Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Six

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No it was not the real me. I did not want Khanyi here because she had a way of making a scene. If there is one thing Xhosa women are known for is their ability to cause drama. Maybe it’s how deep our voices get when we speak vernacular. Lindiwe asked why this woman was always around me? She said she knew my wife and this was not it. Yes she actually call Khanyi an IT! She said even the first time she met her she knew there was something with this snake. Met her? Where? At first it did not click then I remembered that when they had first met, by my gate, Khanyi had slapped Lindiwe. I do not even think Khanyi remembered her because it was dark but clearly Lindiwe did. How does that saying go? Oh it’s, what forgets is the axe but the tree never forgets what gave it that stump. Lindiwe was on the attack front. I think to her it felt as though she was in her work environment, her people meaning she felt safe. Doubt very much she would do this in a private place with Khanyi though! Khanyi told her to go away she was not here for her. Say what?

Lindiwe said no she was not going to go until she found out what was happening. If we refused to tell her she was going to come to my house everyday until she saw and met my wife to tell her that Khanyi and I were having an affair. The seriousness in her voice meant she was not playing either. I whispered to her,

“Lindiwe come on now. You are shouting here meaning the whole company will know business. Please let’s go outside!”

I was trying to calm her down at the same time be firm that we could not have this conversation here. Xhosa women need to get this, you need to pick where you go start a fight carefully and with foresight. I know a woman who found out that her husband was cheating and went and confronted him in front of his colleagues meaning the whole company where the husband worked heard her shout too! The humiliation in such a situation is permanent because there is no coming back from that. Most men will let you get away with such tjatjarag timing but truth be told, when you start messing with what pays his bills then you have a problem. Lindiwe and Khanyi were being that problem now.

We went outside and Khanyi turned around and said,

“Wee sisi, what are you to Mxolisi? You seem to be always around as well so I want to know who you are?”

O crap! Here we go! I looked at Lindiwe pleasingly but she did not look back at me. I prayed that she did not say she was my baby mama to be. As luck would have it Dalu walked out and saw us there and came over. He had met Khanyi once already and he was one guy who good with faces. Dalu was actually quite nosy come to think of it! He should just keep walking.

“We are colleagues and I protect him as a friend and brother. Mxolisi you need to get rid of this woman because for heavens sake man you are a married man!”

She said again raising her voice a little higher. Dalu looked at me in horror,

“Are you cheating on Asthandile with her own friend?”

He asked in an unbelieving tone! Ah this thing was falling apart quickly.

“Mxolisi can have whoever he wants so I don’t need you to tell me what to do and who I sleep with!”

She said confronting Lindiwe,

“And you, yes we are friends but I have never slept with Mxolisi and don’t intend to. We are friends nje and yes maybe I took it too far coming here to see him. I was actually coming to look for an attorney who deals with labour. Why? For Mxolisi wife the same one you think I am trying to hurt. Something happened at work which I am sure Mxolisi know about and she needs protection.”

The chips were falling fast. I didn’t even see my boss come from behind us.

“I love this guy’s. New clients. Lindiwe you are in Labour give this lady your full attention.”

He said going into the building. How did this get here! He had not even heard the full conversation yet he had just hired us a new client.

“In fact I think I will hear her story myself,”

My boss said coming back.

“Lindiwe you will sit second chair with me. My office in ten minutes guys!”

He said. My boss often prided himself with the fact that he could get business anywhere. That was his favorite story in fact. As any business man he made sure every week we had new clients. This is why the firm was growing and opening more branches, we simply had too much work. Lindiwe being the kiss ass she is to the bosses said she would be there.

“Are you people crazy? Five minutes ago you were about kill each other now you talking representation? Come on now?”

I did not see it like that. I had been promised a promotion so I cannot be seen to be losing clients.

“I am not going anymore!”

Khanyi said.

“I was only trying to help now I am the bad person!”

Pshhhhhhh! That’s the sound that came out of Lindiwe!

“Help my ass, I saw you kiss him!”

She said! She was not buying the victim card.

“I am not going to stand here and get insulted. There are many other law firms!”

She said and started walking away. I could not afford for her to do that. Now that my boss wanted us to bring her in and was actually waiting for us, imagine how he would react if he heard she went with another law firm. What’s worse about this is the Lindiwe was our best Labour law practitioner something which I mentioned when we went to Pretoria together. It had to be her and they hated each other. Finally was the fact that all three women I had slept with in the last month would be working together and directly. Scary thought.

My phone was ringing, it was my boss! I had no choice.

“Khanyi wait please come back! Lindiwe apologize or its our necks on the line!”

I whispered harshly to her. Even Dalu agreed and said we would be in trouble.

I can truly admit though, the situation had actually gotten worse not better!

****The End****



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Hi Mike, i have read various letters on your blog and I think you can help with this, um ever since I lost a baby I cant stand seing another baby suffering, even before my loss by now it has turned into an obssesion, I have tried various places to get help on how to open a place to take in children who are not wanted by their parents I know many organisations like that exist but in my area its only for children who are disabled and once i met an eldely woman who takes in children in her own home and uses her pension money to care for those kids. I really want to do this but the government is not responding my letters so what other help do you think i can get?

Thank You


38 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Six

  1. With friends like Khanyi who needs enemies? For someone who is willing to care for the baby alone, Lindiwe seems very concerned with who else is F**king Mxolisi, soon she will be declaring her undying love hai!!!

    Thanks Mike

  2. The games people play. Lets see where this is taking us. Thanx bhut’ Mike.

    Sis Ethel maybe you should go to the nearest Social Development office in your area. They might be able to assist you on how to go about starting this haven. All the best.

  3. Mike I have always followed you and i check this blog daily. I am one of your staunch followers … But I feel lately somewhere you are slacking. There was a time I read one of the chapters and I would not stop laughing even my boss would give me a look of disapproval. The chapters were just too hilarious. I must say this has to be the most boring chapter I have ever read. The only time I giggled was when Mxolisi said dalu was noisy and should keep walking. I know I will probably be attacked by some readers for being blunt, however I believe you need such feedback from those that love your work in order for you to better it 🙂

  4. Kwaaa I die. Stella wena you are the future. You crack me up big times… Swanetse onoba mokgotse waka :D.

  5. I felt this chapter was just too much n over dramatic nje! Jeez why can’t Mxolisi ever take charge of situations n his life???n rly at times drama is not necessarily! *sigh*

  6. Hi Mike

    You are a great writer..since I started reading your stories I kept coming back.

    Kodwa hayi mina I am loosing interest on this Mxolisi story, it’s boring now…it is flat. I don’t look forwad to it any more. This was the most boring and confusing chapter. Give yourself time and be creative again. Make us look forward to the next chapter.

    Since Mxo and wife cheated..there’s been no going forwad…we’ve been at it for sometime now. Get your creative juices out bro 🙂

    Continue writing 😉

  7. Tnx Mike I luv ur stories……but this 1 is no longer interesting,maybe u shud continue ka Zulu gal 4 now n take a break 4rm this 1.Nw Missteps is on fire I tell u.
    I have 2 give it 2 u n ur team u r doing great job.t Keep up the gud work n thank u much luv 2 u

    I must say what u want 2 do 4 all those innocent babies out there is wonderful,……I’m so sorry 4 ur los I cnt even imagine what u went through n stil going throu may God bless ur beautiful soul.
    I think u shud try social department in ur area see if they won’t assist u,good luck dear

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