Memoirs – Chapter Seventy Six

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This woman udlala nami! Had she forgotten already what she had said earlier on. The problem with lies is that they are very hard to stick to! Why on earth would she have been that terrified of me had she said that in the first place. Her words were,

“I slept with them both, or I think one, I can’t remember…”
That’s what she said.
“You are lying”
I screamed! I quoted her words and she said,
“They are a couple and live in a bachelor pad! Did you want me to sleep on the floor as well?”
I was incredulous. Did she expect me to believe this bullshit. What was wrong with Asthandile really. She was trying to retract what she had said by lying her way out of it.
“What does you sleeping on the floor have anything to do with what you said earlier today? Why are you treating me like I am stupid?”
Huh! Ok let’s be fair, if gay guys are feminine why would he give up his bed for you? I was in a jam! What the hell was going on? My wife had neglected to say that she shared a bed with a gay couple which yes I would have been angry she slept out but I doubt that I would have reacted like this! Living in Cape Town is very different from living anywhere else in the country. Cape Town is the most liberal city in the country hence her explanation was very plausible. She did work in the entertainment sector after all.
“Why did you not say that in the first place?”
I asked her furiously? Was she making this up to divert the wrath that was going to come from me? Why had then asked if I wanted a divorce! Only a guilty person does that. I had more questions than answers! She had even been prepared to go home to her parents after this. I was being played here. Something was rotten in her story and much as I could smell it, I did not have the tools to source the location of the stench!

“I can’t believe you thought I had slept with two men! Is that how lowly you think of me? Am I a common slut to you?”

She asked angrily! The tide was turning very quickly against me but what would anyone have thought after all this? Legally I would look at the facts, we had a fight, she left the house and came back the following day, she said she slept with two men after getting really drunk and already she had a precedent of not being able to control her hormones when drunk! Any reasonable man would have come up with that conclusion! Moreover with all the mysterious things she had been up to lately then she will be totally justified!
“Mxolisi answer me! Did you think I had sex with two men!”
She screamed. Before I could even respond she was hitting me! Yes my wife was clapping me and punching me and kicking me all at the same time! It had happened so fast by the time I blocked her and held her down she had thrown in quite a few hits and yes it was fucken sore! Who says woman can’t fight?
“Calm down!”
I screamed back now obviously angry as well. I had not doubted her for the fun of it!
“Or else what?”
She dared me!
“Do you want to hit me? Hit me then? It’s what you want to do anyway! I see it in your eyes lately everytime we argue!”
She said breathing heavily. The words were barely coming out of her as she was gasping for breath. She was so angry.
“I don’t want to hit you but if you hit me again I am going to beat you up like a child who stole the last money in the house!”
I threatened.
“I am going to let you go now but do not hit me or else!”
I said menacingly. I didn’t see it coming. As soon as I let go of her she slept me so hard I stumbled backwards. My ears were ringing.
“Hit me! I dare you to hit me! You think I am a whore so hit me like the whore you think I am!”
She dared me. I needed to get out of here before this woman made me kill her. Satan had entered my house and he was telling me that this woman needs a beat down badly. I pushed my way out of the room ushered by claps and kicks and screaming!

Zimasa was standing outside her door! Why couldn’t she just stay in her room? I was not sleeping here tonight! I took my car keys and drove out. She needed to calm down otherwise there would more fighting. So much for me getting to revenge. I was the one who had got the beating. I just hoped my face would not swell because walking into work with a black eye was not on. I don’t believe in hitting women. I simply don’t.Sitting in the car I got to reflect. How had I failed so spectacularly at this. Had Khanyi set me up for this? I did not know what to think. Now I could not even demand to meet the two gay guys she said she had slept at because she now had the upper hand but fuck that, she said they were interns right, tomorrow I was going to show up at work.

I booked a hotel and pretended to sleep as I had so much on my mind. It was a torrid night. In the morning I took my spare suit out the boot put it on and when to work. I smiled at everyone that morning as though the world was beautiful even though it was not. I know what my wife had said that morning so no, she was not turning it on me. At 10. I dashed to her office. When I got there that receptionist looked at me with what I can only call pity in her eyes. She showed me in. Why would she do that? As soon as I walked I saw my wife, she was standing in their open plan facing the door. She strode toward me confidently but I could see she was fighting hard to stay composed. Ok maybe I had miscalculated this. She kissed me on the cheek and hissed that why was I there.

“I came to mkae peace, apologize to you for what I said and to your friends for you having to sleep out!”

She looked at me as though she was saying, like really!

“You will embarrass me! Go away!”

I said no and warned I would stand on a chair and scream out my apology so that they can hear me.

“Fine, let’s go!”
She said. And I walked behind her. When we got to some desk we found two guys sitting there,
“This is Nitchiel and Leeroy, my friends whom I slept over at!”
She said casually but I could she see she was hinting that I behave.
“Oh you didn’t say how gorgeous he was can I have him?”
The one called Leeroy said I pray playfully! No I was not flattered at all, I was disgusted! What the hell? How can he say that about a straight man to his wife? I felt so emasculated at that moment. Nitchiel (isn’t that a girls name?) then intervened and told the obviously more girly of the two to behave.

“We kept Asi safe for you at the party! She thought she could outdrink us but we’ll, we puzing champions! The tequila just devasted her surbubian ass!”

Leeroy said again! What’s wrong with this guy! He had no off switch! I could see why my wife would say she wants a gay best friend because he was like all over the place like a puppy!

“Eh, thank you for that. We were in a bad space so I think she was lucky to have you!”

I obviously did not mean that but I was not sleeping out of my house again and I had to regain my wife’s favor. I don’t know if she saw through my ruse or not but she came and kissed me and said,

“He is the best husband ever!”

I don’t know what sounded more condescending her saying that or me saying she was lucky to have them.

“No problem darling! You can both come sleep over anytime!”

Leeroy again said! Say what? What’s wrong with this guy? If it was any other day I would have reacted. Men are from Mars not Venus! He was too forward and out of order BUT and I say but, he was gay so should be tolerated because at least my wife won’t cheat. He was much better to have as a friend than Khanyi because female friends usually lead your wife to stray.

“Honey, we have work to do, we will talk at home!”

My wife said. It was her not subtle hint to get the fuck out of there. I got it. I left.The lady at reception looked at me with pity in her eyes. Her name was Azile and every time I have seen her so far I have mentioned her.
“My lunch is in two minutes, take me out for lunch and I will tell you a beautiful story!”

I smiled wearily and showed her my wedding ring.

“I know you are married silly but I am the only one here who can be your eyes and your ears and already I have a beautiful story to tell…”

Finally a break! Ok I was biting. I agreed and we walked out together. It did not look suspicious at all as some people were already walking out for lunch. She did not seem to mind who saw what and when.

“Everyone is talking about your wife in the office and what happened at the party!”

She said calmly. I had not told her about the party meaning that the rumour had already started.
“You were at the party?”
She nodded in the affirmative and took out her cigarettes! That’s another thing about Cape Town, the smoking! It’s like they have never read a health label!
“R1000 and I will tell you what I know!”
I should have known, Sies! She wanted to extort me for money!

“I don’t have that kind of money. Thank you and goodbye!”

I said standing up.

“Don’t be an idiot! You have the money and I don’t. I have the information and you don’t! It’s a win win situation! What’s your peace of mind worth?”
She asked without betting an eyelid. This world was expensive! I told her I don’t have cash on me and she knws it she took out her phone and looked at a message before saying,

“E Wallet!”
I know I should have laughed but I could not. A friend of mine, true story this, was stopped by the police for speeding and when he did not have the bribe he was asked to E Wallet. This is as recent as last week and is a true story! Nothing surprised me any more about this rotten country. I did the ewallet and I saw her smile!

“Your wife was at the party two nights ago. We were surprised when she came alone because she is close to that homewrecker Khanyi!”

I did not understand because Khanyi was not part of the story so go on,

“She was drinking a lot and naturally every guy asked to dance with her so they could touch her and they did. One girl said she saw her being fingered but I don’t trust the girl so won’t put it down as fact”

You see what’s wrong with alcohol. Doesn’t matter where you are or what a lady you are during the day, if you get drunk in a public place that involves dancing you will be groped and half the time you won’t even remember how it happened! I was so disgusted but when have you ever dumped someone for being groped. I was a broken man.

“Whom did she leave with?”

I asked her and she said,

“I am not sure but I know that the boss rescued her from the situation and sat her down. He pumped her with water that’s all I know!”

I was not sure what to think.

“What about Leeroy and Nitchiel?”
She looked at me a bit surprised and asked me what about them? I had to play this carefully.

“Where were they?”
I think she was confused as to where I was going with this.

“Nitchiel lives in Paarl and never comes to parties like these because it’s too far. Leeroy was not there I am certain of because he goes where ever Nitchiel is so if he was not there then Leeroy was not either! How do you know them?”

See why I said I smelled a rat! I told her the apartment story and she scoffed at it saying,
“Those two do not have an apartment as they both stay at home with their mothers!”
She said she had to go. Lunch was over in any case and thanked for the money and wished me good luck. I gave her my card and begged her to tell me when something else is up so that I can catch my wife in the act! I had no leg to stand on as going to argue with her would be met with denial and still did not know whom she left with!

People say revenge is petty, fuck them, I was going to do exactly that! I was going to fuck everyone she loved starting with Zimasa and if her mother was not so ugly I was going to do her too! I was going to destroy her then divorce her! I was not done, I was going to encourage Khanyi to introduce me to her sister, and I know she had a younger sister who went to Cape Peninsular University of Technology. I was going to fuck her too! You see with men, when it comes to revenging on a woman, don’t beat her up, fuck those she loves most and she will never ever forget you because she can’t dump her own family meaning they will remind her of you every day! That’s revenge! I did not want her anymore but I was not going out with a whimper!

Go get groped by a donkey for all I care! I was pissed off and she won’t even see it coming seeing now that she thought she had me by the balls!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Money is evil Mike now I accept. People think dating a rich man is the ultimate but when you think about it it’s not. I was married to him for 6 years. Rich guys own everything because they can pay their way out of trouble. When my husband started cheating with younger girls I knew about it but for the fear of losing everything I tolerated it. Obviously rich guys have rich friends and us the wives get to hang out together. We all had similar stories of his “business trips” and the women involved. We became sisters in our sharing of our men. My husband was not that much of a talker and when I accused him of cheating he would say “divorce me ke” if I thought he was cheating. It’s like he did not care. He has several lawyers and so on. I work myself but walking away meant too much to lose. I often read comments to your letters that talk about dignity and having your pride but those two make you feel better but will never fill up your stomach, pay your bills (which after you are married rich need him to pay for as you can never afford). He then brought a girl home once when I was in the house. I took a golf club from his golf bag and I beat them both up. The girl ran away and when he tried to go after her I told him I would burn the house down by the time he was back and insurance does not pay for arson. He then divorced me. I thought no because he was cheating the court would be fair but he had three powerful lawyers against my one. From living in a mansion, having a quarter of a million budget a month, driving a Range, his porsche etc I am now getting 10k a month from him. That’s all I got from the divorce and we had no kids! Once I remarry that goes away too! I know the readers will say at least I walked away with my pride but who am I kidding. Even your old mutual friends stop talking to you because you are not from that life anymore. It’s the most weird experience I am lived it.

Thank You

Sindi N.

64 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Seventy Six

  1. 10 grand a month with no kids trust me you will be fine….. It just goes to show that those people where never really your friends…. get a job or go back to school and just focus on getting your life back

  2. Thanks for the great read mike.

    To all those that come here with their coments top 5 wooohooo! U guys r lame!! Can even think of anything original to say, it irritates me… #justsaying

    Q&A make ur own money And stop selling ur ass. U should be greatful u are even getting money from him. If u really had pride, you wouldn’t even take his money

  3. Oh sweetie your problem is you have been to busy living it up with someone else’ money when you could have used his connections to make your own. 10k is better than what most walk away with..

  4. Yho! Asthandile “shared” a bed with the boss. this is getting interesting, I still don’t get it why is the husband upset didn’t he just say payback is a bitch whether it’s intentional or not. let’s be fair Asthandile just did a payback right there

  5. @Zoe uyanya nxa… She has every right to get money from him. He’s caused her emotional pain with all the cheating etc. She aint selling herself. It was her husband he needed to provide.

  6. Sindi
    Are you saying money is more important than your happiness? Thos people were never your friends if they can leave you while you down. I think you are just embaressed that now you are living on a tight budget. Sweety accept the things you cant change and live with in your means. I get a feeling that you married him for his money. Get counselling and dont care what people say. I would rather live on a budget than to be treated like shit just so I can shop to numb my pain. Stop feeeling sorry for yourself if you dont like what you are earning at work get yourself a better job.
    Sweety I am not being judgemental just brutally honest neh

  7. Asthandile neh…she ddnt plan very well but Mxolisi shudnt sleep wth whom ever but he shud cum up wth another plan or just be cold towards her & it will eat on her up.

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome awesome chapter, can’t help but wonder if Terry’s letter of yesterday played a part in some developments today lol.

    Sindi, batshele sisi, pride and dignity don’t do shit for u. All I can fault u with is not having a proper plan. You shouldve had ofshore accounts in their numbers. U had him by the balls and you let slip. But lesson learnt.

    All the best, hopefully you can build yourself up proper and do away with that lousy change of 10k.

    1. Lol I am with you there regarding yesterday’s letter lol…

      But I will tell you as a woman, pride & dignity go a long way, look at her now shes all alone because she went for the shine but was not wise enough to establish her side hustle. She must pick herself up now and learn that all that glitters is not gold qha!!!

  9. Revenge nver balances the scale. most of the time one ends up feeling guilty. forginess is the key and then move on.
    @ QnA Sindi, he clearly didnt love or respect you. 10K does a lot if used wisely.

  10. I was going to fuck everyone she loved starting with Simaza and if her mother was not so ugly I was going to do her too! Loool
    Great read Mike.

  11. Hahaha so Asthandile pulled a Solange on Mxolisi in their bedroom.
    It is about damn time to find out what really went down at the party and what Asthandile is getting up to with her bad self at work. I hope this receptionist will be a valuable asset in spying on the wife. But I hope mama karma will not forget about Mxolisi cause the brother is no angel himself.

  12. Thanks Mike, but just be carefull that there aren’t too many twists and turns and a lot of ppl involved in this Astha issue coz as a slow thinker I’ll be left behind. Would have been nice though if that receptionist lady spilled all the beans. Just saying…
    A to Q: can I comment later on this, need to put my thinking cap on and I must confess that I’m upset by the fact that he brought the girl to your house whilst you were home. Eish, nxxx! Later….

  13. Sindi girl this is probably gonna sound rude but kanti ufunani?? When you had a rich man u wanted him to stop cheating akuthande now he’s given you your freedom ur complaining about 10k a month. Sisi find a man that will love u and not cheat and put the good life behind you. 10k a month is a dream for some people. You haven’t been downgraded you’ve just been put back at ur own level. Stop complaining and work as hard as ur ex husband did so you can also afford a range rover. If you earn it noone can ever take it away from you…

  14. I have realised that women who date or marry rich guys never safe money, they just like spending that is why by the time the man leaves them they are left with nothing.

    R500 000 allowance a month is a lot

  15. Actually Sindi the more I think about it is the more I realise how dumb you were… You ghot 250k a month and u didn’t invest a cent of it?? Ur ex hubby is probably giving u 10k cause he thinks u were smart enough to make ur own money… Maybe you should have invested your own salary cause it clearly didn’t do much for you… He was cheating you obviously knew it wouldn’t last forever.. 10k a month is ur just reward for being a barbie!!

  16. Fab Read Mikey as always.. Asthandile sure has tricks..

    Q&A: That was not your moola in the 1st place.. getting a rich man is a every gals dream but we as women should know that these men will marry you while you had nothing & they will not just let u leave with their hard earned moola. Ladies should start making sure they empower their selves while in that marriage so that when things go sour. they knw they have some back up.Wealth is not like an Sti. that is his moola not yours hun.. Sindi sisi be greatful you getting something from him. others walk out with nothing. your lifestyle has to also change. live within your mins sisi. you not as high & mighty anymo. also try to make your own moola..

  17. QnA lady, all I can say is go back to school. Study a course that will bring your happiness. You got a second chance, so grasp it and turn your luck around. Stop putting reliance into people, this is probably what you need. Find your feet and grow.

  18. QnA its a good thing he left, otherwise you would be living a lie and suffering the indignity of strange women being brought into your home. This gives you a chance to focus on you and do great things by yourself that no one can take away from you at a whim. Use that R10k to go to school, unlike most people you have money that you don’t work for. Seeing as you never thought to save the hundreds of thousands you had for 6 years in your own name, atleast use this money to your advantage.

  19. Hey Mike this felt like a bonus for a weekend it was quite long, thank you. Now I know why its called tired black man, Mxolisi is indeed gatvol.

    A to Q, I do not get it why we are bashing this lady for sharing her story. She also mentions that she is also working, she is not a spoilt housewife which is an indication that people do not read properly but rush to bash other people. She did what anyone would have done when she bashed the 2, they were utterly disrespecting her in her own home. Whats worse is that its women who are bashing her and rightfully who would want to loose that life if they are used to it. It is only natural to fight for your marriage money or no money. I think we have been insentive as obviously the lady was hurt.

    Sindi I am glad you also earning a living yourself, start all over dear, learn from this and never again be materialistic when it comes to love. God loves you still and is waiting for you to repent and start over and I am glad there is no child involved.

  20. Q&A It is so dissapointing that you didn’t invest some of that money,250k is a lot. Were you really spending it all every month?#shocked. I really feel for you,this is a huge adjustment

  21. Karma is a Bitch Mxolisi.
    QnA: Sindi what your x-hubby did was cruel. How do u bring a gf to your wife’s house. I always say rich people are heartless (most of them). 10k is just an insult after what he put you thru. I don’t get why people are upset as if you stealing from him. He has to pay its law otherwise he wouldn’t have got himself 3 lawyers against u. Stingy tendences

  22. Lovely I like how he thinks, He’s a very intelligent man 😀 don’t get me wrong I’m not for he F*ck all that are close to his wife but with revenge it’s all in the timing and what will constantly be in the back of your mind

  23. Mxo was wrong for cheating I get that. Mara he slept at home or at least the wife though he slept alone on business trips. Asthandile didnt play it right. A mriied partner should never sleep out. Period!

  24. Bit confused on Asthandile story…and this receptionist from hell .Guys u don’t need a spy in your life because they will make life more diffucult and QA I understand what u talking bout even thou ppl won’t.just hang in there if u love your life

  25. Hhayi bo! People I don’t see anything wrong about Zoe’s advise I feel like women should empower themselves and stop relying on men all the time. This marriage was doomed to fail nje because it was not based on good values I mean there was no respect on the husband’s part. I agree the wife was irresponsible with the money though. At QnA girl you want all that lifestyle you had B4 it’s still possible dust yourself up and do it for yourself. Bad friends comes and go and good friends stick with you through thick and thin. Stop worrying what people will think of you now…

  26. Yoh hhayi I’m really scared to get married the stories I hear about most marriages are enough to give me shivers down my spine. I think most people marry for wrong reasons nje, it’s all about benefits manje love does not exist anymore people are heartless. Sithwele kanzima thina abafazi because men think that they can just use us and move to the next. No wonder there r so many broken marriages and diseases nowadays.

  27. Amen…….Gosh you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself and try working for a change.
    Your not the 1st and your not going to be the last.
    With rights “woman right’s” comes responsibilities.
    Tlogelang chelete tsa banna lei ketsetse tsa lona.
    Le tlogele ho re tellisa ka banna.

  28. I hear dignity turns to bra very serious issue to em sistas who always comment… Lol, @qna I feel your pain girl, a quarter of a million 4 10k, eish that’s worth every tear.. Ulahle nje ngokungazibekeli imadlana kaplan b but m not going to judge u, we never think of plan b wen we seriously inlove.. U know I’d rada live in a mention n tolerate all the shit that comes with that quarter of a million than keep up with a guy who will remind me everyday of the love he has for me but don’t know how much my nails cost.. I believe love is never inaf.. Half the women judging u now r dating poor guys because they made it, that I can bet.. Lol, wat u need to do now is wake up, dress up n show up to those places u used to go to wen u were with him, your own business on the side will do you wonders but those huge handouts r quiet difficult to get over.. U managed to get one b4, u can get another one with a blink of an eye, lol. Plus u don’t have kids.. That’s just the crasey me love, u can be holy if u want, not bad either but I don’t think ud really appreciate being taken to the movies nd do kfc after that.. Lol, that’s wat those brothers do..

  29. I know this comment is quite late but I have 2 say mike you the best.can wait for the next puzzled can’t imagine all the shit that asthandile has been up 2.mike can u pls post 2 chapters on fridays.

  30. Great read Mike,
    Sindi gal I feel your pain and know what you are going through. It happened to me, I’m a strong lady I picked myself up and look where I am today. You are lucky u have no kids. You can do this alone and even be better. Good luck n stop looking back.

  31. Hayi lo Mxolisi. A-Q yoo Sindi sisiza I can only imagine that badget cut from 250,000 to 10,000 but dear you are down not out,you will get up again on your own this time.tha Zoe person is talking rubbish maybe she sold her ass kakhulu now she think every one is selling like she did

  32. I must agree with you Zoe… everyone loves money but taking his money does seem like she’s holding on to him,i mean they dont have kids sooooooooo why he giving her money??…. ai this woman seems like she loves money and doesnt see the bigger picture

  33. wow interesting read indeed…. @Anon – why are you taking his money?… does it make you feel good? do you feel like you’ve archieved something? do you feel like “yes i’ve won…” lol this is seriously ridiculous. Baby gal u are only holding yourself back… taking his money means he still has some kinda hold on you and oh “if i remarry all that goes away” MY GOD woman do you know how low that sounds? tjo so you wont remarry because you gonna lose an extra 10k…. yaz to me it seems like you more frustrated your fancy life style was taken away then you are about getting divorced and lost your husband….

    k so you want a luxurious life style?… 2 options, work hard or marry a rich guy…#yea_i_said_it

  34. Sindi you should have saved sisi for rainy days. Look it matters not that you are not driving a range rover no more and not staying in a mansion either. Be grateful that you have gotten outta that toxic marriage. Get a job and perhaps you will be able to live large again.
    To those who are saying 10k is a lot of money whom are you kidding? Its little!!! Rent is like 5k… the cheapest realiable car I believe one can buy with that amount is a polo… installment is R 2500, isnurance is R 1100 plus petrol, one still needs to buy food, policies, clothes and groceries so how can you be saying 10 k is alot??? Hae le dlala ka batho weitsi. THat money is little period!!! yoh I wouldnt deal!!!

  35. Mxo is too Tired a Black man indeed…hiring a PI means you want out of that relationship and are looking for proof/excuse.

    A 2 Q: I feel for you my sister, this is quite an adjustment and i’m glad awuzilengisanga which means you are a strong woman after all.

    Your salary plus 10k to support you and you alone is going to be sufficient trust me.

    You will eventually find a decent guy who will bring out an honest smile out of you then realize how much you miss being alive.

  36. Sindi darling, you need counselling sistaz. You we’re evidently living in a lap of luxury and you feel like you’ve lost a limb right now.Your change and regrowth needs to take place @ a Psychological level. I understand what you have experienced and most who have never aqcuired, seen, been or held such money would prefer to call you names. Find your authentic self and learn to love you again. Stay positive, there’s a major lesson you have learnt and you need to move through it. Your light is still bright mami. All the best 😉

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