Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Six

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Men and women do not react the same to nudity. Women can do the whole disgusted look and even sneer but as man we stare. We fall in love with our eyes first before our minds even get to like a person. Women dont get that. The whole thing about your personality we tend not to care unless we are attracted to you first. No I was not attracted to Zimasa but truth be told she was very pretty in that Xhosa kind of way. I was staring at her not because I wanted to get laid nor because I was lusting over her! I was staring because of all the things I was going through I had my wife’s cousin to contend with. She stood there for am moment and am not sure what it is she expected. She then said out loud,
“O shit!”
Teenagers and swearing. She seemed to petrified to move and before I could say something I heard someone say,
“Zimasa what’s wrong?”
It was a male voice! I immediately stood up and calmly walked to her room. I did not even run that’s the irony. She literally just stood trying to cover her private bits not that she did a good job. She must learn to shave this is not the village, I thought as I walked past her! When I open the door to her room as it was only slightly open I found a stark naked boy sitting on her bed putting on his condom. He did not look up as he said,
“What took you so long I was already getting soft? You should give me another blowjob to get…”
That’s when he looked up and also said,
“O shit!”
He jumped so quickly to the other side of the bed and he too tried to cover his privates. Really? What was wrong with Zimasa really she had barely just arrived and already she was horny.

What to do now? I calmly said,
“Wait here! I am going up stairs to get my gun. This will take me two minutes. If you are still here in those two minutes you will die here naked with your dick in your hands!”
I was very calm in fact too calm. I started whistling “His got the whole world!” as i went up the stairs. I guess I was feeling kind of holy at this moment. Beautiful tune indeed. I did not run nor even show that I was so angry. I walked calmly upstairs. I could hear downstairs the boy trying to dress up falling over. I went to my safe and took out something. As I was walking downstairs I saw the boy run past me only in his underwear! See why we say real men don’t wear skinny jeans. He could not even get them on in time that’s why he thought it best to get them on outside my yard. Imagine getting caught because you were trying to wiggle into your jeans.

The not so smart girl still had not moved from where she stood. What was wrong with this child? did her nudity not embarrass her really. Come on now!
“Go dress up child and come here as soon as you are done!”
I told Zimasa. She could hear in my voice that I was not fucking around. She was already crying at this stage! Why do women cry when questioned? I had not hit her nor touched her. Infact all I had done was ask her to dress. She went to her room and came out wrapped in a morning gown. You know those thick ones which look like they are designed for winter but black people, especially mothers wear them even in summer. Yes that one. she was still naked underneath as evidenced by her naked thigh when she sat down. She was trying to cover it up not that I was looking. It’s funny when you think about it, everyone is naked underneath their clothes but as a guy you only get turned on if the bra and panties are missing! Mmmmm! Food for thought!

“You have only been here for 24 hours and already you are having sex in my house? Who is that boy?”
I asked her not that I really wanted to know! In all honesty no one wants to know who is shagging their little sister or niece. That’s nasty on so many levels.
“He is just a boy I know from home. He goes to UCT and I thought we could just have some fun!”
Since when was sex a means of entertainment. I am not saying I grew up in a cave but even in my day sex was given a bit more respect. Ok I lie, sex was always sex and we all did it but you don’t tell a child that.
“That is not an excuse. Do you want to go back to Mdantsane with your aunt and uncle! They are still here! Do you want to leave with them?”
She looked down and for a moment there I thought she would say yes which would have been awkward.

“No I don’t want to go back. They will kill me if I go back home!”
She said. She was not lying either. Zimasa was coming to stay with us because she had slept with the wrong woman’s man and Xhosa women don’t play like that. She had to leave town.

“I am not going to tell Asthandile what you did nor your aunt and uncle but this should be the last time this happens.”
I said standing up about to take back the thing I had taken out of my safe. She was stunned by the fact that I was not going to be yet another adult to beat her up or threaten her or sell her out. Weird really the things that teenagers value. 17 years old and already a thoroughbred to men! She jumped up to hug me and in her momentum the morning gown open meaning by the time she had her arms around me it was her naked body on me. She quickly said sorry and ran to her room. It was a genuine mistake and no she had not tried to seduce me. A genuine but glorious mistake.

I decided to lie down and not think about everything but it was hard to. My wife called about thirty minutes later and said,

“Baby, Khanyi is moving in with us today. They released her early. Thank you so much for being so understanding”

I don’t think I had much of a say in it so all I said was ok.

Truth be told, this was just opening a new chapter to my drama!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I am 31 and male from Mpumalanga. I have been dating the same girl for five years now and I am ready to propose. She graduated last year but she is still looking for a job. I work. The problem is that she is saying she needs to get a job first before settling down because marriage will tie her down. It feels like a slap in the face because I helped fund her studies after he father died. I am not saying she would not be here without me but that for her to feel I will tie her down is harsh. We have been planning marriage for years and all this changed after graduation. Please help me understand if I was being used because talk like that comes from someone ready to move on!

Thank You


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  1. Yay..being the first 2 comment fls gud mara…4 Mxolisi temptation is coming in all directions yhooo uzoba nguMadlanduna boss…thx Mike nice read!!!

  2. Khanyi is gona hate Zimasa indirect competion . Nathi mfe2 its hard to say kodwa indlela oyibeka ngayo, u were used .

  3. Awu Zimaza bantu is dis girl 4 real thou is she horny lyk dat or myb she has a runnerbean. Ag sis man…Shame Mxolisi is up 4 adveture.

  4. Drama!!!!Drama that’s y real man don’t wear skinny jeans LOL u r killing me man.QnA Its so unfortunate that u can t force her to feel the same as u do abt her.But I salute u 4 financing her to finish her studies even if things don’t turn out the way u wanted at the end where ever she goes she will always know she is wat she is bcos of you.Give her the time she needs cos it might turn out u r over speculating.I wish u Gud Luck if she is meant to b in your life she will be bt if not let her go.

  5. Nathi she wants to help around in the financially and not rely on husband for everything. Give her sometime to get a job.

  6. morning……thanx mike!
    A2Q….i honestly dont think you were being used but she still needs to find her feet and let her grow in her career and let her find her happiness.Also rememeber everything that you did, you did it out of love and no one forced you too.JUST GIVE HER SOME TIME…..

  7. @Nathi, I don’t think she used you, after all you were together before her father passed away and she needed financial help.

    She probably wants a job first, so that she can have something for herself to do, something that challenges her and gives her a sense of independence. Because it’s very easy as a woman to lose your independence when you get married, because you have so many things to take care of.

    Besides would you want to get married when you’re unemployed?? Nope, so try and understand the woman!

  8. QnA: My brother we can all try to sugar coat this but your girl feels like now that she has graduated there are endless possibilities and you have served your purpose of helping her complete her studies. There is nothing you can do for now, just prepare your heart for anything which might happen once she gets a job. A wise man once said you dont take care of another man’s daughter especially if you are in a relationship with her. This thing didnt start with u, it has been happening for a long time. Good luck anyway.

  9. Satan has really entered ur house… Bt hw can Asithandile’s family bring their troublesome child in their daughters home. Hw do they expect them to discipline her, it would have been better if it was a child from the mans side with the sane surname as them then they cud easily fix it mara now its different balinga this marriage period

  10. Mmmmmm Mxolisi hayi kunzima uba nguwe yazi…QnA pls dnt b paranoid let her find work first, u in relationship wit her its nt she breakingup wit u, if u marry she wil b miserable n unhappy wife, I thnk its natural after studied hard wnt to work, she loves u giv her support….

  11. Hi Mike …Tna for all the book ..I always read and enjoy them a lot and also learn from them …bt this one cracked me ,l like ..Tnx a lot

  12. QnA: She actually is kinda right in saying marriage will “tie her down”, it will…If she got a job in Cape Town after marriage, would you move to Cpt with her? Would you even be okay with your beautiful wife living in another province? Most men wouldnt be. I know my husband wouldnt. I completely agree with her that she needs to sort of settle a bit in her career. if she doesnt use her qualification which you funded, wont that just mean you wasted your money getting her an education?Plus marriage comes with children, she’s worried you may want children and she wont be ready. I say support her in getting a job, and maybe convince her to have a longer engagement. Prolong Marriage.

  13. A2Q. M curently in the same position havin graduated nd looking for a job wit a loving bf hu has suported nd bin wit me since my 1st year, also talkin bwt marriage. Personaly I feel that although he plans to marry me, I stil need to know that regardles of wat happens in our mariage I won’t hav to b stuck with him bcaus I’m unemployed. Not to say that I plan to run the first moment we have problems but I also had wishes nd desires that I dreamed of doing when I started working such as givin back to the family that raised nd enabled me to get that degree. I may not know much bwt maried life but I do know that families usualy dnt giv u ur blessings or may not b very happy if u graduate nd den jus liv home. As their child havin bin raised by them, I ought to show my gratitude to them. Nd this may b hard to du wit havin to take care of ur own house nd ur hme. I think it may even result in u limiting her in how much she should spend on her home nd how her new hous mus now b a priority. But then again mayb if u sit down with her and get to understand her feelings about everytng u might jus reach a better understandin nd agreement on how to go about duin tngz for ur future.

    Interestin read Mike, my daily dose of my food for da mind

  14. @Nathi I get ur concern. Bt me personally I wouldn’t want 2 get married! I would also want 2 contribute on my own wedding. Now if I’m unemployed dat means I wil hv 2 accepted whteva dat u can afford @ dat time.

  15. A2Q The thing is with these guys who helps u out financialy…they expect u 2 lay down ur life 4 them jst bcos they paid ur 4 ur studies..that’s y most ladies dump them afterwards

    Nathi did u help her so dat she can find a better job or jst to be ur “educated” house wife?? Let her find a job so that she can give back to her family

  16. Thnks for da read bra Mike.QnA:Nathi I think u being paranoid my dear,I think u girlfriend probably feels u hv alrdy done a lot for her,so I guess she duznt wnt to be a burden to u in yor marraige,bcz u will be providing for her everything.Bt then again its better if u talk to her nd undastnd why she said dat.I salute u for being da wonderful man dat re u,gudluck

  17. Lovely read indeed. Shit is about to get real! Asthandile is about to learn a valuable lesson shem, I feels sorry for her.

    Nathi, did you talk to your woman before bringing this here, I doubt it! however, there is more to your girl friend’s decision than what she says. I partially agree with what everyone said, I am of the view that, its either indeed you have served your purpose and she would like to go see what’s out there, or genuinely she wants to work before you marry, problem is we women can be untruthful sometimes. You need to really know her plan, cause unemployment is high in our country and I am not saying she won’t find a job but should that happen, it means you guys will never marry, if anything you would be supporting her as you are now and never really know if she will ever marry you or not should she work! before you make a choice you will regret please seat her down n pray she is honest with you about this issue.

  18. A2Q: Nathi my brother i understand where you come from. Helping the love of your life through difficulties means you love her genuinely no doubt. i suggest you let her taste the independence and continue supporting her decisions, which is what i assume you’ve been doing all along…supporting her decisions and not dictating to her. She probably wants to help arrange the wedding of her lifetime and ladies do want their wedding day perfect like that and if she’s unemployed that dream seems almost impossible. DO NOT make her feel like you were investing on her with your financial assistance towards her studies coz that would make her feel like you think you own her which, i assume, is not what’s on your mind but pure love. As soon as she’s comfortable with your intentions she will bring the topic of marriage coz that will mean she’s ready to be “courted” by the O so Wonderful man she’s ever been blessed with…that is you. If it does happen that you were not meant to be then it better be out of wedlock than a divorce and truth be told that can be messy and straining. After all you guys are still young enough to continue dating each other and this will give you a clear picture of what she’s like when she has money, maybe you won’t like the independent HER the way she would be acting and that will be a blessing to you if you’re not married.

    Take your time to know her now and continue with what you’ve been doing…to love and support her my brother.

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