Missteps of a Young Wife

Firstly I would like to apologize for the disruption of the SMS service offering and the confusion it caused thereof. Due to the high demand and time delays we had to suspend the service temporarily, with this being said all who purchased the one time pin today will be resent a new pin to read the stories offering. I sincerely apologize.

What’s happening?

Due to the high demand for more content on the weekend blog we had to to come up with a sustainable solution that will ensure the blog is kept afloat while we keep writing for you.

The blog is not commercialized in anyway whatsoever however we took it under advisement that if you want more then you can pay for it to get it first rather than wait for a week for the next post. Traditionally we post two chapters a weekend and this was meant to cater for those who demand for more and ironically we got this idea from readers.

Please I must emphasize this part: Every weekend we will post the same way we have always posted meaning NO ONE will be prevented from reading that weekends chapters for free with no SMS.

SMS initiative

How does it work?

You SMS the word Missteps to 36106, you will get an SMS with a 5 digit number this is the PIN you will use to unlock the “Premium content”. The sms you will get will look something like this:

“Diary of a zulu girl – Your one-time-pin is: 12345 Enjoy reading”

The Pin is only valid for the 2 additional posts from the Sunday post of that weekend and will expire after 2 usages.

SMS cost is R5

Readers outside South Africa

I still say we are family please bare with me as will be looking for an international number, your plea is heard.

NB: This is no scam at all and for some people to call me names for trying to improve the service and delivery was harsh and unfounded. God Bless and enjoying reading.


  1. Thanks for the chapters and a new pin Mikey, though one from yesterday still worked. It was just not clear which of the numbers one had to use as it was linked with date and time. Now am anxious…

  2. I guess apologising won’t make me small either coz am one of those who were infuriated by this and thrown hash words towards you,ungixolele as I jst received my pin now,uxolo kakhulu nd thnx for the chapters

  3. I sent my sms yesterday and you still haven’t sent me a pin,I’ve been waiting I’m really ANGRY ryt now

  4. Is it only 2 chapters per day cos I’ve read chapter 50 and 51 I’m trying to read 52 and 53 but they aren’t in the premium yet!

  5. How can my pin expire without even reading, this is not fair, so in one weekend i hv to spend R20.00, instead of R 5.00. Because u keep on sending us the pin that doesn’t work, your sms system need to be twerked to start doing right things

  6. Hi Mike was so disappointed yesterday as I was planning to be in bed the hole day enjoying my reading, and the weather in Gauteng did allow it neh. But got to read it today. Thanks a lot. Can’t you do the same with the last chapter’s of zulu girl goes to jozi. Are the books still available.

  7. But the last 2 chapters only have 1 paragraph and then it wants u to purchase before u can read the full chapter.

  8. Mike this is not on!!!!! I send u day git the pin and it refused to load. I even emailed you and then read e press release saying we will be sent new pins. still haven’t received it and now when I try again it says the pin had expired. like what the f******

  9. Thank you Mike,you really are a loyal person,considering that you give us this for free.God bless and reward you for your hardwork.Sesa in Bots

  10. Hi mike thank u for the post, I would like 2 put forth a suggestion that u have another sms pin for zulugirlgoes2jhb. I really would like 2 knw the ending and I’m sure da is a lot of others dat want 2 knw da ending as well and it quite difficult 2 get da book. Please take my request into consideration. Thank u

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