Memoirs – Chapter Forty Eight

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I cannot recall where I was but we once had a discussions with my friends on whether or not you can turn a nyatsi into a wife. A nyatsi by definition is someone who knows that you are married, you have a home and a woman waiting for you, sometimes kids too to be honest but does not mind all that. The debate hinged on whether you can trust her when you put a ring on her finger to then be loyal to you. The other point was will she ever fully trust you now that she would have won and you are hers. How can she be so naïve to think that the same way you cheated with her you won’t cheat on her. This is not karma but common sense. The guys were very divided on it actually because some argued that for a woman to be willing to share you knowing you are married she must really love whilst others said she is not a trustworthy person and one day you will wake up to the realization that a couple other men are eating where you are eating. Khanyi was not the type of woman you marry! That’s fact. She will either have an abusive husband because of her cheating or have other women coming to her house to beat her up because she could not stay away from their husbands!

As I walked out of her place I did not feel triumphant! It’s not that the sex was bed, it was spectacular! In fact I actually felt guilty. I don’t know why because I won’t lie I had wanted to fuck her that badly. This woman had teased me mercilessly from the first time I met her right up to when I picked her up from the airport a few hours ago. She had pursued me and made no secret about what she had wanted from regardless of whether or not my wife was her friend. I felt guilty because I had treated her like a slut which is a word I do not like using with women because it is demeaning no matter what she has done. She made me feel dirty but dirty in a good way. I was conflicted. What had I done? Was that last bit necessary though when I said I was going home to my wife? What if I send her over the edge? What if she calls my wife? Ah crap I was too eager to exert my dominance! What if she becomes clingy and once more? Side dishes have this nasty habit of falling for you that much I know! It does not matter whether you are married nor her for that matter she will still fall in love if you do something right. Problems I tell you! My biggest guilt however was this, this by far was the best shag I have ever heard! I had enjoyed every moment of it and the ability to be allowed to do what ever I want. In marriage sex is polite and proper, you don’t cross too many lines and rightfully so because this is the woman you swore to love and protect but what we had just done was give in to our basic animal instincts and enjoyed a moment!

On the way home Asthandile called me asking what was taking so long. I told her that I had dropped off her friend and was driving home. She said that we must go for dinner with her parents and I screamed out,
“Hell No!”
She did not expect that. I told her that her parents might have seen her naked growing up but they had never seen me so with what happened today there was no chance in heaven or hell that I was going to face them anytime soon. It was not an excuse, I was genuinely embarrassed. I thought she would fight me but she surprised me by saying,
“I guess you are right! It was a bit of a shock to my system too!”
Shock is an understatement but she was right. She said with her she did not have a choice she had to go take them out and also smoothen the waters. I was actually quite relieved that I would not have to look her in the eye when I got home after what I had just done.

I decided to take a turn at Daluxolos place just so I could delay more time to make sure that she would be gone when I got there. He was taking his Mrs out for dinner so unfortunately he could not stay. Michelle Wesso was her name before marriage, a beautiful colored woman from the Eastern Cape. I know this because I had stood testimony at his wedding. She was bubbly and not your traditional Muslim woman as she had married into it thanks to Daluxolo! Here was one guy who got it right. In all the time I had known him I do not recall him even ever saying a bad thing about his wife nor complimenting another woman in an inappropriate way. Maybe I should become Muslim too! I there did not stay long so I left and went home. I drove as slowly as possible. That’s the power of in laws I tell you! They make you want to move out and move in next door. When I got home the first thing I noticed was that my wife was gone, the evidence being her missing car! Relief!

When I got into the house I found Zimasa (my wifes cousin) sitting watching tv but she had earphones on and was chatting on her phone. How could she possibly do all three things at once? I did not disturb her I went straight upstairs got into the shower! This time I was not leaving anything to chance, I inspected my body to see whether or not I had any love bites or scratches! Fortunately both my wife and Khanyi had been gentle and besides how could the latter give me scratches when she had been on her knees. I had so much to think about. I was not liking the person I was becoming but why did it feel so good.

An hour later, now refreshed I went downstairs to look for food. I was hungry and having turned down my wifes dinner offer my stomach was telling me stories. Maybe I should get Mr. Delivery. I went back upstairs as I had left my phone on the charger. It was on silent and I had two missed calls. Both were from my father in law.

I decided to call him back seeing that it would rude not to. He picked up almost immediately. I did not get a chance to even say hello before he said,

“Are you and your wife not coming to take us out to buy us food? Its been three hours now us sitting here waiting! What’s going on?”

He asked?

My wife had left more than two hours ago to go there. The BnB they were staying is not more that 5minutes away?

Where was she?

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Mike, I need some advice from your readers…….. I’m in a relationship with a 28year old guy and I’m 20years old turning 21 next month. I believe Age aint non but a number and I’m so in love with my man, ANYWAYS, his Family knows me and stuff and they’re really fond of me. My daddy doesn’t know I’m in a relationship b/c I’m his “baby girl” but my mom and sisters know that I’m in a relationship but don’t know the guy nor his age. Since I’m throwing a 21st birthday Party next month my Friend which is also my bfs cousin just told me that the family is coming to my Party!! I’m worried or rather scared what my parents will say, I really love my bf and I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with him!! I’m going to talk to my sisters about this but I also would love some advice from the readers. HELP!!


33 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Forty Eight

  1. Great read mike
    A2Q love sit dwn wit yo parents n tell em abt yo baby ud b suprised on their response m also daddy’s lil girl n mi bf is 8 yrs older than me it was difficult 4 me to tell mi parents abt him cz I was scared but I dd n they welcumed him wit open arms

  2. She is out, giving it to another man like you got from Khanyi!! lol just saying. Asthandi is also cheating perhaps how about that!!!

  3. Wow that was awsome….I honestly hope Khanyi gets back to ja for not giving her round 2…nothings pisses me off than being left wanting for more…!!!!#screaming

    Anon – I think u should keep ur relationship to urself until that 30yr man puts a ring on it!.

  4. Asthandile’s father is rude n disrespecful but it serves dem ryt to be kept waiting. Asthandile is da playa now!?!…dis is gona be awesome.

  5. Thanx mike nice indeed.parents in law fro hell how can he demand like that nxxxx !!!! Asthandile is cheating too this was her way of getting out to her whoever.Unbelievable both spouses cheating akuvamile shem.A2Q yo age gape is recommended why feel ashamed introduce the guy to yo parents they accept him for sure

  6. Iyoooohhhh Thixo I cant wait to hear what happened to Asthandile. What if she was involved in a car accident? or maybe Khanyi called her and dishing out the dirt?? Oh Nkosi yami.
    A-Q Speak to your parents before the party, maybe you should start with your Mother and sister and see their reaction. You will probably find that they will support your relationship and wont have a problem, but you wont know until you take the first step. Good Luck sisi 🙂

  7. Asithandile’s father is a bully, what kind of man calls another to shout at him about not buying him and his wife food,hayisuka man! I take it Asthandile went to see her side dish and lost track of time, tsk tsk. She and Mxolisi deserve each other.

  8. A hysterical Khanyi called Asthandile saying she has been attacked. I wonder who might be the perpetrator.I smell blackmail on the cards !!!

  9. Thanks Mike. Asthandile has also gone to get herself a little quick – shumting shumting!!! Let the inlaws starve to death, nnnx aggha – that man is so disrespectful!

  10. I hope Asthandile is cheating so that u can taste ur own medicine….A2Q for me its the other way around I’m 30 and my hubby is 27 his family welcomed me with open arms, we have 2kids and happily married so I suggest u tell ur fam they might suprise u

  11. Woo i wudnt want to face my parents in-law after such an incident too. A2Q gal talk 2 ur mom & sis about this b4 d party, D age difrnc btween u two is not bad @ all…im a daddy’s girl and when i was 20 my then 27 year old boyfriend now hubby started talking lobola so i deiced to tell my mom about him without mentioning the lobola part and she was actually happy that i was seeing someone a bit more matured than me, she told my dad and they wanted to meet him……..Telling ur dad might be hard so just talk tour mom nd make sure its b4 d party

  12. Eeh..asthandile o bone tsa ka ntle gape..di mo natefetse ebile asa itshwara lol. O na le maaka ebile.mara gake mo sole, kgole gase mo a tswago,obile le hubby fela mo bophelong,nkabe a etswa kgole obe a tloba di mo lapisitse a iketlile ka gae.

  13. Mxolisi let me tel u wat u dnt know abt woman, Asthandile knew all along ur cheating, there’s no way a man cn cheating fr months n wife doesn’t know but u c Asthandile is smart woman decided nt fight argue but keep herself busy no gay boss….thanx Mike grt read

  14. LOL!!! Cheaters are so selfish though, they cheat but do not want to be cheated on.. Rather ridiculous!

  15. I dnt thnk Asthandile is getting even maybe she had a problem somewhre,u see when your cheating you alwayz worry when u dnt knw the whr bouts of ur partner and at times ud assume they cheatin’ 2 “insecurities of a cheater”

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