Memoirs – Chapter Ninety Five

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I know it’s a harsh thought to think of killing someone but with what they had put me through over the last months I wanted revenge. It was no longer just enough just to walk away. Everything I had done to this point had me apologizing or backing down. There was no way I was going to let Asthandile walk away with my money. No! That would be very presumptuous of her if she thought I would. You see, a lot of people do not respect intellectuals as people who can survive on the streets. We are push overs at best that’s why they do not take us seriously. Not this time! I was hurt and I was angry. I am not naive to the consequences but I felt that these two women were setting me up. Everything that had happened so far seemed to be designed to draw me to a certain conclusion. They wanted me to ask for the divorce. Khanyi standing in front of me ratting out her friend just seemed too well orchestrated for me. If I went to that house I knew now I could hardly control my temper. I would end up in prison.

I told Khanyi that it was fine she can stay there with her. I was not her enemy and I was not going to start treating her like that. Khanyi gave me that look where I could see she wanted to ask if I was stupid or something. She was right! I was stupid but I was no longer going to play my cards open the way I always had. I told her that Asthandile was a grown woman and loving her should not be the death of me. I told Khanyi that one day she will fall in love, truly in love and that will be the day she will understand why my intention was never and will never be to harm Asthandile. She came and sat down next to me and joked at how I had aged since the last time she saw me.

There was someone at the gate. It was Sean some guy I knew who was a mechanic. I had called him to come check out the car. I did not trust my wife so much that I had to check if the brakes were still and so on. I went outside with Khanyi to watch him work. My wife had not done a lot of damage though so the car was fine. He put in new spark plugs as well because she had removed two. At least tomorrow I will go to work not hanging out of a train. When he left Khanyi walked me back into the house. She asked me if she should make me something to eat and I declined.
Usually when you have problems at home the first thing that suffers is your work. Relationships just make you not function well when you go back to work. If you lose your job you blame evil spirits for giving you bad luck when it was you who failed to separate home from work. With that said Dalu had been right that I had been slacking off at work and it was starting to show. I did not need to lose my job too over and above everything I had lost lately. I told Khanyi that not today, I needed to work so I showed her to the door. When we got there she turned around and she kissed me. I didn’t touch her or grab her ass like how most guys kiss. I acted as though I was not interested. She looked me in the eye, squinted a little then said she thought I needed that. I closed the door as soon as she turned and didn’t even bother watching her leave! I went to my library and started to work. Trying to concentrate on one thing though when you have so much on your mind is so hard but after an hour of trying I got it.

In the morning I got a call from my bank firstly checking up on me after I collapsed inside one of their banks and secondly asking if my money had been stolen. I explained that my wife and I were going through a divorce and she had cleaned me out. They said there was now foul play therefore because we had a joint account so tbere was nothing the could do to help. I understood what they were saying and I told them that. When the bank man hung up it just felt as though the world was sucking me in. At least my wife’s car was moving again. I got in and got to work at 7am. In a law firm you are hardly ever the earliest though but that’s fine. My boss came into my office and closed the door behind him. He told me that yesterday he had felt that I had let him down. He asked me if there was something happening in my personal life because this was very much unlike me. I explained to him that this was a once off thing and I will put everything else behind me. The thing with having a white boss is that to them your work comes first screw your family but if it’s one of them they say, ‘take all the time you need’. Yes I know I went there but won’t go further. I briefed on the case yesterday and because I had hardly slept I had my case law on point. It was a case we could not take because it was not a winnable case. Moreover some of the people we will be going against I discovered were loyal clients of ours so the conflict of interest would be too great. My boss though impressed by my work was annoyed at the fact that the big shark we had always wanted to represent would not be ours. He even walked out angrily.

Left to my own I told myself I will have the same routine as I always have. I was not going to fall apart. If those police officers had a recordings of me then I could have recordings of them trying to bribe. In law sometimes we hire people to do surveillance for us to conclude a case or beef up the evidence. I knew a guy so I called him. He was in my office within the hour. I gave him keys to my house to go do his thing. A lot of people think these things are only found in movies but that is so not true. He brought back my keys and told me that everything was in place. He gave me a remote to just press when I needed to start the system. I felt like James Bond black cousin!

As I was smiling now because I had a plan five people walked into my office, three I hated and two I loved with all my heart.

It was Asthandile and her parents! What the fuck were they doing here now? If it was on any other day would have called security and please let my boss not see them!

Behind them were two others that made me smile and say in shock,

“Mama,tata nenzani apha?”
“Mum, dad…what are you doing here?”

And to be fair they looked angry as he’ll. My mother is legendary when it comes to causing a scene!

O the shame!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Hey Mike and readers. I’m in a very difficult situation. I’ve been dating my bf *Thabiso* for 3years now and we do have our ups and downs as a couple BUT every time we fight we fight about the same thing and it’s really boring me now. He’s 6years older than me and I’m 21 by the way! I’m always with him on weekends and sometimes with my friends, I make time for him but now he’s telling me to stop seeing my friends and stop going out with them, that’s what we always fight about. I’ve been friends with the same people before I met him so what if we break up then I’m left alone with no friends? I feel like he’s now controlling…I refuse to give him wife benefits. I then met this other guy *Darren* 2months ago and I’m so inlove with him, he does everything my boyfriend doesn’t do, my friends said ever since I met *Darren* I’m happy and glowing… now I’m afraid I might fall out of love with my boyfriend of 3years for someone I met 2months ago. Is it possible to love 2people at once? What must happen now?

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  1. Mike this is sooo unfair this chapter is too short and now i have to wait till next week!!! cant we also pay for chapters in advance for memoirs.

  2. Morning everyone, nice read read Mike! ! Q&A Behave like a lady and stop this nonsense already. Or better yet end things with your first partner and go explore whatever it’s with your new guy.

  3. A relationship started on infidelity almost never works out… Remember the 80:20 rule as well leaving a not so perfect person for someone who is worse..

  4. QnA well seems like you found what’s been missing in your relationship. Someone to let you, be you. The age difference might be a factor, and I assume the new guy is within your range. All I can say is, take a break away from him, and if there’s any difference in you missing him or wanting to be with him, than just leave the guy. You guys are having the same argument all the time, might show that either one of you is not listening to the other. There’s always have to be a listener and a talker and you both seem to be talking. I doubt he meant leave your friends, rather choose your parties. You don’t have to attend them all. Find a balance between you as an individual and the both of you in relationship. But it doesn’t mean your happiness must be sacrificed.

  5. Nice read, thanks Mike…
    Atleast now Mxo is starting to think and act like a real lawyer he is. I was worried.

    Sis Mandisa, I’d suggest you ask your boyfriend of 3yrs to take a break and just reflect on the 3yrs you’ve been together. And if you both don’t see a future together then I don’t see why you should invest in a relationship that won’t work. Don’t cheat on him directly.
    Again, you’re still in the honeymoon phase with D and ofcourse he’s gonna give you the 20% that you don’t get from your boyfriend; you know the 80/20 rule kinda ish. I’d tread carefully if I were you. Ungayeki into ekhona ngento engekho. D could be for 2min for all I know. Be clear on his intentions before you can even contemplate falling inlove with him.

  6. Great read Mike…thnx. Uhm *Mandi* I honestly don’t think it’s possible to love them both. And you will fall out of love with *Thabiso* trust me. I’m kinda in the same situation. This is my 1st time cheating on this guy. I feel as though I’ve been pushed enuf to do it! But I’m not justifying my actions. Pls ask yourself if you’re willing to lose your bf of 3yrs for this new guy. A controlling bf is a turn off, trust me I know. *Thabiso* has the same tendencies as my bf! But I guess love conquers all…#sigh#. All I can say is that you have to make a decision…I’m also trying to do that! Goodluck with YOUR decision becoz it is yours and yours alone after all.

  7. Asthandile o tla cha o tla botswa, loosely translated ”she will burn and be asked” lol… I dispise that woman, i never known a woman to be so…….. Ai uya ndinyanyisa!? Sis #walks away

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, I felt this chapter inside, it was real. Less drama but just normality nje… Long overdue 🙂 me like!!

    How does one fall inlove nge two months bathong… Crush or fling or whatever but ‘fall inlove’ nge two months… Come on…

    Thabiso is older and kinder be tryin to settle you down, its normal, can’t have a regte busy partying 24/7, dangerous. But ke you are 21 so that won’t cut it for atleast another 3 years so he needs to chill. As for you seeing Mr D… Girl you nasty lol. Hope u didn’t cheat, otherwise, you know the rest.


  9. Mhmm go tloba bose mo! Asthandile o kwa okare yena otla busha heehee kea mo chogela..this Adv Sibani guy is very smart esp wen his mind is off sex lol.. Di tlo jika ka Astha mo gona..
    Lindiwe le yena otla tloga a joina the meeting lol

  10. Wat has dis woman said to his parents? Eiy Asthindile is a hand full,
    A2Q- whn love is new u always find ur self head over hills,n dis new guy will do everythng to make u smile so u’ll c floors on ur old bf, ur old bf, wat is it dat he has stoped doing dat he has been doing all these years? Y r u nw comparing him to darren? Yes he can’t choose friends for u bt is dat all u 2 fight abt?

  11. thanx Mike, ziyabuya kodwa yoooh!

    Q&A Mandisa your problem is your 3 years b/f that he wants u all by himself, well i dont understand him if he doens’t wants you to be with your friends anymore, maybe he’s”Jealous of them” or you and your friends did something that he didnt like “MAYBE” the 2 months guys u think you love is because you’re experiencing the this issue of friends with your b/f.

  12. Wish Monday is too far,but worth the wait I guess,@Mandy you have to decide and stand by your decision,I was at the same situation some ago,I ended up marrying my Darren and 6 yrs later in still happily married

  13. Mandisa I think you just given us the reason why your boyfriend doesn’t like you spending so much time with your friends. Darren is a product of the time not spent with your man. You need to decide what do you want in life.

  14. Falling in love instantly not even in months Jackzorro happens all the time, when I met my husband my heart skipped and I just knew he was the one. Otherwise Mandisa usemncane, you do not want a control freak in your life however, moving from one relationship to another is also not advisable. Take it easy cc focus on school and what is more important, ungasheshi uzifake kuma relationships they are difficult nje. This Darren naye usazombona ukuthi naye unokwakhe.

  15. James Bonds black cousin wow, I like.
    A to Q. Sounds like Mr 3yrs wants you all to himself and at times that can be dangerous.
    Having friends is not a bad thing provided they are true friend and making you chose is just wrong. I dont think you are in love, I think you prefer the change of your situation but question is are you happy with Mr 2months.

  16. Mandisa this is the problem u will have with Mr D, he will want to channel u at some point if he is there to stay, n for ur infor u must be submissive to ur man, dats what makes a woman a marriage material. mara if o tlo iketsetsa as u wish, party 24/7 n hang around friends 24/7 haibo sisi, at 21 u are also matured yes u must enjoy ur youth days but be selective what u attend. this thing tsa 50/50 sisi ga di bereke at all. shape urself now for de future.

  17. Great staff Mike. Mandisa you confusing me, i thought yr problem was the bf of 3yrs and his controlling acts now is Mr D. i think u yrself u r confused at this stage with D on the side everything with that yr current bf do or say will not look right. i think u know what u want gal. but i wouldnt leave my friends but if you only see yr bf on weekens may he he feels that is yr time to spend together but now here are yrfriends on yr way.

  18. And I ask why uAsthandile is always one step ahead of uMxo??? I don’t condone his cheating for once but why does she get to clean his bank account then go ou and cry victim kubo??? I feel bad for uMxolisi now.

  19. I enjoyed this chaoter, it was more realistic n less dramatic. Wonder what Asthandile wants though she already cleaned the man out..
    Mandisa that guy is way too old for u hence he is controlling u n maybe he is ready to settle down n u not yet ready so I’d say explore what u have with Darren n please 80:20 rule so overrated!

  20. Q&A Boyfriend is possessive, dangerous traits. Dump the fool and have fun with your new beau, bear in mind it might not last that long when the honeymoon stage is over and his true colours come showing. Have fun non the less you are young, make mistakes, that’s how we lean. Good luck and be happy!

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