Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Seven

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Trying to get a side dish in line especially after she is angry at you is like trying to convince politicians that corruption is wrong and actually mean it! That’s virtually impossible. You know for that brief moment they will look you in the eye and say yes they totally understand and will not do it then in a matter of moments are back at it. Forcing Lindiwe and Khanyi to work together was like forcing the EFF and the DA to work together and worse work together to help the ANC fight it’s own corruption. In this equation ANC being Asthandile. Yes, Khanyi was here to help Asthandile sue her boss who had an affair with her and now he was trying to fire her. She had come to ask for help from Asthandile’s husband, the one being cheated on and the lawyer representing them would be the woman who that same husband, me, had made pregnant. Khanyi mind you was not a saint for she possibly the same person who hooked up that very boss to Asthandile and who now was sleeping with me as well. This was not even a love triangle! This was disgusting plain and simple. A lot of people regret things that they do but that does not mean necessarily they will stop them. How many times have you cheated on your partner and told yourself that this was the last time only to find yourself again sucking the wrong dick! Just calling a spade a spade!

Lindiwe went and told her that there was no reason why they could not work together. She was the best at her job and it would be to her advantage. I don’t know what else they said because they seemed to whisper but it worked. Lindiwe motioned me over and said we were good to go. I couldn’t help it. I walked behind them and got to check out both my women from behind. Perks of being a man. As a woman know that if guys are going walk behind you especially in a mall they will look at your ass whether it’s there or not. Call us all names under the sun but the facts don’t change. It was fascinating. They were totally different. Usually as a girl you try figure out what type oof girls your man is into, this way you know which friends of yours he must stay away from. Asthandile didn’t have that luxury because Khanyi was curvy were Lindiwe was slender. Interesting. I guess I have no specific type then.

In my bosses office fortunately almost as soon as we entered he had a call he had forgotten about and was scheduled. He could not sit in because he had to go. Lindiwe obviously not wanting to be in the same space as Khanyi also excused herself and asked me to brief her. She told me that Khanyi was a bad person, in front of Khanyi and walked away. Khanyi did not seem bothered by it at all. She said that’s what a jealous woman does but who cares. So far the luck of the day was with me. No one had killed each other yet because of me. Finally I was sitting alone with Khanyi. I told her that Asthandile had not called me as yet so what was going on. She told me that when she got to work their boss had fired her. She said that he had not given many excuses but that’s what had happened. My wife was unemployed again! I could slaughter a cow and celebrate! This was the best news all day! Wow! She was fired!

“Why are you smiling?”

I asked why on earth she would come to my firm of all places. Imagine my colleagues knowing my wife was having an affair? That would be the most humiliating thing I can think of. What happens at home must stay at home! It’s as simple as that. I know that whichever lawyer that’s assigned to her must keep their mouth shut to protect their client but at the end of the day they too are only human.

“There is another reason why I also came here Mxolisi so please hear me out! Yesterday I never got a chance to say this, but I am sorry about your wife cheating! No one deserves that especially someone as nice and as kind as you!”

You know at that point I actually looked at her and in my head there was a little voice saying, Dear Lord! Having your nyatsi apologize for your wife cheating really is a low blow. She reminds you of all your own flaws and actually shows how much of a hypocrite you are! How do you justify being angry honestly if your own nyatsi sits in front of you and tellls yyou such things! I could not even say thank you!

“Did you know?”

I asked her! Without hesitation she replied,

“Yes I did know!”

Crap I didn’t expect that. I had expected her to lie because I wanted to call her out on the hypocrite she too was.

“So what was your game plan? You knew my wife was cheating yet you said nothing, then you came after me to…”

I asked her!

“Wait a minute, I did not come after you, we both liked each other!”

Why is it women never want to acknowledge when they go after a man? It’s not like we live in the stoneages anymore. Fine though I let it go.
“Things happened that I am not proud but I have no regrets whatsoever. You choose to sit there and be a victim yet you do nothing about it! Come on Mxo! I am with you and still want you. I am not asking you to divorce your wife but I am not going anywhere either! Deal with Mr Lawyer!”

She said then stood up and left! There is just something about a woman with a bit of fight in her. I went back too my own office to decide what to do next. When I entered there was Zimasa with a friend of hers from school.

“What are you doing here it’s school hours?”
I asked her as soon as I saw her.

“It’s ok we did not run away from school. We went to a tour of parliament and I asked around for your offices so we could surprise you that’s all.”

She said innocently. I did not believe her but ok. Yes she would have had to ask because she did not know her way here.

“I would have gotten lost but Ezile knows her way around at least!”

I looked at the friend, not the prettiest thing in the world but ok I guess.

“Oh by the way, her father is Asthandile boss!”

Said Zimasa! I wanted to shout at her of calling my wife by her name but then I stopped, had she said my wife’s bosses daughter!

I looked at her again,

Maybe she looked pretty after all!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
Three years ago I married a man who was at the time the most wonderful man. He was home everyday after work and never ever came home late. He did not drink and made sure we went out every week. Problem started five months ago when I got pregnant. It’s like he can’t stand being with me. He literally comes home at midnight and leaves at six in the morning. On weekends as soon as the sun is out he is out. He drinks now, not a lot but enough for me to look up. When I ask him what’s wrong he says nothing. We don’t have sex anymore and before it was three even four times a week. It’s like I disgust him.

I don’t want to lose my husband. Pls advise what I must do!

Thank You


43 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Seven

  1. Thank you guys for yet another interesting read! U r the best. As for Mxo yena, he must just leave that child alone. He is too much trouble already!

  2. Thanks Mike for yet another good read
    A to Q I don`t think there is anything wrong, everything will get back to normal after you deliver….you must be carrying a boy….

  3. Thank you Mike.

    Thobekile sisi I don’t think there’s much you can do except to talk to him and get him to open up and also to pray about it. although I can never understand it some men withdraw from their women when they are pregnant. Ngokwesintu abantu abadala would have said uyakwaliswa. I do believe ukuthi yinto ezodlula eventually but for now try concentrating on taking good good care of yourself and do the best for you and your baby because stress can be harmful.

    all the best sisi

  4. Lmao Mxo is sick mara, so now we sleep with the man who screwed the wife’s daughter… Game on!! Thanks Mikeesto, fantastic stuff. Ama chapter ashisayo right there!!!

    Thobie, it happens, uyanqumka lomjita. Sometimes it happens to women while pregnant, sometimes its the dude that gets it. The only worry is that it has led others to separate,permanently. So work on it, don’t know how shem but do work on it. Talk to him, tell him your worries. Mhlambe akaziva nyani ubhuti.

    Its not extraordinary though, ziyenzeka eziwey. Just talk to him, I mean woman can get a lot horny when pregnant, where does he thing you getting from if he is AWOL most times..


    1. Wazw wakhuluma kahle namhlanje JackZorro. Thought you were going to be controversial as usual, lol, senghlezi ngithukile nje ukuthi engabe uzothiniJizas……lol

  5. As much as babies excite mothers to be or wannabe it scares the hell out of some man, even if its not the man first baby or worst if it’s their first baby. The thought of bringing a being into this world will scare any responsible person but in time or after birth of the child it usually wears off.

  6. Khanyi uyahlanya ngempela! She needs help! I can’t believe you want to stoop so low Mxolisi! He went for your wife not daughter *Psycho much*

    Thobekile, I have heard this happens to married couples especially if its the first baby. A friend of mine said her husband started acting up because he was not ready for the baby and he still wanted 100% attention from her. Some husbands sometimes become jealous because they will no longer be the centre of your universe. You just need to talk to each other, get some feelings in the open and find a way to handle them. Just monitor that the drinking doesn’t become excessive, hopefully when the baby comes you will both be on the same page. kuzodlula, hang in there.

  7. Thobie sisi it happens uyaz especially if u pregnant i use to hate my bby daddy so much wen i was pregnant i wuld cum up wit lies jst not to see him i wuldnt even laugh @ his jokes which i liked so much b4 lol

    I was evn prepared to raise my child alone dats how bad it was

    lucky 4 me he understood what i was going thru and jst laugh about it n make jokes about how i hated him coz im pregnant

    kuzodlula bekezela


    Thobekile sisi wami!!!!!!! we are experiencing the same thing but i’m not married to the guy and we are not staying together, do you know what i do?? i simply keep quite because he thinks i’m always complaining about small things, i am super emotional, so i avoid being stressed by just spending time with my family and coming to work, you have to avoid stress sese ngata, i can’t stand being next to him, sometimes i will miss him so much and go visit but i cannot stand his presence, he simply makes me so mad and it’s all just normal, give him some time alone, be away for a week but text and call and make him realize you’re just still the same woman he said “I DO” to, do not stop loving and respecting him, just give him space and all shall be well once you give birth 🙂 I PRAY IT WORKS FOR YOU BECAUSE Y’ALL MARRIED 🙂

  9. Kwii Mxo onyaka go nyonyobela ngwana wa boss ya Stha. ya ne… Kunzima…I will read all the comments and reply later ka lunch.. !

  10. I might be wrong, but what if the man was once told that he can’t have kids and now you pregnant. But again its probably what everyone is saying, that’s happening to him. All will be well sisi just hang in there.

  11. Lol Mxo is soo Crazy… He must just leave the poor girl alone. One thing he doesn’t realise though is the power he has on this whole thing. He can simply confess to Stha. She should forgive him since she aint a saint herself. Then start on a clean slate

    Q&A: Good luck sisi. It must be so difficult to go through that alone. Pray about it and hope all will be well after the term. Mosadi o swara thipa ka bogaleng my dear. God bless

  12. Mxolisi though, u scare me sometimes. Poor girl, she doesn’t know what she’s in for. So Asthandile lied about resigning, the woman is deep!!

  13. Pls don’t tell me that Mxolisi wants to “DO” that poor kid now just bcos she is Asthandile’s Boss’s Daughter… Oh No…

    Thanks Bro Mike…

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