Memoirs – Chapter Sixty Four

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We all have fantasies! If your partner does not know your sexual fantasies then you have a lot to discuss and discover together otherwise truth be told you are wasting your time with each other. I say this because if your partner does not know what you desire most in bed then who will? She will quite full satisfy you the way you want and eventually because you never actually opened up to her you will make an excuse and end up go seeking it elsewhere. My wife in two weeks had gone from giving me 0 blowjobs to giving me two and now she was on the verge of my next fantasy. I love a woman who dresses up for sex. Yes I said up not down! It shows she actually put an effort into it and did not wait for you to come take off your clothes which truth be told does not really happen in marriage anymore. Usually she will take off her own stuff just like you will do the same! Ah, sad this thing called marriage. Funny enough at this moment I wished someone would call me to allow me to escape this moment. How sad is that? a man that does not look forward to making love to his wife. Ok, fine thats the reality of most men I am always told but not so soon after marriage.

My wife was fairly shy and normally it took wine just to make her horny. It’s a lot of work I tell you. She told me that I should just keep quiet and enjoy the moment. I was not excited though. She could sense this I am sure because my body cringed at her touch but she was determined. Something had gotten into or rather should I say someone. She pulled down my pants and underwear at the same time, not attractive I tell you and she made me lay at the edge of the bed. I was not even hard. How could I be I had so many things going through my head about this very woman. There was my job, my infidelity, her potential infid….aaaaj! it was getting hard to concentrate! Who was teachin….. her…… these things… wow…. aaaah! This thing she was doing with her tongue! I am such a weak soldier, all was forgotten for now. Will fight the battles later I reckon! Free sex is better than no sex. With the way I hated my wife right now, this was not making love! I wanted that angry sex that white people have in the movies. I was an angry man i reminded myself.

She climbed on top of me and it hit me, why am so stupid! Khanyi had come here to drop a wedge into my family and I was starting to suspect that she knew what was going with my wife on the side! Why not let her hear that I can fuck my wife just as hard if not better! Zimasa was making noise with the TV though ah! For some reason Zimasa did not bother me at all. Yes I should be ashamed but oh well I am not. One of the main switches for the house is actually upstairs. This was designed so that if power went out at night we would not have to go all the way downstairs. I manoeuvred my wife from me and I don’t think she even noticed me do it. She was in a lust zombie mode. I switched off the power making the house deadly quiet and incredibly dark. At night ever house echoes. I went back to the bed, this is my house after all, I know my way around even in the dark. With the house now very quiet I proceeded to let my wife have a way with me. It was important for her to think she was in charge. I was not going to let her infidelity go unpunished! I could hear Zimasa come up the stairs as she stumbled once or twice. A further distance I think I heard Khanyi close her door! That was not going to save her if I had my way.

As soon as she, my wife, got on top of me and me inside her I pounced. I made sure every thrust would make her moan and if she was not loud enough the next one would make her louder. I have no doubt whatsoever that by the end of the night everyone in this house would know that this proud woman also screamed in sex like any other woman. Yes my wife was very proud woman even in the way she walked and carried herself. That is one of the reason why back in high school not many guys could talk to her myself included. I made sure that all the anger I had towards her was directed in every thrust. I am not evil. I asked her if I was hurting her and she screamed that no, I must stop talking and be a man! Huh! Who was playing who hear? I must be a man? What the hell? My name is not Christian Grey! I continued with my deed until I could feel the sweat on her body in the dark. If your man does not go to gym then his fitness levels are poor! I gym so I made sure I lasted very long. Tomorrow morning she was going to walk skew and be exhausted at work! That was the whole point! Even her gay boyfriend was going to notice! Before she noticed or protested I had turned her around. As I was getting ready to climax myself I don’t know what possessed me I penetrated her bum with my finger of which I felt her body tense up with utter shock before a loud AH “no Mxolisi”…. I won’t go further… I dont know why I did that or how my finger ended up in her chocolate box but it was there! O crap … dont mind the pun!

When I got off her there was an awkward silence! I tried to cuddle her but she turned her back and went like “mxcim”! She was so annoyed and for some reason I smiled in the dark!

In the morning I had to wake up as well and bath like nothing happened. My wife did not say a word to me! She was very anti anal sex meaning she was very pissed off at me. Part of me knew what I had been doing I think but it very much was a spur of the moment thing. She could not even talk the way she was angry and I was not about to say I am sorry! She left without saying bye. Why was I not feeling guilty though? I know I should be I was totally happy that she would not gloat anymore and flaunt her late hours in my face!

As soon as she drove Khanyi came out of her room! I could see she was not happy.

“I think I should move out of your space and go to Jhb for a few days!”

She said calmly. She could not even look me in the eye.

“Why would you do a silly thing like that you are welcome here?”

I lied and pretended to care!

“Hearing you have sex with your wife is not part of the deal Mxolisi!”

She snapped!

“Is hearing her have sex with her boss better for you?”

I snapped right back!

Her eyes widened in shock and she asked,

“How do you… I mean what do you… what do you mean?”

What was I supposed to think?

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike,

I hope this mail finds you well. This isn’t my story but someone else’s. I’m sharing it cz I hope she can be helped somehow.

The girl I’m talking about is 25 years old. She has 3 kids by her father. He owned a large farm and kept the girl and her mum locked up while he sexually assaulted both and had more than 10 kids by both of them. He started the abuse when she was about 13. So she never finished school because he never let them go anywhere. They were literally locked in two bedrooms until they escaped a few years ago which clearly means her future and the future of her kids is bleak. She has been to a mental institution a couple of times and can’t function without pills. The sicko is in jail and the family is in a safe place. They are all severely traumatized but trying to deal with it.

The girl needs to finish school but she can’t study full time cz she has to get part time maid jobs to put her kids thru school and crèche. Is there anything that your readers can suggest?

Very Concerned

44 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Sixty Four

  1. Oh wow Mxolisi just informed Khanyi that he knows, not sure that was a good move. Anyway whats done is done!

    Yho concerned that is very sad hey!

  2. Hmm Mthobisi hope you let them know that you know. Do not back down, Khanyi already slipped with “How do you know”. Just lay it sweetly and walk away 🙂

  3. So its clear de wife is really cheating dammmmmm nd khanyi almost spilled de beans laaaaag jah neh. @ Very concerned atleast de girl is trying 2 get bck on her feet,I think her mother shud take of de kids nd you concerned all u can do is support her cz I tel u GOD will sumhow provide cz he neva puts us in a situation we cn’t handle

  4. Iyoh iyoh Mxolisi! Good moves on this chapter! Khanyi will call the wife & tell her ubhaqiwe & then what??

    These r the stupid things that make me keep my new man away from my friends bcoz something like this happened previously.

    Q2A pray 4 yo friend & support her & her mom & the kids. Fuck some ppl r cruel jong! Advise yo friend 2 search 4 ABET late afternoob or evening classes & continue working during the day. She needs intensive therapy, hope she’s not suicidal. Ngathi angathila a support group as well.

  5. Mthobisi u served her right,cheating bish lol..she deserved what u did to her …Happy birthday Mikey all the best boet my the lord keep u for a very long time so u can keep blessing us with ur books…u re a blessing to us dude

  6. Happy Birthyday Bhut Mike….Good strategy Mxolisi, u played them right, Mmmhhhhh Khanyi got a taste of her own Medicine Hha Hha Hha Hha Hha

  7. Happy Womb Escape Day Michiel Maphoto, wishing you a blessed day and may u see many more year to come so that u will keep blessing us with you blog……….Love u Mike stay blessed (Big Fan) and Thank you

  8. lol i got no words for this chapter .

    hbd mike

    dear concerned askies abt ur friend tell her to try abet she will work during the day and go to school @ night grandma can look after the kids and god bless dem

  9. Q n A? Let your friend consult Ddepartment of social development to assist with the social grant and they also Abet classes

  10. Wait a minute!! Am I the only one who noticed that Khanyi called Mxolisi Mthobisi? Does this mean that Khanyi is shagging Lee’s husband? I love the twists and how these stories just come together : )

  11. Happy birthday Mikes! Keep up the good work and Gob bless
    I also think she should try take the kids to her mom or put them in an orphanage,I’m glad she’s trying to get back on her feet and I’m sure she could get a bursary somehow to fund for her studies, keep her in your prayers…people are cruel out here though

  12. Why do side chicks hate beef wen u get another, it’s like they protect the wife from side chicks yet they are also a side chick. I remember meeting an ex-g, we shagged while I dated my wife. Wen she saw my ring, the first thing she said was that ring better belong to her, if there was someone after me I will be pissed off. WTF

  13. tshilidzi it wasn’t Khanyi it was the wife who called her husband Mothobisi. but I think it was a mistake on Mike’s part coz Mxo would have noticed. but knowing Mike he might just hyperlink this blog to missteps lol.

    Happy birthday Leo

  14. I am also flabbergasted that people are only putting two and two together now!! And than someone says N is from Mooi River?? Are we reading the same blogs??

  15. Hope u had a great day Mike happy belated
    wat if the wife called him by her boyfriends name tht she is cheating with which is Lees husband.mmmm

  16. Lol, dear mike… Its a pleasure reading your blogs And yea, Mxolisi did pull a “Christian Grey” on his wife. Poor fellow I mean wife… Entlek, i dont know who to feel sorry for!

  17. Eish reading such raunchy details at work is becoming problematic LOL! Lovely read… I think I like these Zamisa Character girl sounds like the Future…

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