Memoirs – Chapter Sixty

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It was over for me. There was no turning back. Khanyi looked at me in horror. She asked her what she meant by that and Lindiwe immediately said that she was not stupid. She knew when two people had slept with each other and this was one of those moments! Khanyi immediately said, eh sisi you don’t know me! Lindiwe argued that she can smell it. She said I had no shame in bringing my mistresses to my wife’s house. Khanyi said she was not a mistress and asked Lindiwe if by the look on her face she looked as though she was here to play. Khanyi’s face was still quite swollen even now. Why was Lindiwe so insensitive? Could she not see that I was not joking when I explained to her the situation. I told her to shut up or leave because she was being rude to my guest but the woman would not listen. Lindiwe said as a lawyer it was her job to know when someone is bullshitting her! Lindiwe then said,
“Do you know that he also slept with me when I was drunk?”
The way the story turned! Wow now it was me who had slept with her at her moment of weakness. Khanyi said that was not any of her business and that should be reserved for my wife. Lindiwe replied,
“Is that what you were thinking when you were sleeping with him?”
Xhosa woman don’t take shit and before Lindiwe said anything more Khanyi hit Lindiwe so hard she fell backwards! It was like a truck had hit her because for a moment she did not move. Khanyi had hit her with a closed fisted and I actually felt the swoosh of her arm as it pierced at such pace through the air and hit her square on the nose! I am certain she broke it with that one motion!
“When she wakes up, tell the lawyer that she can sue me!”
Khanyi said and walked away!

I did not know whether to run after Khanyi to hug her for what she had just done or help Lindiwe up anticipating what she was about to do as revenge! This was escalating into something that will destroy me. I decided to go to Lindiwe because I did not want her to go after me. She was more volatile than Khanyi. I helped her up. She was crying and had broken lip. At least she was alive!
“I probably deserved that!”
She said rather too calmly.
“I should not have poked her like that and I am sorry!”
She added! Was this woman normal though? Like seriously! She carried on so casually and said,
“I have a problem I need your help on. I think I know what they are talking about though clearly it was misinterpreted! The only way I can win this is if I say we were together and agreed on it as a strategy! Alone it will seem as though I tried to strong arm them as well as tried to score points. You know that the bosses don’t like that!”
She was right about one thing though, very right in fact, when you work for a white company. Much as they say they want you to show leadership they also believe in team work! She had messed up alright!

I told her that I could not help her at the moment because I had to think about this. I was not playing hard to get. She had made her bed meaning that she had to take more responsibility than this. She said she was leaving because she had to go get her nose checked. I offered her my bathroom but she said no proudly out of fear of Khanyi. Speaking of Khanyi, I now had to go and face her! This was not turning out to be a good day indeed.

When I got into the house I found Khanyi had put on her clothes and her bags were next to her! She was ready to leave that much was obvious!

“Where are you going?”

I asked in a panicked state. Imagine, my wife had asked me to go pick her up and if she came back to find that even before she came back from work she had left already she would be suspicious! Khanyi had to stay!

“The way you let your girlfriend disrespect me! I can’t be treated like this!”

Immediately I told that Lindiwe was not my girlfriend. I explained to her our suspension and tried to tell her why she was talking such nonsense!

“Did you sleep with her?”

She asked me and immediately I said,

“Hell no!”

Again I explained how she is claiming I slept with her and I cannot remember for the life of me. I told her I even thought something had been put in my drink but such things don’t happen to guys so there was no way in hell. It’s weird though that speaking to a mistress is sometimes easier than speaking to your wife. I am certain there are a lot mistresses who will testify that usually the married men they cheat with just want to talk.

Khanyi then stood up and said she had called a cab already she was leaving. I begged her to stay saying that it would look wrong. She said she could not stay in such a hostile environment of which I asked what on earth she meant. This place was not hostile. She then burst out and said,

“How do you expect me to stay here? Your wife is my friend and I am in love with you! When we slept together it felt so right and you know it!”

This is why you never have a mistress or sugarbaby! For some reason they fall in love and irony is they already know you are a cheat! Before I could respond I heard,

“Ahem ahem!”

From the direction of the door! It was Zimasa! What had she heard?

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for allowing us to share our stories this Woman’s Month.

I was abused from the age of thirteen by my step father. I don’t know where my mother found him but I remember when I was young we were very poor and we lived in a shack in Khayelitsha. Life was very tough. My mother was a domestic worker for a foreign family. The man’s wife and two children were killed in a car accident. In time he married my mother. She came from being a domestic to staying the suburbs (Newlands). When I was 13 my stepfather started touching me. At this stage my mother was pregnant with my brother. I remember it was a complicated pregnancy as she was in and out of hospital. I was scared to tell her because she always reminded me of how far we had come and suffered. When she gave birth he started demanding more and more until I told my mother. She cried with me and asked me if I wanted to go back to the shacks because that was what was going to happen if we reported him. I felt so betrayed by her words but at the same time I felt powerless. I started having sex with my stepfather from when I was 15. It was not like he was forcibly holding me down or anything but I felt I could not say no. He never did it when my mother was there though! My escape came when I went to university. He was paying for everything there as I only managed to get financial aid in my third year. As soon as I got my engineering degree I left home and I have never gone back! I don’t call, I don’t write. It’s been seven years now since I left.

That’s my story of abuse.

Thank You


34 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Sixty

  1. Eish sisi, your story us said I feel your pain, nether the less, you have to face your past demons and seek counselling as for your mother, she did a vicious and selfish thing trading you for wealth but I’m glad that out of all the misery and pain…you managed to study and have a career…I’m so sorry for what you went through, may that monster burn in hell.

    Thanks Mike for the chapter, hope Zimasa wasn’t evesdropping

  2. thnx mike…@Qa…dear no1 deserve such Tht u’v gone through ts very sad bt u hev 2 make peace wt urself as u may struggle wt relationship or marriage whn tym goes by..

  3. Thanks Mikey for a nice chapter. I hope Zimasa heard them and starts blackmailing Mxo. As for Khanyi, how can she claim she is the wife’s friend when she is shagging the husband and has fallen in love with him? She really has no shame, she is right it is s hostile environment cause she will be the one hurting the most when she sees Mxo and his wife all the time. Is she expecting Mxo to divorce his wife now that she has fallen for him?
    As for you Mike I still cant understand why you titled this blog Diary of a tired Black man. The wife has been portrayed as a saint so far, Mxo is the one doing all the fooling around. What has the wife done to drive Mxo to cheating with Khanyi and Lindiwe? What is it that’s making Mxo tired? It should actually be the wife who is tired of Mxo’s cheating not the other way round.

  4. As for anonymous, I don’t mean to be insensitive but your story reminds me of one of Tyler Perry’s movies, I think its Madea’s family reunion, where the mother traded her first daughter for luxury living and comfort and the step dad slept with her. I don’t know though as you don’t say, but it doesn’t look like your stepdad knew that your mother knew. But I honestly feel that your mother should have at least tried to stop him even if it meant risking the comfort life. But i don’t think its wise to write off your mother. Try to think of what that did to her, it must have killed her inside and probably had no one to talk to as she couldn’t tell a soul. Its very sad what happened to you. That monster doesn’t deserve to be called a man. Would he have done the same thing to his own daughter? mxm some men just don’t deserve to live. But not to worry sisi he will get his punishment sooner or later, no bad/evil deed goes unnoticed in God’s eyes. But now that you are working and don’t depend on him, I think it would be wise to call a family meeting with your mom and step dad and confront him, if he kicks your mother out you can take care of her financially. He took advantage of you at a very young age and knowing your poor background he knew he had an upper hand. You have to tell him what he did was wrong and painful but you forgive him. The only way to move past this is to confront your demons head on and deal with them. You will be freeing yourself from the hatred you have for this man and probably your mother.

  5. All misstress fall inlove but if guys really know dat why wud they wana have a mistress if they dnt want any strings attached why dnt they jus buy prostitutes with prostitutes u can only please yo desire n not worry about late night calls wen wifey is around n khanyi if my mind serves me very well he said wats his is yours dat means he acknowledges u Bein hs misstress so stand yo ground girl amadoda asile they want their bread buttered both sides

  6. Thanks Mike, u never disappoint…..To anonymous, I am very sorry for what you went through but I am proud of you that in spite of all that you managed to get education and have a good career. I really don’t understand why some women do this to their children to sacrifice for their marriages, very sad indeed. However you need to forgive both your mom and stepdad at some point because that will be your baggage for life if you don’t let it go. Wishing you all the best in life…..

  7. Sis I your story is very sad. I hope you get healing and peace in your life get counselling and forgive yourself

  8. So touched by anonymous. It’s really touching & sad to think the things/situations people land in because of poverty. Your mother was wrong, she should have rather gone & suffered with her kids in the shacks. I don’t blame you for turning your back & never looking back. Pray to God that you forgive her to free your soul. Be strong

  9. I remember the movie i watched called Precious, a very touchy movie whereby a step-dad started abusing the child from 7 years old. The mother knew about it and did nothing until her child had 2 children and DISGUSTINGLY the other hated her not the man. She said her child took her man away from her, mxm! I guess it is true women do that to get a good life. Sorry about that my dear, you need to get counseling and go back to your mom, face her and talk to her about all that went down. You need to forgive in order to move on with your life. Keep well…

  10. Yho! with friends like Khanyi who needs enemies sies! The nerve of this woman and Mxolisi him and Khanyi deserve each other. Thanks Mikey

    Anonymous, you are very strong and admire you for that and you should be very proud of yourself for having made it this far. However, you still need to forgive your mother and your step father. You have a half brother that I am sure wants to meet his sister. don’t let this innocent child lose a sister because of the mistakes of his parents. Pray God give you the strength to face them yet again that you may be free from this.

  11. Oh wow anonymous, I am in tears. I am glad you didn’t allow that situation to bring you down. I know you angry at your mom for not protecting you, she made bad decisions, we all do. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive her and even that monster you call a step dad. Yes, its easier said than done, but I trust the Good Lord we serve.

  12. ish the things some woman do just for comfort living prostituting ur child like dat ,that is so wrong in so many levels yaz and it just proves what i always say it is us woman hu let these man treat us like this dis cud ve been avoided am sorry u had to go thru such anon but its in the past now stay strong sisi

  13. Your story just cut through my heart. I just cannot understand how heartless a mother can be. I mean she practically prostituted you so she could not suffer. May God heal your heart dear & allow you to forgive the past & move on. As for your mom & step dad, they will reap what they’ve sown!

  14. Anonymous I hope u have been to counseling. I’m so sorry your sd is such a person and even sorrier your mother failed you. I hope you find healing somehow *cyberhug*

  15. This guy is now in real trouble. Lets hope Zimasa didnt hear it at all cause she now has an upper hand over Mxolisi.

    Your story is very touching and you did well by acquiring a degree. However, I doubt if your Mom is well treated there. Here fear has been to go back to Khayelisha life. I think this is the your opportunity to go back and free your Mom. You are not late, you can report this to the authorities. To all the ladies out there, please dont fall victims of these sorts of abuse in the expense of nice life. There is so much help out there….be strong and face the devil.

  16. Iyoooooo what a sad story. That man doesn’t deserve to be called a father no wonder his child and wife died as for your mother, how can she trade in a 15 year old for wealth. I’m glad you’re out of that house they deserve each other. Ke dintja tse pedi.

  17. your story is sad sister. i hope GOD has granted you the peace you need in your heart. a time will come when you need to face your mother, to forgive them both( not necessarily become happy family) and release all the pain you feel in your heart. May God be with you.

  18. Anonimous,my take to this is that yr step dad was sleeping with his wife’s helper before his wife died. may be the reason yr mom was powerless bcoz she knew his way. i mean think about it how possible that they just started loving each other after she died. i even wonder if the car accident was not cooked. at this stage my dear the best u can do is to arrange n meet yr folks take out all yr anger in words to them n move on. you will all cry take out the emotion n make up. yr mom i am sure she is dying inside. i doubt she is even enjoying that home anymore. probable they not even together anymore. forgive her babe gal she didnt think straight.

  19. Thanks Mike.
    @A,we living in a very sick world,I’m glad u left the past behind. I hope 1 day your mom will find it in her to say “Sorry” for what she put u thru. Wishing all the best,May God heal your pain. *sad*

  20. Mikey you’re so good it hurts thank you

    Anonymous I’m really sorry for what happened when you were a child but baby girl running away wont solve your problems face your demons and slay them and you will be a SURVIVOR good luck honey u will feel lighter after you confront them with no expectations

  21. @ Anonymous I am so emotional. Words cannnot even begin to comprehend what I feel right now, but as a victim of rape myself kere kowena rapela and learn to forgive for that will free your heart and let you move on.. Its not going to be easy efela gaona le Morena mo bopheleong bya gago dilo diba betere. Befriend the bible and in due time pelo yagago etla fola. Time and the love of God heals all wounds no matter how deep the wound is.

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