Memoirs – Chapter Ninety One

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It’s fair to say I do not want to be in Asthandile’s shoes right now. Things were falling apart left right and centre! She had brought this upon herself and the only thing that had stopped me from getting rid of her was the fact that I really did love her. Nowadays people take the true meaning of what it is to be in love for granted. It’s weird really. Marriage is just as good as dating nowadays and nothing is sacred. Women cheat, men cheat and as long as there is money involved you can be rest assured your marriage will always been under pressure. I thought I had balanced it right though to be fair. Half my salary went to my wife even before she had a job and my other half was divided between household goods, the cars and policies. She was not really money hungry to be fair but it was no coincidence that the man she had cheated with seemed rich. What is it with women’s loyalty though when a rich guy approaches them? It’s like the lock that guards her secret garden is written “Free if you drive a Porsche!”. I kid you not. Once your wife has richer friends than you, you have a problem! Asthandile really had let me down.

When I entered I just looked at her. I wanted to confront her with this new evidence that I had but I could not. She had been crying again. Tears have a way of destroying a person. I am not evil. I am angry yes, vengeful yes but I am not evil. We still had to go to the doctor together for her to get checked out so that we could determine the right number of weeks. I had already made the appointment but not with our normal doctor. I chose a different doctor my wife did not even know because she had tricked me too often now. She seemed to know how to collude with others. It was then I heard the door open and shut. It was Zimasa. She was only coming back now. I am the one who had given her permission to go out and this is how late she came back! It’s 930pm for crying out loud. She did not sneak in but you could tell that she was trying to be light footed. I looked at my wife who surprisingly in spite of her tears had heard her too. She looked at me and in a hoarse whisper asked me to please deal with her because she really did not have the energy. I think she was testing too see if I still cared enough because Zimasa was her family not mine meaning if I threw her out Zimasa would have to go too! That’s another issue staying with extended family. If you divorce one you must divorce the rest. My wife said that I should not knock because it will give her time to compose herself. I had to catch her unawares so that I scare her senseless. Even in tears my wife was still a bitch but she had a point. I went to Zimasa room. I was actually quite angry with her because she had betrayed my trust. I did not knock I just open the door and went in. She standing by the foot of the bed stark naked as the day she was born but she still had her school socks and shoes on. I could see a towel on the bed so I think she was about to go shower. I froze but did not leave because I had something to say! The door was still open fortunately.
“Where were you? I am sending you back to mdantsane because you cannot be trusted!”
I said angrily. She did not even jump to try cover herself with the towel she just stood there in the buff and started pleading with me not to send her back. She said after the movie her friend’s father had come and bought them supper. Instead of taking them home he had dropped her in Rondebosch because he had to the airport to pick up his wife who had landed on a late flight. Ok now I was start to lose concentration. I was standing in front of a naked 17year old. I think it hit me properly then that this was creepy and I told her to cover up! Had she no dignity! I think she too with the shock of my entering and shouting immediately actually forgot she was naked because when I said that she jumped and said shit please turn around! Not sure what happened! She had to shave though I noted! How can a teenage girl have a rain forest down there seriously! Had no one ever told her about hygiene!

I told her with my back turned that I was disappointed in her and her aunt was going to Mdantsane soon so she will have to go with her because alone, I could not control her. She ran up to me (my back was still turned towards her) and hugged me from the back crying,

“Please don’t do this. I am sorry. I should have refused the dinner because that man was looking at me funny even. I am so sorry! I am sorry please please I don’t want to go home please!”

She begged me. I could actually feel that she was still naked! Her young boobs squashing into my back. I could feel everything. These things are not good for a man. I was actually annoyed. I told her to let go of me because this was inappropriate and she had brought this on herself.

At that moment my wife appeared right in front of my face.

“What is going on here and why are you naked Zimasa?”

Zimasa immediately stepped back and before I could actually defend her or us, my wife stepped into the room and clapped her so hard she went flying towards the bed!

“Whay are you naked in front of my husband? You want to seduce him too!”

She screamed!

“You, Mxolisi! Is this why you are sending me home so you can be with a little girl? Is this it?”

She shouted!

Had she actually just gone there?
“You are right! I am going home tomorrow and I am going to tell my parents and yours what I witness with my own eyes! She is only seventeen for heavens sake! Have you no shame! I was right in the next room!”
She went on and on! I dont know what happened! This woman had set me up. She is the one who said I must not knock and now she was saying this nonsense!
“Sisi its not what you think!”

Zimasa pleaded now covered in the towel. She was terrified and after that clap who would not be. If Asithandile was an actress this would have been her moment because she was genuinely angry. Her nese was flaring.

“This is why other man fuck your wife because you are useless! Perving over babies and…”

She did not finish her sentence because I punched her so hard she blacked out!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mr. President
The death of Senzo Meyiwa is yet another shocking act that demands your attention. I am not even a Pirate fan but when criminals are so brazen to kill high profile people whom they know will cause a public outcry it means something has failed. They have no fear of consequences because usually they get away with it. In London for example they invested in CCTV cameras on every corner and criminals know there is no running away. It is expensive yes but your people are safe and have peace of mind. You need to do something because our people, your people are dying. This is not about a celebrity dying but about the senseless killings in this country. People are coming from foreign countries to kill their wives here because they have seen an opportunity, a two year old was killed a few days ago and so many others. Just two weeks ago my car was stolen in Pretoria. There was a police car next to me and I went to him to report. For a good hour he refused to help me saying I was lying. This is a true story of which I open a case against that police officer.

Do something please! The police are not for decoration and collecting bribes! There are more police at speed traps than actually going around doing something.

Help Us
Mike Nkululeko Maphoto

Rest in Peace Buccaneer
Rest in Peace Buccaneer

34 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Ninety One

  1. Thanks Mike,wow Asthandile setting up your husband like that….May his soul rest in peace,gone too soon. People are doing crime because they know justice system is corrupt,you kill a person in SA & get 5 years in jail,WOW.

  2. RIP Senzo Meyiwa,just when his career was at its peak,this is such a huge loss to SA football,but above all else to those who shared his life with him, may they all find solace in the Lord.

    As an Orlando Pirates supporter, we’ve been robbed off a hero, Meyiwa was an instrumental member of our team, the link that held us together, he represented us well.

    24Sep1987-26Oct2014, you’ll always be remembered, Rest in peace Bhakaniya.

  3. Asthandile has a nerve!! When she gets up she must find all her stuff, no actually she must find her ID book on the table and go back to Mdanstane. He must tell of everything he knows and see what she will do because he has evidence. Mxm I’m actually getting fed up with that woman! She is always one step ahead of this man with a deceit! She is a gold digger, she never loved him and only saw money. Even now she is finding ways to get half of what he has! This is the problem with beautiful girls from “poor” backgrounds who use men for money because they were to busy chasing them and didn’t focus on their books to earn their own money. Mxmxm I’m so pissed! *I get so emotional about this blog, my boyfriend laughs at me when I tell him about it* Thanks Mike

  4. Eish some People are so evil, I wonder how does one continue living when you know u took away someone’s life,for what?? Mxm!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    Lol Mxo punched the pregnant lady! Asthandile though smh

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, absolutely devastated by this senseless crime and tragedy, such potential, such talent. I’m shattered, lost for words. RIPSenzoMeyiwa, gone too soon.

  6. If Astha looses this baby u’re in shit Mxo, hitting a preggy woman is a no, no. Naye lomfazi kodwa yini le ayishoyo. No matter how bad the man is in bed u don’t tell him like that. That little man is his pride and manhood, u must have a way of telling him.
    Hero has fallen, uLale ngokuthulu*Meyiwa* noKelly kodwa!!!! Enough said.

  7. Out of all your diaries this one is by far my favourite one and the one i look forward to the most… cant wait for wednesday.. RIP captain my captain Senzo Meyiwa

  8. Asthandile is an evil deceitful women who does not love her husband at all, never did. How can you say that to your husband justifying your disgusting ways. Although she had that coming, Mxolisi should have walked away. She has disrespected her husband time and time again and there is only so much a person can take.

    RIP Senzo Meyiwa. Such a tragic way to die. God help us

  9. Lmao! Asthandile’s ways are just classical, things are guna end bad for her if sh continues her ways even after that punch. I dont condone violence against women but sh did deserve it though

  10. Th police globally has a corrupt mentality, I believe that they are just there to serve people who are something in this world and u’r nothing u’r pretty much screwed. Its sad though. The justice system has failed us so bad, cz our leaders are not doing anything about it. That’s why foreign leaders see us as stupid and taking advantage of us cz they know that our leaders are corrupt and they can as easily send their criminals over to us. Personally I dont vote in my country cz that would mean that I accept the corrupt system.

  11. Kanti naye lo Asthandile unjani na! How can she say that to her husband in front of that child? if she really set him up with Zimasa, then she deserves that punch. Hhayi this woman is bad news!
    Thanks Mike and Thozama, great read as always, keep up the good work.

    The death of Senzo is a loss to the whole country, so much life and talent goes to waste just becos of senseless ppl. May God be with his family thru these trying times. Lala ngoxolo Bhakaniya elihle.

  12. Yha neh umfazi kamxolisi I give up….it is so sad that even when someone loosea a needle always police r blamed I am an orlando pirates fan nd my deepest condoloncez to Meyiwas family I so wish the suspects get caught now I am a police officer and it really disturbs me when we all get painted with a same brush I fo one I am not corrupt I love my job of fighting crime in South Africa fighting crime is not only police officers job but the whole society now we as police officers are also being faied by our government and the justice system nd my brothers and sistera yes like any department there is a huge problem of corruption but we still have a lot of dedicated men nd women in blue….

  13. Thank you Mike for a wonderful read @ to Mr. President I think its about time you bring back MR. Bheki Cele we are so tired of this senseless crime and he really made a lot of difference and put a lot of efforts in his work.

  14. Asthandile thou so since she figured she couldn’t get anything out of her trap with Khanyi she decided to work something else up all wo she could prove Mxo cheated then she can get her share of what she did not work for….WOW some woman thou
    thanks Mike great read

    RIP MEYIWA he will me missed by many, we have lost a hero right there.
    and i agree with you our country isn’t safe at all everything happens here to our people what are we doing so wrong that the government doesn’t care about our safety its about time they pit our lives first.

  15. Once a Pirate Always a Pirate,Eish its a Black Monday in S.A football fraternity my sincere condolences to the Meyiwa family.Great as always Bra Mike m scared about the Punching part though.You are right that the Police is not there for Decoration,Taking Bribes,Writing Poor English in Statements,Courting Young girls n Harrassing Innocent People.

  16. Chris Brown said it better “When a rich nigga want you
    And your nigga can’t do nothing for ya …… Asthandile is something else shame.
    Thanks Mike!
    The level of the crime in this country is scary and the sad part is those who should be doing something about it don’t even bother. Its a shame. Criminals walk free each day no wonder people are brutally killed like this coz they know they won’t be punished for their wrong doings. Our government is an Embarrassment.
    May His soul Rest In Peace.

  17. Its really sad how our people get killed I just burried mydad n my sister the past weekendn its not a nice feeling.. RIP buccaneer

  18. ai.monyana ooh wa ntena Waitse …ba mokgone shame..o nagana gore ke Clever poor nothing ..he doesn’t no gore o tlo sokola..nna ka ba bona type tse soo..e sale ele maratha.dikata fela…

  19. In our country people get life sentences for rhino poaching bt light sentences if not walking free for murder. We r nt safe at all

    As for Asthandile,,she’s worse she jst crossed a no go area and she really deserved a punch

  20. Mike your car was stolen in pta? Askies maan! Eish south africa has fallen and it looks like we will not rise from this, if anything things are getting rather out of hand. From being PROUDLY S.African to just being an african!

    Asthandile is a true reflection of someone with a small brain and without a vision. You don’t plan against someone when all you know is being a house wife! Sies

  21. You know at times I do not blame these men for beating up their women. Some people will drive you to that point. I am not condoning it mara it is it what it is.

    Senzo Meyiwa’s death has hurt all of us, I can not even begin to comprehend what his immediate family and Kelly are going through.

    May his soul rest in peace.

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