Memoirs – Chapter Eighty One

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Simply put when those who know better than me said that revenge was a dish best served cold made those words they were right. I wish I had someone to talk to I won’t lie. When your life is falling apart you need someone to lean on and hold you steady together before you actually help it fall apart even faster. I think I needed someone to say that Mxolisi calm down before you make things worse but truth be told, usually when shit hits the fan you are usually alone to make it worse. This time was no exception. All this talk of revenge had made me gain an appetite but with the amount of work I had to catch up going out was not an option. At times I wish I worked for government because truth be told, you hardly ever get to take your work home. Government employment does not have that extra pressure of your employer wanting to make that bottom rand count. Khanyi called and asked me what kind of wine she must bring. Yes today I intended to set them up real good. Maybe I will see a chick fight after they attack each other. Men love seeing women touch each other with the one exception being when they do each others hair because usually it us who is paying…sigh! I don’t think I was worried about what Khanyi would reveal in the fight because I was gatvol of my wife! Honestly who opens their legs after just seven days! No man! This bitch had to suffer whether I loved her or not.

Around eleven the police from Wynberg called me again to remind me of our appointment. I told the man that I had not forgotten and immediately got into the car to go there. If you act dodge and avoid them they tend to immediately focus on you and I did not want that. Had to play it carefully. When I got there I made sure I was cheerful and actually happy to help. He told me they were investigating the circumstances of how one of their prisoners ended up being killed in prison. I obviously asked how that was linked to me because it was highly irregular for a lawyer to be questioned. He said that it was because of the victim that I ended up here as I had been close to her. I think he meant because Khanyi had been raped. English is more difficult than people make it out to be. I told him that yes the victim had been my friend and how I had responded to the hospital when this happened with my wife. I told him that the rapist had been caught when I was at the station as in fact it was the cops protecting her that told us he had been caught. He asked me why I had come to see who it was at the jail as that was rather odd and I said I had intended on sizing him up to see which lawyers to recommend prosecute the case as some people are slippery characters. He asked me whether I had done that and I said no because what I had found instead was a scared gay little boy whom honestly if he had committed the crime then definitely this world deserved to burn. There was no way I said and I think police got the wrong man. This made the officer very uncomfortable because it implied the wrong man had died in their hands. He was quite annoyed and asked me to leave we will talk later. Round one had gone to me.

After that went back to work. When I entered by the door I bumped into Lindiwe but she was in a rush. She said we needed to talk as soon as possible. I just agreed to get her out of my way. She was irritating and I wanted far away from me. I called a company I know, GabyMash Catering based in Seapoint, to prepare the dinner for me and that I would pick it up later. Dinner for two was intimidate so I made sure to have wine and flowers. The flowers were sent to Khanyi’s office to make a grand gesture. I am sure she loved that. Khanyi called and thanked me profusely but she said that she had to drive to my house later because she wanted to look extra sexy tonight. She said she was so excited that finally I was recognising her. Women! You gotta love them! This one though was on some other tip.

When I got home the dinner arrived. They set it up in such a way that it looks as though you cooked. They put things in pots etc and tell how to serve it. I was quite annoyed though that they had brought enough food for six people! At least Zimasa would have supper if she was here but Asthandile told me that she was sleeping at a friends! A friend? Since when did she have friends here?

Eventually I heard the gate open. I knew whom it was. I waited for the knock on the door and I rushed to open. I had wanted to come with her but things had not really worked out as planned. Oh well, I can make do with this new situation. I could see my wife was waiting for a war to see who this woman was that had the nerve to come to her house! I walked up to the door confidently and I opened. There stood Khanyi looking devilishly hot in a red dress, heels even make up done. I must say she looked like she walked out of a catalogue at that moment. Wow! It’s a pity tonight was going to happen the way it was because fuck I wanted her right there and then. She made me thirsty and wow what a thirst trap. I told her she looked super fantastic and she said thank you and flirted saying that I had only ever seen her coming from gym that’s why I had that look on my face! That’s true though!

My wife came quickly to stand behind me to see who it was and I am sure to go on the full out attack. Before I could let Khanyi in she said,

“Please wait, my date went to take my coat out of the car I didn’t realize it will be this chilly out!”

Huh, did she say date? True to form 5seconds later a tall muscular man came up by the bend holding a black shoal like thing. A date! This woman had brought a date. My wife seeing Khanyi though surprised seemed more relieved now than angry especially as her date walked up the driveway. She broke down into tears which surprised all three of us and came and hugged me saying,

“I am so grateful it’s Khanyi and her man your surprised me with! I don’t know what I would have done honestly!”

Khanyi looked at her and asked what was wrong and how she looked like she had lost thirty years. Yup, for women that means a lot, this age thing! They want to pretend they were not born when Mandela was not out of prison but we see you bae!

“I have been sick and Mxolisi said tonight he will surprise me for dinner and here you are…what a beautiful surprise!”

She said. Khanyi looked at me a bit surprised. The guy stepped in front and introduced himself! Waphapha that guy! Who does that? Even in prison you wait to be introduced! What the hell? Khanyi had brought a date to my house and the jealousy was killing me! Lol, yah neh it fucken hurt! Haibo!

Now I either looked like a dooshbag or played along. What the hell had just happened.

“Asthandile needed a friend right now!”

I said with so much sarcasm in my voice I am sure you could catch it with a seave!

The guy smiled and said I am such a gentleman and deserved a Bells. I don’t what happened but it just came out. I retorted,

“Fuck off!”
It was meant to be in my head but it came out loudly.

Before I knew it I was only back! The jonny bravo looking guy had punched me flat out!

*****The End*****

Dear Mike
I have been married to my husband for 11 years now. Up till two months ago I had never cheated in spite of the fact twice he had cheated and I had found out, we had fought it over and fixed things. My husband has never paid attention to me since we got married really and after our two kids he stopped caring. I would understand if he was a beater because at least it’s emotion but my man does not talk to me even if I try. He is more miserable than me I suppose. I tried all those sex things you read about in books and even suggested therapy but he will rather watch reruns on TV. Our children barely know their father and have never been too a park or any fun place with him. He is just not interested. Two weeks ago I slept with a guy from work and at work. I know hey. Deep. I have never felt so happy and alive. I don’t want my children to lose a father but I am dying here. Do you think I am ready for divorce? I work and am stable?

Thank you


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33 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Eighty One

  1. Khanyi and Asithandile seem to be one step ahead of Mxolisi, he needs to up his game and stop looking like a fool everytime.

    Married, its clear your husband does not want to be married or be a father. He is just cold and he might as well not be around. 11 years sisi and still the same result, DIVORCE him straight. Ubekezele enough.

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome start to the week.

    Married, this withdrawn husband of yours needs to pull himself towards himself. You need to give that man an ultimatum. Either he steps up or he steps out. And it needs to be made quite clear to him that he will bounce, if ya’ll are married COP. Make sure the point of another man sleeping in his bed, fathering his kids gets accross.

    I mean you’ve gone out of your way to please this man and he is just withdrawn as a couch potato… It aint even Mens clinic issues coz he cheated so clearly he can get it up.

    As far as your nyatsi at work is concerned, that I won’t condone, noma ngabe u jas kanjan, your vows should mean something. So having cheated, niyafana nje coz ya’ll are both cheats. Some will argue that he is not giving it to you, my reply is Adult World. Plenty of dildos out there :).

    Anyway goodluck sisi, stay true to who you are and make decisions that will make your kids proud of you, be a super mom, not a loose one.


    1. lol oooh he eh……..never a dull moment with you Jackzorro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn you just made this blue monday brighter……..Mens clinic and Adut world and dildols ……u making it sound so sexy and dirty lol……Anyways great chapter as always Mike…….keep up the great work……blessed week further to everyone

  3. Mxolisi just got played!!!! I agree Sbucie, Khanyi and Astha are surprisingly a step ahead, wonder how that happened! Player just got played! Khanyi’s man????? Does that mean, she had a man all along before she slept with Mxo or even declared her “undying love” for him?

  4. Ja ne! The things we do! Thanks Mike and Co. Things r really happening in this house, and I wonder how Mxolisi is going to handle this one. Great stuff guys and thank u!

  5. Thanks Mike, this Mxolisi guy is a moomish big time! He’s not very bright la!
    A to Q: this is my take on the matter, so if anyone feels differently – tough – let’s not turn this personal…
    Married lady – does your hubby do everything else that he is supposed to do? Pay for the bond, buy groceries or whatever financial obligations that he has towards his family (you and kids)? If so, then hlala phansi, take care of your kids and yourself and don’t even think about the word divorce. Some men out there are just plain rocks!! AMATSHE! They do not know or underatand what it means to be married, they think it’s just having a woman around the house, kids, house and cars and that’s it. Abafundiswanga – abayalwanga! As for the side dishes – it’s your body ekugcineni! Vows or not, you need to get laid, you need to be loved and get your juices flowing… How you do that is entirely up to you, as long as it’s your business and are discreet about it. Choosing to have a warm body next to you, or inserting some vibrator inside you should be your personal choice, no one has a right to judge you! Do whatever feels right to you, because the person that promised to love and cherish you – AKONDLE NGOMTHETHO OYINGCWELE KANKULUNKULU is not doing it! (By the way, am 10 years into my marriage).

  6. Lol serves him right!!!he acts like the victim while he him self is a cheat and he has been one!!! Typical of a man its justified when he cheats but not when its a women!!! I hope they beat him to a pulp

  7. Hahaha Mxo you were beaten at your own game. Khanyi & Astha are in this together. Khanyi knew about Astha’s cheating, Mxo founding out and they planned that Khanyi should bring a date.

    Thanks Mike. And please update us about the diary of a zulu girl books publishers.

  8. Aybo Mxolisi got beaten in his own home?yadelela lendoda,Batista or John cena doesn’t meta,stand up nd beat the hell outta tht Man coz clearly labo nondindwa abaw 2 had planned this for long nd they gona laugh at this nd u whn thy in their Naughty corner

  9. Married, divorce is never a solution infact you are complicating your life and that of your children. I agree with kaManyosi some men are just emotionless mhlambe he is too traditional. You know that some men think its weak to play or do thngs with family, they want to lead their lives ngendlela eyayiphilwa obaba babo. It is hard to let go of what and how they were brought up and how their mothers were treated.

    If you are financially stable as you say, start maybe by organising holiday getaways where he will be forced to engage with you kwenye ilevel where he is much more relaxed. I also agree with Jackzorro that cheating can only make you the same. You sound like a someone with standards olaziyo ihlazo. Cheating will make you feel good now but later you will feel dirty. Speak to someone closer to him owaziyo will have his interest at heart. Try and understand him from his background ube nesineke. Try and fix it sisi uma ubaleka uzohlezi ufica izinkinga and uyohlezi ubaleka, all marriages have problems and the reason why some do not last is bacause we run away and not fix the problem.

    Pray about it abantu abaningi who are divorced regret the decision especially if there was no threat to life. UJehova akehluleki cabangela nezingane zakho you do not want to rock the boat, what if in your quest for happiness you end up with someone who pays attention but is also abusive, pervert who might rape your children etc, ziningi izimanga out there. Atleas your spouse is just a couch potato but not harmful.

  10. lol adult world my foot! You cannot sit on a dildos face and enjoy its tongue inside your vjj!

    @ Married jola wena however be descreet about it and dont leave your man. These men are all the same. One would swear they are from the same womb! You will only find worse if you leave your man.

  11. Iyooooooooo Mxolosi being played like that in your own house shame. Khanyi and Asthandile are in this together. Tnx again Mike. Married. Don’t divorce your husband my luv cause it’s not like he he needs men’s clinic as he has cheated on you before. I suggest you go ahead with your side dish cause kuku eo ha e je papa and if your man doesn’t want it someone at work does appreciate it maar make sure you don’t get caught.

  12. Thnx again mike…ayy I’m surprised by de wonders of ths world we livin in, I really cnt wait 2 see whr all ths cheatin promotion is goin 2 end “most of de comments seem 2 consider cheatin as de best option” jus concern…

  13. @ Zaa… It’s the honest truth, cheating is an option. I have also been married for 6 years and have always been the honest and good wife to my hubby. I ended in hospital in the early years of my marriage because of being depressed by our marriage and his behavior. I instead told myself that i won’t go back there. I must say, it’s the honest truth that you can end up divorcing ur partner thinking that u might find a better person again. I have met one or two guys and have dated them on the side and it’s such a frustration still. So, the bottom line is don’t depend too much on him, emotionally or rather physically. Just go out there…have fun and make sure you don’t get caught :).


    1. So sis Tebby, you are endorsing cheating? Kanti what’s the point of being married if one is going to behave like they not? Don’t get me wrong, I take nothing away from what you went through as you’ve stated even ending in hospital. Be that as it may, is there any value to a marriage nowadays? What are we teaching the younger generation. Zaa’s concern is generally shared but often others keep silent.

      I feel sad that this ‘sacred union’ called marriage has been ridiculed in such a manner that even single guys don’t respect a man’s wife and single ladies don’t respect a woman’s husband. Kanti what was the real reason you got married? Security? Family? Divorce is also another thing and its getting out of hand, but if you got married for the right reasons, I think it would be all worth fighting for. Lately, umfazi akusabonakali noba ngumfazi coz uhambe etyiwa nje like an adolescent teen. I feel pity for this horrible scurge of infedility that we are growing accustomed to. Say what you like, but cheating will Never be ok under any circumstances.

      I think people need to realise this getting married nonsense is overrated coz ya’ll behave like its a free for all sex campaign with any thing that can make you cum.

      My thoughts.

  14. @ Q & Jack its true! Why have a plastic when you can have real meat? I mean I am single and there are hornier and lonely days but I will never waste my money on such. Rather phone an X and get some than to entertain an emotionless dick, my fingers will do a better job to a dildo even!

  15. Thanks mikey can’t wait for the next chapter.

    @ Q: It is sad what you are going through sisi I must admit. Okumnandi kodwa is that deep down you know why all of this is happening and you just need to trace your steps back to when it all began. It often is easy to point a finger to someone else, forgetting that it always takes 2 to tango.

    What I didn’t hear is your attempt to sit HIS family down and report your problems and, i would like to believe you aren’t one of those makotis abangawfuni umndeni wendoda. Who knows, maybe that could be the problem right there, to separate him with his blood.

    As for Your having a side dish ke can only mean one thing…you are a cheat as well and are no better than him. You can’t do what you don’t want to do or be forced into doing it…bewuyihalela nje kphela lendoda oyvulela amathanga.

    My advise is that you go to his family and seek assistance coz they are the people who care more than anyone outside of your marriage.

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