Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty Seven

Thozama Mqikela



Him grabbing my phone off my hands happened so fast, I didn’t know how to react, I opened the door so fast, I accidentally hit his balls, he screamed in pain and dropped my phone on the floor and his hands automatically went to cover his manhood, my phone was on the floor battery on one side and back cover on the other side, I collected the phone parts and put them back together, people in cars passing us were looking at us strangely, they probably thought we were crazy not that I cared. I apologized for hitting him with the door, it was honestly unintentional, he told me I could make it up to him by allowing him to take me home, this man does not give up, I said I can’t just leave the skorokoro in the freeway, he said he will get a tow-truck to take the car back to my mom’s place, I looked at him doubtfully then said okay, he took out his phone and made a call to some towing company and told them where we were, I told him I was not leaving until they came to collect the car, he said we can sit in his car while waiting cause it was a bit chilly outside and my car’s heater didn’t work, we went and sat in his car I told him that I do not want to speak to him, he said it’s fine we’ll just sit there in silence until the towing people came. Okay being silent for 5 minutes was just way too long for me, I asked him why was he following me, he said he wasn’t he had actually came to my parent’s house to pick me but on his way there he saw me driving and decided to follow behind besides it was his way to work too. Okay that made sense, but I wasn’t going to let him know that I was believing him. We sat there for about 30 minutes and eventually the towing company arrived, the traffic was now cooling down, my husband spoke to them and gave them my parents address to drop off the car. He drove me to work, dropped me off and wanted to kiss to me I moved away as he was trying to get close, he said he would pick me up after work, I told him not to bother, I will make a plan to get home, he asked if I was coming back to our home after work, I said “the home that you and your mother wrecked?, no thanks.” I got out of his car and slammed the door.

When I got to the office, Cindy wanted to know where I had disappeared to yesterday cause she had to cover up for me and didn’t know what to say to people I told her I had family problems with hearing that she dropped the subject, Cindy doesn’t like hearing other people’s problems which is good for me, I don’t like sharing my problems either. We did some work, I was so focused I actually lost track of time, by the time I lifted my head, Mfundo was at our door with a huge-ass smile on his face, oh Lord, I had forgotten to call him and tell him lunch was off, my husband was a witch-hunt and the last thing I wanted was to get Mfundo on the cross fire. He looked at me and asked “are you ready for lunch?”, I looked at Cindy and said “I forgot to tell you, Mfundo invited us to lunch”, Mfundo gave the WTF look I ignored him and focused on Cindy who was all smiles, she thank Mfundo for being so thoughtful and said we should use her car, we drove to Rivonia and went to a restaurant called Rocket, we tried to order cheap food but there isn’t anything cheap in that place, we chatted about work and were just having a simple fun lunch even Mfundo eventually warmed up to the idea of all 3 of us out together. My phone rang it was my husband, he said he was at my office bringing me lunch but was told I had gone out for lunch, I said yes I’m out, it would have helped if he called, he sulked and said it’s fine, he will be going back to work, now I felt bad. He had come all the way and I wasn’t even there, but on the other hand since when does he bring me lunch to work?

We got back to the office, worked until 5, I had completely forgotten about my transport problems, I decided to call Andiswa, she was nowhere near around my offices, I tried Cleo even though I knew this was one of those cross your fingers calls, Cleo said she was taking selfies and I had just interrupted her when she was getting a perfect shot, I asked what the hell was she taking selfies for she said she wanted to post on Facebook, I asked why she said, “Lee, there are stalkers out there, I need to get myself one” if anyone should be taken to a mental institution it’s this woman, I didn’t even bother asking her for a lift. Cindy over-hearing my conversations offered to give me a lift, I told her I was going to my parent’s place in Alberton, she said it’s not a problem she would take me there, shoo I was so relieved. We drove home, she dropped me off, I found my sister and the kids parents not yet around, my sister started laughing at me about the car, I told her it was just a matter of days before I got myself a brand new car. She told me that the towing people had brought the car and said I was stuck on the freeway I told her Mthobisi actually came and picked me up and took me to work, while we were still chatting there was a knock on the door, I went to go open, it was my husband carrying 2 suitcases, I asked him what was going on, he said he was moving in. This man is absolutely unbelievable, I pooped my eyes wide opened and asked him to repeat what he had just said, he said I was his wife and he was not going to stay in our place alone and since I had decided to come stay with my parents he was coming to stay with them too, I wanted to scream at him, as I was about to, my mom and Victor arrived and saw Mthobisi with 2 suitcases, Victor jokingly asked if we were moving in, at the same time Mthobisi and I answered, I shouted “No” he shouted “Yes”, now both my mom and Victor wanted to know what was going on, my smooth operating husband said our place was being fumigated so we were advised to move out for a couple of days so we don’t inhale the chemicals, I looked at him and knew there was no way out of this one, my mom asked why are we standing at the door, Victor helped Mthobisi to take the suitcases to my room, I was beyond annoyed, I went to my sister, she asked what was going on I said “don’t ask”.
My husband came and sat with me and my sister made small talk with my sister asking how she was doing and how her bruises were, she said she was getting better, he then looked at me and told me he had made reservations at some Portuguese restaurant and I should go change, the other suitcase has my clothes on it, I didn’t want to seem rude in front of my parents especially since I had not told them what was going on, so I went to my room, open the suitcase and my sometimes sweet husband had packed most of my favorite clothes, I changed into a black dress and wore black heels and told him I was ready, my mother said I look like I am going to a funeral, that was the point, I was in mourning of my husband’s infidelity.

We arrived at the restaurant it was really fancy, it’s in Linmeyer, we had starters, main course and dessert, my husband was really trying hard here, we hardly ever went out, I was really grateful for the effort. He wanted to speak about what was happening between us, I figured this was as good a time as any. He told me he needed me more than ever, he did not know what to do with this Katlego woman and the baby situation, he said what frustrate him the most is that she had stayed all these years without telling him she had a child, he told me he had never meant to hurt me and cheating on me back then was the biggest mistake he had ever made, and he was young and foolish back then, he didn’t know what he wanted then but now he knows he can’t leave without me, I am his world, he loves me more than life itself as he was saying all these things he had tears in his eyes, he was begging me not to leave him, he told me we could work this out, we can find a way around this situation, he would not be able to survive without me in his life, yes he was not perfect and he made mistakes but we all deserve a second chance and he promises he would never hide anything away from me, he would never hurt me ever again. I was blown away, I didn’t know what to say but this was my husband and I had promised to stick with him through thick and thin and this was too thick. I said I needed time to digest everything that was happening for now I was very confused, he told me to take all the time that I need and he will take his suitcase and go back home, I told him that will make my mom suspicious, he must stay, that put a smile on his face.

As we were leaving, Mthobisi said he wants to go say hello to the owner of the restaurant because they know each other, I followed him through the kitchen, he greeted the ladies that were there cooking, I wondered how many times had my husband been here before cause it was my first, they greeted him back by his name, okay clearly he was a regular here, past the kitchen there was an office, we found a white guy who my husband greeted with a hug and introduced me to him, I didn’t catch his name, they started speaking, I then told my husband I needed a bathroom he will find me outside. I went past the kitchen and asked those ladies where the toilets were they directed me, I went as I came out there was a guy in his early 30’s good looking guy, he asked for my name, I just walked past, he followed me and asked for my numbers and told me how beautiful I looked, I again ignored him and walked away, this time he grabbed my arms and said “please lady can I just have your numbers” big mistake at that time my husband was behind him, I said “please walk away” the guy thought I was playing hard to get and still went on talking to me. Mthobisi tapped him on his shoulder as soon as the guy turned around he punched him on the face and said “you don’t touch my wife”, I screamed and asked Mthobisi to stop it, the owner of the restaurant came out and asked what was going on, Mthobisi told him that this fool is hitting on his wife, the owner grabbed the guy by his shirt and pulled him to his office with me and my husband following behind, as I was about to enter the office with them Mthobisi told me to stay in the kitchen. One of the women an older woman was screaming so loud, she said they are going to kill him, what have I done and all I could see through the glass on top of the door was the belt going up and down. Can the earth open up and swallow me now please.

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66 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Forty Seven

  1. Tnx Thozama nd Mike,ao mare Mthobisi do u nid to punch him?u cud hv jst say leave my wife alone.u rily nid anger management classes,mcwe stru

  2. Oh Lee, Drama ,drama, drama girl…I have made up my mind, Mthobisi is a well connected
    thug period! Lee please end things with Mfundo because it might be Mfundo’s or your funeral next should Mthobisi find out that you are creeping around! Thanks Mike for a good read!!!

  3. Yeeeey daily dose!! Oh my Gosh how I envy a man like yours Lee as bad as he may be but truth be told he’s every girls’ dream u are so lucky to hv a provider n a protector like him!!! Thnks Bra Mike u never disappoint

  4. Dnt wanna knw wht wil happn whn Mthobisi fnds out bwt U n Mfundo Lee crusly,,,bt as 4 Mthobisi rckin Up @ de inlaws wit Suitcases He really luvs His wife shem,,,Wsh ma Husband was lyk Mthobi

  5. Mthobisi o thomile go gafa bjale, so he gonna go around beating on the guys who hit on his wife? Hai he is getting too violent now.

  6. I love weekends, Mike this book is sizzling hot!! Mthobisi can be romatic at times, I love the fact dat he owns up to his mistakes. He really loves his wife.

  7. Awesome chapter as usual. I LOVE CLEO, laughing my ass off namanje. I want a Mthobisi in my life, he’s so wow and uyahlanya lol.

  8. I won’t mind having a husband like Mthobisi somehow! He’s the man shem…Yeaah he’s a very dangerous man, but somehow that’s all we want as women…

  9. Thanks Team,…for some strange reason I just don’t like Lee anymore coz of the way she treats Mthobisi, ungathi usephakeme mawala, kanti akamsulwa ngokwakhe…

  10. Mthobisi is a mafia stru. Imagine what he’s gonna do to Mfundo when he finds out u’ve sleeping with him. Something tells me he already knows n is just giving u a long rope to hang urselves.

  11. I only ever read Missteps on my way back to work at Bara from home in the East EVERY sunday. It keeps me company and I love it!! Thank you Zama 🙂 may you and Mike keep up the great work. Now we wait for Memiors 🙂

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  14. But Mthobisi wa tena at times man!
    Lee must stop this nonsense with Mfundo, or else he’ll be in the next casket out of Avbob

  15. Mthobisi has potential to be a real man shem, especially if you take away the mafia out of him, I mean a man who would move in with me at my home id definitely fall in love with him all over again,a cherry on top, to bring my favourite clothes hmm. This would mean he notices everything i do, although its kinda creepy to some extend.

    Lee and Mfundo get avbob and Lee spend enough time with you child as soon he will be without a mother. iyhoo

  16. Im in love wit Mthobisi period. This man turns me on. Rough on the outside and gentle on the inside esp the affection for his wife.

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    But mara Mike can’t we have a 4 course dosage.. Our weekends now end Monday…#justsaying#

    If Mtho’s mother was my mamezala I’d give her reason to stay away from me..’

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