Memoirs of a Tired Black Man

Memoirs – Chapter Sixty Five

Just as soon as she started Zimasa came down the stairs and asked what the raucous was about! This kid has no manners! That gave Khanyi an escape route which immediately she took and went to her room where I had her lock the door behind her. My first thought was that she was going to go tell my wife that I knew what was going on! When someone is guilty in your eyes everything makes sense and you get to conclude without thinking twice. I smelled a conspiracy here. If I went after her it will cause a commotion in front of Zimasa which will definitely go back to the parents and I did not want that. I wanted to work to save my marriage not destroy it. Much as she had possibly cheated on me I too had sins of my own and one of those demons was in my guest bed room. Mxolisi you are fucking up I told myself as I stood to go back upstairs.

I took a few documents from the bedroom and called Lindiwe. We had to resolve this work issue so no use being hard headed. She said she had woken up early wanting to get ready for work and had only remember after she was done that she had nowhere to go. I told her that we need to meet and discuss amicably. She said she could not leave the house. I told her that I was not coming to her house. She said she was not being difficult but there was a reason she could not come and I would understand when I got there what she was talking about! I think I had more resolve now. If she wanted to play games that was her business. I was going to her house to fix our mess. I say our because at the end of the day this had happened on my watch. We went there as a team and foolish and conceited as she was letting her fall was out of the question. I had resolved that moving to Jhb was definitely on the cards. I would however need to find my wife a job and she hardly had experience. Now that she was working she would never want to go back to being a mere housewife.

I had never been to Lindiwe’s place but she stayed in Gardens close to Hidding Campus a UCT facility. Everyone stays close to universities because rent is doable. Doesn’t matter whether you work or not, whether you a clever black or a random one, rent is expensive! They say take a bond but don’t want to help you when you can’t pay! When I got there and rang the bell she was the one who opened. I guess I don’t know who I was expecting to do so by that statement. She had the biggest black eye ever! I knew where it came from, Khanyi! That’s why she could not come out! No wonder why she said I must see it in person! Her apartment did not have a speck of dust. It was so immaculate I swear it looked as though no one lived here. Wow, I could put food directly on the floor and eat from it.

She sat down and said to me,
“Mxolisi I am the one who messed up. I am sorry I dragged you into this but it was misconstrued. I messed up and again I am sorry. Right now I need your help because I do not want to be disbarred!”
Her attitude had changed so much overnight. I was not out here to add more stress on her. We discussed our course of action and for the first time I think since I met her she did not sound like a machine. She told me how she had grown up after I asked if she was going to press charges against Khanyi. She said no. Her story: her parents died when she was 12. All of her relatives refused to take her and her little brother in sighting how much of an extra expense it would be considering how things were so expensive. She had two rich relatives and even they refused and said whomever takes them in they will contribute to their upkeep. Eventually a second cousin agreed to the job. Her brother was only four at the time. The first year was rough for both of them because obviously they missed their parents. The rich relatives indeed sent money but always with threats such as if there was any bad behavior they will take her brother and her to an orphanage. When she was thirteen turning fourteen on a dark stormy night her uncle came to her room and made her an option, come share my bed with me now or leave my house. She said he did not beat her, force her nor even drag her. He made that offer and left her alone. He had picked a perfect night because there was nowhere she could go. At this stage she was crying. I don’t know why she was telling me this but I was very much shocked at how she had reacted when I told her about Khanyi. She of all people should have been sympathetic I think. She said she went to his room and did everything she was asked to do. To cut a long story short, she lost her virginity that night and her innocence every month after until she was 18 and she got a scholarship for university. When she got her degree the first person she had destroyed as she put it was that uncle. She reminded me that in law there is a grace period allowed women who had been abused as minors to come forward of about 5years. She had used hers! He was in jail right now. I was very sorry to hear her story but I had to ask why she had told me because like I said, it had nothing to do with our situation. She said it had everything to do with it because her getting disbarred would mean she probably will never work again and going back to poverty where she will have to depend on another person was simply not an option. She would do whatever it took to not do that. She asked me if I knew Andrew Willemse? I said no then she said his friends called him Dru so maybe that name and again I said no. She then said,

“O pity, he was buried today. Would have loved you to meet him. Very nice young man!”

This woman was a bit strange, maybe not crazy but strange. When I left her house I was more confused than anything. It all did not make sense until I got home and I saw Khanyi.

“O Fuck!”

I said out loud! Khanyi even asked me what now,

I was in shit!

Lindiwe knew! She fucken knew!

Andrew was the kid I had gotten raped to death in the jail cells! Lindiwe had been threatening me at the extent she will go for revenge. I don’t know how she sensed that I had figured it out by now, maybe she is a witch for it was not ten minutes from that realisation that she sent me a message,

“Take the fall or else…poor Dru!”

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Good day mike

Please publish this on Confessions of a sugar baby and don’t mention my name.
I kept quite for 20 years now. I was raped when I was 9. I was a child didn’t know anything abt sex. I kept on blaming my self that why I didn’t fight or stop was my step father who did it.when I was 17 I was raped again by someone who stays in the same area.he threatened to kill he is dead,he was hiv positive.I hv beautiful daughter who is 7 now, I’m overprotective, I check her always when I bath her.I’m scared that things that happen to me might happen to her.I’m 30 years old now.I don’t know who to speak to.even today I don’t trust man,I don’t trust anyone,whether your my uncle or brother.I don’t trust my bf. My bf was abusive.he used to beat he is born again but still don’t trust him.pls help readers.

From anonymous

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  1. Ooooooh poor Dru, wat a blackmailer Lindiwe is.. sies Anon – I Cnt even begin to imagine wat u r going thru, but I’d suggest u forgive dem, urself and find ur inner peace. Den behold d old has gone n d new has come, give d men second chances. Difficult as it wil b, learn bit by bit to trust ur bf coz wat relationship wil url hv without trust.. find healing gal, and stay strong

  2. If I was Mxolisi I would sell her out.. she has no proof about Dru nor did Mxolisi do it.. he did ask the police to keep him safe.. and now he has proof she bribed the partners when they went to sign the deal..

    This Lindale girl thinks she is smart.. but only scared people make threats like that..

  3. Yho Lindiwe is hardcore hey! Damn this girl is genius how did she, what? Yho, Mxo will wish he had recorded her when she confessed that it was her doing!
    Mxolisi you in deep shit! This girl just screwed you over sideways!

    Anonymous I think you still don’t trust because you haven’t forgiven yourself or the people who hurt you. Rape is the worst thing that can happen to anyone but until you free yourself from the mentality that you are a victim you won’t come alright. Maybe i don’t understand because it hasn’t happened to me, but time indeed heals all wounds but u must also be willing to heal and let go of that which holds you bondage! God heals the broken hearted allow Him to minister healing into your heart,Talk to your Pastor about it as well, you said you’ve been quiet for 20 years meaning you never really told anyone until this day.

  4. Morning Mike, Mmmmmmhhhh why Mxolisi went to Lindiwe’s Apartment alone, since he wz warned by Hz frend abt Lindiwe…..Aiy Mxolisi iz too slow tjooooo, how can he trust Lindiwe 2 be wit her in a private place……U r in hot water Mxolisi I feel for u. This women z a Devil

  5. Lindiwe is evil. But what goes around comes back around twice as hard. Mxolisi must not fall for her trap. Infact He should press charges against that psycho . I don’t know much about our law but I know that blackmailing someone is a crime.Her threats are not worth mxolisi loosing his career over. I hate girls who screw up and blame it on abuse they suffered at a young age. I was raped but I do not go around blaming what happened in my past for my mistake. her behaviour is nothing but Absolute hogwash!

  6. Thanks Mike. Chill Lindiwe, there’s no need for blackmail here; you’re all in this together. You know this Mxolisi guy has some serious bad luck. Akaze ashele ntombazana, yet he has managed to sleep with 2 messed up women. I hope guys will see how easy it is to have your life messed up by a dick and a crazy woman.

  7. Oh shit!!!!Mxolisi what have you done.Ann,i know how you feeling ive bn there myself even now no one knows about my ordeal.whn it happened i dd nt know i dismissed it as i grow up i learned that it was rape cos he penetrated me.find a way to deal wit yr trust nd live life happily fr yr daughter.

  8. But can’t mxo ever be ahead even once…there’s no way that lindiwe would have proof of that. In SA hearsay evidence don’t hold so there is no way that lindiwe’s blackmail plan could succeed.

  9. Awoa mara Mxolisi! Uyiphase njani iLaw aDOM so?? He’s not behaving like a wise lawyer. Siyasho isiZulu “uzenzile akakhalelwa” kodwa shame I feel 4 him, so much going wrong so quickly. Uzadla noZimasa coz uyaphapha naye. How can he fall into Lindiwe’s trap after so many warnings naye azibonele? 1. Nginguye right now I’ll go check @the cop shop if they hv surveillance & build my defense 2. Ask someone @the office 2 check Lindiwe’s notes 3. Find someone @that client & ask 4surveillance & minutes of the meeting 4. Blackmail Khanyi into being a witness eish lol 2 much cop tv…..

    Anonymous kwaze kwabuhlungu yoh! Sisi go 4 counselling, grieve properly & 4giv yoself, tell someone in yo fam, tell those bastards 2 their faces u 4giv them. As 4 yo daughter teach her 2 tell u when someone is being appropiate

  10. It feels this is becoming something else not so more what drives men to adultery as per the introductory chapters. Or this Mxo will only get worse if he finds himself jobless and having to depend on the wife, cheating wife nogal. Hai!

  11. Dankie Mikeesto, awesome as always my brother.

    A2Q Or rather Advice:

    Anonymous dear, for most of the irrelevant stuff you wrote, you did mention 3 key things;
    1.1 Your nightmare started at age 9, but u didn’t mention of is was perpetuated thereafter by the stepdad, not that it matters anyway.
    1.2 Your second ordeal was when you are a teenager, 17, did u get infected since mentioning that your victimiser has since succumbed to the disease?.

    There are many support groups that deal with such cases, you need to get urself into one of those, take self defence classes just to get ur confidence back. There critical thing here is instilling enough confidence in your daughter so that she can never ever blame herself or let such an evil act go unpunished. I don’t want to be insensitive here, but at 17 I think one is old enough to know right from wrong. At 17 I was in matric and knew already that even statutory rape could get u 15years in jail, with consent. So someone threatening to kill u at that age should never be a deterent for u taking control of your life after such violation.

    I wish to stress this point more than anything, woman tend to say ‘part of you dies when u are raped’. If such is the case then fear no evil and go guns blazing at ur perpetrator. Our police are useless I know, but when it comes to rape, those guys don’t play around. So women out there please… If you are violated, report it.. And the perfect example is this story,Lindiwe the lawyer… Read the story again on that part and keep it in your heart.

    On that I say all the best to you, trusting man will come to you again once you have healed. Just focus on you and getting over this, and be protective of your daughter as much as you can, SA is a f*cked up place.

    Jackzorro ‘the shrink’

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