last meal on the table! That is money. That is waking up every morning and saying my family should have extra. That is a man to me! Ok fine fainting makes me question my manhood but where it any other occasion I would have been embarrassed but at this point I was panicked! What the hell had happened? I woke up dizzy and confused. You know love makes you make stupid decisions. When I married wife, out of community of profit BUT with profit and loss, it was my idea that our bank account should be joint! Why? Because she was unemployed and I felt as though I was insulting her giving her a monthly stipend as though she was my domestic worker! She was already an unemployed housewife meaning it’s pretty similar. Her job was to take care of me and feed me which is much unlike a domestic worker the difference being the sex which in her case again I rarely got! Stupid woman.

At this point I knew I needed help. I spruced myself up and walked out. The bank had called an ambulance which is even more embarrassing but I was fine. I apologized for causing a scene and the bank teller Tizah Nyirenda as was written there about scaring her like that. When we opened that account it was me that had insisted on it. The bank had advised us to always have two signatures but I had told them that because I sometimes work out of town we should be allowed to conduct business etc when we are apart. There therefore was no reason for us to always sign double. She was therefore in every right to take the money as technically it was hers too. That’s the dumb side of love. We all act like we the first people to ever discover it and fall into it.

I called Dalu to come pick me up. I told him I had fainted in the bank. Obviously he was concerned and he came immediately. He asked me if I was sick and I told him know. I told him Asthandile had left me and took all my money on a day when I needed r20 000 most. He asked me why I needed the r20 000 and I was not for one second tempted to tell him the truth. I told him he had to trust me on this one but it was a matter of life and death. Daluxolo was that friend who had your back through and through and rarely ever asked questions. This time however he told me that he was extremely concerned about me because lately I was edgy and always in a rush! Well he was right I was. He told me I was stressed up and messing up at work which was very unlike me. It was when he asked me if I was on drugs that finally for the first time today I managed a genuine laugh. That was funny. I reassured him I was not and told him that it had something to do with the Asthandile’s friend who was raped. I had told him the story briefly when it happened so he had an idea. He said he will transfer the money and I said no! Please not in my account. Asthandile was out there somewhere!

Ah bad choice of words! He started asking me why she had left. This time I told him the truth of as much as I knew. Told him about her boss and all those things. He was so disappointed in her but typical Dalu he turned around and asked me what role I had played in because this didn’t just happen. He reassured me that he was on my side but I too must sit down and self reflect. He told me when it comes to divorce often the person breaking up with the hellbent on proving that they were right. The conversation and lecture was not long but it hit home. Finally I had the r20 000. Dalu dropped me off at home and thank heavens I did not have the train. I called some guys to come fix my car and the tyres! Women are cruel. Asthandile and don’t ask me how had taken the spark plugs from inside the engine meaning the car was not working. How did she even know how to open the bonnet? I had underestimated her but it’s ok now I was fully awake. I had to go buy the sparks though.

In the evening the police came. At least I was clearing my mess. The one who had been so rude to me in the morning took out an envelope with a disk. He said that things had changed because the evidence they had against me being part of the conspiracy was overwhelming. The video showed me going to see the deceased as well as they had a voice recording of me putting the request for him to be punished. He said for the evidence to disappear that will cost me another r50 000 on top. I wanted to cry. Now they were really extorting me. 24hours ago I could have raised the money but now. I was in trouble. I begged them to reconsider but they refused. I was given 7days to come up with it over and above the 20 000 I was paying now.

When they left I found myself on my knees asking God why he had abandoned me. Fair question. Two minutes later the doorbell went. Standing there was Khanyi. God had answered me! This was the reason why he had abandoned me.

“Asthandile is at my place. She does not know I am here though so how do you want to handle it?”

Honestly people like Khanyi are dangerous but handy! I could feel she wanted me to react but again I had to ask myself what she stood to benefit from this. I also asked myself this, what could I benefit…

My wife had life insurance. I took it out on her and I was the beneficiary.

Could I do it?

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi mike

I dont know where to start but I’m confused about this relationship I’m in: I’m dating this guy for a while now we met under unforeseen or in an rather odd way, his work! He was hired to investigate a theft case at my work plc, me being the one who reported the theft he had to talk to me about everything that was going on, about da case, 30-07 was da official day it started n till today I’ve never been to his house, we’ve had sex 4 tym already but he always take me to a lodge or a bnb! He never calls me at night when his at home and when I do he talks less than a minute then say goodnight, at once I even thought he was married but manage to remove that from my head when I confronted him abt it, he told about his family and how much of Christians they are (zion)and they always have sum prayer n it will b rude of him to take me over while his parents in that prayer! he says he love me I know for sure dat I love him but is he for real? Or am I just insecure!


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, day made, this dude needs to man up and put a bounty on that wife’s head.

    Paleh, weren’t you involved before this PI showed up? Anyway its been 3months, don’t expect to meet the parents or be taken home after 3 months, you setting yourself up for disaster. You need to be careful throwing this Love word around. Sex four times and dating or rather lodging for 3months still certifies you a groupie,bootycall,sidechick. If there isn’t any other thing connecting you two besides the bnb’s and minute phone calls, find your chill and enjoy the ride. Let’s not overcommit ourselves so early now Paleh.


  2. Yho Mxolisi is in trouble for sure. Tnx Mike.

    @Phale dear, the man is married. It is up to you wether to say or not. He is lying to you about the prayers.

  3. Thanx Mike…cnt w8 to hear what these two are going to cook up…as it seems that khanyi is playing them both….@Paleh this guy is playing you dear he”s so married or has a steady gf…man tend to make things difficult 4 them bcz its not like you expected to find him without someone in his life he should just be honest…… put yo fears on the table and ask him whats cooking…#gud luck#

  4. Eish! Eish! Eish Mxo usengxakini mfo – go speak to your wife.

    Thanks bhut’ Mike

    @Paleh, the dude is lying. If he was that Christian, he would invite you to the prayer meetings. I smell something fishy here. Ask him if you can go to one of these prayer meetings and see his reaction – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a prayer meeting with your boyfriend so if he says you can’t then you will know for sure that he is hiding something/someone.

  5. Paleh u r da side chick! Leave dat relationship its not going anywhere, that guy ke monna wa mosadi e mong,,

    Why take u 2 lodges whras he can jst take u 2his house nd make sure his parents dnt see u ke? Da guy is lyin 2u, nd lwena u let him

  6. thank you Mike for a great read, I would personally kill Asthandile if she was my partner. she has a nerve after everything she’s done!

    Pale I fully agree with Jackrozzo, but yet again I know we woman need to know were we stand. I say enjoy the ride and let it, be if its meant to be it will be.

  7. But Mxo where did these people record your conversation with the cop. CCTV yes but the recording its a no no this is cospirency against you Mxo watch Khanyi closely she is involved in all this from the start, with her Cop boyfriend. Your wife is a gold digger yinkinga ngezishimane they don’t go out with nice ladies until he gets a fat cheaque.

  8. Mxolisi, don’t trust Khanyi either, kick her out and tell her you are a man and you can handle your problems alone. You don’t need her, else you will be yet again a step behind cause they may be still playing you for the fool that you are!

    Paleh listen to jackzorro.

  9. Thanks Mike. Can Mxolisi pls go to Khanyi’s place and just take half the loot that Asthandile transferred from the bank and there after cut ties with all these women pls!!!!! He doesn’t need to shoot anybody or do silly things la, just take the money and VAYA!!! All of them are contaminated, and this guy will never move on or up if there’s still Asthandile and Khanyi lurking in every corner. Mxo must go set up the new offices in Jhb for his company, but he needs to stay as far away as possible from those ladies, including Zimasa!!! As for the pregnant one – thumela imali ngeposi!!! I’m tired of their games, seriously!
    A to Q: your guy is committed to someone else, just enjoy the r/ship and stop stressing, after all it’s still way too early to be meeting family and that. Good luck.

  10. Nice one Mike
    You gotta love women mara, how they become one with the story, giving advice to mxolisi, hating asithandile. Even movies,TV etc…..watching horror movie they get involved “no look behind you idiot he is behind you ruuunn”, ” udom ke uzokufana”
    HAHAHAHA ya’ll special *cute* group hug

  11. Well now that’s an Exciting thought you have there,but you will live to regret it Mxo,Q n A I’m sure that he’s married but for your sake I hope I’m wrong.

  12. I was wondering why Khanyi sent that sms at night, was it to push Mxo to go and catch Astha on the act or to make him confused and sleep? Then compare it with this suggestion of requesting him to go her place and deal with Astha. I have a sneaky suspicion that there are CCTV or spy to record him going there as evidence in the divorce; she will try and “console” aka seduce him so he may be caught in the act. Killing her will bring an end to the story, so he will not get to that.

    Since you don’t believe your suspicion and many things said by people above, just surprise him at his house (assuming you know the address) or worse make a surprise visit at his church. Just prepare your heart to face the results.
    On the other hand, you can just check his ID at home affairs website if he is married or not. though he may try to hide it but you can always get it in his drivers licence or work card.

  13. Odd relationship to be in dear. Oh well you should have tried to first know him and meet his “Christian” family before you committed your heart into loving him like you do now.

  14. I just had to comment today!Well written blog! Intriguing! This specific blog is amazeballs! Thanks! Iyooh Asthandile bandla *SMH* Khanyi simply can’t be trusted, but would be of great use, temporarily!
    Paleh, sisi vuka emaqcandeni! This guy is straight up lying. He deserves a bells! You’ve ready confronted him, and that’s the best you could have done in such a short space of time (dating…). Spare yourself the heartache, and move on, whilst it’s still early. Such lies though *smh* kodwa asazi *shrugs*

  15. Eyy..equation mara! lmao
    Shem Mxo wa batho! Eno bolaya batho bao ba 3..go a tshwana otlo tshwarwa..who knws U might get a 5yr sentence..

  16. If I were u Mxolisi I wouldn’t pay tht R20000 coz they’ll alwayz come back for more,some Cops tend to turn u bakwenze Umsholozi n demand wht they think they should be earning kuwena,uzobanika labo kufike abanye futhi nabo bakufune owabo u cut,don’t pay tht money

  17. No – I don’t think Asthandile is capable of being so cruel. She did tell Khanyi she loved her husband and did not want to lose him. Mxolisi is acting all self righteous and he has over thought things. If he weren’t so coniving himself he would have asked Asthandile about everything from the word go. Manje naye Mxo unjena. I hope it doesn’t end like Othello.

  18. Ushadile cc! run and dont look back, or have fun while it last but dont bank on this relationship. when you had your fun, leaveQ

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