Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Sixty Five

Thozama Mqikela

I turned around to look at this man who was about to blow my brains out I wanted to know who he was, he quickly told me to face forward and not look at him and then asked me, “where is your husband?” I told him I didn’t know who he was talking about and I was not married, now I understood how Peter denied knowing Jesus, when you are faced with death there is no time to play nice, you deny anything that will associate you with anyone that knowing them might put your life in danger but I guess in this case I was wrong, you can’t bullshit a bullshiter because the man simply laughed at me and said what was I doing in his car then, I knew I was screwed so I said just asked what he wanted and he said, “I told you, I want your husband” I still had my phone in hand so I lifted my phone to my ear and calmly said “Honey, the man wants to speak to you” my husband said “shit Lee, whatever happens just know that I love you”.

So was that our goodbye? Did that mean that I was going to die? I handed the phone over to the guy who spoke softly to my husband, this man’s voice was not aggressive at all, all he said was “give me my shit or your princess here dies”. Me hearing the word “dies” freaked out, I was so not ready to meet my maker not like this, I swung the door wide open and ran, I wasn’t just running I was screaming, “help, help” I wanted to make sure that every single person in that complex heard me, what’s the point of having so many neighbours if we can’t look out for each other, I saw a few curtains being moved people peeking through their windows, one young white man came out, he must have been 25years and asked what was happening I said I was being robed, funny thing is while talking to him I was still running so he had to run next to me to hear me, I guess it must have been the adrenaline, he asked me to stop running and will take me to security, I stopped and that’s when I realised I was practically naked and there were now a few people coming to hear what all the commotion was about.

I wanted the earth to swallow me, the shame and embarrassment of being seeing by all these people looking like that, some lady ran back to her house and came back with a towel and gave it to me, I didn’t ask questions I quickly covered myself, there was a black couple who were talking the most complain about how bad the crime in this country was and how they were also robbed at their house 3 weeks ago, I didn’t believe their story but it at least deviated the attention away from me for a bit. Someone must have called security or they heard from all the noise that was being made, they came and asked what happened, people of course pointed at me, I told them that I had gone to my car to go get some work and there was a man inside, security said I should take them to the car, now everybody was also following behind, this reminded me a bit of the drama I had in Daveyton but there weren’t as many people as there were in Daveyton.

I was ready for mob justice, I couldn’t wait for these people to beat that fool that was in the car to a pulp, when we got to the car the car was empty, we searched everywhere even underneath the car and nothing the man had vanished, worst of all about this I didn’t even know what the bastard looked like, for all I knew he could be in the crowd. Security guards went around the complex to go search for him while I stood there with some of the people that stay there, they came back a few minutes later and told us that there was no one around, they asked if I was sure that I had seen a person in the car as if I was now crazy I said yes I was bloody sure, because the person spoke to me. Security told me I could go wait with them at the gate until my husband got home, people started going back to their places and I told security to come with me while I changed and to make sure that there was no one in the house, 2 of them came with me, they searched the house and again found nothing, I quickly changed and packed an overnight bag and asked them to escort me to my car, I asked them to check the car again, I could see they were bit annoyed by my demands but they still checked it and said there was no one in sight, I thanked them and asked if I should drop them off at the gate they said no they still needed to check the grounds, I drove off. The gunman who was in the car had disappeared with my phone, I couldn’t call anyone, I decided going to my parents was just too far and I didn’t have the strength to explain myself to them so I drove to She Rocks Estate, when I got to the gate security gave me a hard time telling me I needed a code from She Rocks I asked them to call her after begging them for some time they eventually gave in and called her, thank goodness she was home she told security to let me in I drove to her place, she was already in her pyjamas it was almost 23:00, she asked what was I doing there so late, she looked as miserable as I felt, I could see she had been crying , I told her I was attacked she looked me over and asked if I was okay I said I was a little bit shaken but would be fine, she made us tea and asked about Mthobisi where he was when all this happened I told her I didn’t know, I was very vague about the whole thing which made her realise that I was not ready to talk about it.

We sat in silence for some time drinking our tea, each with their own thoughts. After I was done with my tea I told her I was ready for bed, we went to bed, she has a 3 bedroom house but when I visit we always sleep in the same bed I guess cause we always have so much to talk about but on this particular day, I was not in the mood to speak and neither was she by the looks of things as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone fast asleep, a few hours later I woke up to go to the toilet, I cursed myself for drinking that damn tea, as I was about to get up I could hear She Rocks typing in her laptop, bloody hell doesn’t this woman sleep, I asked what she was doing this time of the night she said without even looking up at me “research” and went back to furiously typing, I went to the bathroom came back , I asked if she was okay, my fingers were crossed that she would say she was fine and I could go back to sleep, I was tired and honestly I had enough of my own problems and didn’t want to hear about other peoples, but no she said something was wrong, I asked her what, she said she didn’t know but could feel that something was not right with Siyabonga, oh my gosh, men problems in the middle of the night was she for real, speaking of men I suddenly remembered that I had not called mine to tell him where I was, I asked She Rocks to borrow me her phone, she had left it in the kitchen I went to go get it, there were a couple of missed calls from my husband on my friend’s phone. I called him back his first response “Please tell me my wife is with you, I’ve called everyone and..” I told him it was me and I was safe at She Rocks house I could hear the sigh of relieve. He told me he had tried calling my phone and that man kept answering telling him that I was in his boot, but he had called security and they had told him what had happened they just didn’t know where I was and he was worried. I asked where he was he said he was at my parent’s place he thought I would be there be there.

I screamed at him “if you dare put my parent’s and our son’s lives in danger like you did with mine I swear I will kill you” this must have taken him by surprise but I didn’t care, it was enough that I was running away from guns I didn’t want my parents going through that shit, they old how would they even run. He told me that he would never do that, I screamed even more, “then why the hell are you doing it to me? Are you not supposed to be protecting me? Because right now I don’t feel protected, I’m tired of living like this, why can’t you be normal?” I was furious, Mthobisi said we will talk more about this tomorrow as I was emotional right now, he said he had told my parents that his car was giving him problems and he was in the area so he would just sleep at their house and he had told me and I was okay with it. I said “whatever” and hungup. I went back to She Rocks and told her that I had spoken to Mthobisi and told him I was at her place, I was now so furious that I couldn’t sleep. I sat up and asked her what she was researching she said “taxi violence”. Me ‘’errrrrr, okay, so how happy was Siyabonga when you told him you going away with him?” to be honest I was not interested in her answer, it was 03:45 am I was mad at my husband and couldn’t sleep after that call so to get time going talking to her would probably get me back to sleep.

She looked at me and said they didn’t meet, he never showed up and his phone has been off ever since, she had left him countless messages and couldn’t get hold of him she even went to his house, he was not there and she was seriously worried about him, damn that got my attention, no wonder she looked so miserable, I told her he was probably busy with church things and would call her back she said she knows his schedule and he has no church things going on at the moment, I told her that men sometimes disappear because they need space maybe she was just being too clingy besides they were not married why was she stressing, she turned and looked at me angrily “trust you to be insensitive about other people’s problems but we must handle your problems with gloves, you are very selfish Lee.” With that she walked out, what the hell was her problem, I wanted to go after her and tell her where to get off, but I decided to let her cool off maybe I was a bit insensitive but she didn’t have to be so dramatic, I dozed off and was woken up by She Rocks’s alarm time was 05:00 she was still not in bed, I got up to tell her her alarm was on I found her in the spare bedroom, this was funny we were like a married couple who had a fight I told her the alarm had gone off she got up without even thinking twice and said “let’s go” I told her I don’t start work till 8 she said “we going to the gym” what the hell I don’t gym that early I told her she smiled and said “today you do” she took out some gym clothes threw them at me and said I should change we leaving in 10 min I quickly changed and in 10 min I was driving behind her to the gym. We drove to the gym in Kylami, went to changing rooms and put our bags in lockers, I decided to apologize for what I had said to her, she also apologized for calling me selfish, even though I knew she meant it, but it was time I changed my evil ways she was right. After gym I was exhausted She Rocks made me do all the hard machines I guess it was punishment, I went to work today we were moving to our office, I was singing inside “Oh happy day”. I got there and already our Pc’s had been moved to our office, everyone in the office was giving me dirty looks, jelousy makes you nasty, I smiled and greeted them as I walked past those horrible cubicles. I got in the office, Mfundo was there with flowers, he smiled and said “this is to welcome you back to the account and your office” how I hate flowers, I said thanks, I knew I was gonna throw them in the bin the minute he walked out, I put my bags on the desk, some file fell to the floor I bend down to pick it up with my ass facing him, this was not done on purpose, I swear, he came behind me spanked my ass and said “dammit you so sexy” I quickly stood up and as I turned around we were now facing each other, his lips went for my lips, we had this long passionate kiss both focused on each other until we heard someone at the door clearing their throat, we both jumped of each other.

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  1. Lee is addicted to this Mfundo guy ai, Mtho should get rid of him.

    Thanks Thoziesto,premium service enjoyed!!

  2. Yoh..haai..Mfundo is Lee’s weakness and downfall.The hubby is gonna put a bullet through his skull if he ever catch them…!

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  3. Sunday afternoon guys!

    Wow!!!! Lee & Mfundo… their chemistry is gonna get them in2 big ish…I wonder who is @ the door…

    Gr8 talent. Thank u team. Stay Blessed.

  4. Yho Mike besides Mthobisis’ gangsta tendencies, he really is a sweet guy, what lee is doing to him ain’t right at all.

    Thanks Mikey and Tzee

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