Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Two

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You know that speech when Martin Luther King says, “free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last!” That was exactly how I felt at that moment not that I had been arrested to start with. I had dodged a massive bullet and for now lesson learned! I had made a mistake and I must now chalk it down as one and never do this again. Most people do not learn from their mistakes and I did not want to be most people. I had a beautiful wife and marriage so why was I allowing for temptation to enter our marriage. I had no intention of confessing neither nor did I have something to get off my chest because those things never end well. As long as Khanyi kept her mouth shut then life goes on. I honestly do not get it, when you cheat on your partner why do you go and tell her that you are so sorry when its already done. Why could you not go beforehand and tell her you are facing temptation? In your head you tell yourself that confessing makes things better but that is straight bullshit! Your pastors must not lie to you! Confessing destroys the other person! Yes it might make you the guilty person feel better about yourself but what about your unsuspecting victim? She was sitting at home minding her own business when you came to her and said, “honey I have something I need to talk to you about, please sit down because its not the best thing!” You not only shatter her trust levels but also destroy her hopes. By telling her you are forcing her to deal with by fire or by force! That’s how selfish confessing after cheating is! If you feel guilty then go jump off a cliff on your accord because you let your dick do the thinking for you!

Now that Khanyi had cleared me and the rapist had been court I could be a man again I stood up to my full attention. I am a lawyer and am good at what I do. I started calling in favours because this bastard who had done this to her was going to know why you do not mess with lawyers. I found out which jail he had been taken to. I am not a criminal lawyer so I tend not to deal with the filth of this country but I have friends who are. I have a friend who is a prosecutor as well Adv Hlabangana so I also called him. Through all these connections and a few police friends of ours I set out my revenge plan. This was not a joke. That guy won’t know what hit him. One of the friends I spoke to said they will arrange a package for him. He had been arrested in Wynberg so that’s where he was. The officers said that the man had also been caught with a few things that had been stolen from her place including her purse which had her I.d. In it. I asked them how they had possibly caught him so fast and they said the surveillance cameras in Khanyi’s estate made it possible. I must say I was impressed because our police are not exactly known for their sense of urgency unless if they are manning a roadblock! Then they are very attentive. It was not a relief that he had been caught because now we had to face the reality of what had happened. No woman should ever go through this. Even the thought brings tears to my eyes.

My wife said she would make a plan to get home by herself but I totally refused that. After what had just happened to Khanyi I was not letting her out of my sight. Hell no! I told her that I was going to wait for her for as long as it takes. This was not happening twice. Khanyi saw that it was getting late and said she needed to rest in any case so it was ok we could leave. My wife was reluctant to go but eventually we left! On the way home my wife started attacking me on how I could have been so reckless to have left the door open at Khanyis place. She said Khanyi was right to point a finger at me because she could have been killed. I told my wife that whilst I felt guilty for that she too had a role to play. I had had to run home for her parents because of her so it was not all on me. Had she been honest about where she was I would not have left in such a rush. It was a tense ride home but we managed. She was not talking to me when we entered the house but she said to me that when Khanyi comes out of hospital she was going to stay with us for a couple of days just so she can recover. How was I supposed to refuse? She closed the door in my face. I shouted from the other side of the door that I was going to the police station! She screamed back and said that’s how a real man works and how I should be ashamed of myself! It was almost as though in her eyes it was me who had physically raped Khanyi.

When I got to the station one of my friends I had called told me it was done! People do not know how fully dirty law is. You cannot rub up next to criminals without learning a thing or two about how to fix situations!

I asked the officer to open the cell so I could take a look at him. The officer was already expecting me so it was much simpler.

When he opened the door I got the shock of my life!

The rapist was no more than a 16 maybe 17 year old boy and what’s worse he looked as though he had been gay since the day he was born!

I am not stupid, there was no way he had done this!

My package well,

I am ashamed to say!

I had asked my connections to return the favor and by the way he was lying in a foetal position they clearly already had.

This is Cape Town after all and there are no shortage of takers!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I have been married for 21 years and am 42. I have three kids one of which is in university. I often read the comments people write to questions especially about love and marriage. My husband has cheated, beaten me up once and I even moved out once or twice. We are still together today and yes I might not as happy as a newlywed but reality is in your forties if you are alone you will end up either sleeping around or miserable and sad. You need your partner for thick and thin and divorce tends to hurt you more the woman if you fail to move on. Oh I have cheated too and that was fun and amazing but at the end of the day I went back to my husband. Marriage is not perfect and will never be so stop advising each other to dump him every time he makes a mistake! Be realistic.

Thank You

Married Woman

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  1. Omg Mike the “package” though that poor 16-17yr old will be traumatized for life…. I feel for him…. UKhanyi is sick ne…..Great read

  2. Shoo wat a chapter I think ull suffer this in along run baba prepare urself ur screwed,as for married woman I PERSONALLY THINK if a man cheats he should get his punishement,so go ahead n spoil him he’ll do it again n again,I’m married n if I’m hurt in that way for me its the END

  3. Dear Married woman, I respect your opinion since you are speaking from experience. I personally feel that one is better off alone than be in a loveless relationship. Life is not all about having a man, there is so much to life besides being tied down to someone who is not sure of what they want in life. I myself am a mother of 2 boys and left both their fathers because I could not handle the cheating. Now life for me is making sure I do and be the best for myself and my sons. Their lives have taken up so much of my time and enjoying it every step of the way.
    A unfaithful partner just brings misery, illnesses and a one way ticket to depression.

  4. tjoooooo I was not expecting the rapist to be a kid. When mike mentioned 16 or 17 I thought he was referring to the number of guys in the cell and not the boy’s age. #IwasNeverReady for the flamboyant part. I’m gob smacked.

  5. Is this “married woman” condoning unfaithfulness?? May I just say that there are actually very good monogamous marriages out there. And yes marriage is not one long extended honeymoon but it shouldn’t be painted in the bad light that most married people paint it with. Your experiences may be different to the next person. For instance, I for one will never stand to be beaten up by my husband. If uzizwa amandla ziningi intanga zakhe that he can practice on. I don’t want to teach my daughter that it is okay to be beaten and bashed. Love should not hurt.

  6. Thank you Married Woman. People need to face reality and stop living with denial seriously, we not excusing anything but this is something that existed even loong before we were born and I dont think it’ll change anytime soon. As for Vanbe, sisi sorry to sound negative but if its bound to happen to you not even prayer will stop it, and probably your man is just one of the few who can hide it well, lol, i’m sure alot of people were saying that before they faced such reality, but all we can do is wish you luck. We are not defeated and we are not excusing anyone’s wrong doing but we just being true to ourselves.

  7. Married Woman

    I totally agree with you, sometimes its easy for people to judge you not knowing your situation. I would never advise anyone to cheat or leave their man. Instead I would advise them to do what they think is going to benefit them. If there’s still room to work things out, I think thats what couples should do.

    Still if you no longer love the person you are with its also pointless to stay. Leaving a life of misery is something nor man or woman deserves. Even if you are thinking about the kids, my mom walked away from a life of luxury, comfort, but managed to leave behind emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Nothing was going to change, although it took my dad more than 20 years to change, she would have been dead if she had staye.

    Do what you feel is right for you.

  8. Wowo Mike!!

    Q&A: Thank you so much for the realism when they say leave him who are you leaving him for exactly a worse one!! The longer you are in a marriage or relationship its the more of yourself you have invested. Thank you again married woman

  9. Thnks mike i wonder wats going to unfold next. A2Q. Married woman call me a modern woman or watever. Gone are the days when women had to take abuse lying down. I will not stand for a man who does not value me or respect me. If he cant appreciate me then clearly he shudnt have me so rather dump him than to worry abt being a spinter or sugar mommy..its not one sided ofcos so i feel that both u nd ur husband shud really ask urselves y ur still together…just a thot

  10. Married woman. I think it all depend on the foundation of 1’s r/ship. If it built on a strong foundation full of beautiful memories,lot of love n respect, myb 1 wud stay. Bt I dnt think any1 can adv other person on wht 2 do whn going tru such situation unless u hv wore d very same boots both of happiness n misery in dat particular r/ship. We can only suggest n bt each n every person I think thy shud handle thy own way whether we think it right o wrong as lon as it work 4 them. N it doesn’t real matter how long u hv been married, life z to short 2 stay miserably o trying to please other people. Do wht ryt 4u. Whn dat person was cheating thy were doing wht was right 4 em @ dat tym, so wether u stay o not it up 2 u n dnt make a decision based ekutheni abantu bazothini

  11. Married woman, I really thank u for your words. Men will always cheat ,women are so in denial about this and its sad. Just because you haven’t caught him out doesn’t mean he doesn’t cheat. Yes he should be punished for his unfaithfulness,but leaving might not make u better off. You would just find a worse man with kids everywhere and who doesn’t even try to hide his cheating. I suggest to women to be the best wives and girlfriends u can be to your men,so even if he does think of cheating he’ll just see that its not worth it coz he has the best wife/girlfriend waiting for him at home . And don’t forget to communicate with your men ,not talk to him,communicate with him . Good luck in all your r/ships .

  12. Tanx bhuti mike uyisikhikho. @ Q: uqinisile sisi kodwa asifani singabantu abanye bayakhona ukunyamezela kanti abanye abawuthathi u shit dey say once a cheater always a cheater into nje ebuhlungu ukuthi manje kuyafiwa kumele sizicabangele kanye nezingane zethu.

  13. I have never commented until today.Married woman u been cheated on n u have cheated also,u hv left ur home more than once n u stl advising us to accept dat?
    I had been cheated on too bad it was not the ryt time for both me n him for me to find out.I was pregnant ended up hurting him because of the anger I had bottled up.For it was not the first time he cheated,I stayed until dat one day n I reacted badly.
    You dnt need to b experienced to b able to advise some1 who seeks ur advise.Jails r full of women who killed their spouses n partners bcoz they too scared of leaving them,thinking abt wat ppl will say abt her,names she wuld b called.
    It hurt so badly to hear other women condoming abuse(any kind of it).We all nt perfect,thank you.

  14. “Thru thick n thin” neh?! I guess U impatiently waiting for the day that beating turns to “till death do us apart” coz okare wena nje U jst wana die in that wrestling cage of urs U call a marriage. Ga ke judge but U not happy, who gets happy after a beatin and cheatin?? U jst forcing things, what if he cheats and beats u coz he wants U to voetsek but doesn’t hv the guts to tell u so??#

    Gase banna ka moka ba go cheat’a..just because ur man is cheating on U, that does not mean all men are cheating. tlogelang go gapeletja marato nyana a go sebe gona..aahh basadi ba mohn!!

  15. Hhayi married woman. Mmmmh ngyala . Kanti why vele?Usahlaleleni? Uyashaywa! Anyway when u cheated on you husband was it revenge? did it make u feel better? Khumbula Loku: konke okwenzayo awenzeli bani, uzenzela wena.

    Imishado yanamuhla! Lord Hv Mercy

  16. Oh how I missed this blog after spending the rest of my weekend with no network. Khanyi isn’t done with this couple, this girl is sick and needs help.

    Married woman, whoever told you that marriage is about unhappiness clearly didn’t teach you well. Imagine being stuck with someone you not happy with for the sake of marriage then you are the one living a lie. Marriage is meant to be beautiful why people lower the standards of God plans is really beyond me and before you know it, a man is killed or the other way around. Your marriage is toxic shem and while you say you living in reality, I personally say you living in a prison of your own thinking because your children will learn nothing from your marriage but to cheat and beat woman!!!

    Hope you will be proud of yourself then neh?

  17. Married woman I get where u come from but condoning cheating and abuse by trying to be realistic is not the way to go.There are ups and downs to every relationships but if someone is not willing to change or work through the challenges then it means he clearly doesn’t love u and value your relationship.My motto is if the bad are more than the good then you have to do some introspection.Think for yourself and for your children,the illness.Imagine dying and leaving your children without mother figure for the sake of a man who doesn’t care a bit about you.But anyway it all depends with the situation and the partner…involving GOD in everything helps a lot.

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