Memoirs – Chapter Sixty Six

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I laughed at her on the phone after she said Dru. I told her that she can go to hell because much as I wanted to help her on earlier on as the only person in her corner when all this started I was going to help them bring her down. How dare she threaten me? I told her I was sorry about her friend “Dre” no I think she said “Dru” but I had no idea how he died and it’s sad to lose one so young in the system! Yes I had called her bluff and that much she did not expect. This woman was not going to hold me by my balls and expect me to jump! She must have lost her mind. We had the same degree so she could not possibly think she was smarter than me! Say what! I was going to fight her just like I was going to fight for my family. She asked me on the line if I was sure about this and I confidently said yes and told her for her to blackmail me she had crossed a line of no return. I hung up the phone in her ear!

Khanyi asked why I had cursed out loud like that. She had been standing there when Lindiwe phoned. I told her that she should not concern herself with my business of which she retorted and said I was actually her business. She asked me why I was not at work which I had forgotten already that I was supposed to be out. I told her that I decided to take the week off. I was not coping I said so I decided it’s best that I stay home and recover. She said it was not necessary to lie to her because I was not her husband and walked to her room! This woman needed to go! She was now talking back to me in my own house. I called Dalu and asked if we could meet because I needed his advice. He readily agreed because he was worried about me after what had happened. Khanyi came out again and said that my wife had called her and when she had said that she intended to leave my wife had insisted that she stay. I was not really too keen on this conversation as I had other things to attend to so I just said yes and left. I had to go through the temptation if I was to be worthy of my wife again so Khanyi had to see that I was rejecting her.

We decided to meet at the Waterfront because his next meeting was in Camps Bay. I did not want him to be late. When I got there I called him and he was sitting on the stairs next to the big wheel listening to the marimba band. Dalu had weird tastes because he actually seemed to be having a whale of a time! I sat next to him and he started telling me the history of marimba which for me was completely unnecessary. Of all the stories was this really something I needed to hear with all that was happening. We all have that weird friend who talks about random things and has weird and unnecessary facts. Dalu to me was that friend. He was only two years older than myself but I swear you would thing he was old at times the way he would speak to me.

When the song finished that’s when he asked me how I was. I told him things had gotten really bad and in this moment I was not talking to him as a friend but as my lawyer. He was surprised and said that I should not panic but have faith for this was just a trial which Allah had placed before me. He is Muslim. I told him there was more. I decided to tell him everything from the beginning of what had happened in Jhb with Lindiwe, the meeting I had missed right up to the last phone call I had had with her. He listened attentively and his face did not once betray his emotions. I could not tell whether he was believing my story, feeling sorry for me or angry at me. When I was done he did not move or say a word. Before I could ask and out of nowhere mind you, my friend and colleague slapped me hard on my right chick!

“That’s for cheating on your wife! I told you, I told you from the beginning that I will never condone that!”

He said standing up! I was stunned! He walked away and sat on the benches behind us as we had been sitting on the stairs. I was not sure how to react! Be angry and attack him for no man had ever hit me or just take it and continue! I chose the latter,

“Did you have anything to do with the murder of that boy?”

He asked me candidly!

“Of course not!”

I immediately replied. Yes it was a lie but in law even if I did not personally do it I would certainly be found guilty as the mastermind of it all which carried a harsher sentence. I told him that after they had arrested him I went to see who he was as obviously Khanyi was my friend. He said what I would have said that he had to ask to get it out of the way.

We both agreed that fighting Lindiwe would be tough and he said that me going to launch a pre emptive strike as I had planned would not really help me as she had too much on me even if it was just a sniff.

I decided that I should surprise my wife at work. I had to win her back and being romantic was a good place to start. She was still angry at me for what had happened last night so I had to suck up.

When I got to the office I found Azile there, the receptionists. She remembered me again and said I should go right through.

Everyone was busy running around meaning no one noticed me in this open plan. I spotted my wife talking to some guy at the end of the room. Where was that boss of hers? I did not even know his name!

It was when I decided to walk towards her that I saw it. The guy she was talking too either brushed something off her cheek or touched her cheek affectionately!

It was not the boss I should have been worried about, it was this guy!

Who the hell was he for when he turned he looked familiar!

Asthandile saw me and quickly jumped to her feet! She ran up to me and hugged me as though nothing had happened.


****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

My story is not so painful as others are but i thought i should share anyway.

I agree with the letter posted after chapter 139 of Confessions.

Its true that when he earns less than you as a woman leave him and don’t ever regret it. I got pregnant December 2010 and my mom chased me out of our home, i had no choice than to live with him. we rented our own place and life was good then. I was doing my Learnership at the time and he was earning more than me. After a year i completed my Learnership and got a good paying job, i earned almost 3 times than him and thats when hell began. He was always a drinker but he became heavily drinker, drinking every week, not coming home and not supporting our newly baby nor paying rent. Everytime he’s drunk he starts fight and beat me. He wasn’t only abusing me physically but also emotionally. He always searched my phone because he became insecure and obsessed. Shut me out from the world, he didn’t want me to talk to anyone even my friends, and he hated my mom. I had no one to talk to except his mom who behind my back stood with him anyway, even after she has saw the bruises and scars i had. I think he became crazy and possessed, at times he bit my fingers and strangled me. I couldn’t speak for 3 days and it hurt talking afterwards and my voice was hoarse. He did all this in front of our baby. She would cry non stop and i would pick her up to shush her and he will continue beating me while im carrying the baby. He called me names and threatened me all the time. Worse he was always sick with STI’s every week which i was clean and he always accused me of cheating when i said we shud use condoms. I grew some balls and took him to jail which i dropped the case again but he learnt his lesson. And im glad i insisted on using protection or i would’ve been sick with HIV now like him. now he’s sorry and wants me back, saying he regrets all the things he ever did to me, hell!! i’d be stupid if i go back. I would love to encourage girls and women out there to stand firm and strong, we don’t need man to define who we are.if he claps u once, runaway for good for he will do it over and over again.
Love You All
The girls who stands Bold

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  1. Thanks Mike for the dose, Asthandile is the reason why men want their wives to be stay at home moms nxa!

    Mike isn’t this the same letter that was posted a couple of days or a week ago? #well its none of my business.

  2. Thanx yet again Mikey for a great read much appreciated. As for the clap Mxolisi it was well deserved lol, mara seriously Asthandile is disappointing me eish.

  3. These people who are aggressive towards Mike need to calm down honestly. Theres a lot that goes into maintaining a blog

  4. Yho I feel so sorry for u Mxolisi, Mthobisi is busy with your wife now and he is a hardcore thug. I feel so sorry for u

  5. Thank you Mike,your stories are quite inspiring,relevant and eye-opening.I lost count on how many people I have recommended them.God bless you more!

  6. Asthandile neva loved Mxolisi one bit she only settled for him bcos he got successful n she wanted to live home for a beta life. If da guy luks familiar myb its one of her exe’s. All in all Mxolisi deserved a slap frm his frend.

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