Memoirs – Chapter Seventy Nine

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What kind of disrespect is this for a man to enter another man’s yard and have the nerve to even go close the gate behind him like it’s his? Worse this so late at night with the intention of sleeping with the man of the house’s wife, in his own yard and in his yard? Either this man was built like a wall or he was just born plain stupid. It did not matter though because either way I was going to teach this man a lesson, I was going to beat him up until he could tell me why a hyena can laugh yet it can’t even smile! Hate me for my own indiscretions but I had not gone to another man’s house and committed them. Usually it is generally agreed that you can’t really hate the person your wife is cheating with because they are not the problem but with him I was going to make an exception! He had balls of steel! He had entered my yard with the point of doing what? Lol, yes I must laugh because this man….

I walked up behind the car and the way this man was so comfortable he was not even bothering to check his mirrors to see what’s behind him. I swung the bat so hard and when it crashed into the driver sides window he jumped in his seat as the glass flew his way. Shutter proof my ass! Ti was certain that the glass would cut him as he had had no chance to cover himself. At the moment I did not care though! How door he disrespect me like this! That’s the problem with most people, allowing other to walk all over them like. Not me! Not today. He had not seen this once coming. I was not even shouting. That was for him to do. I used the point edge of my bat to jab him hard from outside the car as obviously I could not swing it as long as he was in the car. The third attempt at jabbing hit the spot as I I got him right in the rib. That must have hurt. He came out of the car screaming what on earth was I doing. He said he was here too see my wife and I asked him why. He hesitated and to show I was not playing I swung my bat hitting him on the arm. He whelped and jumped up in pain but I did not care. I told him to sit down, keep quiet to calm himself down to tell me what happened after the party.

I told him to be very careful how he answered me because I already had some of the answers I wanted. I also warned him that Asthandile would be joining him there on the driveway very shortly so he better talk quick. Yeah when you have a weapon in your hand you look very scary. He was in too much pain now. He said that Asthandile was at the party and they had gone home together. I asked him if he was not married. Where was his wife! He explained that she was in Jhb and begged me not to kill him because he wife was pregnant with his second child. I think he thought that would draw sympathy but it did not. Made me even angrier! I hit him again and told him that was for cheating on a pregnant woman. I spit into the ground and said sies! A pregnant woman for me is vulnerable and must be protected. Even the harshest of men stand up and give up their sits on the bus for a pregnant woman because we take care of them. Most men cheat on their wives when they are pregnant which really is unfair! Fuck, I hit him again for that!

“Did you fuck my wife! I want you to answer carefully. A yes or no answer. Any word that is not yes or no will get you a beating!”

I said standing full upright now! This was the moment of truth.
“Yes! Yes sir I did!”

I was now sir! This loser had fucked my wife. I lost all the energy in my body. I had intended on hitting him again but that yes just punched the air out of me! I acted as though I was going to do it again so I could ask him my next question.

“Was that your first time?”

He did not even hesitate to answer as the fear of my bat was a great motivating factor.

“No it was not sir. We have been sleeping with each other from the first week she started working at the company!”

There you have it. We both had not heard Asthandile come from behind. Infact we only knew she was behind me when she said,

“You stupid moron how can you tell him that! Baby I am sorry I can explain…”

She said running towards me! I raised my hand and backslapped with my hand. With her momentum (as she ran towards me) and mine that sent her flying to her man on the ground. I never wanted to hit my wife but the anger and the frustration in me from all this made me do it instinctively. From the first week imagine, she could not even close her legs for one week!

“Go report to the police, do whatever you want but do not get into my house because I will kill you!”

I dropped the bat and I walked away towards the house. She was screaming baby I am sorry even when I closed the door and went inside!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
I have been fascinated by these revenge vs walking away stories your readers have been debating. This is an opinion letter. I am male. I believe that as long as women sit back and wait for their men to cheat on them with usually dumping him as their option they will never get us in line. I used to cheat on my wife with quite a few people. I don’t know how she found out but she did not say anything. She gathered her evidence including texts and nude pictures one of the woman I was cheating with had sent me. Then one day she cheated on me with a so called friend of mine that was actually quite close to me. When she had done she came and told me that she had cheated on me and she was not sorry. She told me it felt good to have a new man inside her etc. Imagine my anger. I wanted to strangle her. She then took out her evidence and much as I was angry at her (probably still am) I realised that I had opened the door for that in our marriage. I can testify before anyone than in the five years since that I have not cheated on my wife. I pay attention to her because that pain I felt knowing that she was capable of doing exactly what I could do was too much to bear.

This brings me to my point, there will be people who will say her cheating too makes her like me or that she used her body to be a slut etc. I saw this in the letter of the girl who slept with brother of the guy and best friend. Firstly it’s her body. Why do we judge how someone uses their body as they please? How many men will you dump and date before you realize that this cheating business is a pandemic of which at some point you will have to settle for either being alone or that one man whom you will try and fix etc. How many guys will you have slept with to reach that conclusion? My wife I am ashamed to say slept with that one guy and yes even talking about it hurts but to this day I tore the line. Most men cannot even picture their wives cheating because she simply ain’t that clever to hide it or she is too much of a saint\church person to even contemplate it. This is what we as men tell ourselves. I am the boss of her that’s why I can get away with. Women in turn allow men to do this because even the ladies who will read this letter some of you have allowed a man to cheat on you and all you did was either dump or forgive without consequences. It has become a vicious cycle of which mostly on the receiving end is you the woman.

My wife said to me the day she cheated and I will never forget this,

“That anger and pain you are feeling is how I felt when I found out about the other two women you have already cheated on me with!”

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mike this is getting more interesting than Missteps, maybe its me but i feel missteps is not real life experience anymore.

  2. lol.he should have done more damage nje…lmao…JRM,you are so right…im very female and my boyfriend only cheated on me once(that i know of) which i forgave too easily i think…dumping a guy for cheating wont really work as they all cheat…i think what your wife did is exemplary..i’ll keep it in mind…Thank you Mike for the lovely read and thanks JRM for that bit of advice…cheers!

  3. Man! Why are men like this! He f%%d Khanyi and he now acts all hurt n shocked. Yes she couldn’t wait for a week! U did her friend also and that’s a no no! you deserve each other kwaak

  4. Hi Mike these things you write about are actually true and scary for us married man. I woke up this morning also with evidence that my wife is cheating, and now im battling whether to confront her or not. in the past i have confronted her about stuff ive seen in her phone but it was never enough evidence for conviction and she would talk herself out of it and i would would end up being the bad person for snooping. Now i have decided i will not confront her until i have more evidence but his is killing me inside .

  5. Mmh, well done Mxo, now that you know am sure you will agree you and wifey deserves each other.

    Q&A: true and fair. Sad thing is trust is one thing one can ever completely put back together once broken. I think it doesn’t matter how you handle your man when he cheats you would still be called names whether you leave him for another or return the favour.

  6. Shame Mxo. Somebody have been eating from you cookie jar all along. So you always had isfebe in your house just that she never got a chance to show who she is while she was still a house wife. From the first week imagine, she gave it to the first guy who asked for some.
    Chase her out. Let her go tell her uncles why you kicked her out

  7. Q&A my corncern out of all this revenge Sex is the fact that we live in a country where HIV is a pandemic not to mention the dangers of other STI. By going out cheating you open up yourself to more risk of such!!! And I know you gonna say condoms are the but they also not 100% the are also other issues like oral and anal sex let me not get into it!!! But fact is two wrong don’t make a right another thing it is your body you giving to someone else to spite the other person the is no sense in that

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, sad for Mxo though.

    Very interesting letter after a very interesting chapter.

    JRM while we are on this cheating buzz, I failed to notice any suggestions or solutions… Infact, I seemed to observe your endorsement of this Cheating pandemic.. But maybe its just me angazi.

    When you cheated, it probably was unplanned, spare of the moment type of sh*t. Yes you knew what u were doing, but it wasn’t something that you sat down and planned. On the other hand, your wife knew about your infedility, she had evidence. So she strategically planned to break your heart by doing the same thing you did to break hers, she cheated knowing damn well what she was doing, with your so called friend. That’s pretty deep. Its manipulative, its vicious, its evil. That woman can kill you in your sleep and shed tears acting like she’s devastated.

    According to my observation, your marriage cannot be reconciled, not by a long shot brother. You may have not cheated for 5years.. But if she systematically cheated on you for revenge and felt good doing it, who’s to say she stopped?

    Food for thought brother.

    I may have cheated in the past, I’m not proud of that and I’ve changed. If she cheated like I did because she fell for someone else, that I can forgive. But cheating because I did, getting me back?? That’s pure evil, that’s the type of woman who pours boiling oil down your ear for silent murder.

    Get the hell out of that homicide waiting to happen, Oscar meets Reeva, Ike beating on Tina situation before u do in a bodybag.

    My thoughts

    1. Gosh! i like u jackzoro. i really love the brutality in the honest truth u tell that every1 else is afraid to tell. it opens my eyes to a lot of mistakes we women do thinking we knw beta when that is not the case. like they say, sumthings are better left undone and unsaid. we could avoid a lot of drama doing things just because u want to get back at the person who has hampred with ur trust. the best way is to confront situations, talk it through and find a way foward. neagtive or positive, life goes on. im ndebele, and they usually say, “yekela nakubhalako”, which means if it isn`t working, let go.

    2. I couldn’t agree more, your wife’s conduct leaves a lot to be desired, more so because I cannot rationalise how her sleeping with your friend taught you a lesson. She is indeed manipulative and its sad because it appears you are still under her spell. We baba, I married a woman who had cheated on me several times. I found out about it and dealt with it. I wont lie it was a hectic blow on my (manhood, pride etc) it forced me to confront what I believed was the impossible. It took me loving her through it all and yes (even when she was smelling of other men) I still loved and stuck by her. I don’t know whether its because she grew up or whether my love really assisted in her correcting her ways. she came right, we’ve been married for several years now with a beautiful family.

      In the middle of a smile I still get flashbacks of what she did, however my love is bigger than that, I was able to forgive and see something she possibly could not see in herself.

      Please my man, do not endorse udoti, cheating on each other will not solve anything. Your school of thought is seriously flawed and has the ability of leading others astray. Kumina it boils down to love, love is powerful beyond measure even in hurt love has the ability to heal and on the flip side to correct one’s ways. If you believe its not worth it, WALK AWAY, however if there is adequate love, love your partner even in their cheating ways, your love might be enough to see them through.

    3. I beg to differ. You don’t just trip and fall into a vagina. Spur of the moment my foot. Cheating takes time and planning, especially if you’ve done it three times. You have to learn to cover your tracks, take you side dish out and spoil her with presents. Do you say that all of that happens without proper planning? Please!, you are just trying to justify why men cheat and paint all the women who retaliate with the cruela devil brush. They say karma is a bitch and you just have to be patient as it tends to take its own time, I say to hell with that, revenge is sweet and doesn’t take that long!!!!!

  9. @JRM…u sure have learnt man….Ya we can do d game d same as you guys. We not that naive, we just sometimes act as dumb. i love your wife, akazange akhulume kakhulu, tactics gave you the taste of your own medicine…and i admire a man like you who learnt and grow matured. the pain is the same regardless of what. i hope you both grow old together and appreciate what you both have.

  10. Thanks mike…lol,but mxo kind’a married asthandile knowing that she’sa bad bitch…Imean she only married him because he is a lawyer and all along in highschool she never bothered herself with him because he was a nobody

  11. Thanks Mike for great read once again…..Wat a way to start the week……Keep up the good work…..Sjoe Jackzorro wot a mouthful from….never a dull moment from you hey….blessed day/week to every1…xoxoxo

  12. Yho so disappointrd in Asi… not praising him for cheating also but woman can be very good in cheating. 1st week emsebenzini and u already oppening your legs, ayi man sies uyasihlaza. Yazi its amaizing being wanted by guys and none of them get you. You get respect and you walk proud and respect yourself. I’m no saint and no matter how hott a guy is, he doesnt deserve that especially a married one. He is as goood as the next one walking in that door. I don’t pitty Mxo either cos he got what he wanted now he must deal with it. Short and suspense is killing me already Mike.

  13. Tnx abuti mike nyc read indeed, tjo asthandile 1 week she already opened her legs tt y she said she wanted a bby she knew wht she hv done idiot…… Abuti JRM u opened my eyes bro vry much am 27 am married n my man cheated on me de whole 10 yrs of our relationship, n I nvr cheated on him

  14. Lmao, Jackzorro you kill me. That “accidental” cheating didn’t happen once or twice. Being cheated on with three different women is just sick, men (maybe not all) think it’s their birth right to cheat and something is wrong with them if they don’t. If that woman wanted to kill JRM, she would have carefully planned murder and not infidelity. If a man feels he wants a different cookie to mine, what makes him think I don’t want a different dick, I mean really!

  15. First week of work nogal, hawu Asthandile! No wonder Khanyi was making a play for Mxolisi, she saw how easy it would be to persuade her friend to go for another guy, hence the “job offer”! Both of Mxolisi and Asthandile fell right into her trap! Family of fools.

  16. Ya neeh! Mxo take this as a KARMA

    Q&A: used to believe in revenge. But what I’ve learn is that revenge can only make you feel better but it won’t change the situation or what a person has done.

  17. Interesting letter, although I disagree, Whatever happened to be faithful to one person? What kind of generation are we going to leave behind? What examples are we setting for our little brothers and sisters who are watching us and hoping to becoming the men and women we have become? All I am hearing from you guys is that, cheating is okay and so is revenge? Is this what love has really come to? At what risk are we willing to continue living like this?

    You all may say I am a fool, but I know that when you love someone you don’t hurt them? You go out of your way to make sure they are happy, you protect them! Why does anyone have to cheat and be revenged on before they learn to appreciate what they have? What we condoning is sick!!! Last week’s letter a lady got aids just because her man couldn’t be faithful? at what cost I ask should cheating go on and we women suffer the consequences of the very people who said they will protect us? yes many are surviving living with HIV/AIDs but its not fair on anyone who has been faithful to be betrayed by someone who vowed to protect her.

    Ladies value yourselves enough to walk away from a cheating man cause once a cheat always a cheat, you should love yourselves enough to not stick around until you sick and there is no turning back from that.

  18. Jackzorro u always hv a card on ur slv well let me tell, the life u had b4 was sht nd ur woman stood by u, uuntil u became a better man. So plz jst coz she always had u as the main doesnt mean she didnt hv those side dishes. It toom u so long to knw that u hv a good woman so plz dnt act holier than thou. If I were u i would jst sit down nd b a spectator.

  19. Lols ya Jackzorro ke karma bby. Mamohla ba tla ba go botsa tse o di jeleng mohlang wa kgale. I agree u with u ms m, if this advises he gives, if his woman got 1 back she could hv given him the door nd he would nt hv turned out to b this good man he claims to be. Jackzorro u 1ns said once a cheat always wil so wht do u hv to say for urself or u talking frm experience lols haaaa I c mxo here, o nyaka go jela batho mara ka tsa gago wa gana lols haaaaa I guess u must drink this medicine u giving here everyday but then they say ngaka a e ke kalafe, lols u need to use this advices u dish out everyday

  20. @ JRM
    I am glad that you learned something and started appreciating your wife. What women need to take from your experience is that as a woman you must show your man that what he can do you can do better. Teach him to respect you.
    3 years into my marriage, my husband cheated on me.
    As a woman you always know. You get that hunch, you notice things. If your man cheats on you for over a month and you say you didn’t notice, you’re either a fool or are in denial.
    I started gathering my evidence for a month as well and set a trap for him so I could catch him red handed. He fell into the trap. I caught him. I set down with him and the woman and told them that the woman has to move in with us. Since we are sharing the man, we may as well share the house duties and responsibilities. I also said I would also sleep with her husband since we are sharing. I told my husband that since he had permitted himself to have an affair, I would too. He had made our marriage an open marriage. I told him that when I meet a guy that interests me, I would not turn him down as I usually did. 3 months later, things had settled down, my husband was comfortable thinking I had forgiven. In fact I had forgiven him but I was not going to let him get away with it. I started behaving like I was having an affair. No, I was not having one, I never slept with another man, not even the husband of that woman. I started dressing up nicely everyday when I go to work. I started paying attention to my make up. I changed my perfume. I would take my car to the car wash every week.(Which I never do, I wash my car once a month!) I bought new underwear. I started getting manicures. I started using my gym membership. I started changing my hairstyle every week. I started working late, not answering his calls. I would be on my phone the whole time when I get home! And the cherry on top, I started doing things that we never do in bed. Lol! Dressing up, sex toys, kinky stuff!

    This went on for 2 months until he couldn’t take it anymore. He exploded. He apologized to me and promised he would never cheat again. I told him that I never had an affair but if he cheats again, I would. We’ve been married for 10 years and since then he has never cheated.

  21. JRM, You encouraging women to cheat, that is no solution brother. Men cannot handle that kuzofa abantu because even if men can cheat a hundred times but once its done by their wives umuzi uyavalwa. So ladies uma niyithanda imizi yenu nabantwana benu this is bad advice. Rather uma ukhathala mshiye ubuyele kwabakini, ububi obungaka emhlabeni exist because we are a society that is shameless, have no standards and asinahlazo.

    As for Jackzorro, my friend I agree with you that JRM is not providing a solution to the problem but is actually compounding it by encouraging women to retaliate by doing the same thing . However, nawe uyawuvala umuzi ka JRM, this is a family probably with children and you encouraging the husband to run away from his wife. You make the wife look like an animal to be feared. Let us be careful with the advice we give that they build and not destroy.

    1. Let me get this right, what you are saying is it’s okay for men to cheat but women shouldn’t return the favour as it likely to destroy the family? My word, you are one hell of a chauvinist!!. Ungamane uvalwe umuzi, ang’nandaba. Math rules apply in all my relationships: what you do to the right must be done to the left. You cheat I cheat. To hell with the male ego!!

  22. I think there are 3 ways of dealing with cheating.. The first one of course is to leave the person. 2: forgive the person who cheated n believe that ur partner is actually remorseful n won’t repeat the same deed again.
    3: teach them a lesson and hope they will learn from that because they now understand what u are going through n try to move on from there, with an even score.
    We all know our partners n know what works for us to solve relationship issues. I think J’s wife knew exactly what would possibly work for their relationship. It’s not our place to judge what’s wrong or right.. The way I see it what’s works for u is right for u.
    Thanks Mike, I can actually feel Mxo’s anger.. wow!

  23. Yoh nothing can save this relationship now,one thing I have noticed about Asthandile and Mxo is they never really communicated well I blv if thy talked about thngs it would never get this bad.

    Q&A.siyabonga wafundiseka ukuzphatha n thanx for sharing

  24. Tnx Mike
    very interesting yet so sad ya neh. Hopefully as South Africans will strive for better things that will build our nation rather than try to break one another. While reading sum of the comments they really sad ppl let’s try to restore dignity

  25. Thank you Mike. This chapter was very short though.
    Very well put Buttercup. I agree with you, what examples are we setting even for our children and generations to come. Women love yourselves. There are men who don’t cheat!!!!

  26. this all goes bad to our roots and culture, it is known from the black culture that its in the genes, in our blood that man should have man wives, that can never change rapidly and we follow other cultures, as long as woman cannot accept that men will cheat and more diseases and pain will come from that, accepting polygamy will lead to honest, no stress and curbing of diseases. lets go back to our culture which worked for millenniums

  27. Damn Asithandile,she’s in trouble and what makes it worse the man she’s cheating with is married and chances of him taking her in are zero to non. Mxo will look like a saint now. It backfired badly.
    Thanks Mike!!!!!!!
    J.R.M you learnt the hard way. Thanks for sharing

  28. Thanks Mike!!! Too short though!! Asthsndile – first week at work and already usuyalahla!!! Hhayi gal, you’re too much bo!!
    JRM – thanks for your letter, it’s takes a wise man to forgive and continue loving his wife after this. Mmmh, am speechless. This cheating business is no longer taboo, don’t know what is happening to us, but it’s just seen as normal nje having another married man screw someone’s wife . Perhaps the world is coming to an end soon, coz after so much open plan bonking, what worse can happen to marriages? I’m no saint myself, but each time I pray and try to stop – the bastard sends an sms even when I’m in church – Nkc yam, ngizophelelaphi uma kunje!!!
    @Jackzorro – mmmhhh that comment about the wife being devious was not necessary… Are you trying to get JRM all worked up and think of doing something stupid. Let’s be responsible with our opinions b’coz they may just wake sleeping demons. That’s just my opinion, otherwise sharp!

  29. So sad most of you ladies here be like “sies Astha , Couldn’t keep legs closed for a week blah blah” but you not saying anything about Mxo’s infidelity. Which means Its fine Mxo can cheat but not Astha. Nooo ways!! Ba swana. They both deserve one another. Mxo is no saint.
    Jackzorro ma man what is the difference between planned cheating and spontaneous one? End of the day cheating is cheating. same results! Heartbreak.. planned or not. don’t try justify it.
    JRM Dankie for that letter. I salute you for being a fair player.. very matured unlike our brother Mxo here LOL. I am gland you learned a lesson.

    Mikeesto..Kgoshi ya di Kgoshi.. King of Kings I salute you for the good work you are doing. Always looking forward to a new day. Rea leboga.

  30. Why do people pretend as if cheating is an accident? Its not. If it was an accident we will all be tripping in *****. Cheating is more diffucult then being in relationship. You’ve to hide and seek,come up with excuses,dodge the bullets everyday yet people continue with this. Don’t do into ongazothandwa mayenziwa kuwe nje full stop. Cheating is wrong whether its planned or not. We let men do this to us coz they know very well we will take them back and the sad part even our parents preach the same gospel “all men cheat”. The day we stand our ground and not let them manipulate us like they do, they will stop this. I’m cheering for every single woman that cheats on her man.

  31. Wena Exor ufuna sikuthuke yini, siyathemba uyadlala ukuthi nje we not coloureds asivele sithuke abantu kalula but you deserve that if you serious with your advice.

  32. JMR….when we ladies commit ourselves,we go full force,all out….trust me youreife told the truth when she said the pain you feeling is similar actually worse bcs it was more than 1….i cheated on a guy for the first time with my ex,after I asked him so many times,to stop his sides things,until I realized oneday that the only language my man will understand,is when you speak his kind of language…was not afraid to loose him…i risked it…went and slept with my ex…and I also told him that am not even sorry…i would do it again if he awards me the opportunity,I didn’t see any shaddy dealings after that….we ended up breaking up bcs there was another baby mama he couldn’t get over with….so I left….cheating is common but unacceptable…if she is quite it doesn’t mean she approves…

  33. J.R.M. You’re the first guy to ever really tell the truth about this. The only way to stop your man from cheating is to give him a taste of his own medicine. The sad thing is though most women don’t cause they’re scared that ‘he’ll leave’ if he’s cheating on you then leaves you when you cheat then he doesn’t want to be with you simple. You’re better off. Yes it’s not a decent or moral solution but it is.

  34. Jackzorro…look at the thoughts that guy had when he discovered that his wife might be cheating…(revenge,suffering,sorrow)I think its you guys who are capable to kill us in our sleep not the other way around… just don’t like the taste of your own medicine…and the woman you would be running to,is also capable of chesting you,JMR..its good that you learned from that trust me if you stop she will never do that again …of you do it again be wise enough to a point that she never finds

  35. Why am i not suprised, Asthandile neva luvd Mxolisi anyway she only did it bcos of stability so now dat she can mingil wth cooperate ppl her true colours r now showing.

  36. Mxolisi you have no shame. How dare you slap your wife knowing damn well you cheated on her not once but twice. Asthandile served him right. You just cannot be a serial cheater and expect your spouse to applaud you for your infidelities.

    You see J.R.M when a woman has had enough she will show you flames and will do things to you in which you never thought she is capable of doing. I’m glad you Learnt your lesson.

  37. Mike n Thoz,ayi,Kushubile la! How I wish Memoirs and Missteps could be turned into hottt soapies,none the less todays chapter is exactly what I’ve been suspecting all along,can’t wait 4 the next chapter to hear her side of the story,nice read keep it up!!!

  38. I second that…people are so quick to judge and point out the wrong instead of trying to build each other and come up with solutions with a positive impact

  39. Thanx Mike. Q&A I strongly agree with vuvi…what works 4 my r/ship might not work 4 urs. We all know our partners n best way 2 deal with them. As 4 Jackzorro thers is no such thing as “ACCIDENTAL” cheating. U know very well whn u pull down ur zip/pants,putting in condoms and all that what u doing so u can’t call that accident even worse JRM did mention dat he cheated with quite a few pupil so how z dat an accident or even unplanned he knew very well wht he was doing but as he mention, Men alwys thing thy got it all figured n thy women wouldn’t do d same. JRM wife’s is not evil @ all n if she wanted 2 kill me she would have long ago, but what she did was out of angrier ofcourse , she was hurt n probably not reasoning she just wanted 2 b even n feel better so she can release wteva she was feel @ dat moment n her best solution was 2 b even,n guess what it WORKED 4 them, JRM learnt his lesson,ddnt he? And now 2 tell him 2 run 4 his life is probably the most evil thing 2 say,destroying ones family,why not give positive feedback??? E.g Yes JRM what ur wife dd was not right but u started it, so why dnt ur go 4 counselling before ur try mend things n pray 2geda,renew ur vows ,start on a clean sate, make new promises. I salute u JRM 4 sticking with ur wife after all this and 4 acknowledging that u were the source of all dis, only few men can do dat.

  40. Well said Buttercup!!! I think it is time we as guys start appreciating what we have instead of cheating and putting the lives of those we claim to love in danger! After all we came and pesued you girls while your life was stressfree! It is up to us to protect you from all the unnecessary drama that comes with all the cheating.

  41. But Jackzorro is such a contradiction thou?! The 1 time he was big on revenge and today it is too well executed for his liking?! To JRM, my friend and I found your letter to be very insightful. If it solves problems to do what your wife did then so be it but if not what a waste. I doubt thou she’s not sorry about it. I’ve been cheated on once and I walked away, and if I were to be given an option to cheat and stay or leave I’d still choose to leave. This thing ya gore how many guys are u gonna leave because they cheating is oppression to females, you don’t sleep with all the guys you date and KARMA will deal with the cheat and God will provide u with 1 who doesn’t if you ask him. If He (God) is giving you 1 who still cheat even after you asked him for a decent guy then He wants you to learn something from such exposures. I hope I make sense

  42. I am a proud matriculant in Limpopo province but last week when I wrote English FAL p1 I was very disappointed to come to the realisation that Buti Mike’s work had not been credited to him.the comprehension was about you, how you started the blog and the addition of other stories. I’m a loyal if not addicted fan and I read all the stories. They said the author or “blogger” of Zulu girl is Jake Ndumbie. They also changed the other two and said they are ‘confessions of a drug lord’ and memoirs of something else.

    I need someone to tell me if this is according to the law…

  43. I have read all your comments about Stha and most are so judgemental because she gave it up on the 1st week in the office. Kanthe is there a time frame for getting fucked with a new partner? Don’t get me wrong I am not condoning her infidelities, however have you thought that perhaps Stha could have known about her hubby and Khany’s cheating ways and also wanted to avenge the pain Mxo could have caused her? Why do we always judge without getting the facts before hand? What is even appalling I find in some comments insinuating that stha ke sefebe? What is that by the way? Kuku gae printe slip and will never. How one chooses to use it has nothing to do with the rest of us. Anyway great read Mikey I actually feel sorry for Mxo… No one deserves such ever!

  44. Yhoa haai lendaba yesJolo…. it’ll never end,its either you cheat or you get cheated… bubom’boDarli sanulila ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Maybe my sequencing of events is wrong la – Mxo first slept with Lindiwe and then Khanyi – and all this happened after Asthandile had already started working. So Asthandile gave it up before Khanyi gave Mxo the blow job and the sex. (Is a blow-job even considered cheating?) Technically, Astha was being fucked by this guy in the office whilst Mxo was trying to push Khanyi away. And if that is so, then yes I’ll go all holy and judgemental on Astha – she is loose, nondindwa womfazi!!! Nxxx, and yah Mxo cheated with Khanyi, but not with Lindiwe coz he can’t remember Jack about that evening!!! For all we know, he didn’t even get it up!!!

  46. Mara Asthandile, was she that horny that she really couldn’t keep her legs closed for a week. Ay suka uyadika shame . Kodwa Mxo awubheke nawe ukuthi what would drive your wife into another man’s bed so quickly. There’s something you’re not doing right.

  47. LOL this chapter though… and I am singing When A Woman is Fed Up By Robert Kelly… JMR I have so much respect for men like you… Men whom are not driven by their egos and are able to realise their mistakes and learn from them. Its unfortunate that you had to learn to stop your infidelities after your wife gave you a taste of your own medicine. You got a raw deal and I like that fact that you are maning up about it. I applaud you abuti for that. I can never condone cheating but I believe a man should do it in a way that his woman never finds out. He must respect her enough for her to never know and to those saying one must leave their partner because they cheated on them pshhh who you kidding… Thing is all men cheat… You would be very naive to leave your man because he has skhafthien!!!

  48. Yoh jrm man u provoked that’s 4 sure,jackzorro 1 need friends like u for real,as a c it,that woman risked a lot by doing that,it was a deed of desperation,she new that pain nd was willing to risk loosing every thing,what jack said is more then affect,many have their own ways of dealing with things,rite o rong,but dam to have a fears woman who stands her ground is what men fear,she did not lie to him,nd if u look at it she was as honest as jack in her deed,with everything out,we can now go sit nd talk,do we go owe separate ways or working it out,she went deep very deep,very risky very hardcore to bring her man back home,as for trust it’s a 2way thing,she could still be doing it,so could he,but 1 fact remains,if the past where to b repeated some1 will pay,two wrongs don’t make a rite,4 me bra dam bra u got yourself a woman,1 hell of a woman,it’s not a fect of trust as such but a fect of neva becoming too complacent,u guys are gone last longer then most,only if u remember u get what u give,nd so should she,haaaaai boss your woman got fire noma kanjani just an opinion

  49. Guys my apologies for using up to much space but this dude has got a “WOMAN” yaaaaas in all my life a have never heard of a woman this brave nd strong,a envy this guy,u will never ever find a woman that strong a neva,no disrespect to d ladies all u do is cry nd moan bout it,no your man nd grab him by d balls,a had to read this twice,as a man you have a strong house hold with a woman fears and daring,u are a man instead of run away,u took your mistakes nd u became a betta man,u are a MAN nd u have a WOMAN,the very friends who was saluting could stab u in the back,yoooooh ntate it takes a real man to handle a woman,hope to get me 1 of those hadi again

  50. J.R.M I admire you bro its so hard being in a relationship that lacks affection NO WOMAN SHOULD LOOK FOR LOVE OUTSIDE HER MARRIAGE so men KEEP HER HAPPY because she will look elsewhere eventually

  51. Why is he acting all fresh?! He did it why should it hurt when its done to him? Good job Mike ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dear j.R.M all I wanna say is yaz ukulayile umfazi wakho?! At least uk’vule inqondo le yahluzeka. Wabona ukthi do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. I applaude your wife that she gave you enough rope to hang yourself and I also applaud you that you ate the humble pie and took it like a man that you are as much to blame for her acgtions. Hope such will never happen. Respect your wife, Respect your marriage. All the best for the future

  52. Uhmm @ buttercup leavin a man bcz hs cheatin is like leavin a country bcz it rains I mean it rains evrywhr anywy my point is ppl ar nt condoning cheatin bt hw to deal wit it as mch as u cn sy leav da guy bcz he cheats hw mny guys ar u gona leav bcz of dat coz blve me @ da end of da day ur gona become a chewed up chappies rily cheatin has bin gng on for ages now en a lot of ppl hv tried to stop it so da only way is fyt back baby u hit a brick wit a brick dez no ada way am nt condoning it or anythin bt datz jst da way it is

  53. It seems like a man’s view or opinion needs to be approved by females. Deny it now, women will never be equal as man, not what good words we use or all this community language I’ve been reading. Cheating for both male and female is wrong and hear it. its even worse when its done by a woman, never mind the low life man. Woman of South Africa love yourselves it will come handy in the near future. I wish you could hear how we man discuss you guys and the names that are been thrown around, after you think you the woman of the day.

  54. Haw first week asthandile bamenza njalo loool.Nondindwa nje lo,she got shagged b4 mxolisi started cheatin’,Neva trust a wife who don’t wanna du no oral sex cause she’s gona get a job and get shagged 1st week @ work mmmmmmh

  55. I just think some people should go back and re read the previous chapters. Mxolisi cheated long before Khanyi hooked his wife up with a job… The reason Khanyi got Stha a job was because she wanted to spend more time with Mxolisi!!! Get your facts right assebliefv before you go on a rant spree calling Stha names!!!!

    1. my thoughts exactly, it just goes to show that people don’t understand that cheating doesn’t start when people have sex. Mxo started cheating before wifey got a job.

  56. I think if you have a cheat for a partner at some point you will get tired. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in revenge or not.

  57. Mxolisi started shagin’ with Khanyi on that assignment they had and Asithandile was already workin @ the time nd bese feba vele unondindwa if u dnt like it go jump akanasimilo vele

  58. @ Siyanda take a chill pill why you getting personal and agro? You need to actually re read the chapters… You are confusing Khanyi and Lindiwe.. Anyway I find that your comment is rather mediocre. Grow up will you… This aint a platform to take your frustrations out on me.. You can swear all you want but I will not stoop to your level… Clearly you are a retarded damsel who lacks morals and values hence the only language you are best at is calling names and swearing… Never have I been disrespectful to you nor anyone on this blog so please ausi know your place and skanyaka gongtsheleka!

  59. This was a rip off a chapter, we wait for soon long to post, them you post such a short Chapter!
    I get that you’re meant to keep us in suspense but not like This!

  60. Haw jesova,Lekgarebe le lebotse are you Asithandile?if you are than am sorri for swearing at you if not than I guess tht swearing @ mi was not on realli,bealive u mi I can swear if I want to but ddnt so plz

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