Memoirs – Chapter Seventy Seven

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You know when you go clubbing, get drunk with your male friends, emphasis on the friends and when you dance they touch your ass or boobs? Is that cheating? I know at office parties a lot of this touching business happens and usually it creates for an awkward Monday morning! As guys we look forward to these office parties because if truth be told, that’s the only chance you get to properly socialize with the office ladies some of whom are way beyond our league! With that said, it never really bothered me until now when I realized that the woman being groped could be my wife? As men we are selfish beings and we want to touch other mens wives and girlfriends but no one can touch ours! I know for a fact that I have touched an ass or two at office parties and it was matter of fact but hearing my wife has been on the receiving end made me angry and feel like a hypocrite!

I went home. Zimasa came in from school. We had bought a new uniform which if I recall was knee length but already she had altered it and now even standing it showed the back of her thighs. I always say this, high school kids today are out of order. Drive around today and you will meet girls whose blazers are longer than their skirts. Everyone, even men, blame other men for looking at them sexually but it’s pretty hard to ignore. She greeted me cheerfully and told me about her day but I was not listening. Wear stockings at least. At 17 Zimasa was very much a woman in every aspect physically yet she still could not sit properly. I do think though if this was a week ago I would have scolded her but with all that was going on why bother. She was my wife’s relative not mine. She asked me if everything was ok now between my wife and I and I told her that we will find out once she comes. Our DSTV remote has a problem so we have to switch it on at the decorder itself. The TV was off so Zimasa went to switch it on. She proceeded to bend over standing and was directly in front of me. She had to channel hop just to get were she wanted. Note I was looking at those thighs and I was salivating at this point. I am sure people will call me a pevert but they were not seeing what I was seeing.

My stare was disturbed when I heard the door open. I did not even hear the gate concentrating on these thighs. Imagine! My wife walked in and I thought she was going to start screaming. She put the grocery bags she had on the kitchen counter and asked Zimasa to go unpack them. She totally disregarded Zimasa’s short skirt as though it was matter of fact but let’s face it, most parents don’t really mind their daughters going to school semi naked like that. You can’t possibly tell me that all the girls you see in super short skirts change at school? Come on now! My wife came into the lounge and greeted me like everything was normal. She asked me if we can go to the study to talk. Ok this is new but I figured it was because of Zimasa.

She went into the kitchen and started making food. She was going to make us dinner I suppose which she never did after work but that was fine. It was not unusual. I watched her actions trying to see whether she was still angry or not but at this moment she looked really calm. Zimasa was not back in the tv room but was doing her homework. This time she was wearing leggings. I wanted to ask her how she was doing homework in front of the TV and expected to catch something but I figured why bother. I did not care anymore. Once or twice my wife came in and tried to make small talk but I really was not interested even though I had to keep up appearances. She was acting as though we she had not punched me yesterday. I played along though. Because I had not been able to do much work today I figured it was best I eat then hit the study. This way she would be asleep by the time I came up avoiding an awkward conversation. This should work. However a few minutes later she came and asked me if we could talk in the study. The moment of truth had arrived. I walked behind her like a scolded schoolchild. When we got in she asked me to sit and she sat and she came and she knelt in front of me as though we were parishioners in an Anglican church. Kneeling is a sign of submissiveness and humility none of which my wife had as far as I was concerned.

“I am sorry about what happened last night. That is not the couple we are nor should be!”

She said calmly,

“You are my husband and I was wrong to sleep outside whether gay or not! You were right to be angry and to question me and for this I really do I apologize. When I saw you walk into my office today I saw the disappointment on your face. It really broke my heart that I was causing all this! I am also sorry for hitting and whats more I am grateful you did not hit me back because I know you would have killed me!”

She did all the talking. This woman was full of surprises I tell you. I wanted to laugh in her face but I held myself together. I told it was fine it’s nothing we can’t fix. She said to me,

“Please don’t say no to what am about to. It’s something I want to do and I don’t want you to fight me please!”

Was she going to ask me to leave? If I said yes could I leave by that decision? No I don’t think so. However because I hesitated in my response she assumed my silence to be consent. She did something I did not expect. She pulled down my pants from sitting position and because I was not hard gave me a blowjob, pulled down her panties and had sex with me. I won’t call it making love.
When we were done she stood up and said,

“It’s time we had a baby in the house!”

And she left and went out of the room leaving me there with my pants down!

I was not sure what to think! I sat there for thirty minutes before I was startled out my deep thoughts by a phone call. It was an 021 number.

“This is the Wynberg Police station and you are talking to Lft. Mbuyane I am the investigating officer in a murder that took place in one of our cells and we would like to ask you some questions!”

I sat up in a jolt because I knew exactly what they were talking about!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the great read.

My problem is, I am 27 and three years ago I lost my husband. Not fiance but husband. We had been married for two years when he died making me a widow at 24. We already had a baby. It was a very tough time emotionally for myself. Family stepped in to help but what I lost was big. Financially we were stable as he life policies because of his job. I too had just completed my degree and a month after he died I got a new job. It was a good thing because at least people did not pity me there because they did not know what had happened. I even changed my church because it had become a pity party for. Everytime I went people would come ask me questions and offer condolences which just reminded me of him. I was hurting.

Now it’s three years and I think I am ready to date. This sweet guy asked me out on a date and I accepted. However when I got to the date he mentioned something my late husband used to like and it was quite accidental. I could not help it but started crying. I don’t know what to do because I feel like I will never be able to start dating again. I think about my late hubby all the time.

Please advise


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  1. She had sex and the party and nw fears she might be pregnant, that’s why she suddenly wants a child… Pshhhhh, this woman though!!! Yaphapha nje.. Mxm

    Dankie Mikey and Mighty1

  2. I don’t usually comment but because of our letter today I just have to… Mahlogonolo Sesi what you need is closure I don’t think you have come to terms with the death of your husband. it’s so sad coz you still young and yes it’s been three years but the wounds are still fresh. Pray to God, love your child then only then you’ll see if you really are ready to date again do give it time sisi.

  3. Oh oh, could we possibly be preggies already and now doing damage control??? Mxo and his wife are enough to put a person off marriage.

    1. Yes Khazete what’s wrong with that? I think she just wants to emphasize the fact that ke husband and not a boyfriend to help people understand the depth of this whole thing. Is that all you care about though?

  4. Asthandile is pregnant with the boss’ child, there is no other reason for her to ‘suddenly’ want a baby.
    As for Mxolisi you screwed baba!

  5. Thanks Mike. No children pls, no one should even be thinking about bringing an innocent child in this house of horrors; and it’s even more suspicious when it’s Astha wanting a child. I thought she was all pro- work, wants a career and stuff – no broe, she’s just messing with your mind.
    A to Q: sorry to hear about your loss, perhaps you need to go for counselling first before venturing out into the dating scene. Ppl deal with grief differently, and at times we make the mistake of assuming that time heals all – meanwhile the pain and the hurt is lying low and also waiting for that time to show up again. Wish you all the best, and hope you find a loving, trustworthy companion that will bring you happiness again. (am slightly teary now…)

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, very interesting developments in this chapter.

    Mahlogie, I seriously doubt your readiness to move on. I mean if u still think about him all the time, how are you going to focus thoughts on a new relationship?

    Its never easy to lose a loved one, its even harder if its a life partner. And with the small baby in the picture as well… I can’t imagine your grief.

    I think you need to take your time in this sweety, you have a steady job, your finances are probably sorted by the policies and therefore I would say there isn’t a real need to move on as yet, except physical.

    Its quite evident you loved this man beyond measure, so replacing him, or should I say, moving on will not be as easy as buying airtime at a Somali spaza shop. Take your time and browse, heal properly first, accept what has happened and be the best mom and dad to your baby.

    If then later on you feel that you need a mans touch and a dad for your child, then start the dating process. I would recommend therapy, but then again shrinks let you talk a lot before proper help can be applied, if at all.

    Goodluck hey, and one last thing, if he was your soulmate… Its not neccessary to have another man. Sometimes love comes once in a lifetime for some people.


  7. Wow thanks for the morning fix….I thinks she’s pregnant already and just covering her tracks… Jackzorro beautiful words spoken from the heart…….blessed day further peeps…

  8. I really dont think she cheated on him. He cheated on her so instead of learning from his mistakes he’s trying to find reasons to blame her. Imagine paying someone to give u info on ur own wife. And wat if that secretary is lying or what if Khanyi paid her to tell him those things?

  9. Thanks Mike u Neva disappont.Asthandile might be Pregnant wit her Bosses Child. Now she’z playing her hubby, Mmmmhhhhh. I doubt she used a morning afta pill, if she did have sex

  10. Mahlogonolo, sorry sisi for your loss, I’ve also lost my husband and son 4 years ago, then my job a few months which was the only thing keeping me sane. 4 years later God has blessed me with a loving man and a baby girl. The isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of them, some nights I wake up crying when I dream of them and they walk away, but this man understands and is there all the time and all the way. He would visit their graves with me to put flowers. Time heals and they wouldn’t want to see you unhappy, so live your life the way they would have loved for you to live. They’re our guardian angels and I believe they watching over will always see or hear things that reminds you of him, embrace they’re memory, the love you guys share, that’s what keeps me going. Take care sisi, love you lots. You’re not alone.

  11. Hi Mahlogonolo
    I am sorry 2have read about your husband,unfortunately it sounds like you are not ready 2date as yet u thought u were but your not.your head is telling you that you are but your heart is not,take time 2heal properly &dont rush 2date&yes you will be reminded of your husband till da day you leave this world&its not a sin for you 4feel like you are ready.good luck

  12. Thanks Mike!
    The plot thickens! Am loving the mental gymnastics u r making us, the readers, do. Your readers r becoming very astute Mike.

    I so feel for you my dear & I know how it feels, because I have walked the path. Some of us struggle with moving forward, we have so many memory triggers that it is hard to forget the person you loved. Some people, men in your case, will understand some will not. Don’t beat yourself up when you have those tender moments & don’t stop going out either. The only way to learn to live with the past is to live in the ‘now’ with the past. Staying away from the present will not make u stronger it will only delay your recovery. Like a muscle, the only way to get stronger is to exercise. Make friends with men don’t focus only on forming intimate relationships, get used to being around them first. They can make the greatest of friends also u can share about your past without feeling you are taking away from a possible relationship.

    Being married & then losing your partner is very traumatic, especially for some as their very identity is bound up with their spouse. Do not think that you are peculiar, many have gone through what you are going through. You will recover, be patient with yourself.

    I hope you will meet an understanding man in time, who will allow you to live through your experiences with him & not penalise you for having a past. The Lord will heal you in good time & you will remember your late hubby with love & tenderness, the pain & loss will fade away. Be blessed.

  13. I’m trying 2 think now Mike how r u gonna switch the names if it happens that Memoirs will link with VHM,coz that side Lulama has a son of which we doubt that husband is de father coz the son had an accident when the doctors needed blood it happened that it doesn’t match of which it shows that the husband was not the father#justthinking

  14. Thank u Mike for the interesting chapter.
    Mahlogie and Lady K, so sorry for ur loss. I would say just commit each day to the Lord, ask for Wisdom and Strenght. Moving on is not that easy, pray for healing and take each day as it comes. Sending u and child hugs

  15. As much as I believe that Stha is pregnant, she is a stupid woman for believing Mxo will believe her if she is really pregnant. We will just wait and see akere. But nna kgopela gobutjisha can someone fall pregnant by getting it on top… I once read on health 24 that its highly impossible. Please educate me.

    Hlogi your hubby’s memories will always be your keep sake with which you can never part with. Its ok to miss him and cry over him. Crying over him doesn’t mean you have not healed. I have lost my uncle whom was like a second father to me in 2012 and even though I have made peace with his passing I still find myself in tears when a song he loved plays. Or anything that triggers any memory we have shared.

    And remember even when you move on those memories will never fade. Pray and let the Lord be the driver of your life and when it is time for you to move on you will feel it within your heart. Focus on being the right woman yourself and stop fishing because only then will the right man find you.

    @ Stella kwaaaa I am finished wate phereyela ngwaneso lol 🙂

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