Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Seven

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Only a person who has never seen a rape victim soon after the horrible experience would say that we should not take Khanyi now when she needed us most. I was not even sure whether she was lying or not but the reality was for now we had to protect her. I had seen at the hospital and it would take the most sadistic person to inflict that much damage and pain of themselves. Khanyi could not be lying. That much would be quite something. I saw the pain in her face when she accused me of leaving the door open, the betrayal and the hurt. I saw it with my own eyes. No one is that good and actress, no thank you.

My wife said she would not be able to go pick her up because her boss, yes that creepy dude, was making her do Khanyi’s work as well because they had a huge function coming up. It was their marquee function of the year meaning that losing Khanyi would be a massive blow. She asked if I could go pick her up for her because she could not come back alone. This was what had gotten us in trouble in the first place. This time I protested and my wife pleaded with me saying it was the right thing to do. I asked if it was not better if a woman went and she said no. I asked her if her parents, Khanyi’s parents that is, knew what had happened and she said no because she did not want to be victimized. She said Khanyi’s parents have been on her case about getting married for a while and this would just add the pressure to the situation. That argument was weal to me I told my wife because this was a traumatic thing she needed to be surrounded by people who loved her. My wife responded by saying that the so called people that love the most are the ones who judge the most, ok fine she had a point!

As I was not going now, my wife still thought I was at work I decided to sleep. It had already been a hectic morning with me being suspended at all. I put my head down and surprisingly I slept like a baby. I woke up a good three hours later when Zimasa woke me up saying that my phone had been ringing non stop. I had four missed all from Lindiwe and the fact that my phone was not on silent meant that I must have been really tired. What did she want now?

I called her back and she asked if we could meet so we could discuss a strategy. I reminded her of how she had accused me of the crime by the parking lot so why on earth would I want to meet her. The most dangerous friend is that one who only looks out for their own interests. That is not friend and one day they will throw you under the bus. That’s how it always happens. People do not normally get it but that is the reality of friendship. Such people you get rid of as soon as possible because they will never be a good friend. On the day, if it every comes, they put you first they will always remind you of it. She said it was important she had some information about all this. I asked her where we should meet and she said rather her place for privacy. Hell no! I told her that was not going to work with me because in my head I was telling myself the last time I met someone privately she ended up almost accusing me of rape. She said she did not want to be seen with me in public and I laughed. You know how many people say they don’t want to be seen in public with someone because people will talk! Unless you are famous no one really gives a rats ass who you are dining with. I told her no. When she was ready to meet we will meet at a public place and that’s that. I hung up the phone.

I now had to drive to the hospital to fetch Khanyi. I was a tad bit late already by my reckoning but my wife had no called. Zimasa came up to me and reminded me not to tell anyone about what had happened earlier and I told her I won’t but that will have to be the last time she did that. She readily agreed. I told her we were giving her a second chance and she must see it as that last warning from me. I left for Tygerberg Hospital. When I got there she was in the process of being discharged. She said that she would have taken a cab had I not arrived. Asthandile had told her Zimasa was in the house so she would have been fine. I could sense she was still a bit sour at me and I think she still blamed for her “rape”.

The silence in the car was awkward but in a painful way. What do you as a man say to a woman who had just been raped? You feel part of the guilt. She was truly devastated. She said she need clothes at her place but she was never going there again. I told her I would go there later and pick them up. She thanked me.

When we got home I found Zimasa had moved her thinks to the upstairs bedroom next to ours. It was smaller than the downstairs one. It made sense. The downstairs one was ensuite meaning it would be more appropriate for Khanyi! Zimasa said Asthandile had called her to do that and she had changed the sheets. She also said that my wife said she had been trying to call me and she will only be back after 10pm. Hold up? What about her parents?

I called my wife and this time she picked up. I asked her about her parents because they were leaving tomorrow. She said she had already spoken to them and they understood she was busy. They asked to see Zimasa so they could instruct her one more time before they left. Lol, they did not even ask to see me!

Wait a minute, this meant, ah, exactly what I did not want!

This meant I would be left alone with Khanyi!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this. I have been married to my husband for six years and dated for four. He has always jokingly said he does not like my makeup and the fact that my only choice of outfit for work or home seems to be jeans or pants. I thought it was a joke as I said it’s always hinted at in a joking way. Last week he called my sister and told her to speak to me because he is tired of complaining as my makeup is turning him off. Ten years together imagine and he says this! I was obviously hurt but it got me thinking that maybe he might be having an affair because why would I suddenly not be attractive to him? I don’t even put that much make up in the first place!

Please advise on what I should do.

Thank You


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  1. Mike thanx for the good read

    Reply to Q
    If you husband has been hinting for a while what makes you think now he is cheating? He might just see you more beautiful without the makeup and tired of the routine if jeans and pants for 10 years. Give him something to want to come home excited about, wear a dress show some legs and have him wanting to come back home to you. You did not take his hints seriously and him saying it like he is joking was a way not to hurt your feelings if he just came out and say it harshly. If he was cheating he wud not bother to notice what you wear cause he wud be getting what he wants from else where.

  2. Red Squire ko Edgars let them ladies show u a foundation ya Revlon/ Clinic/ Laurial(sp) a flaw less le blush for ya skin tone. Ha e le marugu o na sheba gore o nale dikete tse kae le ka nnake u have nothing to loose. Go kaoene ka kgonne o tsibile go buwa le mongwe wa leloko…

  3. This blog is so real, could feel the tension when reading tjo. Thanks Mike

    There is a saying that 50% of what people say jokingly they mean, so you being oblivious to this truth left you paranoid! Its not a sudden complain he has been complaining about it from the very beginning you just chose to hear what you wanted to hear.I believe women are more beautiful without make up simply because most of you don’t even know how to properly apply it that you end up looking like clowns and still claim you did not put too much make up.
    For the sake of your marriage don’t put on make up and stop wearing jeans only how, you probably beautiful without the make up and would look more attractive in dresses and skirts. Try them out and stop being paranoid. Calling your sister was out of line though, he could have seat you down and spoke to you about it, although I feel he did that because he has been telling you for years and just have not been paying attention.

  4. “I don’t even put that much make up in the first place” women like thi line, but hao sheba o thole motho a beile letsoku sefahlehong….

  5. Nice read mikey. Answer :: i almost have the same problem wth my husband about wearing pants . He told straight tht thy dont suit me nicely i better weardresses and skirts. And again wth hairstyle he prefers me wth short cuts thn doing braidings and weaves . So wht im trying to say here is tht when i look bck.yes pants does nt realy suits me nicely like skirts and even weaves im beuitul wth my natural shrt hair thn ican do scurls . So trust me your hubby loves u and whnts u t look better. Cause honestly in most cases is not like wht we love is wht suits us. Ans we need ppl to tell us. Thnks

  6. Im all for giving adivice to ur partner when it comes to appearances but lets not change who we are to make some1 else happy,nna i strongly feel that staying true to 1s self is attractive,nd its nt lyk u only started wearing pants now,haai ur hubby should accept u the way u r

  7. Look carefully cc u might putting too much makeup, blue eyeshadows etc, change ur ways and wear skirts, pants don’t suit me either but when I wear a skirt my hubby smiles, so I stick to skirts and dresses. He loves and hence speaking to ur cc. Be fair and compromise.

  8. Just when i was enjoying the chapter….mmm thanks Mikey.

    A2Q: i like your husband’s approach my sister. Having looked beyond what he dislikes about you for 10yrs means he’s genuinely in love and is definitely not cheating. Your sister is probably the one person he knows you value advise from and she’s family and a woman too.

    He knows exactly what’s under those jeans and every morning when you wake up perfection is what he sees. Trust a man not to want an ugly wife so, my sister, you are naturally gorgeous and aren’t doing justice to those perfect legs by hiding them. Imagine a 6.3 AMG being pimped…not ayoba.

    I’m happy you don’t think he’s trying to “change” you as most women would put it so your approach to this is also positive. Get an outfit or two as a start and try out when you go shopping for groceries without make up too…uzombona uzobe ejabule kanjani and i bet he’ll offer to buy you that expensive chocolate on the day…

  9. Thanks Mike! U da bomb as always. Asa’s house is really going to get hot!!

    Dear Confused

    May I ask a personal question that u can reflect on, in the last 10yrs has your dress size changed by one or two sizes? Meaning you started of as a 32 & now are 36? Because if you have then you no longer look as lovely as u did in pants. Try & accommodate your partner so he also gets to enjoy looking at you. I also had the same challenge with make up not being appreciated, all I can say is I stopped wearing it & 20 yrs later I don’t even need to. Most black women really don’t need make up to be honest with you. But each to her own. Try to skip make up on the weekends when you spend time with him. Also u can leave home without make up then put it on, on the way to work, then wipe it off with wet ones; the moisturizing ones; on the way back home & hopefully everyone will be happy. Keep trying sisi life always throws a curve ball at us. God bless.

  10. Thank you Mike

    Q&A: My lovie Confused the man has been hinting for 10yrs and clearly your werent getting the hint and he cant take it any longer. Him asking you to update your look or get a makeover does not mean he is cheating and him talking to your sister was the kindest way he could do it. Maybe you wearing jeans and pants makes you look musculan the man probably would like to see you in a dress looking a bit more sexier!! PS – He loves you

  11. I totally agree with D’vine you should’ve taken those hints instead of thinking he’s cheating make an effort once in a while and dress feminine he married a woman for a reason dress girly sometimes as for the makeup girl less is more good luck thanks Mike

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