Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Four

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I can’t remember much more that happened that dinner. Who cares about it anyway I had bigger fish to fry! I made lots of conversation that’s for sure and pumped them with alcohol. In fact the dinner finished towards midnight. I had cigars I had gotten from a client and I am not a smoker but what the hell. We all went outside by the pool and took a puff or two. The guy she had come with suddenly had to leave. He got a phonecall, I won’t speculate from who and he said his goodbyes. Khanyi had ridden with him when she came but we insisted she stays. Maybe he was going in the wrong direction because she did not argue much on going with him. When he was gone and only the three of us were left again I thought of confronting the two of them on what they had been doing but there was no point to it. I actually needed to consult a good divorce lawyer as I had never been an expert at breaking up. I loved too much to be a heartbreaker. They started asking me about Paris of which Khanyi asked my wife if she could come visit. My wife obviously feeling like the woman of the hour was making all sorts of promises. The wine also had taken its toil so it was good funny conversation but no matter how much I drank I was still incredibly sober. I was pretending to be happy with them but I was not. These women thought I was a fool.

When my wife went to the bathroom to pee, I stole a kiss from Khanyi and fondled that ample bottom. She was wearing a longish skirt, one of those that go just below the knees and it was loose fitting meaning I got to enjoy the full jiggle. She did not protest at all and in fact was the one to say my wife was coming let us stop, we will do it again when she goes. So she was still in? What was her game plan this woman? My wife came back and said that they wanted to go buy water at the garage. It was not far, probably 400 meters away. I was not going. I told them that if they wanted they can go out on the town even but I was not leaving. They can drink water from the tap, it won’t kill them. There are people who think tap water is dirty but it’s only in their heads. My wife was one of them. For someone who grew up in Mdantsane were burst sewage was a common occurrence she surely felt herself a bit too much! They left. I did not call because I was relieved even after 20 minutes they had not returned. I slept so peacefully that night. I knew she would probably have been out there celebrating a victory she had not even achieved but now she knew she had to kiss my ass. The problem with most of the best laid plans is that usually something always happens to stop it… simple as that!

In the morning I did not ask were they had gone. I think I heard them come in about an hour after I slept but you know with sleep time is often muddled up. My wife begged me not go to work that day but I just looked at her. I think she thought I was angry because they had disappeared. She immediately said that they had gone to Khanyi’s to pick up a change of clothes for her for work. So Khanyi was here again? She said that she had a hangover though and called her boss to take the day off as well but later on was going to pick up a sick note! I told her that I will at least work half day because I had things to do. Paris won’t happen if I stay at home so I must be seen to be putting in an effort. I made sure that again I did not eat her breakfast which she had so painstakingly made. No matter how modern we get, women are still judged by the cooking. We can speak equal rights, CEO women etc but not being able to cook in a woman is a no no. Yeah I said it! The brave ones will call it sexist but the realists will ask, if you can’t feed your own children by your own hand then what’s your worth. Asthandile was putting effort into her cooking for me lately but didn’t really give a rats ass, she must go cook for her boss!

When I got to the office I waited in the parking lot for another car to arrive. Lindiwe’s car! It was time we had a conversation and I was prepared for it. Whatever she had to throw at me I was ready. She had too much drama! Sitting in the car my wife called,
“Love I am really sorry for what I did. I messed up big time and I know you are still very angry at me. I love you. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I am handing in my 30day notice at work.”
She said. I just said ok because Lindiwe’s car was pulling in. As soon as she parked I walked to her and knocked on the window which startled her in the process. She was pretty annoyed by it. I asked if I could come in and she said in a snappy tone.

“Lindiwe what’s wrong? Why do you like this cloak and dagger nonsense everytime you want to see me?”

I asked her. I had a point. This woman behaved as though she was a spy. She could never be upfront or make an appointment.

“It’s how I am. I needed us to talk about something important. I am sorry about how I approached it!”

She said. I told her it was ok I was here now so let’s talk.

“I think I am pregnant and because you the only person I have slept with in eons you are the father!”

The first thing that came to my mind was that my wife should never find out! Why?

I had not even started punishing her. I was not even worried that I had made another woman pregnant!

Lindiwe started crying!


When we had sex you were not crying yet when you get pregnant you cry? Like wtf!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
I was a married man and am 37. I had been married to my wife for 8years and twice that I know off she had cheated on me. Once when our only child was three I came back early from work. I normally got off at the bottom of the road on the taxi (soweto) but that day I got off at the top. I found her sitting in a car with some man and his hands were on her thighs. I beat the crap out of them both because I knew the man as her cousin (which I am certain was a lie). She had me arrested for assault then dropped the charges. The second time was two years back. There was a street party. I was supposed to work night shift but something was broken at work meaning I was not needed. I had left at 5 and was supposed to be back the following day. I came back at 9pm. The party was two houses from my house. When I got home I found my wife at the back of my house kissing another man I did not know. He ran away. I did not beat her this time. I took her to her parents and you know how in Soweto we all leave next to each other it was odd because the parents acted as though it was my fault, I was working too hard.

We were married in a church and I had never cheated on her. She accused me of late hours and cheating on her which was not true. I broke up with her (not divorce) and went to leave with my friend (male). I would come every weekend to see my child and she started denying me that too. I married her for love and I loved her but she did not seem to care. Eventually I divorced her entirely. Now I am dating someone from my new church and my ex is causing problems. She calls everyday shouting at me or when she can my new girlfriend. The new girlfriend has opened a restraining order but I feel is on the verge of breaking up with me because of my ex.

Please advise as to how to move on from this woman.

Thank You

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  1. I dont understand why cant someone go to a better one if he thinks he has one rather than looking for revenge. Mtho just get someone better if you think you can have one in this earth. bacause divorce is not a solution you are going to loose anyway.

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, daily dose.

    Kabelo I think you need to get out of the gutter brother. The stereotype of all staying close is just too cliche and overrated. Phuma eloksion sbali, or atleast move to another. I mean you cant grow up in a place and also expect to die there…. You can but, I’m sure u know what I mean. If you want to offer this new lady peace of mind, you need a change of scenery. Your ex shouldn’t be an obstacle of your present and future.

    She cheated, and now she can’t handle you moving on?… This woman has a nerve yaz..

    Goodluck bhuti, but I say get out of the hood.


  3. Ye ye Lindiwe is pregnant!!!@ Kabelo your ex is not over you & doesn’t want to see you happy. You must sit her down & explain that you’ve moved on & she asked for a divorce not you. She must deal with the consequences of her cheating.

  4. Crossing fingers for mtho that its a false alarm but then again it can’t be bad considering he n the wife have no kids.

  5. Lindiwe and her drama, now she is pregnant. Mxolisi can play Asthandile, but Khanyi is a different ball game. She seems to have an Ace up her sleeve. This will back fire on Mxolisi.

    Kabelo, your ex wife is a selfish person and she will never change. Please be vigilent of her crazy tactics though cause some women will even go the extent of hurting the kids just so they can hurt you. Be careful dude, you need to tread carefully with this one.

  6. Eish Mxolisi nawe!! U better divorce Asthandile b4 Lindiwe’s pregnancy is known otherwise the full terms of yo pre nup will kick in.

    A2Q I am in a similar dilemma wif my man’s ex/baby mama. I told him several times I won’t leave him bt ex is creating so much drama. U need to assure yo new woman ngayonk’ indlela that u r hers now, decide together on how to handle ex.

  7. Eish Lindiwe preggies??? Ayeye now there’s gonna be more drama #can’t wait

    @Kabelo, your ex is selfish and miserable – that is why she is also trying to mess things up for you and your new love. I think you need to sit down with her and set some boundaries re your child. Maybe revisit your divorce decree and if she is doing something that was not agreed upon then she is on the wrong side of the law and just tell her that if she does not stop then you will have no choice but to excercise what is on the decree. She made her bed now she must sleep on it.

  8. Khanyi is playing games on Asthandile nd shes too doom to see it, while shes bizy with her boss, Shell wake up regreting da day she was born I tell u!

  9. Wa tsha mkhukhu…Mxolisi, you need to work fast on your plan and divorce this selfish b@$##. She has never loved you. She got into this marriage with a mission.

    @ Jackzorro- I second you big time when you say that Kabelo has to move away from the same neighborhood where his ex is. She is a selfish person that doesn’t want to see you moving on with your life. By moving away, you’ll actually make her aware that it’s over.

    Why are all these selfish

  10. Mxolisi will not divorce Stha anytime soon, if you don’t believe me go back to the 1st chapter and re read it. His affair with Khanyi will be a permanent thing, as for Lindiwe bitch must just have an abortion. I don’t believe in it but women whom sleep with married men should consider it for he will never leave his wife because you are pregnant. Some women though have a nerve. 1stly no baby is a mistake. When you open your legs and have the power of leromposo inside you protected sex or not you are aware of the consequences of having sex. There are morning afters so why didn’t she take some… Aggg I hate this Lindiwe Character.Girls like her are opportunists and are disgusting. I am revolted by the thought of her. Lindiwe is going to do everything to destroy a happy home, well in Mxolisi’s case its not a happy home but still he is married and she should not even be thinking of having that child Finish & Klaar!!! Slut must know her place and terminate that pregnancy!

    @ Kabelo put your foot down, Tell her to stay away from you and your woman. Work out a plan regarding visitation rights on your child and if she still persist troubling you then you must get a restraining order against that lunatic. You did right by leaving her.

  11. @ Jack & Tebby moving is not so easy. You must consider many factors before relocating. For one can he afford to move,? I think before we give advises which I am not saying what you said is not well thought of but I think we are ought to put ourselves in others shoes. Moving is expensive. I have a good job and I am content with my salary however I am still staying at home with parents because it is so expensive to rent. I used to rent but went back home and rather saving up that money that I wasted renting! Unless there is a good reason for moving which in Kabelo’s case there is none then dula ska tsamaya. If he moves he will be a coward and giving into that sick woman’s tactics.

  12. mxolisi ayeyeee.i dont think lindiwe is preggy she just want attention or she s just playing her stupid game.

    jackzorro i like ur advice

  13. Lekgarebe i am trying to understand why are saying this guy must not move. Some times you must act like a coward especialy when you have nothing to loose by doing that. brother move as far as possible from this woman. For your peace of mind the safety of yr new woman. Your ex is bitter n she does not wants to see you happy. all the best with yr new relationship. big up for not cheating, at least it proves that not all me cheat.

  14. I hate Lindiwe and every “Lindiwe” in the world. She’s a miserable selfish b****. When are we gonna learn that you can’t keep a man by having a baby? As for Asthandile,hubby was just a ticket to Le Good Life, she never loved him

  15. Men have a desease guys they can’t and neva able to control baby mamas situations.instead the resent woman will always cry. Kabelo I think u must move to polokwane, and don’t fight that slut just deal with her by law.she won’t stop not until someone dies.

    Women why are we like this.if its over its over we must get a life.most of us we do that and its waste of time and energy o tla ba wa ba lefetwa o lebeletse tse di fetilego. We brokeup with my ex two yrs back and there was drama as 2 other women were involved but I told my self I’m letting go and I have my baby a medical aid I don’t even call him when my baby is sick.and that was my strongest point as now he miss the women I was… I with I can counsil ure ex kabelo. She needs it or a psychologist.

  16. Kwiiii dead. Zotho why should he move? He must deal with her right there in Soweto. Brother o namela taxi and his probably staying gagabo jwale tshelete ya go mova otla e tseya kae le gona why swanetse a fuduge gobane setlaela sa mosadi gase kgone go amogela gore go fedile? Only cowards resort to running away. If the woman is as crazy as she sounds she will follow him to Polokwane lol as posh suggests, and then what he is going to be made to move to Mdantsane again? He needs to sort her out like real men do. Sit down with her and draw the line if she persist then aye maphodiseng.




  18. Lindiwe preggies???? Someone tell me why she is crying??

    why women lower their standards like this is truly beyond me!!!!

    Thanks Mike

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