Memoirs – Chapter Eighty

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They say men don’t cry, it’s a lie! We do! I got into the main bedroom and I broke down in tears. What had just happened? My life, the rug beneath it’s feet had just been pulled off with such force I had landed on my ass. I had a lot of things to consider at this moment one of which being had my wife ever really loved me. The very first week she got a job my wife had slept with the boss. How can anyone even contemplate that? How do you reconcile yourself to the fact that the person you loved so much was just waiting for an opportunity to be fucked by another? It’s not even humbling to be honest simply devastating. I had been working for so long and can truly say before my wife brought Khanyi home and my office sent me away with that manipulative woman Lindiwe I had never cheated. When you are married opportunities for cheating are so plentiful because most married people are bored and would rather cheat with another married person. People don’t get it, the people who do not cheat it’s not because they have lack of opportunities because I am certain they do, rather it’s because they choose to value they have at home even more. I have maintained from the beginning that I loved my wife entirely and yes I had messed up real bad when I cheated and have no justification for it nor excuses to make myself feel better but that fact remains standard.

I tried lying down on my bed to sleep but it was not working because my next thought became, I have thrown out my wife so does this mean she went with her boss again? I am certain when she came outside she had no bag nor bank card meaning she could only go in one direction and that’s with him. Did she even have a phone? She left with him?That thought hurt even more! Had I just sealed our relationships fate by chasing her out. I needed to take a drive to get fresh air but part of me was saying that this would be a bad idea as I was in no state to drive. Maybe I should go swim but that’s a white people thing. I would probably drown myself. Still I needed to breathe, I needed the fresh air! When I opened the back door I found a lump of something by the front door. My wife in her wisdom had chosen not to go with her lover and had rather decided to sit outside the door until I think eventually she fell asleep. She had not even knocked once nor rang the bell. That much I am certain of! I bet you she was trying to think of what her next lie would be! As soon as the door opened she jumped up and started apologising. Thank heavens it was a warm night because Cape Town can have the coldest of nights. I know I was feeling anxious earlier on about where she would sleep but seeing her there just brought back all that anger that had built inside me.

“Mxolisi I am so sorry! I really am! I don’t know what got into me please Mxolisi I am begging you I am so sorry!”

She pleaded and went on her knees grabbing tightly onto my leg like a child that does not want it’s mother to leave for work. She took me by surprise though because I had not expected to find her there. I told her to let go of me because I needed to think and that there was no way I was allowing her near me after what she had done!

“The very same week Asthandile? Did you ever love me? Did you marry me simply because I was your way out of Mdantsane? Was that it?”

I asked her. Mdantsane is like Soweto, most people who are born there live, work and die there. But unlike Soweto, East London is not Johannesburg meaning if you stuck there, you will never experience what life truly is. I could see why she had latched onto me like that because it was obvious I was going places. I looked at most of my peers whom I had schooled with there and most were still hovering around the place like flies not sure which direction the smell is coming from. I know women are often on that feminist trip that they won’t do anything to end up with a wealthy man, oh puliz we all know that is not true. No woman wants to marry a loser it’s as simple as that and getting pregnant and married in Mdantsane would mean you will be stuck in one place for a very long usually not so much fun time!

I told her that she could sleep in the house tonight but tomorrow morning I am calling her evil parents to come fetch her. I did not want her in my house. She begged me not to call her parents because this was something she said we had to solve between us. I told her that no, someone back home had to know her true colours so that if something happens to her here they should know why. She started crying fresh tears saying I will ruin her reputation if I do that. My wife was one of those woman who acted as though they shit chocolate and worse their shit don’t smell. She was proud to the point of being conceited and in the neighborhood she was the untouchable one. She was beautiful and had married a lawyer. All her neighbors envied her because she had a big house eKapa in one of those big neighborhoods. Truth be told, usually the people that leave mdantsane to Cape Town most of them end up in the townships. No wonder why Madame Zille is forever complaining about it. It’s not like we prefer those townships to our own just that job prospects are much better here than there. That’s why to many Asthandile had done so well. Now I was going to crush her. Just watch.

I did not want to swim anymore. I knew where she was. I went to the main bedroom and locked my door. I even managed to sleep.

In the morning I was woken up with the smell of a lovely breakfast. I had not eaten last night and I was so hungry. I walked down the stairs and when I saw my beautiful wife standing there in a short nightdress I walked past her, got into the car and left! She will eat her food!

When I got to the office I decided it was time to punish her. I sent her a text saying,

“Tonight when I get home please be gone. I am going to bring another woman and I have every intention of sleeping with her! Have a good life!”

I know my wife very well. I waited five minutes and the reply I expected came. It read,

“Another woman in my house? Over my dead body!”

I then went to part B of my plan. I sent a message to a woman,

“I feel like I have not seen you in so long this is wrong. Can I come pick you after work and we can all have dinner at my house! Please dont tell Asthandile should be a surprise!”

She replied.

“Oh that’s awesome. See you then. Thanks!”

That woman was Khanyi!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
I have been debating with myself about sending this letter to you and your readers. Here goes:

I was 16 when I got pregnant. I was not raped or anything. The day I lost my virginity I got pregnant. Yeah I know bad luck indeed. It was so tough and even with my parents support I brought so much shame to myself and them. It’s a myth that these things happen in poor areas only for I was very much suburban and white schools. With time I matriculated and got a Bcom Degree. I work and am settled. The baby daddy who was from my neighborhood and a year older than me broke up with me a year after the baby was born. I am 30 and have a child in high school. It’s the oddest thing because people who meet her actually think she is my little sister. When they find out, even today, they still judge. Having a child is no child’s play no matter how we tell each other how beautiful an experience it is. You keep advising each other to cheat and revenge without thinking of the consequences because some will get pregnant if not sick. What then? Please be responsible when you advise each other because there is a real downfall in most of the things you tell each other.

Be Wise


43 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Eighty

  1. Thanks Mikey

    This is too much hey. Wonder how it is going to be, Asthandile finding out that her precious Best friend slept with her hubby right under her nose. Yho Mikey you really good.

  2. Thanks Mike. Eish Mxolisi, dinner – Khanyi, not a clever choice, after all she’s been in the mix of things at this office kaAstha. Shame sorry Astha, got caught zisuka nje!! Xolisa ntombi, ulungise!

  3. Yoh Mxolisi bad choice! Khanyi will ruin u as well, clearly u 4got abt the court case.

    A2Q usho entshweni, kumele sakhane when advising!

  4. Yhaaaaaaaaaaaaa neeeeh.Pity Asthandile’s cheat was found before she does.I wonder if it was they other way round how it will be. But any ways men cheat and they get away wif it every time. SAD. EISH. I FEEL FOR THAT WOMAN.

  5. feel like a kid whose just been given a candy after a very long day of longing it. I wish u can post on holidays, a day without one of ur chapters is boring. tnx mike for all the books, u really are talented.

  6. QnA never mind what ppl say about you n yo child, child is blessing, I don’t care umthole hw young u were, if bungenamtana same peeps thy were going to say umdala kangaka awunamtana, u r settled in life tht wat matterst

  7. Oh my word… She is so gonna get punnished. Hi Mike cnt u make da pin thing for the remaining chapters of the diary of the zulu girl? Please Mike

  8. Oh lemme get this str8 if Asthandile started sleeping with her boss during the first week of her working it means she started sleeping around before Mxolisi started with Lindiwe and Khanyi. And she didn’t sleep with him once it was a habit. He slept with Lindiwe on their trip, and slept with Khanyi the day she got raped once. I’m not trying to justify Mxo’s cheating ways but damn his wife is a slut. The guy couldn’t remember what happened with Lindiwe which I think she gave him a date-rape drug or worse it can turn out that he didn’t even fuck her at all. And I remember how Asthandile got so jealous of Lindiwe, greedy bitch knew she was already fucking her boss… she is a disgrace to the women species.
    QNA: Sistas ppl will keep talking and there is nothing that will ever satisfy them, just ignore them and keep on living your life the way you wish and desire. Take care

  9. As much as I hate Asithandile but I dnt think I’d be able to punish ma girlfriend like that…ngomngan wakhe pho?A2Qi so wish most of us will read tht letter of yours,

  10. A2Q,if peaple thinks your child is your lil sis then u should take that as a compliment,meaning you still take care of yourself and look great and young yet your 30,so wish all woman will du dat bengaziyekeleli jst because sebene zingane

  11. Yhoo …there’s jst too much drama going in there , so wish mxolisi cud changed his nd man up … Nobody said when marrying up you out of problems , instead being more responsible . Think bringin khanyi into the picture might just be enD of ur marriage … Which you builded so hard ,,, learn to forgive so shall you be forgiven … If u let her go , stay with her friend … Does that mean if she also cheats , you wil let her leave aswell … It if happens again with your new partner , hw many relationshipd are you gona hve ??? Tough hey , real man stand up for their partners , come what may …

  12. A2Q I beg to differ I had a child when i was young too I am 35 and have a daughter at varsity. I couldn’t be happier and proud from how far I have come. I think you care a lot about what people say. People mistake my daughter for my little sister all the time and I am very quick to correct them and the look on their faces is priceless

  13. Dinyalo I agree with you. How many relationships is Mxolisi gonna be in cause le yena Khanyi is a slut just like her wife. You don’t go around sleeping with your best friend’s husband.

  14. Be Wise,I believe you’re 1 of the blessed woman to have a child, I’m 29 have stable career ,a house and a car but can’t keep a man. I wish I had a child when I was young. I’ll do anything to trade places with you. Not only people who grew up at the bundus have kids at young age. I grew up there but I made sure I protect myself and can offer my kids better life than I had. Everything happens for a reason be proud of your daughter, people will always talk either good or bad. Just guide her to do informed decisions in her life.

  15. Wooooo Mike-we!! Asithandile is finished!! Once she discovered how her so called “best frend” played her wth d intention to f…k her man!! And how on earth wl she face her boss!!! Hey u scaring me Mike!!!

  16. Ai! Why is it important who slept with whom first? These two are cheats and neither knew what the other was doing while they were busy shagging other people. I still say they deserve each other. Can we have an uninvited guest to this party (Lindi baby/police)? This Mxo’s hollier than thou act is just nauseating

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