Memoirs – Chapter Forty Nine

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We have all done it, made an unnecessary lie to our partner which at the time seemed so easy to make. We tell ourselves that the lies we tell our partners are meant to protect them not harm them. I was furious. I was livid! Yes it means the same thing but had to say it twice to emphasize! Had she gone to see her boyfriend? On a day like this when her parents had just arrived and when she had left saying she was going to buy them food! I don’t care what excuse she was going to have I was going to teach her a lesson she will not soon forget. I called Zimasa and told her she was going with me. I did not want to be alone with my in laws and Zimasa would help be a foil. My wife had known this by my refusal earlier so maybe she was setting me up. How could she do that though today of all days with all that had happened? I was confused by what was happening and my adrenalin was already pumping. What if she had an accident? No! The police would have called already. So what was it? Would she really go see her boyfriend when I was around and her parents were in town? How bold would that be though? That’s just crazy and disrespectful! She had crossed a line right now and I was going to bring her back to order! Too much had happened for me to keep on ignoring this!

When we got to the BnB it was already getting dark meaning it was after 8pm now. They must be very hungry I thought considering they had traveled so far. Funny enough Rondebosch proper, where all the shops are and a few restaurants is literally 50m away from where they were staying. Maybe they had been too scared to go buy themselves food I don’t know and besides when you are in a new town you don’t know its not so easy to just walk around. It was ok though I had targeted all my anger at someone else so will indulge them to make things move faster! They were quite cranky but they were relieved to see me. My mother in law said she did not want to eat out but would rather we go buy food and bring it back. I think in her head she was telling herself that sitting across the table from me was not an option at this moment and I totally agreed with that. She said she will stay behind with Zimasa whilst I go with her hubby to do the food shopping. Eish, why could I just not go alone. I told him it was so close that walking was much better than having to look for parking. He said he did not want anything too solid as travelling long distances always made his stomach a bit loose. That’s old people for you! Too much unnecessary information. I decided to take him to Down South. Down South is like a burger joint-type situation, but they have everything. Their desserts are really good though and they have these lindt brownies that will change your life. He said his wife was a burger person so we bought there but for him he wanted ribs. I took him to Sticky Fingers, which has really good ribs. Its a black thing though this rib business! We love them wholeheartedly. We made small talk while he waited and he actually apologized for his behaviour. He said it was because they were tired that’s why he had been like that. The man was relieved for the food that’s why he was being nice to me. I was already irritable but I held it together and was nice!

When we dropped off the food and left my wife still had not arrived nor had she called. The more time that passed by the angrier I got. This woman was testing me honestly. Zimasa said she was tired from the long day and she was off to sleep. I told her it was fine. I had to wait for my wife. Part of me was getting worried. I finally gave in and decided to call her only to find that her phone was on voicemail. Panic was fast replacing that anger! I was pacing back and forth and kept on looking outside the window hoping to spot her. At some point I left the curtain open because this pulling it back and forth to check was no longer helping. I was too impatient. I took a dining room chair and sat next to it and waited. About two hours later her lights turned into the driveway. Dear lord! I could picture all the things he must done to my sweet wife! I was deafened by the thoughts of him making her moan and call out his name! I could picture him touch her in places only I was allowed to touch! I was blind with rage!

She opened the door and walked in. The relief was gone. I was so angry. I could not even control myself. I am not a violent man, I really am not but with the rage in me I felt my hand move at such pace towards her face. Before she could even explain I had slapped her! I never for one moment in my life ever thought I would hit a woman let alone my wife but in this one moment blinded to reason I had! She went sprawling across the room!
“Where were you? You left here saying you had gone to your parents yet you left them to starve to death whilst you ran off to see your boyfriend!”
I screamed at her at the top of my voice. She looked shocked more than anything else and it was only when I advanced towards her menacingly that she opened her mouth!
“That is not what happened… Mxolisi you hit me!”
She said in shock,
“I cannot believe you hit me!”
She sat down on the chair next to the door. I cannot believe I had hit her too and I wish with all my might I had not done that!

I could not take it back and it had happened so fast at that.
“We all tried to call you! Where were you for the last four hours? Imagine my shock when your parents called me? Why did you switch off your phone?”
I asked her.
“I did not switch off my phone. You smashed my last phone remember so I could not charge with Khanyi’s charger even if I …”
Did she say Khanyi? What on earth was she doing at Khanyi’s house? Had she followed me there? I calmed down immediately.

My wife said she was with Khanyi because something had happened to Khanyi. I did not understand and I thought Khanyi had reported to my wife. What was wrong with this woman? Seriously what the hell was wrong with her. I was going to kill her if she had confessed to my wife what had happened.

I asked what exactly had happened? She said that after I left someone had come in and attacked Khanyi?


“What do you mean attacked?”

I asked my wife,

“Khanyi has just been raped and whoever did it beat her up badly!”

She cried!

Sometimes I hate this country!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I hope this email finds you well. I have been married to my husband for 8years. We have two kids. I am truly blessed to say that my husband loves us to death. He is never late home from work without calling first. He will go above and beyond for his family. He even stopped drinking for us and now working hard on stopping smoking. With that said I have a huge problem. The first child I am certain is not his but he does not know this. I slept with my husband’s friend first before I slept with him. We were dating at the time but I did not really feel him. His friend is a womaniser and all round bad boy so I slept with him because it was fun and he made me feel good. A month later I slept with my then boyfriend now husband. I was not sure who the father was. Seeing my two options I settled for my husband. I grew to love him dearly and when our baby was two he married me. He always believed that my first child was his, he was there when I delivered him. Now that my son is older he is starting to look like his real father. I also got born again recently and this big lie is weighing me down. I have no doubt whatsoever that confessing to him would kill him.

I am a bad person I know but I did what I had to do to ensure a good future for my son and I. Please advise on what I should do?

Thank You



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  1. Khanyi is crying rape? Mxo you in deep sh*t baba!!!!! You idiot you hit your wife for nothing mxm. But who did she get the bruises???? iyho sh*t just got serious. Your law qualification won’t save you from this.

  2. Can we read the blog and then comment on it. Acting like 3 year olds getting all excited because you were 1st to comment yet you didn’t comment with anything constructive… This is starting to be a bore

    Thanks Mike for a good read šŸ™‚ … I got a feeling that Khanyi is gonna say that the husband raped her

  3. mmmmmmmh, Khanyi, the movie “Thin line between love and hate” comes into mind. I hope you not pulling a “Brandy” on Mxolisi! As for him slapping his wife, DISGUSTING!

    Ashamed, the truth shall set you free. When you accepted Jesus christ as your Lord and saviour he forgave you for all your sins. However, you still need to confess in order to cleanse your soul. Besides, your husband deserves to know the truth and so does your son and his real father.

  4. After how u treated Khanyi I’d be happy if she cries rape jus to teach u a lesson I’m still gona say this married men are dogs without a tail,n this time you are in for a rough ride!!! Nice read Mike u never disappoint

    1. Aibo Khanyi deserved this treatment.She knows Mxolisi is married to her”friend” so what did she expect to cuddle after sex?

  5. Thanx Mike. Oh Khanyi a real psycho shem how could she !!!!A2Q lies will always haunt u so u rather cum clean although u have 2 people to loose your son and yo loving hubby they’ll hate u but u’ll be free from being haunted

  6. What Khanyi is doing will teach Mxo to think twice before being selfish. If Khanyi goes through with this, i will applaud her for it. Men should stop being spineless dogs and be happy with what they have.
    Ashamed, confess but prepare your heart to be rejected however, if your husband loves you the way you say he does, it may not matter to him or he already knows was just waiting on you to come clean. Pray about it, God will show you the way and the appropriate way of dealing with it.

  7. Yelllee!! Plus that collegue of his le yena might start another story..U dnt go around screwing bana ba batho o fetsa o ba feel’isha gore they mean sh*t to U, otla ba mas*peng..mara khanyi ke lefela watseba! Lol

  8. A2Q
    Ashamed I really hope u not a glorified housewife, cz u stand to lose everything once you tell the truth.. Its time your husband finds out he has been raising his friend’s son, the poor guy after all he has done for you, being a good man, a good father, he deserves to know the truth, wena start packing, waiting 8years to tell the truth, how cruel can you be? Yes the Lord forgave you and He loves you more for confessing and repenting, but ur husband is about to hv his world shaken upside, I pray the Lord gives him strength and courage to deal with those news in a manner that won’t harm him or any1 else.

  9. I really don’t buy this story of khanyi being raped she probably hired someone to beat her up. Then afterwards she cried rape since she had slept with Mxolisi earlier on just to get back at him for leaving her like that or she’s probably trying to blackmail him. and how disgusting it is for Mxolisi to slap his wife like that after he slept with her friend like really now.

  10. Samkelisiwe phola sisi/bhuti, yes its a bid deal to comment first,now just let other kids be great! the love I have for Khanyi, shes baws shem, teach this man never to treat women like trash!! if he didnt want sex from her he should have just said so…

  11. thank you Mike, you are a blessing to all of us.

    A2Q. God is a merciful God, He has forgiven you and all your past has been forgotten. Your husband deserves to know the truth, you need to confess your sins, what you did was cruel and selfish, now it is time to own up to your mistakes. All things work together for good for those who love the Lord. Let God’s will be done in your life.

    You will experience heartache after this but the Lord will be there to carry you through

    May the Lord be with you and your family.

  12. Yho Khanyi is something else if ever she did that to herself to implicate Mxo with her tragedy…..mmmh u’re in trouble Mxo

  13. ear Mrs Ashamed i have asked about 30 men & women of collegues the answer is u hv a lot to loose when u tell the truth than when u lie, before u tell the truth think about the lifes u will be destroying, ur kidz & ur hubbs lifes. our God is a forgiving God DNT TELL HIM!

  14. QnA, just by reading your story it makes me wonder the kind of world we are living in. I just hope this story will make guys to request paternity tests for every pregnancy that will be directed to them. After 8yrs your husband might decide to stay but the marriage wont be the same again, he will go back to drinking, he will sleep with countless women to ease the pain and you will to let him do all these things while showing him that you love him and he will finally forgive u at the end

  15. A 2 Q: Girl!! What a predicament you are in. My first reaction was to scold you for sleeping with a confessed womaniser without protection,but its already too late for that,what’s done is done!! If I were you I would go to the grave with this secret!! I wouldn’t tell a soul. Even if this child looks like his biological father,I would pretend I don’t notice. Wait for your man to start asking questions,if he doesn’t,keep quite!! It might be hard,but hey,a girl’s gotta do what a girl ‘s gotta do!!I would only confess when the husband wants a partenity test!!

  16. yhooooooo, as much as i feel for what mxo has done to khanyi,crying rape is a n0 g0 area. as for the briuses i`m certain she hit herself on the wall o beta yet she put mke up to make it look like briuses, SIES MFAZI ulihlazo ebafazini……

    QnA Ashmed do confess to your husband but brace yourself for the worse that is to come.If ur husband really loves you,he`l accept both you and ur son n tke him as his own.

  17. I don’t know why woman like khanyi get all emotional and cry rape when things don’t go their way. I mean if you consider yourself mature enough to mess with your friends husband, you should be mature enough to accept the situation as is. Q&A just take that secret to the grave and get over that guilty feeling if you lived with it for 8 years you can live with it for a life time

  18. lol pale,had Khanyi n0t given mxo a blow job from the start none of this would have happened. khanyi wanted this and she got what she deserved!!!!

  19. A TO q I agree with those who say you must take this to the grave, it is too risky and a lot is at stake. I know it is a big secret to keep but as a Christian you need to know that God has forgiven you and you should not allow the devil to send you on a guilt trip. I am a born again myself I love God with all my heart but some things are better left buried. They have the potential to destroy so many lives. Khuleka kuJehova ukuthi akuxolele and forgive yourself. You may consider speaking to your pastor and see what they say, confessing to someone like ama Roma did might ease the guilt. Le ifa nayo cc, being a Christian also means to be clever like a serpent. If you were only guilty about having an affair with the friend then it would not be such a huge thing, but this is too big.

  20. Mxolisi used a condom and flushed it, it might be hard getting the evidence if she’s gonna claim that he reped her.

  21. Remind me again why you titled this blog tired man. Whereas MXOLISI is demeaning women like this.Nothing that Asthandi did, is equals to what HE is doing. Come north or South I think it is just cross for men like mxolisi to retaliate for not having sex with this. But thanks mike. This is an eye opener. NXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PISSED FOR YEARS!

  22. Yoh yoh yoh. I only started reading yesterday and already couldn’t wait for Chapter 48. I hope this teaches all you cheating men a lesson. how can Mxo chow Khanyi like that and then say he is going home to his wife? He deserves whatever is coming to him.
    As for Ashamed, dear I know it was 8 years ago but if I were you I would sit down with a 2006 calendar and do the maths. You say you slept with the friend a month before you slept with your then boyfriend and 8 or 9 months later there was a baby, do the maths, it might not be accurate but it will atleast give you an idea as to who the father is. For example, if you slept with the friend in January then by October the baby would be born, if you slept with your now husband in February by November the baby would be born. If this doesn’t work for you I would advise you to do a paternity test in secret cause you will confess just to find that the baby is his and then what? All would have been ruined for nothing!!!


  23. Mxolisi is in trouble Khanyi’s revenge now, way treated her, dnt she bn raped….QnA Ashamed oh my God sad indeed, I fail 2 understand Y woman do this, cc u let this man love bond raise a child tht is not his its not fair……

  24. Q2A : Personally, I wouldn’t tell but do what is best for you and family. You will be turning everybody’s life upside down. Your husband, your eldest child even your youngest as well.

    To people who busy judging, don’t judge until you’ve walked in this woman’s shoes, tu! Pls sit down, nxa!

  25. A TO Q , secrets are better left as secrets, the hurt you will cause is unmeasureble. Being born again does not mean you will be forgiven by your husband, a lot of men out there are raising bana ba batho and they don’t know it. I am not trying to justify your actions but u have lied for so long ,so keep it at that. You do not want to deal with an unruly child who will be destroyed forever and an alcoholic for a husband !!!!!! Stop blaming yourself cc these things happen everyday and people are keeping them secret till they go to the grave.

  26. A2Q, After what this men has done for the family, he deserve the truth & let it be him who take a decision not you, you’ve already violated him. When you tell him, don’t expect forgiveness, tell the truth because it the right thing to do. If you keep silent now, I assure you it will come out later. A clear prove is now ( you kept silent b4 now the baby is showing a different resembalance). Later he want his real family to do amasiko for him, that if his real family practise such.

    Don’t be selfish, you have been like that for a while now. You need to come out. On that note, as you will be telling the truth, whatever that will come your way it won’t be bad luck, you deserve it.

  27. Khanyi is so gonna blame uMxolisi for this so called rape….. Q&A I also pulled the same stunt and it was more to protect myself more than anything and I figured I was being selfish needless to say I told the truth and it shattered both my son and his father (my husband). My husband is still working on forgiving me but its tough and my son is happy with 2 daddies that love him unconditionally.

  28. Thanks Mike. Mmmmhhhh Khanyisile, you were there ntombi (wawukhona!)! Maybe crying rape is a bit too much, but Mxolisi deserves everything that comes his way for not sparing Khanyi’s emotions when he was done screwing her. Khanyi is also human and has feelings, and yes going after a married man is wrong, but Mxolisi behaved like a dog when he was done with her. As for slapping your wife ke, you’re impulsive and self centred and stupid cow Mxolisi!!! Nnnnxxxx damn you.
    Mrs Ashamed: I feel for you, but this is one secret you should take to the grave with you, should you pass on before your hubby does. But if he dies first, you can choose to tell your child and deal with the consequences. You can live with an angry hurt child and their biological father if you decide to tell them after ??? years, but you can’t risk your marriage, life, kids lives, your hubby, your livelihood. Just zip it Madam, go confess to a Catholic priest if you need to confess, kodwa nje THULA UZE UFE LA!!!

  29. Khanyi enjoyed the shag and was devastated when Mxolisi left the way he did. in a calculated move she faked rape……….I cannot explain the beating…….. but she will use the rape case to blackmail Mxolisi fro more sex sessions. Mxo… lay your bed, sleep on it.

  30. Khanyi that’s what u get for pursuing a married man, & wena Mxo I hope Khanyi points u as the rapist so that u never ever cheat on ur wife again! u stupid dog guilt is aeting u up now u take it out on ur wife by slapping her assuming she’s cheating! Nxa.
    Q&A pls take ur secret to the grave my dear- u r going to hurt ur husband & ur son. I’m sorry but don’t think confessing is a good idea,men don’t take betrayal that well,he might end up seriously hurting u or himself! For those judging Ashamed pls don’t,the sister already feels crap,so just keep it to urself,u r not a saints urselves

  31. Hee banna Mxolisi, What kind bro?? A laywer? U hit ur Partner? Bitch moves rite there….OH NO!! bitch moves OH NO… she better not cry rape at Mxolisi’s expence or this world will really show her rape… but if she really got raped thats sad n that bustard must be Punished severely.

  32. I think uKhanyi ugula ngekhanda.. Uyena owazifunela indoda kamngani wakhe.. Dats wat married men do,,they have sex with u & go bck home 2 the wife, no cuddling after sex. Dis is her friendz husband, she is evil.. She wants it all now

  33. All I hear is mxo u rong hear nd there wht about Khanyi?now tht she’s crying rape she’s right by shaging her friends hubby?
    mxo ddnt have to slap his wife but even her wife got rejected by gay nd thts a most absurd thing to can knw as a hubby.

  34. @ samukelisiwe if iyakunyanyisa hlanza ke,evry1 is entitled 2 comment however as long as its nt disrespecting adas tsek

  35. Khanyi,khanyi,khanyi WOW.if she was really attacked that’s bad, but I think it’s her way to get to spend time with Mxo coz now she’s “vulnurable”. Ya neh such is life!

  36. Thanx mike for the great story. Haha mxolisi u in danger baba . QnA u have fooled poor man for ur own benefit so what do u want now ? Take that secret to the grave in that way no one gets to get hurt u living happily mos so y do u wanna coz unnecesary pain n heartbreak??? U cuming out with that secret myt mean ur lyf could be over , just think. Of the things ur hubby did for u n ur fam n how that could break him apart, so don’t be that stupid .I mean if u lived with it till now then its posible for u to take it to the grave.

  37. ay ppl u seem to 4gt that mxo is a lawyer nd wazi everythng bwt lies so he will get away wit ths nd for ukhany stupid mov 4 cryng rape coz he enjoyed every moment of it nd i blv u get tested 4 rape

  38. Ayeye Mxolisi! Is Khanyi going to press charges against him for rape? Or is she going to blackmail him into leaving his wife for her just so she doesnt report him! Iyaa women ne! Crazzy! I can never get women whom press charges claiming to be raped because they didnt get what they wanted! I have headrd of women pressing charges cause the boyfriend refused them money! its sad though!

    A2Q! Ausi there is no need telling your hubby the truth now! What is done is done. Confess to the pastor but not him for his going to kill you! Make peace with the past and move on!

  39. WoW Mike this was a great chapter!so many emotions envolved the unpredictability of what will happen next. Keep up the good work ntate :).

    Q&A: just tell the truth dear,for your sake,your husband’s and and your child’s sake! Rather now than later because one way or the other it will eventually come out. Good luck

  40. Dear Ashamed

    I think u need to get counselling about this first. Being saved my self I know how guilt can make your life hard. First find a place of understanding as to why you made those choices then seek the Lord’s guidance about the future, the Bible does not advocate using the truth if it is going to hurt others, there is a scripture that says that exactly please look it up. God is not in the business of punishing us but that of forgiving us through Christ Jesus. Do not be hasty about this because now you are driven by your own need to be free from guilt but the consequences of your action may bring anguish to all whom you say you love. Truth can be a weapon so use it wisely. Seek God on this & going to the pastor if he is a man of wisdom & discretion may be a wise move. But in all you do please be cautious and know that you carry a weapon that can destroy many lives. May the Lord guide you in His wisdom.

  41. Ok peeps let me myk dis ting clear! Khanyi seduce nd try by all means 2 sleep wit her freind’s husband! Now dat she got it she claim rape? I min who does dat? Was di guy suppoz to cuddle her nd tell her dat he loves her? NO nd a big NO!
    QA: to you ashemed..I tink u’re now late 2 reveale di truth..but becos u’re now a christain di saying “the truth will set u free” works 4u..u will be able 2 slip at nyt witout carring so much baggage on ur shoulders! But if u wasn’t a christain, u was gona go with the saying “wat you don’t know won’t kill u” ur choice gudluck.

  42. Wena Mxolisi why are u not listing the things your wife says you are not doing anymore since you were very quick in telling us from the beginning how much she changed after you got married?

    In shangaan they say “u ta shikuma le u shilabaku” Kyanyi will give u what u want, that’s f…u up

    Ana deserved that klap, she chose her Kyanyi over her parents and you. Why didn’t she bother to call anyone and report her whereabout? Slap her again for me you have my permission. Lmao!!!!brukuhlu in laughter.

  43. Ola Mike!! This read is hilarious and of course very good šŸ™‚

    A2Q- please keep your mouth firmly shut. Just don’t mess things up. That man will either kill u or leave u bt one way or another the kids will suffer the most. The looking like his real father thing is probably your conscience. Thula,shush, shut up!! Thou shall not confess.

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