Memoirs – Chapter Sixty Eight

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I was so incensed this time I was not going to roll over and play dead. I had given her too much room and too much leeway. This was a marriage not high school kids dating. I made sure I stood next to her to see whom she was dialing. His name was Charlie. I can’t recall the bosses name so am not sure if it was him. When the phone rang on the other side the person immediately said,

“Hey darling why did you hang up so fast I was still talking?”
See what I mean. She had hung up the phone when she so me so she must have been guilty of something.
“Yes Charlie I did and am sorry for that!”
She said. Why was she acting all nice? I was standing next to her.
“My husband wants to talk to you?”
She said casually! I was starting to look and feel stupid now. I am very certain this is the person she had been giggling with because he even responded,
“But I thought we were not going to tell him?”
See, he was panicking! Even his voice betrayed this. Was she planning on living me? Is this what she intended to tell me.

“Hello Mr. Sindani!”
This guy had a nerve to try and talk to me after what he was doing with my wife. Nowadays people do not respect the integrity of marriage let alone relationships themselves. There are men especially who only target married women because they tell themselves that they have nothing to lose as the woman in her right mind won’t divorce their husband for them. They get to enjoy all the benefits of her especially the free sex without having to commit. The woman tells herself that she is either punishing her husband for cheating, absentism or whatever but the irony will always be, she had more to lose!
“Don’t Mr. Sindani me!”
I shouted at the phone,
“What are you doing with my wife? If I catch you I will kill you with my bare hands!”
I screamed.
“Mr. Sindani no need for threats calm down…”
The voice pleaded with me but already I was cursing and swearing. I was going to beat up my wife! I know I said I would never but not only was she cheating but her scuftin had the nerve to disrespect me like this! I don’t care whether you are male or female, but a scuftin must always no its place! Fuck being a gentleman!
“Mxolisi would you just listen please!”
My wife begged, clearly getting scared now. I had it in mind to strangle her.
“Mr. Sindani I was hired by your wife to redo your study. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for you which if I am not mistaken is a month away!”
Birthday? Study? The words just hit me all at once and when they finally set in I felt like the idiot I really was! She had mentioned many times that my study used to be redone. She always said that it was too cold and boring. The excuse I always gave her was that we had no money so how could she possibly pay for it!
“I thought with my first pay cheque I will surprise you and show you how much you mean so much to me but clearly I thought too sooon!”
She said walking away leaving me standing there looking like a fool. What had I done? Was I making my insecurities hers?

When I walked back into the house my wife had gone upstairs. I went to the bedroom and found the door locked. I could hear her crying in the room. I knocked and she refused to open but instead screamed at me saying because I don’t trust her I must go to the woman that I trusted. There was no way of explaining to her through the door that it had been a mistake on my part without the others hearing. Besides I think she had had a bit too much to drink meaning explaining to her now would not bear the right results.

I knew I was sleeping on the couch tonight and this time she did not even give me blankets. I had to tough it out. In the guest room that Khanyi was using there were no extra blankets either so I was screwed. Good thing it was a warm day. When I got downstairs Khanyi had gone to her room and I could actually hear her snore. Alcohol has a way of removing all dignity even in the most astute of people. I told Zimasa to go her room as I was sleeping on that couch tonight. She was a bit confused as well as reluctant to leave but she had no choice.

I was tired too and I fell asleep almost as soon as I put my head on the cushion. I hated this. Around 2am in the morning I think I felt someone touch my leg from a distance. It felt like I was in a dream because it happened for a long time until I woke up. It definitely was not my wife because when she drink she gets knocked out so it had to be Khanyi. What was wrong with this woman? I could see her silhouette in the dark as the moonlight was shining through. She was wearing a short nightdress that’s for sure. I was not turned on. I had promised myself that no more games. My wife came first!

“Stop it!”

I whispered harshly!

“Go back your room!”

I was actually quite angry at her for doing this. How dare she? As soon as I finished that sentence someone switched on the lights and in a sleepy voice asked,

“What’s going on here?”

Wait a minute! I turned to look at the owner of the voice for I knew whom it belonged too! It was Khanyi!

So if Khanyi was over there then who the hell was touching me!

I turned around to stare my molester in the face!

O Lord no!

It was Zimasa!

The look on her face said it all! She had been busted and what’s worse her nightdress was so short it did not cover up anything.

Worse, because she was squatting, when I turned I looked straight in between her legs as I was lying down.

What had she done!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I hope you do not reject my letter for what am I about to say. I used to be an abusive boyfriend. I was dating this girl in high school and we used to have lots of fights. She was a feisty character and used to cheat. One day her friend told me that I wanted to keep her I had to beat her to show her whose boss. This was her best friend. The first time I beat her I thought for sure I was going to go to jail. She did not report me and was swollen for days. She started behaving. She got pregnant and gave birth. When our son was two she started cheating again and I beat her. She stopped. I realised that she seemed to want to be disciplined all the time. I told her I could not do this again and when she cheated the last time I broke up with her because it was only a matter of time before I killed her. I was never a violent person to start with and I have no excuse for what I did. I loved her and I love my son. When I read you stories it makes me feel more and more guilty of what I did. I even went to apologize to her for all this and you what she said, she told me she had deserved it and asked if we could get back together.

I am ashamed of myself and of men like me.



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  1. Iyhooo Mxolisi there’s jus too much Drama in yo life and now Zimasa too is trying to get u under her skirts,I dnt want to see the Ending of this whole fiasco!!! Nice read as always Dankie Mike 🙂

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, yoh the drama never ends for Mxolisi yerr.

    Siya my broe.
    It takes courage to speak up and even more to admit to your wrongs and guilt. My dad used to hit my mom when I was a youngin, I was disturbed by that for years. He decided to stop on his own and they are still together. I almost thought it was normal for men to do that, especially the old school ones, but I told myself I would never ever degrade myself to that level.

    I command you for speaking up brother, and thank heavens you didn’t kill your babymama. Its said but some woman see beatings as love it its quite chilling that she had to reply with ‘I deserved it’. You need to forgive yourself brother, lots of our brothers still abuse their loved ones to this day. Your repentance has justified forgiveness as far as I’m concerned. You are a brother for life now dude, so praise the lord and help others change like you did. No need to for self pity anymore. You have proven to be more of a man than a lot of shallow ones out there. I salute.


  3. Mike you blog is addictive, I can’t wait for the following chapter. If you have a full book already for Memoirs let me know . I would buy it now.

  4. Ey….Zimasa she’s a trouble maker maan…..thx Mike…@Cya big up to bro you for acknowledging yo mistyks but this relationship may take u back to the person you dnt wnt 2b cum…better the two of you remain friends for the sake of your child…#jst sayig#

  5. Morning ya’ll & thank u Mike.

    Tjo!…Khanyi & Zimasa! Haaaibo kanti go etsagalang ka basadi ba? Mxolisi is a married man damit!..& the wife is under the same roof…sies!

    Siya…u r the man! I applaud u! If u know better…u do better!

  6. Eeh! Hope the wife doesn’t have a first and wake up too to the commotion of the mistress and the wanna be. These women must go, they got no shame at all, haibo

  7. Mxolisi troubles are following you all the way.

    Siya: is good to know that you see your mistakes. All you have to do is to learn from them. Some woman have been growing up in an abusing environment, & they think been abused is the only way to discipline a woman. Time has changed & beside that woman are so special they need to be treated like a trophy. If you don’t appretiate them they will try to look for someone who do. I’m not saying that is right, but I’m also against woman abuse, there’s always a better way to discipline someone without hurting her

  8. Wow!!!!!! Zimasa??????? ooooh the drama never ends…….thanks Mike for great chapter………………….Welcome back Jackzorro……wise words you giving….i couldnt hve said it better myself!!!!!!

  9. Lentombazana must just leave sies!!! She must be sent home effective immediately disgusting!!!! Mxolisi your insecurities are costing you, if that’s all they are though!!!!

    Oh wow Siya you are the best shem, you just have to deal with self pity. U have come too far be proud of yourself!!!

  10. LOL Kwaaaa I die. Iyo plus Zamisa aint shaven ne. Sies kwaaa the site of her game reserve must have been traumatic.

    But cases like these always happens that is why it is not advisable for any young couple to have another woman whose young stay with them for chances of them sleeping together are quiet high. Entlek that is why I will never hire a domestic worker whose younger than me me and my husband. I just cant take that risk. it is not because I do not trust my partner noooooo… but well even my own teeth bites my tongue sometimes so why tshwanetse ke tshephe anyone when nna self ake te tshephi.

    Zamisa must go home nje! She deserves that biting she is hiding from in The EC

  11. Siya shame that chick that told you to start the abuse is disgusting! If you plan on getting back with your chick pleeeeease don’t beat her ever again but I say stay away, start afresh and heal:)

  12. Kwaaax this zimasa kid is a crazy kid and a hot blooded teenager dam she’s having thouts about her couzin husband cnt wait for the nxt chaptr

  13. Hey mike I love your work so much mm don’t give up keep delivering d gud work mm by d way I want to ask something guys if u want to writer a letter to mike how do you do it do u send an email or what or u just post a comment pls help dez sumting bothering me n I want to share it with your reader bhut Mike

  14. Great read Mike,can’t u also do the sms thing with ZuLu gal goes to job?or tell me where to get the book.pls twit the store around Midrand n Pretoria

  15. haaahahaa guys why do u wanna send Zimasa home what about Khanyi? they might as well have a 3 sum mos ke di skhuftin zwap. Thanx Mike great work indeed.

  16. well said jacjzorro, and the world colud do with a lot more men like Siya. it really is courage to speak up and aknowledge your problem. you are the man Siya, big ups.

  17. Heee, but what if Zimasa was sent by Khanyi to do this??? Anyways nice read TaMike!

    Siya u the man bro! The 1st step to creating a better future is admitting your past mistakes,ur ex has forgiven and now its time to stop condeming yourself and forgive yourself too. A brighter future awaits you :)!

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