Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty Five

Thozama Mqikela


There is nothing more horrifying than the sound of a gun, it is so bloody loud and deafening, for a few seconds everybody tried to figure out what had just happened, I checked myself to see if I had been shot and thank goodness no sign of blood anywhere I saw my husband’s gun was pointed up so he had shot a warning shot in the air, in 5 seconds after people realized what had just happened the passenger’s in the taxi all came running out of the taxi, taxi driver gave me one look and said “ngiyaxolisa sisi mara angeke ngizofela wena nginga kwazi nokuwazi” meaning I’m sorry my sister I am not going to die for you I don’t even know you, with that he also ran off, now there I was sitting at the back seat in this taxi all by myself and I could see all the other drivers of other cars behind me trying to figure out what was going on, I always say this that sometimes life does not give you choices, here in this situation, I had no choice even if I stayed inside the taxi Mthobisi would come and drag my ass out, so I did the most dignified thing in the situation, I gathered my shit and I got out, Mthobisi was out there waiting for me, I asked him did he have to make such a scene? He looked at me and said I’m the funny one to talk after the scene I caused at his mom’s place, the other cars were now hooting for Mthobisi to move his car out of the road he told me to get in the car so we could leave, taxi driver came back the power of the evil of money again, I guess while running he must have remembered my promise of paying him for a full load fare, he asked if I was going to give him his money, I was so annoyed I said he will get his money the day he stops driving like a little girl, I told him he had just signed my death certificate by his slowness, in all honesty poor taxi driver did all he could have done in that situation, Mthobisi took out R200 and threw it at him, shame taxi driver couldn’t even be rude back at me, he had seen the gun and could see that he was dealing with people from a different level of psychotic not the usual screaming passengers that scream because he skipped a red light.

We got in his car and he drove off, my phone rang and I told him I needed to answer it could be work, he nodded it was She Rocks, she told me she is on the way I told her I was with Mthobisi now if you have close friends and you normally gossip about people you usually have code names for every person, this is what we have, we actually have our own language that outsiders don’t understand, so when I say I left my red t-shirt at your house it means I’m in shit, so I said this, she asked if I needed 119 this in reverse in 911 and it means do you need back-up I told her yes, she asked where we were going I said I’m not sure, she told me to send my location on whatsapp and she will come there, shit I didn’t actually think of that, I agreed, Mthobisi didn’t know what me and She Rocks were discussing, after I was done on the phone, he asked who was that I said it was She Rocks, he nodded and kept driving I asked where we were going he didn’t respond, I was shit scared, my sister got off slightly with broken ribs and broken arm I was going to be killed buried and never found, fuck in fact no one knew about what happened in my mother’ in-law’s house expect for the 3 of us and knowing that witch Mthobisi’s mom she would never say anything in fact she would suggest I get buried in her garden and plant tomatoes in my grave, all these thoughts were freaking me out even more. I decided to shut my mouth and stop asking questions, we went back to his mom’s place people were now gone, I guess they saw that there was not much action going on. We parked outside, he looked at me actually not looked he stared at me then got out the car and started walking up and down, this is how my husband calms himself when he is upset, I quickly took out my phone and sent my location on whatsapp to She Rocks then wrote we at my mother in laws house come quick Mthobi is pulling a Lwazi on me. I knew she would figure out what that meant, Mthobisi came back in the car and asked if I was okay, wait, what, my crazy husband is asking if I’m okay, I said no I’m shit scared, I want to go home, he said he was sorry that I had to find out about Katlego the way I did and he never meant to hurt me, he loves me with all his heart and soul and Katlego is nothing to him she means nothing to him, I was not ready to hear this, I was just not, he told me how this Katlego women went behind his back and told his mother that her daughter is sick and needs to have a ritual done, he had been telling her to wait to tell me first but she went behind his back. I asked him who was this Katlego woman he said it was the same woman that years back when I went to go visit him when he was doing an internship I found her things in his place and I got upset and broke up with him (please refer to previous chapters of how we meet if you don’t remember this), he said she had fallen pregnant with his child but after I broke up with him he could not continue the relationship with her so he broke up with her, she never told him that she was pregnant, then 5 years down the line few weeks before the whole mining incident she tracked him down and told him about his daughter, all these years he had no idea that he had a daughter and the only reason why she had tracked him down was because she wants this ritual done, he didn’t know how to tell me he was looking for the perfect time but there never a perfect time, we had drama after drama in our lives and with all the stress I was going through he didn’t want to add more stress on me, he certainly did not ask her to write the letter and definitely did not ask his mom to put that letter under our door, I was dumb-stuck, I had destroyed 2 cars all because of unnecessary anger. I sat on my seat-frozen I could not speak I could not react I didn’t know what to think then my mother in law came out she was ready for World War 4, Mthobisi said he didn’t want me and his mom fighting so he need me to make peace with her, this was not her doing, if there was anyone to blame for this it was him. I opened the door as I came out mother in law was standing with the golf stick that I had come with and tapping it against her feet, shit, pay back is a bitch. I knew I was dead-meat here, I stood there and said “I’m sorry” she screamed, you “you sorry?, no you are insane, Lesedi a woman does not behave like that you are behaving like a straat-mate, okay I did not need a lecture from her, I looked on the floor and repeated “I’m sorry ma”, oh my Lord, she just would not stop, Mthobisi was now standing outside the car she looked at him and said “who knows what she could have done if she read the letter while you were both in the house she probably would have stabbed you to death in your sleep, I don’t trust her, she is insane, we need to have her instituted” I looked at her and said” I think you are being a bit too dramatic” oh how I regret saying that because she went even more crazy, then God answered my prayers, She Rocks showed up, I opened Mthobisi’s car grabbed my bag and said I’m leaving, she kept quiet for a second because she had not seen what was going on, Mthobisi looked at me and said “can we deal with this like adults” I walked away got into She Rocks car and told her to drive as fast as she possible could, she asked what was going on, I couldn’t even speak I just broke down and cried and thank goodness because my husband didn’t follow us. She knew to just let me cry it out, so she kept quiet and just drove, I told her to take me to my mother’s house.

She Rocks and I had not said a word to each other until we got to my mother’s house I had just been sobbing uncontrollable, we went in she brought my bag, my sister was there she asked what was wrong, She Rocks shrugged her shoulders and took me to my room, my mom bless her soul in all the years that I had moved out of home she had kept mine and sisters rooms the same she never changed anything in our room so it looked like a teenage girls room, it had posters in the wall and pink decoration, believe or not but when you are depressed old memories bring warmth and familiarity, it makes you feel so much better and my old room was definitely what I needed right now, she Rock asked if I wanted to sleep, this girl knows me so well when I’m depressed or stressed and can’t handle a situation all I want to do is sleep to try and forget about my problems. I told her that I needed her that she can go back to work I will sleep and call her when I get up, she said she could work from here she had her laptop and didn’t really have to go back to her office, she didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be alone, I was not going to win this argument so I let it go, I got into bed and slept She Rocks got her laptop and started working, I don’t know how long I had been asleep for but it felt like it had only been 5 minutes when She Rocks came to wake me up, I got up and she told me to keep quiet, I looked at her and asked why she was whispering, she said Mthobi’s mom was here with the Police and some doctors, she was claiming that I was crazy and I am either going to jail for vandalism of property of being taken to a mental institution. Say What???

***The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

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