Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Eight

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I don’t think people get this. I loved my wife with all my might even before she even knew my name. I took her from Mdantsane were she was destined to be yet another stuck beautiful township girl whose prospects end before they even start. Go to Umlazi if you want to fully appreciate what that means. I won’t lie, deep down somewhere I knew she could not never possibly love me as much as I loved her because such love would be impossible! I stand by that. Betrayal however is one of the things that turns love in hate so quickly even you do not see it coming! I wanted to punish my wife and everything she loved! Call me vicious or vengeful but what she had done to me with all that I had done for her I could never forgive. She had hired another woman to seduce me so she could take my money? This after with my money I had wiped the dust off her feet and replaced them with diamonds, I had taken her from living next door to Mkhukhus and RDP house to live in the suburbs and at the foot of Table Mountain! Really? And she does this? The only swimming pool she knew before me was the community swimming pool in Vincent yet now she lived in a house with one! No! There is nothing more painful for a man when you put your woman on a pedestal, worship and give her the best you can afford then some mafikizolo comes and fucks her like a whore for free! Imagine your wife sucking another man’s dick! I was angry! I was violated and I was only just starting. Phew, how’s that for a vent!

Back to her bosses daughter Ezile! She was not pretty but ugly was not the word for her. She was okay-ish! No wonder why her father wanted to make babies with my wife! Can’t blame the dude if this is what he produced. You could see however that she was well kempt meaning he put effort into her. She had an expensive watch for a school girl and some of her finishings showed she came from money. Reminds of my wife and all the nice things she had and her father took that. If you are a married woman and another man fucks you in his car surely you know you are not worth much after that. No matter what car it is, the fact that he put such little effort in finding a place for you to fornicate shows just how cheap he thinks your honeypot is.
“Zimasa you are already making beautiful friends I see. How are you? I am Mxo!”
I said introducing myself by name and stretching my hand for a handshake! I made sure my hand lingered in hers long enough for her to feel that something had just happened and I smiled looking directly in her eyes! Poor child would not know what hit her. Zimasa didn’t even notice this as she was busy texting something. I asked where they stayed and she said Claremont.
“How come I have never seen you out in the Claremont clubs which teens go to?”
She looked at Zimasa for permission to answer and she said,
“Zimasa said she will take me once you give her permission of course!”
I said we will see about that and I commented that does she intend to go out in uniform? Her uniform was on the longish side so I told her that at first glance she did not look like the going out type. She laughed and said that she was just keeping up appearance being the daddies little girl he wanted her to be. She said she knows how to dress up for club but she had never snuck out before. It’s not like I wanted to take the kid to club. That was not my style. I was not a sugardaddy. I was not one of those old unashamed men you find in Jhb clubs. Zimasa said she had come to ask for money so that they could go for a movie. I had cash in my wallet fortunately so I made a joke about not trusting Zimasa then split the money to give them r250 each. It was not a lot at first glance but for a student it was noticeable. Zimasa said thank you and I said no, I did not trust her to come home early so I must have her friends number in case they took long. Zimasa protested saying she was not like that but I insisted! Ezile gave me her number without hesitation. She knew she was being flirted with and I could see that she was blushing a bit. Zimasa was a bit annoyed but she will live. They could not stay any longer if they were to catch it, all the way back in Claremont! I asked Zimasa to hug me because by default that meant that Ezile had to do it too! Classic! Ever noticed that usually if one girl knows a guy who is joining you for something you for some reason end up all hugging him, same case here! I hugged Zimasa first and she had to reply her whatsapp again. When I hugged Ezile I squeezed a little harder and made sure I brushed her ass a little. I watched them walk out! Much as I wanted to use her to revenge on that man who thought he could fuck my wife for free I decided that it was not worth it. I simply had too much drama though I won’t lie the thought crossed my mind. I felt sorry for her! I am weak!

Finally I got a chance to think about the events of the day and most importantly how Asthandile had lied. She said that she had resigned when the bastard had fired her already. This marriage was no longer viable. Too much was going on. I called her and told her I had given Zimasa permission to go watch a movie and I was on my way home. She was already home she said and I told her that was good I will see her soon. She actually sounded happy when I said that.
“I am glad. I want to make up everything I have done to you my husband. I love you so much and I know I messed up. From now onwards I do whatever you say without question.”

She said before she hung up. Love? Does anyone know what that even means?

As I was driving home I got a call from the police. I had even forgotten about them. The officer said that I needed to come back again because the investigation was getting wider and my name came up again. Now I was scared. That boy was already haunting me! I need a lawyer myself! Fuck!

When I got home I found my wife cooking. She came running to me and hugged me. She kissed me on the cheek and started telling me how much she missed me taking care of her. I think she wanted us to have sex! I said at the beginning my wife was never sexual but lately she was throwing herself at me!

I told my wife that we needed to go to Mdantsane. She was a bit surprised and she asked why what was so sudden.

“I am taking you home to your parents where I found you!”l

I said calmly. She was turning me into a monster as far as I was concerned.

“Please pack everything of yours!”

I said.

I packed my gym bag and left!

In the car I got an sms from h

“I wanted to tell you that I am almost two months pregnant!”

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
Thank you for reading.

A month ago I bought my girlfriend of 3years a ring. We don’t live together but we spend most of our free time together. When I dropped her off at her place on Sunday she thought she had lost her phone but it had fallen in the backseat. I went through her messages and found out that just three months ago she had gotten pregnant by me and aborted our baby without telling me. She was telling her sister that much as she loved me she was not prepared to spend the rest of her life with me and barely make by. Her sister is into sugardaddies and has a very expensive lifestyle. I am a banktelller. I was obviously hurt but I love this girl so much. I don’t know what to do? I did not find any evidence of cheating on her phone though she seems to flirt with a few guys.
She has no idea about the ring which I had given my mother for safekeeping until I found the right moment to propose.

Is she worth it?

Please advise



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42 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Eighty Eight

  1. Hhe hhe Mikeesto, on friday you spring the pregnancy suprise, into yanini tuesday… This is torture but dankie my man. Daily dose. Oh and the party, please advise well in advance, so we can prepare our travelling plans :).

    Charles abhuti, Abortion is ‘ok’ if you both decide its the best option for you. You going through her phone is pretty dumb though, its very low for a man to do that, unless you usually do.

    So now that you know, she aborted your kid, doesn’t or isn’t prepared to spend ‘forever’ with you, what are you gonna do about it?

    We can only say so much buddy.

    Personally, I think its a blessing that you didn’t propose, I don’t think it was a coincidence finding her phone. This woman is pretty deep, if she can do that and keep it secret, she get definitely get you killed for life insurance pay out.
    So if I were you, I would let my Ma keep that ring for another 5years, and I would Run from that chickita.. If she has her sister’s tendencies for liking luxury, your bank telling position aint enough… So get out of that explosion waiting to happen.

    Motivation?? She killed your baby without even giving you an option. Yea its her body, yea you aren’t married but still, she is vicious and evil.

    Sorry for the essay 🙂

  2. good one mike

    charles remember if you continue with the commitment it simply means you need to accept that uzoroba the very same bank oyisebenzelayo and you are never going to enjoy being you and the relationship as the issue of trust will always be there. Remember that being in a relationship for three years does not guarantee you life time comitment. think really hard and dont rush.

  3. Thanks Mike. 2 months preggies already!!! Stupid woman – struuh, but the hubby is equally stupid – they deserve each other.
    A to Q: Charles – do you believe in fate or some power out there guiding you? Mina, I do. You going through that phone might have been wrong according to others, but you had to know the truth before committing to someone only to find out such things. The abortion part is slightly understandable, it’s her body yes – but maybe, nje just maybe you should have been made aware of her decision, not really consulted, but be informed (out of love and courtesy). Atleast now ke, you know that the love side of it, is not very big. You love her yes, but I don’t think she’s the one. You can choose to continue with the r/ship coz you still love her and might have too many thoughts and emotions going on right now, but don’t be limited to her, keep your eyes open. And one more thing, don’t look down upon yourself for being a bank teller, we all started off somewhere and it’s certainly not bad.Just be glad you’ve got a job!!!

  4. So who is 2 months pregnant, Asithandile? She probably doesn’t know who the daddy is between the boss and Mxo, as we wait for this to unfold. Good stuff.

    Charles, If she did abort, she is a selfish person because as much as it is her body, she didn’t conceive the baby alone, you should have had a say. Now you ask yourself if she could keep something so deep and not tell, what other secrets will she keep from you in the near future? Can you trust her to not make decisions that affect both of you alone? What she did proves she is all about yourself, screw your feelings!

  5. It takes a lot for a women to decide to abort a child!!! To me it seems like she does not want to be with you for financial reasons!!! She made a life changing decision and did not even include you in it!! My advice is cointinue and prepose to the girl and see how that goes, If u still trust her! But a real women should stick by her man no matter what his financial status is!!!

  6. So the orange juice with morning after trick did not work? Aye ye!! Is it the bosses child? Tyo I am falling more inlove with this story

  7. Charles, baleka ngenyawo zombili, Jackzorro uyichanile, umshado unamagingxigingxi amaningi, lo owakho usunezinkinga ezi deep before it even starts. I always say impilo yinde, do not look at it now but look into the future, you may love the girl but obviously the feeling is not so mutual. This is enough ukuthi wenze idecision, you actually do not need us.

  8. Do not act on how you feel now and force izinto ozibonayo azikho, you sound like a good man, look elsewhere for proper love olungazuba nama drama that you do not need. This girl of yours is Asthandile in the making so wena unlike Mxo were lucky to know before you say your matrimonial vows.Ncenga inhliziyo yakho slowly uzozibonga ekugcineni.

  9. Q&A: To Charles, If you want to live a long and happy life do yourself & only yourself a favour and leave that woman. otherwise stay and you’ll find out the hard way. This blog must give you some semblance of the idea why you must leave her

  10. Kante why is Mxo convinced that, had he not married Astha, she would still be single and staying next to mkhukhu, surely another fool would have married her!

    Charles I know you love her and it hurts but walk away! Don’t hurt yourself more by giving her the ring as clearly you know her answer already.Her being with you now is probably for conveniences’ sake , if she gets the person who will give her all the luxury she wants , she will walk out on you and not be apologetic about it. There is a reason you saw that message at the time that you did, don’t make excuses because you will only be prolonging the inevitable . Accept the truth for what it is, there is not future for the both of you. There is someone out there who will love you regardless of where you work, and who will not terminate your child without informing you. Askies

    Mike we will be waiting for that invite WHOOP WHOOP! The Sands is perfect Mikey.

  11. I knew the pregnancy would pop up sooner or later.
    QnA bra she isn’t worth it. Obviously that she doesn’t care about you n her future doesn’t include you. Vuka emaqandeni n leave this girl. For there fact that she aborted your baby without bothering you about it its a good reason to leave. Love? There is no such. Don’t waste anymore years.leave!

  12. I like the party idea cant actually wait to meet you mike. Please assist are you still selling the diary of a Zulu girl book? I still feel that it tops all your blogs. I desperately need that book. please please mike. Thank you

  13. Its obviously the boss’s child probably she told him that she is pregnant and that’s why he suddenly fired her behind…the hubby must not fall for that nonsense. She lately been throwing herself on her hubby cos she wanted the pregnancy to stick.

  14. I would never date a man like Mxolisi. A Man whose forever going to look down upon you because they found you down and out. They will constantly remind you of how they had improved your life and ka mokgoo neo sokola ka gona before they came into your life.

    I think Stha is pregnant with Mxolis’s baby, because now two women are pregnant by him. I once heard somewhere bare if Monna o imisa someone and sleeps with the other woman without protection she will also be pregnant because apparently madidi agage a fisha or something like that.

    Women need to learn to be independent and not fall for men whom you have no idea how he got to his riches. I believe one is better of dating your average man whose driven and is ambitious, whom has the potential to be successful. A man whom you would build each other up and build your own empire together. I would not mind dating a varsity student whose studying towards a degree because he will be successful in due time. I know a lot of women would rather go for a man who has it all but usually such relationships do not end well.

    The honest truth is rich men have no class and do not respect women.

    Anyway at Charles do not try blaming yourself for what that your girlfriend did. What happened to you is a blessing in disguise. I know it hurts mara ke ka thato ya Modimo. Leave that woman and you find someone whose going to love you for whom you are. Someone whose not going to care about how much money you earn. You will find that woman and it is just a matter of time, God loves you so much that he made you see the her true colours before you marry her. Be grateful fr that go tla loka.

    Mike that sounds like a great idea, there is also another place that opened up in the same bulding ZAR used to be, it is also highly recommended.

  15. ask for proof that the baby is your mxolisi bt in the meantime send her home even if its for a month just to show her whose boss

  16. Lol….Papa Hloni…..kwaaa free chapters. I support the party idea fully Mike can it be b4 the yr ends so as to celebrate the work u have done this yr and also give thanks to the almighty for being with you through out. Keep us posted Mike.

  17. Asthandile shem..oa ng’shokisha..kaba ka gopola are mxo oa nkga kweeeeee# this marriage is over shem..astha must jst go back home and mxo must play father and hubby to lindiwe and the baby..they can even start their own law firm together mos lol

  18. Iyoooo what a great read tnx Mike and as for you Charles I agree with jackzorro if she killed your child without even telling you that she is pregnant, imagine what she can do to you. Ba tlo o bolaya ba o chekela ka kamoreng ya hao. Ha a qeta a behe bethe a robale hodima yona while your family thinks you went missing. And she is gonna help them look for you. Keep your ring for someone who will love to spent their whole life with you. Gudluck

  19. Iyo I see vicious cycle,Mxolisi slept with Lindiwe,she’s bisexual and Asthandile slept with her boss who in turn sleeps with his own wife (3 of them are pregnant). STI’s spreading like wild fire. Mxo go for sperm count you might be infertile is just penalties left right and centre. I don’t think you impregnated any of those women.

    Q-Charles is sad that good guys goes for bad girls, and good girls goes for bad boys. Sorry one day you will find someone who will love you for who you are. Don’t loose hope we might meet one day and live happily ever after.

  20. Mxolisi,Mxolisi. You knew this day will come nje. Asthandile never loved you and you knew it. Mxolisi is very sweet yet very stupid when it comes to women.
    Thanks bro Mike.
    QnA Charles, I think she had an abortion coz she wasn’t planning to spend her whole life with you. Its sad but somewhere there’s a wonderful woman for you. You know you gf doesn’t love as much as you do. Talk to her about the future and see if she includes you in it. The ring is safe with Mama (for now)
    Good luck.

  21. I volunteer my services with regards to the party preparations Mike” and I think it should be just before people depart for their December holidays so maybe end of NOV 1st weekend of Dec! Just a suggestion ” sands is perfect it can be a lovely afternoon thing midday – early morning to accommodate those needing baby sitters as well as the party animals Ofcourse! I’m getting supa excited about this

  22. QnA hai! Going through anyone’s fone for that matter is wrong! I’d say u need to talk about it coz it’ll haunt u for life no matter what decision u make! She needs to know how u feel and the fact that u myt not b proud of how u found out but u no! Then take it from there, the only person who has to live with it is U so it really has to come from u, we can only run our mouths! good luck ‘ she too can make mistakes keep that in mind” ( u haven’t bothered to find out how this has made her feel, it myt be eating her up too but u’ll never no until u catch the bull by it’s horns) happy Friday peeps

  23. Q&A : Its painful that u had to find the truth this way, however, now that you know that she does not see herself spending the rest of her life with you, Why are u still asking if she’s worth it. Pray for strength to confront this situation , face the embarassment and move on with your life

  24. Asthandile knew she was preg by the boss long time ago thats why she was pushing for a baby….she think shes smart.

    Charles you know whats right and wrong..and what your heart feels so speak to her let all your thoughts out and take it from there.

  25. Thnx Mike 🙂

    I think Jackzorro need to start his own blog now, I can smell a talent on his comments lol

    Bhuti u need to kneel down and thank the mighty Jesus for saving you

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