Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Nine

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The thing with bad decisions is that they tend to get worse. You know that song Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, well that song is so right. What on earth had I done. Yes he was not guilty of the crime I had accused him of but he had been there to rob Khanyi right? The law says that if someone breaks into your home you have the right to defend your property and yes even take life. That’s why when you shoot a robber in your own home you do not go to jail and this is the argument Oscar Pistorius has been trying to put across in court when he is not crying! Who is this man I had become! I was trying to seek a justification to what had happened. In Khanyi’s story she had emphasized that the small guy had tried to protect her! Why then had he not gone to call for help? The big was his friend so they were both guilty! He stood there and watched Khanyi violated so why was I feeling sorry for him. I am not a murderer but if it ever went to court what happened then I will be deemed an accessory to murder then I really would be in trouble. I had arranged for the revenge attack out of anger and disillusionment now the stupid guy was dead. I had to think of a plan.

I went back to Khanyi’s room and told her what had happened. She was shocked and actually felt sorry for the guy. Women! Now she started blaming herself saying all this would not have happened had it not been because of her. I asked her how she can blame herself because it is them that broke into her house not the other way round. She snapped back at me and said that a man was dead I should have a heart. I snapped right back and said my heart died the moment they hurt her! Ah! Wrong thing to say! To her it was a romantic line! Why can’t words just mean exactly what they mean and no salt be added? She said wow, that was the sweetest thing I have said all day. No it was not I thought! This was not happening! Not in my wife’s house! She said that she was trying to sleep but every time she closed her eyes she had to relive the horrors of what she had gone through. I asked her what medication she had come with because at least one had to be a sleeping tablet. I did not really know about medicine though. I also asked if they had referred her to a psychologist because insensitive as it might sound she needed to talk to someone as soon as possible. She had to find a way to deal with this.

I heard a car hooting at the gate. It was still early evening. When I went outside I did not immediately recognize the car though it looked familiar. I mean a lime Mazda2 does kind of stick out in line out! I had seen this car at work! It was Lindiwe! Really! So because I had refused to meet her at her home she had come to mine! I did not want her in my house! Hell no! You can never ever have two mistresses in one house! A wife and a mistress maybe but two mistresses! Hello no! I got to the gate and asked her why she did not just call as opposed to hooting and guess what, she hooted again just to annoy me! Really! What was wrong with this woman? How did she know where I stayed in any case? A mistress should never know your home! Why? Because one day you will find her having coffee with your wife! That much I can guarantee. If you piss her off you will find them having drinks and you know you are dead!

I asked her what she wanted because I refused to come to her place meaning that my home was out of bounds either. She retorted out loud and said,
“That’s not what you said when you were fucking me!”
The pit in my stomach at that last one! Unnecessary jibe! What was wrong with her? She seemed nervous and bothered.

I told her let’s go away and talk then but not in my home because I had people in the house. She asked if my wife was home and I said no but her friend was! That came out wrong,
“You are also sleeping with your wife’s friend! You fucken dog!”
She shouted!
“No no no its not what you think! She was raped yesterday and we have taken her in. Go check the case docket in Wynberg so you can see for yourself I whispered harshly!”
She seemed confused and said,
“If I ever find out you sleeping with her too I will bury you!”
Huh! Did she not hear me? Seriously did she not hear what I just said?

“I am in trouble Mxolisi! I reviewed all the things that happened. When I went back for the meeting I told one of the directors that we are representing some of the firms they are working with and we had the power to influence the workers directly. I said it in passing when they asked for the scope of our work. Now I think that is what was viewed as a threat.”

Why on earth would she say that to them but worse, why didn’t she tell the partners at work?

“I need your help Mxolisi?”

She asked me!

“How can I help you if I too am suspended? You need to go tell the partners the truth so we can actually fix this now before it gets worse!”

I warned her!

“Don’t you dare tell them! If you do I will tell your wife we slept together or the firm that you raped me!”

I beg your pardon!

“Make no mistake about it I will do anything to protect my job and my career”

She continued menacingly. This woman had a problem. A serious one to be honest. She was even shouting at this stage as though I am the one who had threatened her job. When she came here she had said she needed my help and now she was threatening me. At that moment Khanyi came out of the house. She came to the gate and asked what the commotion was.

Lindiwe looked at her strangely then out of the blue said,

“I am not stupid, I can see by the way she protects you, are you sleeping with her too Mxolisi?”

The look on my face!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

How are you? Thank you for reading my letter. I have been married for six months and already I am bored out of my skull! My husband does not want to do anything apart from get home from work sit and watch TV. I even have to beg him for us to go grocery shopping together just so we can spend time outside the house together. We both work and his argument is that if we are in the house together then it’s time well spent. I don’t know how to get him off the couch! Even with sex he tells me straight up that now because we live together if we don’t do it today I must not despair because tomorrow is another day! I need help guys.


Newly Married

46 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Nine

  1. Top 5 again!!! Thank you Mike! Everyday the first thing I do when I wake up I take my fone n check if there is a new chapter. Always a great way to start my day!

  2. Ijo its nice to be top something . Whuuuuu feeling gud . Anyway thnks mikey fr the gud read. Haaa mxo u are in damn shit. U are now going t drnk your own medicine

  3. the ball is in your court Mxo play it nyc. tjoooo da way u playin yo games it mks me think of ma b.f as u sharing da same name bt wena u are in for a high jump boety

  4. M amongst the top ten!! Whoopee – lol,nway back to the book…my goodness this Lindiwe woman is crazy!!what the hell does she want from Mxo?n naye y does he keep referring to her as his mistress they only had nookie once rly!!!Whoo Mxo needs to man up n just get these two women out of his life!

  5. hai hai hai……iyoo Mxolisi is in way too deep…..dis girlz r gonna drive him to…to de newly married lady…….communication is de best way to go about it…..cook his favourite dish, wear ur best outfit n afta dinner, simply say ‘honey, we need to talk’ trust me, he’ll definitely listen

  6. Yho! yho! yho! hahahahaha shit just got real, the wife should get home now, she needs to see this. Lindiwe is a proper psycho, for Khanyi who is in so much pain, how the hell did she make it to the gate? ya neh.Mxolisi you in deep Sh*t shem. Would like to see you get out of this one.
    Khanyi and Lindiwe should have a cat fight! Although khanyi won’t win, disadvantage her bruises!

    Thanks Mikey

  7. I actually feel sorry for Mxolisi as much as he brought all of this upon himself. He didn’t know he was attracting two loons.

  8. Oh my word!…! so the 2 mistresses just found out they were cheated! hehehe, you are in Real Shit Mxolisi!! kkkkkkkkkki, now they are both going to blackmail you! ya neh! payment for a cheater! lol

  9. Soo happy mxolisi is finally getting some heat for his dog ways. Brother totally deserves this.hope they xpose his sorry ass

  10. loool lindiwe wat da hell is wrong with you woman..hai 1 nyt stand nd ua alrdy obsessed with mxo,was he dat good dat u wanna have him 2 uaself? bt it’s nyatsis like u dat wil mak a mn thnk twice b4 slpn around

  11. For some strange reason I am actually glad that lindiwe is blurting it out loud that she slept with Mxolisi. How I wish the wife was at home to hear all of this commotion and hear about her husband infidelities. Cause I am so dikiwe with this cheater of a man. #OperationExposeMxolisi

    Thanks Mike.

  12. Lindiwe is a psychopath shame and I sure hope Mxo will be the last person/colleague she pulls this card on/for, strue………….. oa hlanya and she shouldn’t keep getting away with this rape cry of hers, nxaa

  13. You have been reading a lot about marital problems, and you think they are funny. There is nothing wrong with your husband, it’s your illusion, it’s in your mind. You want to be like everyone out there, but you are wrong. This is not a curse, but you will bore your husband out and he will find a nyatsi, when this happens you will know what a gunuine problem looks like…..

  14. ahhh no man mxolisi this is bad yoh two women in your home both u slept with them lesson learned here , QA newly weds find a sport that he likes do your hobies together that will work

  15. I so wish yr wife wz the one on tht gate nt khanyi or both of them were there to witness yr infdl shem you bhuti uzoyeka uphaphela impundu!!!

  16. To newly married , U don’t understand the meaning of Problems in Marriage , My husband was never at home , from the day we get married ,I talked to him for several times and to psychologists too
    but it was just like I’m asking him not to come home at all .He was drinking with his friends and jolling at the same time , and I told myself that this is my life I hav to run it by myself, so I went to parties and weedings with my friends, until he started to realise that he is married , Now we spent quality time together, So what I’m trying to say is that I prefer a stay home hubby so appreciate what you hav cause there are many wifes outthere who are praying for that to happen in their homes but it doesn’t , So gal you are lucky enough to hav a hubby who likes to spent time with you , Use that opportunity cause you will wish for it one day

  17. Been married for 20 years. She imposed sex sanctions late last year after finding used condoms on me. Now no-condom no-sex. Mostly she wraps self in duvet, & sleeps sofa in the lounge. She is, and has been lousy in the bedroom, will never initiate sex, will not respond, will not undress me…..etc… so lousy, which is reason why I started cheating on her. Women – when your man cheats, don’t impose sex sanctions, it gets worse; sex is good out there, women outside marriage will ravish your man, & when you finally forgive him, he will bring you AIDS. When your man cheats, find a different way to look after him, give his that p*ss.

    I know the same hold true for mean; but remember this message is to women, although it applies similarly to men.

  18. Yoh Mxolisi o mathateng.A2Q:Dats what marriage is about sesi it can b boring smtims lenyalo ha le tshwane le mojolo.kip talkin 2 him nag him tell him what u nid n expect from him n gud luk

  19. Q+A ousi if your man don’t want to go out for a jol then bring it to him. Find something to do indoors together, at least he spends time at home so make it quality time.

  20. Iyooo… Ya ne Bo Makhwapheni… Well Mxolisi deserves everything thats coming to him. I just feel sorry for Asthandile.

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