Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Three

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Revenge is a dish best served cold but often we get it wrong! We are usually too hasty to deal out justice especially when we are angry meaning we do not think straight. I had just used my power and influence to punish someone who I actually believed now was innocent. People don’t get this but lawyers are powerful. In fact of all the professions such as doctor, teacher, accountant, engineer etc when it comes to sheer power and influence nothing beats a lawyer! Why? Because we know everyone’s secrets from the highest to the lowest and we know everyone from the most powerful to the common criminal. Moreover, we can defend people, imprison people, make people and break them down again. That’s a lawyer. We are not gangsters but we can influence them, we are not politicians but we can make them cringe, we are not policeman but guess what, even cops need a favor every now and again and its usually legal. That’s power! I had just abused mine in such a way at the moment I could not help but think I will never ever forgive myself. Some crimes though make us go back to our basic nature as humans. We lose all sense of empathy and want to act as much pain as possible. Its just whom we are.

Khanyi was up to something I thought at that moment. I asked the station head that the prisoner be put in a more secure environment where no more harm should come his way. He had already suffered enough. He did not question because like I said, I have power. Power is exciting that’s why we all wish we had it. The ability to bend people to your will is such an amazing feeling but that’s a story for another day. I walked out of that station all dazed and confused. What now? What next? I decided to go to stadium on main because there was a club open. I needed to sit down and think without my wife or family. Khanyi was going to move in. Was she going to blackmail me? The way she had thrown herself at me had been a bit too easy for my liking if truth be told but at the time I had actually not thought of it like that. Look, I am not saying I don’t get beautiful women throwing themselves at me but then again Khanyi had practically begged for it. Was I the player of the one who had been played? I now had so many question. I smelled a rat of which I was part of the stench! Mxolisi Sibani what had you done! She had singled me out from the first day she met me that she wanted me so what was it about me. A lot of people might think this vein but if you are a man with a house in the suburbs, a good car as well as a good job there are women who genuinely believe you are a target worth pursuing. Everybody wants a secure future and you present that opportunity. Khanyi must have sized up or down my wife and concluded that she could take her on. That was the only logical conclusion I could come up with for now. Now the question was how to play her at her own game? I was blank! No ideas!

As I was sitting there I recognized someone. It was Bulelwa the other woman who had come with Khanyi the first time. Its funny how she had been dropped out of the crew. She was out with her friends and I was surprised because I would think she would be running around after Khanyi what had just happened. I went to greet her and when she asked whom I was with I told her I was alone. She could not understand why and asked me to join them since it already looked creepy. Turns out one of the girls there it was her “birthday weekend” so there were ending it on a bang. Last I checked people are born on one day so what is this birthday weekend nonsense. I do not think Bulelwa knew what had happened and it was not my place to tell her. I declined the invitation though but insisted that she call Khanyi.

When I got home my wife was already sleeping. I think I preferred it this way because it meant I did not have to see the look on her face on how I had failed her friend. Women like to believe that men don’t understand what a woman goes through when she is raped but we do. What people forget is that we as men are fathers of daughters, brothers of sisters, friends of females and indeed decent people with empathy for women we don’t know personally. We feel pain just like you and are often hurt and ashamed when we fail to defend you from other men whether we were there or not. My wife had looked at me as though I did not care what had happened to Khanyi if really it had happened! Of course I care! I am human. Tomorrow it was back to work for me where I had to face Lindiwe! Ah, my drama seemed to be multiplying by the moment. Lindiwe was someone I really wanted to avoid. I did not sleep well that night no lie. I do not even think I had nightmares but I know I did not sleep well.

In the morning I had a stiff neck and on the back of my shoulders I felt as though I had slept at a bad angle now it was sore when I turned. Story of my life. Asthandile was already up and ready for work. Its amazing that even with all that was going on I could not help it but exclaim at how so very beautiful she looked. This was the women I had sworn to love and protect and looking at her now doing her make up I knew why it was her beauty that first attracted me to her. I asked why she was not putting on her red lipstick and she casually said that red lipstick was for women who had run out of ideas. Its beautiful yes but shows a lack of creativity. In her new job because it was idea based she had to make sure she was always modern and on point hence red was for teenagers trying to be relevant. Besides, she said, she was in mourning for Khanyi and was going to see her later. She could not show up looking as though she was a university going to Popbottles! I don’t even know what Popbottles is but ok!

As soon as I got to the office everyone was looking at me. You know that feeling when you walk in and everyone is staring at you and whispering. What had I done now? I was confused.

When I got to my office one of my bosses came out and said,

“Sibani, my office right now!”

I could even hear the anger in his voice!

What had Lindiwe done or said?

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Your stories have to be the most amazing I have read in a very long time, thank you for sharing your gift.

I am a 23 year old guy and I have made two different girls pregnant. I am not even a player. The first girl we were dating for 3years and we broke up three months ago. I flinging with a new a girl and at a party we hooked up and she told me two weeks back that she was pregnant. On Thursday my ex girlfriend calls me for the first time in months and also drops the bombshell. We live in different towns so I went to see and she is five months pregnant which means I could be the father. Question why did she not tell me sooner? The other girl I was reckless I know but I am too ashamed to speak abortion. At the same time I definitely cannot afford both babies.

Kindly Advise


32 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Three

  1. Thank You Mike!!

    Alex yoh ndoda usenjeni you are in the Dog!! But on a seriouse note though dude I think you need to get paternity tests done on both kids and at your age you cannot afford 2 kids. For your sake I hope girl 2 is lying

  2. Alex shame man, I think you need to speak to both the ladies, find out y ur ex has been quite for soo long about her pregnancy and this new girl find out how she feels about the pregnancy maybe she also doesn’t want the baby and is ashamed to speak about abortion like u are, also make her understand that u cannot afford to have a baby. But should she also decide she wants to keep it o well there’s nothing u can do only show both off them support. Hope from now on u use condoms before u get other stuff to worry about to. Good luck

  3. Alex don’t be so easily fooled by these 2 women. Yes they may be pregnant, but how sure are you that either one of these babies are yours?
    Your ex may have taken long to tell you because she was choosing which guy to claim her baby daddy is.
    Hell the other girl may have even been a month pregnant and hooked up with you just so she can have a baby daddy!
    Before you pay maintenance, have a paternity test. If it’s positive then you deal with your problems then.

  4. Mxolisi Sindane nawe uthanda izinto hai.

    I cannot even imagine how you feel right now, do a paternity test on both babies then take it from there.

  5. Lol Mike last time I remember Mxolisi’s surname was Sibani! But today its Sindani?! Are they one and same thing?!!

  6. Alex I agree with all the people recommending a paternity test, women are full of tricks, im sure they see that u are too innocent to deny anything. Woman number 1 im sure shes the one who broke up with u, so dude becareful and avoid fathering kids which are not yours.

  7. Nice one mike…is mxolisi in trouble???? @Alex whr was protecction in all this? Anyway u need to speak to girl number2 nd u guys need to see wat ur options are as for ur ex u need to step up as thats a baby u can b sure of

  8. Alex, its disturbing to learn that there are people who dont use protection in this day and age, i feel sorry for you with the baby saga, but even more i feel sorry for you as you have engaged in sexual activity with an unreliable partner and have failed to protect yourself. good luck broer.

  9. Alex when you sow casava you cannot expect to reap sugar-cane! I just feel sorry for those kids for being concieved to such reckless parents. Advise those ladies to get themselves tested for HIV and other stuff so that atleast the innocent souls are born HIV free.

  10. OMG! Mxo usenkingen bhutiza. I don’t wish to be you and your problems have a terrible habit of multiplying. You need a miracle ryt now
    @Kwena, u confusing me now. “Sindani”

  11. Lol ay Mxo you are my hero

    Q.A:Ay bro good luck but you better test both kids for DNA because you might be played *good luck* Thanks Thabs

  12. Thanx mike… Please don’t ever think of stopping to write, you are really good.thanx again for keeping us entertained

  13. Thanks Mike, this was one funny chapter. Uyiskhokho broe!!!
    A to Q: stay out of it Minky, and also stay away from that Pastor. His evil ways will eventually be exposed, but it should not be you. You could try and warn your cousin though, but should just end there.

  14. LOL!!! I doubt Lindiwe has said anything but will read on and find out.

    @ Alex honey ever heard of condoms? if you are not ready for kids then at least protect yourself and your partners. anyway you need to take responsibility for your actions. Be honest with both women about the situation you are in and well wait for the birth of your kids. Gotla siama. Kids are blessings from God. He would not have put you in such a situation if he knew you could not handle it. Good luck Abuti.

  15. Thank Mike and Thozi

    23 Year old the is always a way when you invite God into your situation, speak to your guardian and confess , thereafter deal with each girl separately, preferably take an uncle with to each girl’s house and explain that you have been made aware of the pregnancy and will accept the child should it be yours, be upfront an honest , it will be quite tense and an insult on each girl’s family that you are unsure that the child is yours but the truth sets us free. Should both kids be yours, do the right thing and raise both those kids. Learn from your mistakes and focus. You are more than a conqueror and we all make mistakes

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