Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Seventy

Thozama Mqikela
I held her by her arms and said “there is nothing going on between Mfundo and I, my husband, your son, he knows him, they are friends” I know the friends part was a lie but she didn’t know that. “You want to go and tell him that he said “Baby” on the phone, he calls me that even in front of my husband but by all means go ahead and tell him and see if it is going to make any difference in his life” I was bluffing here and in my heart I was praying that she doesn’t go to my husband with this, he would bury me alive. She looked at me and smiled and said “Okay, I’m sorry Lesedi, I’m just desperate, I need my son back” Did she just apologize to me? Pig were going to fly, never in my wildest dream did I think I would hear such words coming out of her mouth directed to me. I told her I would speak to Mthobisi she thanked me and left. I got dressed and went to go find my husband who was by the garden playing soccer with our son, he said She Rocks had called a few times asking where I was, oh shit, my friend was going through hell and I was going through my own drama, I told him we should go to Siyabonga’s mom’s place to show our respects, he agreed and said we will go after lunch. I knew what that meant it meant I had to cook Sunday lunch since my mom and Victor had gone to church. I went to the kitchen and started doing the whole seven colours thing that every black family does on Sunday complete with beetroot. When my mom and Victor arrived I was almost done, my mom looked at me and said “you back from prison?” I told her it was not prison it was just holding cells. She asked where did I learn to beat up people? I told her it was once off thing and will never ever happen again, I apologized to both her and Victor for shaming and embarrassing them like that and told them it would never happen again. I served lunch at exactly 13:03 Victor enjoyed every single thing on the plate he was even chewing the chicken bones and so did my husband and my mom, I’m not good but excellent at this cooking business.

After lunch my husband and I drove to Soweto, on the way he told me that our place in Midrand was ready and we will be moving there the next day which was Monday, I told him I can’t take time off work people were already complaining that I’m acting like I’m related to Jesus with so many days off, he laughed it off and told me I don’t have to worry about that he had hired a moving company to help us with the moving, they will pack everything for us and send it to our new place, we just need to go to our place after leaving Siyabonga’s house to just mark what needs to be packed with what he had stickers from the moving company that we will use. I asked him about his mom, he switched me off immediately and told me he didn’t want to talk about her, I decided to let it go. I asked him why were we running and what were we running away from, and my husband said I shouldn’t concern myself with unimportant things, errrr how was this unimportant, this man mara, he said he will do everything in his power to make sure that I am safe and secured and he loves me completely and fully and would never let any harm come my way. My husband is good with words and also very good at avoiding questions he never answers anything directly. We arrived at Siyabonga’s mom’s place, Cleo and Andiswa’s cars were already there, I wondered if were we expected to come here every day, She Rocks was nowhere in sight, Cleo and Andiswa were serving tea and scones to people that had arrived. They saw me and Cleo came to us.

She said we should go to the bedroom to give Siyabonga’s mom our condolences, we went to the bedroom where Siyabonga’s mom was sitting on the mattress with She Rocks, damn my girl had made it into the mattress, that’s a big deal in black people’s culture, it meant she was accepted as Siyabonga’s bride. We sat down and greeted them, Mthobisi did all the talking, he told his mom how his son was a good person and how he didn’t deserve to have what happened happen to him and how sorry he was and if there was anything she needed she should let us know. Siyabonga’s mom thanked us for coming and said he’s son was lucky to have such good friends. My husband took out a roll of R100 I don’t know how many hundreds there were but there were lots it must have been almost R2000 and put it next to Siyabonga’s mom and we walked out.

The girls and I finally got a few minutes to talk, I told them about my ordeal of spending the night behind bars, Cleo said “I told you so” Andiswa laughed and said maybe my mother in law is not so bad after all both Cloe and I gave her the “are you crazy look?” that woman is a snake, the only reason she got me out was because she wanted something from me, this was no for me at all, it was to benefit her evil self. I asked them when the funeral would take place they said next weekend and I should make sure that I don’t get arrested on that day because She Rocks needs all of us there, I laughed and told them I will try my best to be a law abiding citizen.
My husband and I drove to our place to do a bit of packing and mark what needs to be packed, I obviously wanted to pack my own jewellery and my own personal things, I didn’t want a stranger doing that for me, they would probably misplace things and it would be mission impossible to get it back. We arrived and the house was in a bit of a mess, after my last time there searching for the keys I had turned the house upside down. Mthobisi tried tiding up while I went to the bedroom to go pack my things, I packed my jewellery and the expensive shoes and a few of my clothes. When I was done I went to go find my husband he was in the study and packing some documents when he saw me he looked up and asked if I was done, I said yes he said we should leave it’s not safe around here. He had packed a few things and said he needed something from our bedroom, I followed behind him, he got on top of the bed I knew he was going to open the ceiling and whatever was up there I didn’t want to know what it was this time so I went to the kitchen to wait for him, he eventually came out of the bedroom carrying 3 bags and said we should go.
We went back to the car and drove out of the complex this was to be the last time I set foot in this place that I have grown to love and call home for the past 3 years. It was a bitter moment especially since we were being forced out, I was not ready for this but being with my husband meant following his lead and after being pointed with a gun I honestly didn’t mind leaving this place, I had had the most amazing times in this place but the past couple of weeks were just insane in the house, my brother in law had almost burnt me and my sister to the ground in the same house, the police had come and raided our house looking for my husband and in the same house my maid had almost killed my brother in law in the process saving my life. Which reminded me we had to pay her, even though she was not working most of the weekends it was no fault of hers we had too much going on and it was just best to keep Ausi Maria out of it.

We drove out of the complex and my husband stopped by the gate and went to go speak to security I figures he was telling them about the movers that were coming tomorrow, when he was done he came back to the car and asked if I would like to drive, I said no, I love being driven, I think most women do unless if the guy is a terrible driver then it’s safe to drive yourself. He looked at me and said “ohh shit Honey, you were supposed to go see a doctor today” I told him I was now feeling much better so he didn’t have to worry about it and I really appreciated him trying to look out for me like that, he told me that was husbands were for.

As we were driving he started driving fast, I looked at him and asked if were we rushing somewhere he said no he would just like us to get to my mom’s place before it gets dark. The next thing I knew my husband was cutting in front of cars that were in front of us, I asked him what the hell was he doing, he said “Honey, I need you to trust me, there are some people who are very dangerous and they are after something very valuable, they will do anything to get their hands on it and now they are trying to make my life very difficult by throwing all kinds of shit my way” this didn’t make sense at all, I asked him what he had and why the hell can’t he just give it to them so they can leave us alone, he said he said it’s not that easy, while talking the car was in full speed, by now I decided to put on my seatbelt I could see that here I was going to see flames. He said we were being followed and he’s trying to escape from the people following us that is why he’s driving like a demon. I was in complete panic, he got off the freeway and off ramped at Joe Slovo and continued speeding into Hillbrow he said this was a safe option, there were lots of people in Hillbrow and he knew the corners there so it would be easy to avoid them, I was so scared I didn’t even want to look back to see how far they were and which car was chasing us, my husband told me he will drop me off somewhere so I can be safe while he deals with these bastards, I was speechless. Next thing there was gun shots, oh crap, they were shooting at us. Mthobisi said they just trying to scare us I shouldn’t worry, that’s when I felt a sharp pain I wasn’t sure what it was and if it was cramps, I touched myself to see what was happening, when I moved my hand it was wet, I looked at it and there was blood, I turned to Mthobisi and calmly said “I think I’ve been shot” I showed him my hand full of blood.

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

31 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Seventy

  1. Kodwa nkosi yami u Lee,I’m glad she handled well her bully monster in law,hope she doesn’t lose the baby though. Mthobisi must just tell his wife what’s going on,they are married for heaven sake!!

  2. Yoh wat drama! Monster in law is a pain hai,did Lee get shot or misscarry wuuuu.thnx Thozama m njoying ds story next week is far hai!

  3. Mfundo is nt a type ya go etsiwa makhwepeni maana!monster in law yena Lee o molaile shem
    Ao mare Mothobisi ena wa sokodisa maan,Lee nou. O kry. Miscarage,askies nana ne,ke lebogile team Mike Thozama.

  4. I think Lee was pregnant and she miscarried due to all the stress, fear and constant shock. Her body is not copying with all this drama. Shame!

  5. Aowa ha ele Mfundo ena He’s immature shem,,,He’s no Nyatsi material get rid of him b4 a go tsena mathateng Lee Pritty plzzzz n I pray U not loosin de baby,,,Thnxxx Mikeesto n Thozie u r darlings 2 b kissd

  6. Tjo…Adrenalin-filled chapter…eish but Mtho is vigilant…ke bosso mo tseleng a e tsamayang maan…flop…Lee is always caught in the cross fire..yeah ne’…4 beta or worse…Hope u didnt miscarry the baby sweety…if its a gun shot…hope its not serious…askies lovey…u know ur hubby ke tsotsi moes!

  7. Aargh askies shame, she didn’t even know she was preggies now she looses the baba. Lo gejasi wendoda uzoybulalisa lengane yabantu.

  8. They say for better or worse but this is now unbearable. Poor Lee she’ll even wish she didn’t get out of that holding cell.

    Thank you Thozama.

  9. I hope Lee is shot in such a way that she looses that baby. It was going to be nothing but trouble for her. With all the sleeping around that she’s been doing she won’t be sure if it’s Mtho’s baby or not. I say the baby must go. The sad part is if she does nor loose the baby, she won’t have a chance to abort it now because Mtho will findout about it.
    I don’t want to be in Lees shoes shame

  10. Ohhh nooo Lee miscarried des no gunshot nix….oh man this woman thou, she’s going thru a lot. Tnx guys gr8 read as always.

  11. Thanks Team. She’s probably been shot, when you miscarry blood comes from between your legs and not on the side. Yyyohh Mother in Law is something else I tell you!!! What is Mthobisi up to? This guy is a real mafia, hard core gangster!!!

  12. Tjo there’s never a dull moment in Lee’s life. Talk about drama all the way lomfazi needs to recognise this is no marriage. Shame but then again umamakaMtho is the cause of all of this she made Mtho to be this hardcore mafia.

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